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Photo: J. Brown


Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Green





Map ref

NZ 258818

Original Location

Main Street

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 20th January 1923 by Major W.W. Burdon of Hartford House
b. Unveiled 9th November 1947 by Gen. Sir E. Riddle, Vice-president of the British Legion. Service conducted by Rev. H.J. Osgathorpe, Vicar of Bedlington.

Memorial Description

Cross of wheeled type total 15 feet high with a stone wreath resting at its foot set in a rectangular enclosure with low kerb surround with 8 wide steps leading to square platform. On the platform are five shallow rectangular steps forming the base of the pedestal, on top of which is a deeper pedestal bearing the dedication. Topping this is a large rectangular stone bearing the names. The words "For Home and Duty" are carved at the base of the shaft. The main pedestal has two set-back panels on either side of the face, each bearing a column of names, whilst the centre part bears three columns, so that five columns face the front. At either side, the names are listed in single columns.
The names from 1939-1945 are on the lower pedestal, on all three sides but not the back, in five columns on the front and two columns each on the sides. The lettering is all in raised lead is sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Granite column on steps of Heworth stone.


For / Home / and / Duty /
a . These fell in the Great European War / 1914-1918 / Remembered by deeds nobly done Heroes everyone.
b. These fell in 1939-1945 in World War II.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee, Chairman John Caine, J.P.

How money was raised

a. £120 left from Bedlington Soldiers and Sailors' Fund; Public subscription; Site given by Bedlingtonshire Urban Council, plus £100. The enclosure was laid with fine turf from the riverside at Stakeford, by consent of West Sleekburn Estate.

Present condition

The monument itself is good, but many letters are missing and the rest could be cleaned.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

R. Oliver, Sculptor.

Ownership and maintenance

Wansbeck District Council. The monument was handed over to Bedlingtonshire Urban District Council at the unveiling ceremony in 1923.


1. The suggestion had been made that the memorial should be in the form of public baths, but this had to be rejected through lack of funds and general indifference. A cottage hospital was also proposed. This was discarded in favour of homes for disabled soldiers. The final proposal was for the cross.

2. After three years, public donations had only reached £249/4/11d

3. At the unveiling, it was announced that some names had been omitted, but would be added. The Order of Service for the Unveiling Ceremony records that the exact number of men who served is not accurately known, but 166 died.

4. It was originally proposed to unveil the memorial on 8th November 1921.

5. In an editorial in the Morpeth Herald, it was reported that the memorial had improved an unsightly place, but it was thought that it should be fenced to keep children off the turf and that a few shrubs would enhance the site.

6. It has been stated that the names on the plaques originally were placed on the former market cross opposite St.Cuthbert's Church before the war memorial itself was erected.

7. Morpeth Herald 18/03/1949 reports that a 3,000 lb unexploded bomb, whose presence nobody suspected, was excavated by a dragline operator on a nearby opencast coal mining site.

8. The name “T.Bown” has been corrected to “T. Bowen”.

09. The Berwick Advertiser 26/01/1923 reports that Major W.W. Burdon was on crutches at the unveiling ceremony having met with an accident in the hunting field recently. Major Burdon served with the Northumberland Hussars and was then master of the Morpeth East Country Foxhounds.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: P. Thirkell; old postcards: John S. Perry; Tony Harding

Morpeth Antiquarian Society Order of Service of the Unveiling Ceremony, donated by M.J. Caine. Mr. Caine is grandson of the Chairman of the War Memorial Committee.

Berwick Advertiser 26/01/1923 gives details about Major Burdon. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Blyth News 16/09/1921 gives notice of the proposed unveiling on 08/11/1921.

Morpeth Herald 31/01/1919 reports meeting to discuss proposals and appoint a Committee; 07/02/1919 reports the debate for and against a cottage hospital and the suggestion of homes for wounded soldiers; 06/06/1919 reports on fund raising; 16/04/1920 reports on the meeting which rejected the idea of public baths; 01/04/1921 reports that “the movement for a war memorial at Bedlington seems to have subsided into a state of inaction”; 04/08/1922 reports on fund raising; 26/01/1923 reports unveiling; 02/02/1923 contains editorial; 04/05/1923 reports £600 now raised; 05/09/1924 reports service held at the memorial; 14/11/1947 reports unveiling of 1939-45 plaque.

Alnwick & County Gazette 17/4/1920 reports on unpopularity of public baths proposal; also that Captain Gordon had given the site for the memorial.

Illustrated Chronicle 22/1/1923 reports unveiling with photos.

Northern Echo 22/1/1923 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 27/1/1923 reports unveiling.

Morpeth County Library Frith collection of photographs; Postcard collection.

News Post Leader 16/7/1998 gives details in note (9) above.

Tales from the Front Line: Part III World War One Local History Booklet published by Six Townships Community History Group contains “Bedlington Man in the Trenches” telling Private J. Reay’s account.

Journal 22/10/2007 feature article “In My View”, written by George McCabe, is about the Bedlington War Memorial, and the three brothers McCabe who are named on it who fought, two of whom died and the third emigrated to Australia afterwards.

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Research acknowledgements

Janet Brown; John S. Perry; Wansbeck District Council; the late Jack Tait (Blyth L.H.S.); M.J. Caine, Gosforth; the late Jim Winter; J. Young; P. Thirkell; Lorraine Lister; Norman Hood; Dorothy Hall; Sydney Graham

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Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Green (B15.02)

BEDLINGTON, Main Street.
Front face                                                                           
   Dogherty, J.G.   Gray, J.         Jefferson, H.    Miller, J.       Richardson, W.   
   Dodds, P.H.      Grant, W.        Jefferson, W.    Miller, R.       Riddell, J.      
   Dodds, R.        Green, M.F.      Jobson, G.       Miller, T.M.     Riddell, R.      
   Dunn, G.R.       Hale, A.         Joisce, G.R.     Millne, F.       Ridley, W.       
   Dunn, J.E.       Hall, W.         Jones, J.J.      Molden, L.       Ritchie, W.      
   Dunn, M.         Hall, W.J.       Jordan, J.       Montgomery, W.   Robinson, T.R.   
   Earl, J.         Hallowell, J.    Jordan, J.B.     Nesbit, G.       Robson, G.       
   Earl, S.H.       Hann, J.         Kane, J.         Newman, J.       Rogers, G.T.     
   Easton. J.W.L.   Hannay, T.       Kane, M.         Newman, M.       Rogers, J.H.     
   Elliott D.       Hannay, W.S.     Latty, W.        Nicholson, W.    Routledge, T.R.  
   Elliott, G.      Hardy, D., M.M.  Leggett, A.J.    Nixon, J.        Russell, A.      
   Elliott, J.      Hay, G.          Logan, R.        Nordstrom, J.W.  Rutherford, J.   
   Ellis, J.W.      Hay, J.W.        Lonsdale, J.R.   O'Hare, J.       Sanderson, J.    
   Eltis, J.        Hay, J.          Martin, J.       Oliver, R.P.     Scott, J.        
   Embleton, W.     Henderson, A.J.  Mason, J.K.      Orange, J.T.     Scougal, J.F.    
   Ferrier, G.      Henderson, F.C.  Mavin, A.        Orange, S.F.     Scougal, T.      
   Ferrier, J.R.    Hindhaugh, G.H.  McCabe, A.       Patterson, J.    Shadforth, J.    
   Fishwick, W.     Hinson, T.       McCabe, W.       Pattison, W.     Shaw, F.         
   Fitzsimmons, W.  Hobson, W.       McHugh, J.       Pick, A.J.       Shaw, R.         
   Foggon, G.       Hopkins, W.      McNally, R.      Potter, J.D.     Shaw, W.         
   Fraser, T.       Howe, L.         McSherry, J.     Pyle, J.         Smith, J.        
   Gaffey, R.G.     Hunter, W.       Middlemiss, H.   Reay, D.         Smith, W.E.      
   Gibson, G.       Hutchison, J.    Middleton, S.    Redpath, J.      Smyth, H.R.      
   Glenton, T.      Jefferson, C.    Middleton, J.W.  Reed, E.         Smyth, T.C.      
Front middle pedestal
   These fell in the Great European War 
   Remembered deeds nobly done 
   Heroes everyone 
Front bottom pedestal
   And these fell 1939-1945 in World War II                                 
   Liddle R.        Miller M.        O'Brien G.J.     Prime R.        
   Lynn L.          Moore S.E.       Orange W.        Richardson R.    Smith J.B.     
   McCabe J.T.      Mullen D.        Park T.H.        Richardson SFO.  Smith JWT DFM  
   Miller D.        Nicholson Minnie Potter D.T.      Riley T.R.       Smith N.       
Left face:                         Right face
   Armstrong, J.T.                   Steel, W.
   Arries, J.M.                      Stephenson, J.M.
   Ayre, J.F.                        Steward, J.
   Barnes, J.                        Stewart, T.L.
   Bell, J.A.                        Stoddart, A.
   Brookes, E.                       Stoddart, W.
   Brown, W.                         Stoker, J.R.
   Campbell, J.                      Stoker, T.J.
   Carroll, J.                       Straker, A.C.
   Charlton, E.                      Swindle, G.C.
   Clark, J.W.                       Taylor, S.
   Collingwood, G.                   Taylor, L.
   Collingwood, J.R.C.               Tindal, L.E.
   Collpitts, T.E.                   Turner, J.
   Cook, E.                          Walker, W.
   Cowans,T.W.,MM.                   Weatherly, T.W.
   Craze, R.                         White, G.P.
   Craze, W.J.N.                     Wolfendale, A.
   Crickmer, L.                      Young, G.R.
   Davis, G.E.                       Reed, J.
   Dixon, H.                         Thompson, A.
   Dixon, J.W.                       Batchelor, W.F.
   Dixon, W.E.                       Beverley, G.
   Docherty, J.                      Bradford, J.J.
Left middle pedestal                 Right middle pedestal
   Richardson, D.                    Bown, T.
   Scurfield, J.                     Burn, J.
   Tait, S.                          Burn, W.
   Tosh, J.                          Hare, O.
   Tulley, C.                        James, T.
   Jude, G.                          Lamb, J.
   Shotton, J.                       Martin, E.
Left bottom pedestal (1939-45)       Right bottom pedestal (1939-45) 
   Atchison T.T.    Dixon R.P.       Stevens R.R.     Thompson A.W. 
   Brown J.G.       Dott W.          Rutherford W.    Tate E.W. D.F.C. Thompson S.W.
   Bruce J.         Forster W.       Taylor G.        Walker T.
   Butcher J.       Cowans H.        Teasdale O.A.    White R.
   Caisley J.W.     Jobson J.T.      Ternent J.W.     Young E. D.F.M.
   Smallman J.      Smith P.         Russell J.A.


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