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Photo: James Pasby


Two Rolls of Honour Served 1914-18 Miners Welfare Hall





Original Location

Miners’ Welfare Hall

Present Location

Murton Royal British Legion (now Colliery Club)

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 6th December 1920 by Rev. G.W. Anson Firth, Vicar.

Memorial Description

Two Rolls of Honour in wood frames behind glass. There is a column at each side with a badge at the halfway point: on one the badges depict the Cross of St. George and the Irish harp; in the second the badges are the Scottish lion and the Union flag. Otherwise the two Roll s are identical. The words “Roll of Honour” are in red letters on a blue background with a crown at centre top.. Below this is the Union flag draped on either side of the dedication. At centre bottom are the dates 1914-1918 in an elaborate frame with scrolled leaves on either side.
The names are handwritten in five columns, handwritten, with the initials given a red background.

Materials used

Oak frames


The / following Members / served / with the Colours during / the Great European War.


Who commissioned

Murton Mining Federation



Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Restoration done by Stanegate Restoration and Replicas.


1. Originally in the Miners’ Welfare Hall. A new hall (now the Glebe Centre) was built and the Rolls of Honour were left in the old building and were damaged. They were finally removed to the Glebe Centre.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: James Pasby

Northern Echo An article in 1920 reported the unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

James Pasby

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Two Rolls of Honour Served 1914-18 Miners Welfare Hall (M47.13)

First frame:
   Roll of Honour

   Following Members
   with the Colours during
   the Great European War.

   Anderson Wm.        Bennett Jos.      Chilton R.W.      Flynn Geo.        Holland Wm
   Anderson Wm.        Button John       Ciampi P.         Fryer John        Hemphill Thos.
   Armstrong E.        Breeze J.R.       Crumbie M.        Forster Clem.     Hodgson Geo.H.     
   Atkinson J.R.       Bolt W.H.         Cowley Thos.      Farrelly Geo. MM  Hodgson A.
   Armstrong R. MM     Bray Sam.         Curtis W.         Flynn M.          Hall Jos.
   Armstrong T.        Barker Jno.       Cardy Jos.        Flynn Denis       Hewitt Alf.
   Anderson G.         Bousefield Geo.   Coates Wm.        Farmer S. Leon    Holmes T.H.
   Addinall J.T.       Brown E.          Connelly H.       Finn L.           Hayes Hy.
   Ambler G.R.         Barrett W.        Colledge J.       Farrelly T. MM    Hunter W.E.
   Armstrong L.        Barnes Jos.       Connock Jno.      Falconer T.       Hunter H.D.
   Ainscough Wm.       Bell Geo.         Collins H.        Fowler Robt.      Hough John
   Anderson Jos.       Breeze J.         Coxon Robt.       Forster N.        Holland Ed.
   Adamson Jno.        Berry John        Cowley Wm.        Ferguson Jos.     Hailes Rd.
   Armour Wm.          Butt W.F.         Clabburn R.       Forster W.R.      Huntley J.J.
   Adamson F.K.        Brown R.          Dunn W.           Foley Jos.        Hughes J.T.
   Adamson P.F.        Brownrigg J.T.    Degnan Jno.       Fowle W.G.        Hall Thos.
   Askew J.T.          Berry Geo.        Daley Hy.         Forster Jos.      Hall Geo.
   Adamson J.W.        Barnes John      *Davison T.        Fletcher W.C.     Hart Ed.
   Adcock R. MM        Ball Ed.          Dobson J.         Fitch Jno.        Hall Thos.
   Addinall Jas.       Barrett W.        Dunn Ed.          Farrell Jas.      Hibbert Stanley
   Anderson Robt.      Boad R.W.         Dent A.F.         Ford Jno.         Haswell J.
   Alderson G.W.       Batey M.          Dawson Thos.      Fitch Fred.       Healor G.W.
   Allison Geo.        Bryson Jas.       Daglish Jos.      Farmer Wilf.      Harris John
   Anderson John       Baxter Geo.       Dullard Jos.      Flannery A.       Hogg John
   Anderson Robt.      Burrows Jos.      Dodds Wm.         Franks F.         Hunter J.T.
   Armstrong Dav.      Bell W.J.E.       Davis Geo.        Fairbairn A.      Hopper Hy.
   Armstrong Robt.     Blakey Hugh       Dodds Thos.       Foster T.         Hall Chas.
   Andrews J.W.        Best Jno.         Dodds Jos. C.     Foster Hy.        Hancock C.
   Armstrong E.M.      Bates W.          Dailey Wm.        Foster Wm.        Hogarth Jos.
   Atkinson Thos.      Bacon Thos.       Dixon Wm.         Foley Jas.        Hunter Wm.
   Adamson Clem.       Brown Hugh.       Davison E.M.      Foggerty Jas.     Hudson M.J.
   Armstrong J.J.      Brown M.          Durkin Matt.      Gilchrist Ernest  Hughes Wm.
   Archbold Luke       Border Geo.       Dixon Jno.        Goodhall Thos.    Heaton John
   Ambler J.W.         Blenkinsopp G.    Dunn J.A.         Gibson Jas.       Hudson W.S.
   Ashcroft R.D.       Blenkinsopp M.    Debbage Robt.     Gibson Thos.      Hodgson Thos.
   Allen Robt.         Brown W.          Davison Geo.      Graham Thos.      Hall T.H.
   Adamson Hens.       Bird J.R.         Dailey Thos.      Gowland Wm.       Hall M.G.
   Anderson Fred.      Butterfield Wm.   Donnelly Thos.    Gowland Rph.      Halliwell C.
   Archbold J.H.       Brown J.O.        Ditchburn Robt.   Geeham M.         Hastings Wm.
   Armstrong Wm.       Beany Wm.         Daglish Geo.      Goggins J.T.      Hall G.
   Alder Rd.           Bryan T.          Davison Wm.       Griffiths J.W.    Hughes John
   Addinell R.W.       Clark Robt. MM    Dixon Alf.        Garrett J.W.      Hayes Alex.
   Adamson J.W.        Crane Thos.       Duke Thos.        Greenfield Ed.    Holmes Wm.
   Alexander Geo.      Cook Rd.          Dixon Walker      Gilbraith Robt.   Hunter J.W.
   Anderson J.A.       Cain Austin       Dodds A.          Greenfield A.     Hanby Jno.
   Avery Geo.          Colledge T. MM    Dobie, Jas.       Greenwood R.C.    Harvey Wm.
   Abbott Ed.          Cassidy M.        Dunn Geo.         Gallon Tom.       Harding Hy.
   Armstrong Hy.       Coyles J.W.       Dobie Jas.        Gray Jos.         Hewison Thos.
   Abbott Sam.         Curry Robt.       Dixon Thos.       Gowland Geo.      Hall Thos.
   Anderson Jas.       Cummings Wm.      Duffy Thos.       Gray Geo.         Harvey Sam.
   Atkinson Geo.       Carmichael Jas.   Dixon Is.         Graham Alb.       Honnor T.
   Button Jas.         Crozier Robt.     Dunn Geo.         Graham Wm.        Haswell Hy.
   Brady W.            Chisholm Geo.     Dawson Theo.      Ganning Wm.       Hagan Jas.
   Bowman T.           Collins J.T.      Davison J.B.      Gray Hy.          Harding N.H.
   Butters J.          Cuthbert Jas.     Dixon Thos.       Gilroy Jas.       Hough Wil.
   Broxon Hy.          Coxon Thos.       Debbage Walker    Gee Jos.          Hall Geo.
   Bartley S.          Clark Jas.        Daglish Jno.      Garrod Bert.      Hutchinson T.H.S.
   Beamson Wm.         Cummings T.       Dixon Wm.         Graham Jos.       Hall Wm.
   Baxter G.W.         Collins John      Davidson Don.     Gilbraith J.W.    Holmes J.H.
   Barrett C.          Cain Pat.         Dunn Sim.         Gray Ant.         Harris Wm.
   Blakelock Jas.      Curtis Tom.       Drew Arthur       Greenfield Thos.  Hawkins J.W.
   Burnip Cuth.        Clark Robt.       Davison Wilf.     Gray J.T.         Hewitson Thos.
   Burton Peter        Cowley Ath.       Davison Robt.     Gray Rd.          Humphrys Robt.
   Bacon J. Ed.        Carr Pat.         Duckworth Hy.     Green Thos.       I’anson Jno.    
   Brown Ed. DCM       Charlton Dan.     Dawson Thos.      Gerrard Wilf.     Johnson Robt.
   Broxson J. Thos.    Cummings Jas.     Dobie J.          Gillies J.E.      Jones Alf.
   Brewster J.H.       Charlton Sam.     Dixon R.W.        Greenfield Gilb.  Jobling R.J.
   Bousfield Wm.       Clish Jas.        Daglish Geo       Gibson John       Johnson Ben.
   Brown Step.         Connick Jas.      Davison Jos.      Greaves N.        Jackson Thos.
   Beadmore T.         Cummings Alex.    Davison D.        Grieves G.        Jones Athr.
   Baines P.           Callaghan Rd.     Early Jno. P.     Gray G.           Johnson Thos.
   Brown W.J.          Cook Wm.          Ella Thos. A.     Green H.H.        Jeffries Hy.
   Bell Wm.            Cheetham Jos.     Eddes Sam.        Gray Robt.        Jeffries Alf.
   Brown Thos.         Canterdale Jno.   Elliott Bart.     Gurkin Ed.        Johnson Wm.
   Bray J.W.           Chapman Jos. S.   Elliott John J.   Grogan Jos.       Johnson Wm.
   Black Jas.          Crossley Jno.     Elwick And.       Gray Wilf.        Jones Thos.
   Brewster Alf.       Calvert Alf.      Emery Wm.         Graham A.         Jenkins John 
   Barrett T.W.        Curtis Dan.       Etherington John  Gilroy Thos.      Jackson Thos.
   Bartlett W.W.       Cleminson Fred.   Ellison Robt.     Hall Robt.        Jones E.E.
   Brown Tom.          Cooper Ben.       Evans Wm.         Halliday J.J.     Jackson Geo.
   Blythe W.H.         Campbell Owen     Elliott Anty.     Hill Jas.         Jobling Jno.
   Binnie Jas.         Crumbie Alb.      Ellery Wm.        Hoar Wm.          Jane J.W.
   Brown T.G.          Cresswell Jos.    Emery Wm.         Hoy J.W.          Johnson Jno.
   Bartlett Hy.        Cook Is.          Elwick Jno.       Hudson Y.         Johnson Is. H.
   Beer J.G.           Cook John         Elliott Rd.       Holmes Thos.      Jones John
   Brown Robt. L.      Cowley Mat.       Elwick Jas.       Hall Geo.         Johnson Fred.
   Brown John          Collins Fred.     Elliott Wm.       Hill Jos. MM      Jennings Thos.
   Brown A.            Coulson T.        Edger Thos. J.    Healor J.T.       Jackson Ed.
   Burnip Thos.        Cook Hy.          Elliss F.K.       Harper Robt.      Joyce T.O.
   Bartlett Chas.      Cain Tom.         Emery Jont.       Hall Jas. DCM.MM. Johnson J.E.
   Burdess Thos.       Crawford Mat.     Elwick Jno.       Hall J.W.         Johnson Geo.
   Barlow Sam.         Coxon Jno.        Etherington J.Hy. Heaton Jno.       Jobson J.J.
   Blades T.K.         Carver A.         Evans T.          Hill Jos.         Jenkins Geo.
   Binnie Thos.        Cockerill Geo.    Elwick C.         Hall T.F.         Jackson Jno.
   Banks J.W.          Curry J.T.        Elliott W.H.E.    Husband Robt.     Jane W.H.
   Binnie John MM      Coxon R.J.        Edwards Wm.       Hetherington W.I. Johnson Thos.
   Barnes Leigh        Craddock Jos.     Etherington Adam  Hunter Jos.       Johnson B.
   Brown Mus.          Chant W. MM.      Elliott T.        Henderson John    Kennedy Arthur
   Bartley Jas.        Cummings Alex.    Elwick Vinc.      Hodgson Jno.      Knowles Hy.
   Balsam Ed. MM       Chicken Thos.     Elwick Thos.      Hunter Geo.       Kyle Geo.
   Brannen J. Ed.      Childs E.         Etherington R.    Hemingway B.K.    Kyle Jos.
   Bridges John        Cummings Robt.    Elliott T.K.      Hughes Robt.      Kent Alf.
   Burdess Tom.        Connock Jos. E.   Eastaugh W.L.     Hutchinson C.     Kerry G.W.
   Brown Matt.         Clasper Wm.       Elliott T.        Hughes Jas. H.    Knox T.R.
                       Campbell Jas. DCM                            
Second frame:
   Roll of Honour

   Following Members
   with the Colours during
   the Great European War.

   King Jno.           Mosely Step.      Pringle Jno.      Steele Ralph      Welsh Tom DCM 
   Kennedy Jas.        Myers Wm.         Painter Geo.      Steel Robt.       Watkin M.M.
   Kirton Jno.         Marshall Ft.      Purvis Rd.        Steele Jas.       Wright Jno.
   Kettell Hy.         Muncaster Wm.     Penman A.         Steele Rd.        Wellburn Wm.
   Kirkpatrick J.J.    Maddison F.K.     Quinn A.          Skinner Jno.      Wilson Jno.
   Kendrick Thos.      McReady J.P.      Quarmby A.        Smith Jno.        Wallace J.G.
   Knox Kno.           Moreland A.       Quarmby W.        Smith Jas.        White W.O.  
   Kirby T. MM         Malloy Jos.       Readymarcher Ed.  Smith Wilf.       Wood Jas.
   Kemp G.             Marley Wm.        Robson Jos.       Salt Jos.         Wilson Jas.
   Kelly Wm.           Murphey Jno.      Rushworth Art.    Slack Jas.        Walker Jas.
   Kitchen Wm.         McNally Wm.       Richardson J.E.   Shaw Thos.        Wood Geofrey
   Kennedy J.G.        Mason J.          Ridley Jos.       Shenton Alf.      Whitmore Rd. MM
   Knox John           Marchant A.       Raymond W.J.      Smith Fred.       Wilson Jas.
   Kitson Thos.        Marr Thos.        Richardson R.R.   Staff Wm          Watkin Hy.
   Kirby A.L.          McGinn Jos.       Rose F.W.         Smith G.K.        Webster Robt.
   Kirby R.            Mason Robt.       Richardson J.W.   Sharkey J.T.      Wilson Geo.
   Knox Hy.            McArdle H.        Richardson T.V.   Short Wm.         Warin Tom.
   Lamb Athr. DCM      Morecombe A.      Robinson J. DCM   Surtees Rd.       Whitmore Sam.
   Lashlie A.          Martin Mic.       Ritchie Jas.      Sinclair Ed.      Whitwood Fred.
   Lawther J.          Moore Arthur      Ritchie Fred.     Shield Sam.       Walker Jno.
   Luke Robt.          Napier Robt.      Robson Y.J.H.     Shield Wilf.      Williams Wm.
   Longstaff Ed.       Napier Thos.      Robinson Jos.     Stokoe Robt.      Ward Jas.
   Laws Jas.           Nicholson J.B. MM Richardson Jos.   Scorer T.R.       Wood Herbert
   Lowes Jas.          Newcombe Alf.     Rowland Athr.     Skeene Robt.      Wood Wm
   Lindsey Jos.        Neasham Wm.       Rayne Rd.         Stobie Thos.      Walker W.D.
   Linsley Hy.         Newton Jos.       Race F.K.         Seymour R.W.      Watson Nichol MM
   Levitt Peter        Neal Jas.         Reed Rd.          Slack Fred.       Walker Ed.
   Lee Jno.            Napier W.         Robinson Jno.     Smith Fred.       Wilson Geo.
   Luke Geo.           Napier J.         Rundle Thos.      Shaw J.           Walton Thos.
   Lowes W. MM         Noble Thos.       Rowlands Jas.     Sinclair A.       Wilson J.W.
   Lashlie Jno.        Nevilles Jno.     Robson Athr.      Sugden Hy.        Wilson Sam.
   Lowes J.E.          Newbiggin J.W.    Robson Thos.      Salkeld R.        Wallace F.
   Lowton Jos.         Noble Ath.        Ritchie Cuth.     Spry Alf.         Wilson Jos. MM
   Lowerson Fred.      Nicholson Wm.     Robinson Rd.      Slack Jos.        Wood Jno.
   Lewenden A.         Norman J.H.       Robson Thos.      Sheppard Jno.     Wood Ralph
   Laidler Jno.        Nevins Jno. G.    Reed Wm.          Story C.          Williams Ed.
   Lowes W.            Newton Robt.      Richardson A.     Strong Jos.       White R.E.
   Longstaff R.        Norman Thos.      Ridley M.         Short M.          Wotton Jno.
   Lamb T.             Napier Hy.        Rundle Hy.        Sainty J.R.       Wallace G.
   Lamyman F.          Nevins Thos.      Rose Wm.          Stobbie Jas.      Worth Jno.
   Laws Jas.           Owens Wm.         Robinson A.       Skean Jas.        Wass Geo.
   Lawson Wm.          Oakley Geo.       Robinson Robt.    Sugden Ben.       Wood Robt.
   Loftus B.           Owen Wm.          Rutherford T.     Sinclair M.       Ward Peter
   Leddington G.       Ord Rd.           Rutherford J.     Short J.W.        Witherington F.K.
   Lawson W.           Ord Jos.          Richardson G.     Smith Robt.       Wills Jno.
   Lashlie R.          Ord Geo.          Richardson L.     Short H.          Willis Thos.
   Launder Sam.        Orwin R.          Roberts A.        Strong Geo.       Wood A.
   McMullen Gibson Pat Oliver R.         Rowe J.C.         Sinclair W.       White Wm.
   Marsden Jas.        Oram Chris.       Ramshaw F.        Thornhill Wm.     Wright Geo.
   McGinty Rd.         Oloman Jas. R.    Robson Rp.        Tomlin J.         Wilson J.T.
   Martin Hy.          Oram Rd.          Richardson R.     Thornton J.E.     Weirs Chas.
   McArtney Ath.       Purcell Mich.     Raymond C.H.      Traynor Jas.      Wallace Jas.    
   McRoy Robt.         Poynton Hy.       Rowlands A.       Terry F.          Whitmore Wm.
   McHugh Chas.        Place Ed.         Robson H.         Toft W.F.         Whitmore Thos.
   McEwan Wm.          Parker Jas.       Rowlands Hy.      Todd T.W.         Winlow A.
   Manning Ed.         Parker Walker     Rutherford G.     Taylor Jno.       Watson A.
   McNally Wm VC MM    Parker Jas.       Reay Jno.         Taylor Rd.        Watson Wal.
   Mitchell Gordon     Parry Wm.         Robinson Jas.     Taylor Robt.      Wetherburn Her.
   Mullen Edwin        Parker Arth.      Robson W.         Taylor Thos.      Wetherburn J.G.
   Miller Thos.        Potts Hy.         Ramshaw J.E.      Thompson P.W.     Whitmore Geo.
   Metcalfe Wm.        Parry Sydney      Reay Jos.         Tidyman Fred.     Wilson Robt.
   Malpass Jas.        Parkin Jas. MM    Richardson T.N.   Turner N.         Wright T.W.
   McLaren Thos.       Puncheon Tom.     Robson R.M.       Trembirth M.      Watson Athr.
   Malpass Rd.         Porter Thos.      Reynolds Jas.     Toy Thos.         Winlow Wm.
   Maddigan Jno.       Price Jos.        Richardson R.N.   Toy Wm. MM        Wilson W.H.
   Matthewson Per.     Peart Geo.        Robson A.         Terry Wm.         Watts Fred.
   Maw G.H.            Parham Rd.        Rowe R.W.         Treweeke J.T.     Wills W.
   McGhin Rd.          Prudhoe Geo.      Simpson R.        Taylor Is.        Williamson Hy.
   Mean J.R. MM        Purvis Thos.      Stephenson F.     Turnbull Jno.     Wasling R.
   McEwan Jas.         Price W.H.       *Surtees J.        Thompson Jno.     Wood J.
   Morgan J.T.         Price Ed.         Smith Jas.        Trower Wm.        Wright Jos.
   McArtney Jas.       Patterson Jas.    Staff A.J.        Tweedy Storey     Wright A.
   Manners Jos.        Pine Sam.         Shaw Jno.         Taylor Thos.      Watson F.A.
   Monarch Geo.        Petilla Jas.      Savage Wm.        Turnbull R.       Wilson E.
   McNally Jno.        Potts Thos.       Steele J.W.       Thompson G.       Williamson Jno.
   Murray Jas. MC      Potts Wm.         Smith Matt.       Tweedy Ernest     Wallace Jno.
   McRoy Dav.          Pearson E.N.      Smith Rd.         Trotter Jno.      Weir Thos.
   McPartlan Tom.      Parkin Ed.        Short Jos.        Turnbull Jos.     Winlow Adam
   Metcalfe Dav.       Parker W.         Short Robt.       Taylor J.W.       Walker Thos.
   Maddigan A DCM MM   Parkinson Wm.     Short Alb.        Toft Walker       Wright Geo.
   Malloy Jno.         Pinkney Athr.     Strong Jas.       Thompson Jos.     Wood Alex.
   Meir Dav.           Pearson Jos. I.   Salkeld Wm.       Taylor Rd.        Winlow A.
   Martin T.F.         Price Tim.        Smith Anty. MM    Taylor Is.        Wood Jno. D.
   Murphy Jos.         Pearson C.        Stephenson Jno.   Tilley Jas.       Waddle A.
   Morris Jas.         Pescod Jas.       Smith R.          Turnbull J.F.     Wills N.J.
   Marley T.H.         Pascoe L.J.       Skinner L.        Taylor J.W.       Wills J.
   Myers Thos.         Price W.D.        Smith L.          Todd W.R.         White S.O.
   Morrison Thos.      Purvis Wm.        Scott Jos. A.     Thornton A.E.     Wallace Robt.
   Mullen Thos.        Pringle Jas.      Southward Jas.    Treweeke W.G.     Waugh Jno.
   Morcombe J.F.       Pow Jno.          Skean And.        Turnbull J.E.     Williamson Rph.
   Mallon Thos.        Pegman Thos.      Stokoe E.         Taylor Wm.        Waters Geo.
   Maddigan Dennis     Potts Thos.       Suggitt Geo.      Taylor Jno.       Williamson Ed.
   Morgan F.K.         Patterson Robt.   Stark Jno.        Toft R.S.         Wiseman Ed.
   McAllister Jas.     Pegman Wm.        Soulsby N.        Urwin W.          Wallace Robt.
   McRoy Jas.          Purvis W.         Stephens Robt.    Usher J.T.        Wright W.A.
   Meredith Robt.      Pickering W.H.    Swinburne G.      Upperton Hy.      Walton G.
   McLean Dav.         Parkinson P.      Straughan Rd.     Urwin Jos.        Weir Roger
   McDermott Jas.      Pownell R.C.      Smith Jno.        Usher Jno.        Young R.W.
   Mason John          Purvis Ed.        Smith W.          Vardy John        Young Robt.
   Miller Geo.         Parkinson Jos.    Sharkey Wm.       Venner Sam.       Young Wm.
   Milburn Robt.       Place T.N.        Smith J.W.        Vest J.J.         Young Phil.
   McHugh C.           Penman P.K.       Surtees Jno.      Vest J.E.R.       Young W.R.
   Muncaster Geo.      Penman Thos.      Siddle Jos.       Viney Wm.         Young R.
   Miller And.         Penman H.         Spanton M.S.      Whitt J.J.        Young T.W. 
   *These names have the words “Croix de Guerre” alongside. 








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