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Photo : Jean Atkinson


ROH Served 1914-18 Ouseburn School





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NZ 281636

Original Location

In the main hall.

Present Location


Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled by Hon Colonel Johnstone Wallace 20/09/1915

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour on panel with pedimented top. At centre top are various flags. Below this is a scroll bearing the name of the school. The centre panel is set between two pillars in half relief. The panel bears the names in twelve columns listed according to regiment.
In the photograph, above the centre panel is the heading “Great European War 1914-191” suggesting that this was created before the end of the war.

Materials used

Wood frame.


Ouseburn Council School.
Roll of Honour
1914 Great European War 191


Who commissioned

Ouseburn Council School


1. Ouseburn school was opened in 1893 to accommodate 928 pupils. It was designed by a local architect called Frank West Rich and it has very distinctive corner towers in an oriental style. These towers formed part of the school's ventilation system. Radiators admitted fresh warm air via piping from steam boilers, and ventilator tubes led from every room to "up cast shafts" in the towers.
The ground floor had 352 infants, the first floor 576 older children and the top floor was a technical area: cookery, workshops, laundry and art. The school was planned around a central hall, and had two play yards - open and covered. (It is just possible to read "Girls" above the entrance in photo 1)
The cost of the school including site, buildings, fees and fittings was £17,035. The school closed in 1967. It is now one of four Newcastle Enterprise Centres which offer businesses a range of serviced accommodation.

2. Ouseburn School - 134/365
Grade II* Listed former Ouseburn School, Ford Street, is an ornate building designed by F W Rich in 1893 characterised by Dutch type gables, decorative moulded brickwork and pagoda-style turrets in the style of those found on Burmese Temples. The school is a dominant landmark in the Valley and has strong historical links to the social development of the Valley in the C19th, as it reflected the needs of a growing population in Ouseburn.
Following the closure of the school in the 1960s it re-opened in 1993 as a Business Development Centre. It dominates the junction of Ford Street and Walker Road and is distinct from the rest of the valley through its architectural style. Externally, the building has not been adversely affected by its conversion to the business centre.

3. I have also been to the Business Centre which was once Ouseburn Council School, and I spoke to the manager of the building, Diane McElligott. She has been involved with the Business Centre from the start, including the design and planning of the building and its transformation into what it is now. She has no knowledge of the ROH, has never seen it and it isn't there now Jean Atkinson.

4. The Newcastle Journal 21/09/1915 reports the names of 255 old Ouseburn boys, of which 6 had lost their lives. From this the Roll of Honour was updated and renewed over the years from the original 1915 one.

5. The Newcastle Daily Chronicle 21/09/1915 reports:- 153 boys are in the Northumberland Fusiliers, 34 are in the Navy. In addition a great number had been given to the munition factories. Six of the lads had already lost their lives. These were Fred Cockburn, William Douglas, Sam Forest, Robert James, John Short and William Robertson.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: James Pasby; Jean Atkinson

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 21/09/1915 reports unveiling

Newcastle Journal 21/09/1915 reports Roll of Honour and brass plaque to teachers unveiled last night. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

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Research acknowledgements

James Pasby; Jean Atkinson

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ROH Served 1914-18 Ouseburn School (B95.26)


  Column 1         Column 2         Column 3        Column 4
  Allen F.         Brindley J.      Conley J.       Douglas D.
  Allen J.         Brindley T.      Conway W.       Drummond A. 
  Allen P.J.       Broughton A.     Coulson A.      Duncan R. 
  Annan J.         Brown D.S.       Coulson D.  
  Annan D.         Buckley G.       Cragan P.       Edmondson J.
  Annan T.         Burdon W.        Craig R.S.      Fairclough R.
  Athey A.J.       Bell J.          Craig M.        Fay T.
  Atkinson F.                       Creighton G.    Fay E.
  Atkinson W.      Candlish R.W.    Cross T.        Fay J.
  Arrowsmith C.    Candlish J.      Cruddace J.     Ford J.
                   Cavanagh J.      Crump S.        Forrest J.
  Bagnall J.       Cavanagh T.                      Forrest G. 
  Baker S.         Carr M.          Davies W.       Forrest S.
  Barwick R.       Carr C.          Davis W.        Forrest S.
  Bellingham C.    Clark J.         Davis G.
  Birks H.         Clark J.T.       Davison D.      Galbraith J.
  Blackburn A.     Clark A.         Davison J.      Gardner J.A.	
  Blackburn W.     Clasper J.       Davison D.      Gibbon J.
  Blackett T.      Clasper J.H.     Dix W.          Giblin G.
  Blackett M.      Cockburn W.      Dodsworth J.    Gilbert W.
  Blackett J.H.    Cockburn R.      Dobie G.        Gilbert C.
  Blackett W.      Cockburn F.      Donkin W.       Gillies J.
  Column 5         Column 6         Column 7        Column 8 
  Gough R.O.       James S.         Latimer J.      Miller R. 
  Gough S.         James C.         Laws M.         Moore J. 
  Graham R.        Jamieson R.      Leadley J.      Moore G.
  Graham W.        Jobe C.          Little G.       Moore S. 
  Grant J.         Jobe G.          Llewellyn J.W.  Moore W.
  Gray J.          Jobe R.          Love T.         Moat W.
                   Jobe T.          Love W.         Moat D.
  Haigh J.         Johns J.         Lowdon J.       Murray J.
  Hamilton M.      Johnson J.W.     Lynch A.
  Hamilton J.      Jones J.         Nash J.
  Hamilton W.      Jones R.         Marr F.         Nash J.
  Harold J.        Jones S.         Marr R.S.       Nesbitt A.
  Henderson T.     Jones W.         McFarlane J.    Nicholson R.
  Henderson W.     Jones W.         McLaughlan W. 
  Hodgson W.C.                      McQuillan T.    O’Hara T.
  Hughes D.        King T.          McFarlane A.    Orrock J.
  Hunnam T.                         McWilliam R.W.  Orrock W.
  Hunter W.        Lancaster J.W.   Middlemiss T.  
  Hudspith J.      Lancaster W.     Middlemiss J.   Page E.
  Hutchinson J.    Lancaster J.     Middlemiss J.   Pond F.W.
  Hutchinson R.    Latimer W.       Miller M.       Pond A.T.
  Hutchinson T.    Latimer T.       Miller T.       Proctor C.
  Column 9         Column 10        Column 11       Column 12 
  Proctor G.       Scott J.         Stewart W.      Walker J.
  Proctor T.       Scott J.         Steel J.W.      Walker W.
                   Scott T.         Steele W.W.     Ward T.
  Railton E.       Scott D.         Storey R.       Watson A.
  Reid J.R.        Scott J.         Stockdale J.    Watson T.
  Renforth W.      Scott W.                         Waters S.
  Richardson A.    Scott J.         Tate J.M.       Welch G.
  Richardson W.    Scott R.         Tatters T.      West A.
  Richardson R.    Scott W.         Taylor J.       Whitton J.
  Richardson W.    Shaftoe R.       Taylor S.       Whitton T.
  Renforth P.      Shaftoe W.       Taylor W.       Wheatley G.
  Ridley J.        Shepherdson A.E. Telfer M.       Wilson J.
  Robertson T.     Short J.         Thirlaway G.    Wilson J.
  Robinson G.      Sloane W.        Todd J.R.       Wilson W.
  Rogerson M.      Smith G.         Tunmore J.      Wilson W.
  Rose M.          Smith J.                         Wilson T.
  Rose N.          Smith L.         Venus W.        Wilkinson T.
  Rose W.          Sore S.A.        Venus W.        Wilkinson W.
  Routledge J.     Sowerby T.                       Wood W.
  Routledge J.     Spence W.        Walley J.       Wraith R.
  Rowell T.        Stokoe A.        Walley S. 
  Rutherford J.F.  Stewart T.       Walton R. 
  Column 1         Column 2         Column 3        Column 4 
  Anderson P.      Brown W.         Campbell C.     Dodsworth J.
  Armstrong J.H.   Brown W.Y.       Cowen D.        Graham R.
                   Bramwell E.      Cowen H.        Gilburn W.  
  Column 5         Column 6         Column 7        Column 8 
  Hamilton G.      Hutchinson T.    Lowdon P.       Orrock W.  
  Hodgkinson J.  
  Hughes A.        Jones A.         Moore T.        Richardson G.  
  Column 9         Column 10        Column 11       Column 12 
  Sore F.          Taylor S.
                   Tatters J.
  Column 1         Column 2         Column 3        Column 4
  Allon A.         Bertram R.W.     Brydon J.       Delap R.
  Atkinson G.      Brindley E.                      Duncan C.
  Ash R.           Bruce G.         Corn O.   
                   Bruce A.         Cummings J.     Edmondson J.
  Baker F.         Bruce J.         Cummings T.   
  Bell J.W.        Bruce W.                         Galbraith W.
  Bell T.          Brydon J.        Davey W.        Graham R.
  Column 5         Column 6         Column 7        Column 8
  Gray J.W.        Hutchinson R.    Knowles A.      Morris E.J.
  Hamilton M.      Hutchinson S.    
  Harris S.        Hutton R.        Locke R.W.      Orrock L.
  Horton J.W.      Jamieson G.      Llewellyn G. 
  Horton U.        Jamieson E.      Maughan R.      Parkin A.
  Hutchinson J.    Jamieson W.      Mennim C.       Rebair R.
  Hutchinson R.    Kirsopp G.A.     Miller S.       Redhead A.
  Column 9         Column 10        Column 11       Column 12
  Redhead J.                        Stephenson T.   Telfer J.
  Reid G.B.        Sloan R.         Sutherland S.   Turnbull R.
  Renwick J.       Smith W.  
  Richardson J.    Smith W.         Taylor D.       Waterhouse J.J.
  Ridley J.W.      Smith R.         Taylor J.       Watson J.S.
  Robertson S.     Spearman J.      Taylor J.       West J.
  Routledge M.     Spearman G.      Taylor T.       Wilson P.
  Column 1         Column 2         Column 3        Column 4
  ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY                                                                     
  Armstrong E.T.   Dunn J.          Hanson J.       Newton T. 
  Armstrong R.J.                    King T.         Newton G.
                   Fielding W.      Nesbit T.W.
  Baxter T.        Gibson J.        May T.          Orrock T.
                   Gillies J.       May A.          Orrock G.
  Chantry T.       Handyside J.R.   Marr W.         Stephenson J.
  Crump A.         Handyside T.     Marr H.         Renwick B.
                   Watson W.W.      Miller J.D.     Tate C.
  Column 5         Column 6
  Anderson W.      Laws J.J.
  Bagnall M.       Phillips F.
  Baldwin J.       Richardson W.
  Boag R.          Rochester G.
  Drummond W.      Walton J.V.
  Forbes M.        Watts J.L.
  Freedland H.     Young W.J.
  Handyside W.     Young W.J.
  Column 7         Column 8         Column 9
  ARMY SERVICE CORPS                                     
  Birks G.         Hamilton P.      Potts G.
                   Henry G.C.  
  Clark T.                          Routledge G.
  Donkin W.        Langdown R.  
  Donkin T.                         Wright T.
  Drummond R.      May T.           Wallace W.
                   May A.           Watson A.
  Gibson J.B.      Moore J.         
  Column 10        Column 11        Column 12
  Allon R.         Garrett R.       Bamborough J. 
  Annan J.         Garrett W.S.     Craig J.
                                    Jamieson J.
  Birks G.         Locke R.W.       Leadbitter G.
  Cockburn G.                       Middlemiss J.
  Cormack J.       Pickering T.     Moat C.
  Cormack J.       Rowell J.E.      Ridley G.
  Freeburge R.     Wraith E.  
  Column 1         Column 2         Column 3        Column 4
  E. YORKS         WEST YORKS       4th YORKS 
  James W.         Atkinson S.      Boag M.         Bailey J.
  Lackenby T.W.    Brown G.         Smith S.W.      Hutchinson A.B.
  Robertson W.     Donaldson E.     Sowerby J.   
  Wood A.   
  Column 5         Column 6         Column 7        Column 8
  17th YORKS       HUSSARS          GREN. GDS.      COLDS. GDS 
  Dodds W.         Green W.         Green R.W.      Jobe W.
  Purvis J.        Green R.         Leadley W.      Jobling J.
                   Green J.         Spoors J.G.  
                   McQueen G. 
  Column 9         Column 10        Column 11       Column 12
  R.F.C.           R.G.A.           MACHINE GUN SECTION 
  Morrison R.T.    Falcus R.        Brown W.        Lakey R.W.
  Sinton G.        Foster T.        Burdon W.       Routledge M.
  Thackray R.      Laws G.          Cardost R.      Ure W.
  Young J.L.       Spearman R.      Douglas D.      Waters S.
  Column 1         Column 2         Column 3        Column 4
  Walker W.        Douglass W.      Robson H.       Wood T.
                   James R.         Spoors E. 
                   Jobe J.          Stewart J. 
  Column 5         Column 6         Column 7        Column 8
  Martin H.        Jamieson J.      Hutchinson W.   Ure N.
                                    Ridley G.W.     Wood G.
                                    Sloan T. 
  Column 9         Column 10        Column 11       Column 12
  Clasper W.       Ridley E.        Laws J.         Angus H.F.
  Graham R.A.                       Lynch T.        Hughes J.
                                    Marr T.         Ward J.
  Column 1         Column 2         Column 3        Column 4
  Alderson G.      Matfin J.G.      Davis D.        Green J.T.
                                                    Mennim T.
  Column 5         Column 6         Column 7        Column 8
  Nth STAFFS       R.N.A.S.         LINCOLNS        Sth LANCS            
  Craig A.         Walton W.        Jobe R.         Watson E.G.
  Column 9         Column 10        Column 11       Column 12
  E. LANCS         REMOUNTS         M.F.P.          SCOT. RIFLES
  Ward J.          Drummond R.      Shaftoe J.      Jobe C.
  Column 1         Column 2         Column 3        
  Armstrong S.     Duns J.          Watson O.
  Cruikshanks J.C. Smith D.
  Column 4         Column 5           
  Carlington R.    Jones C.E.
  Myers D.         Murray J.
  Column 6         Column 7         Column 8        Column 9
  TRANSPORTS       TRAINING RESERVE                                                                                                             
  Angus W.         McLaughlin J.    Rochester E.    Sloane S.  Wraith G.T.
  Maill J.         Prudhoe A.       Shaftoe W.      Stockdale W.
  Column 12
  Watson T. 
  Scott J.W.

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