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Photo: E.D. Smith


Plaque 1914-18 Dame Allan's School




FENHAM (N'castle/Wingrove)

Original Location

Originally in the entrance hall to the building on College Street.

Present Location

Moved to Newsom Hall when the school moved to the present site in 1935.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 23rd April 1921 by Major General Sir R.A. Kerr Montgomery, KCMG., KCB., DSO. Dedicated by Vicar of Newcastle, Very Rev. Canon G.E. Newsom M.A.

Memorial Description

Plaque 2 feet 6 inches high x 3 feet 9 inches wide on a backing 4 feet high x 7 feet 2 inches wide and set in an oak frame.
The central plaque has a wide border pattern of red and white roses, chosen to give a Northumbrian character to the plaque, cast to stand proud and enamelled in white, red and black with the background black. At centre top is "In piam memoriam" ("In pious memory") in a slight arc over the school badge, with between two wreaths both bearing a date “1914” and “1918”. The names are listed in five columns. The lettering is in Roman upper case.

The backing is painted cream. At the top "The Great War / 1914-1918" has been painted. Down each side are listed the names of those who received honours, and at the bottom are the statistics of those who served, died, were mentioned in despatches or received orders or decorations. All lettering is painted, mainly in Roman capitals, using grey paint.

Materials used

Brass in oak frame.


On backing :
The Great War / 1914-1918
Known to have served 652. "The Fallen" 84. / Mentions in despatches 28, Order and decorations 52.

On plaque :
In piam memoriam.
Sta puer et revocans hos almae matris alumnos / vivere pro patria disce morique tua. ("Stand, boy, and recalling these Old Boys of the school, / learn to live and die for your country")


Who commissioned

Old Boys


Plaque cost £50. Postages and printing cost £10.

How money was raised

Old Boys. Dame Allan’s War Memorial Fund.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Edward H. Thew, Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.


1. From the school, 80 were killed, 132 wounded, 221 former pupils were commissioned, 48 received decorations.

2. At a reunion, it was reported that tribute had been paid to 645 former pupils who had served and 83 had been killed.

3. It was originally mounted on the staircase in the school but was moved to Newsom Hall in Fenham in 1935.

4. There was also to be a framed Roll of Honour of those who served, but whether it was ever created, or has since been lost, is not known.

5. It was also proposed that a “school leavers’ scholarship” be established which would allow a former student to go to Oxford, Cambridge, Sandhurst or another military academy. It is not known whether this was ever awarded.

6. The total sum raised for the memorial was £340+. The balance was used to buy War Loan at the value of £284.1s. which would fund the scholarship. The rest was invested. The fund remained open for further donations.

7. In 1950 a declaration of trust established the charity known as Dame Allan’s Old Boys’ 1914-1918 War Memorial Fund as a prize fund. This was merged in 1987 with other prize funds to form the Dame Allan’s School Prize Fund.

8. For a short while the school was known as the Royal Jubilee School.

9. Former pupil C. Foggin was a pilot who joined the Royal Flying Corps, was injured but returned to active service. He was killed in March 1918.

10. Edwin Victor Ludlow who died on 1st November 1914 was the first Allanian to die in action. His name appears as “Laidlow” on the plaque.

11. The name of G.B. Jameson should be added to the list of those who received Orders and Decorations. Serving with the Royal Field Artillery, he was made a Chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur in 1998. When he died a year later, he was one of the last three of the “Old Contemptibles”. He returned every year to his old school to honour his fallen comrades up to his death. His commitment to his school is marked by a small plaque next to the Great War plaque, placed there in 2000 by the Old Boys’ Association and the School on the first anniversary of his funeral.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Fenham L.H.S.

Newcastle Daily Journal 05/02/1920 reports meeting to discuss possibility of erecting a memorial, but reported a small attendance due to difficulty in getting in touch with Old Boys; 12/02/1920 reports proposal to erect a memorial and appealing for funds; 01/03/1920 reports agreement to erect a monument at the Royal Jubilee School; 10/04/1920 reports a proposed memorial to those who fell in the war; 15/04/1920.

Alnwick & County Gazette 09/10/1920 reports proposal for a tablet, for also for a scholarship if funds permit.

Illustrated Chronicle 28/02/1920 page 11 reports meeting; 25/04/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 09/10/1920 reports closing of fund; 14/02/1920 reports proposal for a bronze plaque in the Royal Jubilee School and an appeal for names; 30/04/1921 reports unveiling.

North Mail 15/04/1920 reports on funding.

School Journal tells the stories under "Notes"

Dame Allan’s Schools Newcastle upon Tyne 1705-2005 E.D. Smith. Published by the Dame Allan’s Schools, 2005 ISBN 0 9551275 0 5

Dame Allan’s Register. In Newcastle City Library

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Research acknowledgements

Janet Brown; Ian Holloway; Eric Smith (Dame Allan's School); Michael Newrick; Fenham L.H.S.; P. Thirkell; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall; James Pasby

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Plaque 1914-18 Dame Allan's School (F31.01)

FENHAM, Dame Allan's School.

Centre plaque


Column 1                 Column 2                 Column 3               
   George Auburn Allan      John Collins             Fred. Herries          
   Oswald Hardie Allan      Clement William Coyle    Chas.E. Higginbotham   
   John Cameron Allen       Robert Davison           Maurice Cridland Hill  
   Harold Armstrong         Robert Donald            John Cecil Ireland     
   William Atkinson         Harold John Edward       Percy Elwood Johnston  
   James Allan Ballantyne   Robt. William Embleton   Albert Percy Jordan    
   Frank Douglas Balfour    Edward Eyton             James Maddison Kent    
   Cyril C.A. Bartlett      Harbit Faddy             Edwin Victor Laidlow   
   George Thomas Baston     Cyril Edgar Foggin       James Lamb             
   Arthur Walton Bell       Percival Donald Forrett  William Robert Lowe   
   Howard Vernon Bilton     Frederick Gibbon         Albert Edward Lowes    
   Oswald Blunden           Chas. Salkeld Gilhespie  Percy Maccoy           
   Fredk. Anderson Brown    Frederick George Greer   John Arthur Marshall   
   James Harold Brunskill   William Edward Hall      Stanley Marshall       
   Percy Campbell           George Ernest Harker     Edward Rowell Maughan  
   Chas. Fawcett Chapman    John Edward Harrison     John Lawrence Mavin    
   Philip Clark             Edward Ernest Hastie     Charles Norman Meritt  
Mentions in Despatches 28  Orders and Decorations 52.
Centre panel
Column 4                 Column 5

   John Norman McGuinness   Herbt. Richd. Chas. Sutcliffe
   Alfred George Mordue     Sydney Reginald Swift           
   Stephen Nichol Morison   Andrew Tate  
   John William Pape        William Houston Telfer          
   James Norman Parker      Joseph Bruce Thomson         
   Thomas Peacock           George Marshall Topham         
   Joseph Atkin Pearson     Edward William Towns
   Arnold Robson            William Henry Wake 
   Norman Guild Rodger      John Frederick Watson       
   George Munro Ross        Fredk. Norman Webster  
   John Alexander Ross      Henry Milburn Weddle           
   Richd. Fenwick Ruddock   Harold Williamson
   Alfred Edwin Shapley     William George Wilson 
   Aubrey Willm. Simmons    William Woodman  
   Thomas Simpson           Ernest Wright 
   Cecil Smith              Leonard Chambers Towns         
   Arthur Willm. Snowdon  
Left outer column                      Right outer column

      D.S.O.                                 D.F.C.
   J.T. Johnson, R.A.M.C.                 W.H. Leete, N.F. and R.A.F.
   E.L. Middlemast, Fort Garry H.            A.F.C.
      O.B.E.                              S.S. Turnbull, R.A.F.   
   F.W. Brewer    N.F.                       D.C.M.  and BAR.
   J.M. Coates M.G.C.                     A.S. Harle   N.F.
      M.B.E.                                 D.C.M.
   B.R. Blackburn, C.F.                   R.S. Robinson    R.Fus.
   G.H. Middleton, N.F.                      D.S.M.
      M.C. and BAR                        W.R. Boiston  R.N.
   W.R. Stewart    R.E.                      M.M.
      M.C.                                J.R. Anderson  R.A.M.C.
   F.D. Balfour, North.Cyclists.Battn.    F.N.M. Crow  R.F.A.
   R.E. Baty, N.F. and R.A.F.             R.W. Embleton   N.F.
   N. Brown, D.L.I.                       T. Flack   N.F.
   A.S. Davison, D.L.I.                   T. Peacock  R.A.F.
   R. Donald, N.F.                        R. Sinclair    N.F.
   T. Dunn, R.F.A.                           M.S.M.
   N. Grey, R.F.A.                        H.P. Nicholson  R.A.S.C.
   D. Hill, N.F.                          J. Suddes  Lab.C.
   T.W. Howey, D.L.I.                     J.R. Wright  E.Yorks.R.
   G.B. Jameson, R.F.A.                      CROIX DE GUERRE
   J. Kent, D.L.I.                        F.N.M. Crow   R.F.A.
   J. Macdonald, R.F.A.                   A.S. Davison  D.L.I.
   K.M. Macdonald, R.F.A.                 G.S. Dodds    R.F.A.
   J.B. Mennie, Ches.R                    D. Hill   N.F.
   H. Murray, R.F.A.                      Cavalier & Order of Italian Crown
   E.B. Nicholson, R. Scots.              M.T. Hindson   R.A.S.C
   W.W. Nimmo, R.F.A                      Serbian Order of St. Sava.
   A.H. Robinson, D.L.I                   J.T. Johnson   R.A.M.C.
   D.D. Rutherford, N.F.
   R. Rutherford, R.A.M.C.
   R. Sinclair, N.F.
   A.C.R. Stephenson, R.F.A.
   G. Swinburn, N.F.  

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