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Rolls of Honour Fallen and Served 1914-18 Miners' Hall





Original Location

Miners’ Hall (Closed)

Present Location

Glebe Community Centre

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 4th December 1920 by Rev. G.W. Anson Firth, vicar.

Memorial Description

Plaque comprised of a wood frame in three sections, each containing painted rolls of honour.
The centre frame lists the names of those who fell, calligraphed in three columns. At the top is a Union flag surmounted by a lion which is carrying a wreath in its claws. At the bottom is a cartouche containing the words “They died for their country” with small paintings showing aircraft, ships, and a ruined building.
The two outer frames bear Union flags draped at the top with the names of those who served in five columns with decorations earned shown in plain red letters. In the left hand frame on the left hand side is a shield bearing the red cross of England; the right hand side has a shield containing the Welsh harp. On the right hand frame the equivalent badges contain (left) the lion of Scotland and (right) the Union flag. At the bottom is a cartouche containing the dates "1914-1918"

Materials used



Centre frame:
Murton / Mining Federation. / To the memory of our glorious dead./ They died for their country 1914-1918.
Two outer frames:
Roll of Honour / The / Following Members/ served / with the Colours during / The Great European War.


Who commissioned

Murton Mining Federation



Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Mr. Thomas Summerbell of Sunderland.
Restored by Stanegate Restorations and Replicas.


1. From the club, 44 distinctions had been won, including the V.C., M.C., M.M., D.C.M., Croix-de-Guarre and others.

2. For the history of the memorial, see the attached Notes.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: James Pasby

Northern Echo 06/12/1920 reports unveiling.

Durham Chronicle 10/12/1920 reports unveiling.

North Mail 06/12/1920 has very brief report of the unveiling.

Durham County Advertiser 10/12/1920 reports unveiling with list of names.

Sunderland Echo 07/12/1920 reports unveiling.

Auckland and County Chronicle 09/12/1920 reports unveiling.

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Dorothy Hall

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Rolls of Honour Fallen and Served 1914-18 Miners' Hall (M47.09)

MURTON Miners' Hall.   
   Mining Federation.
   To the memory of 
   our glorious dead.
Column 1               Column 2              Column 3
   Arkley, E.             Ganning, H.           Oram, R.
   Atkinson, G.           Graham, T.            O'Shea, J.
   Arthur, E.             Graham, J.            Potts, G.
   Arthur, J.W.           Geeham, W.            Pescod, R.
   Ayre, J.               Gilbraith, R.         Pickering, A.
   Broxon, T.             Godfrey, J.           Pine, T.
   Bond, W.G.             Gowland, R.           Peart, W.
   Bond, R.               Grimes, R.H.          Purvis, R.
   Brown, J.              Hoult, A.             Phillips, J.W. M.M.
   Burdess, T.            Holman, R.            Parkin, E.
   Blakelock, J.          Hartley, F.W.         Pearson, J.L.
   Bland, T.              Hunter, T             Place, T.V.
   Bunting, J.            Hunter, E             Pow, R.W.
   Brewster, A.           High, T.              Quin, L.
   Burt, G.               Holmes, S.            Robson, A.
   Barker, J.             Hill, J.              Robson, J.
   Barnes, J.             Hope, W.              Richardson, T.
   Blakey, W.             Hunt, J.              Rutter, L.N.
   Bulmer, B.             Hughes, T.            Rowe, R.W.
   Baines, P.             Hall, J.              Rutherford, J.
   Brown, R.              Hall, M.              Robinson, R.
   College, R. M.M.       Haswell, R.           Robson, T.
   Clark, J.G.            Hudson, T.S.          Reed, W.
   Clark, J.              Heeler, W.            Rowlands, H.
   Coxon, R.              Holland, E.           Seymour, T.
   Christopher, R.        Holland, E.H.         Stewart, W.
   Carmichael, M.         Ingram, S.D.          Scott, G.
   Carr, W.               Johnson, R.W.         Skeen, J.
   Cook, J.               Jones, G.             Simpson, W.
   Cook, W.               Jones, J.             Sharp, A.
   Calvert, G.            Jackson, R. M.M.      Suggit, W. M.M.
   Clementson, T.         Jane, J.W.H.          Sheraton, R.A.
   Cummings, H.           Jennings, R.W.        Scott, T.
   Cummings, J.           Kelly, M.             Shield, W.
   Cairns, G.W.           Knox, A.              Smith, G.H.
   Cairns J.H.            Knox, J.              Salkeld, R.
   Conlon, W.             Kettlewell, H.        Skeen, J.
   Curtis, J.             Laws, E.              Surtees, J.
   Clewes, C.             Laws, T.              Thornton, J.
   Chaytor, J. M.M.       Laws, N.              Turner, R.D.
   Cowell, R.             Laws, I.              Taylor, J.
   Cain, T.               Lawson, J.            Tidyman, F.
   Dixon, J.              Lashlie, W.           Toy, T.
   Dickeson, R.           Luke, W.              Thompson, J.
   Dodd, M.D.             Lavis, F.             Trotter, J.
   Dixon, E.              Ludlam, J.            Urwin, C.
   Duffy, W.              Mason, T.             Vine, R.
   Eliot, M.              McCormach, M.         Williamson, R.
   Elliot, J.W.H.         McGinty, R.J.         White, J.
   Elliot, N.E.           McCaffery, J. M.M.    White, J.T.
   Emery, W.              Monarch, J.           White, C.S.
   Ellerington, H.H.      Metcalfe, R.H.        White, R.O.
   Etherington, J.H.      Maddison, S.          Whitemore, J.
   Etherington, W.W.      Milburn, F.           Wood, W.
   Errington, J.          Mallon, J.D.          Wynne, T.
   Early, J.              Mean, J.R.            Weddle, G.
   Emery, M.R.            Malpass, J.           Watson, S.
   Elwick, A.             Nord, W.              Watson, A.W.
   Fitzsimmons, T.        Nevilles, J.          Wills, J.
   Fogherty, J.           Nevilles, J.          Welsh, E.
   Foster, J.E.           Neasham, J.           Winlow, A.
   Forrester, A.          Naylor, S.G.          Wasling, R.J.
   Forster, T.            Norman, R.            Wright, A.
   Gallagher, M.          Newton, R.            Ward, A.
   Gibson, T.             Ogden, J.             Young, N.L.
   Golightly, J.          Oram, R.
   Gray, T.               Oram, T.
   They died for their country 1914-1918.
Left hand side Plaque
   Roll of Honour
   Following members
   With the Colours during
   The Great European War
Column 1               Column 2              Column 3
   Anderson, Wm.          Bennett, Jos.         Chilton, R.W.
   Anderson, Wm.          Button, John          Ciampi, P.
   Armstrong, E.          Breeze, J.R.          Crumbie, M.
   Atkinson, J.R.         Bolt, W.H.            Cowley, Thos.
   Armstrong, R. M.M.     Bray, Sam.            Curtis, W.
   Armstrong, T.          Barker, Jno.          Cardy, Jos.
   Anderson, G.           Bousefield, Geo.      Coates, Wm.
   Addinall, J.T.         Brown, E.             Connelly, H.
   Ambler, G.R.           Barrett, W.           Colledge, J.
   Armstrong, L.          Barnes, Jos.          Connock, Jno.
   Ainscough, Wm.         Bell, Geo.            Collins, H.
   Anderson, Jos.         Breeze, J.            Coxon, Robt.
   Adamson, Jno.          Berry, John           Cowley, Wm.
   Armour, Wm.            Butt, W.F.            Clabburn, R.
   Adamson, F.K.          Brown, R.             Dunn, W.
   Adamson, P.F.          Brownrigg, J.T.       Degnan, Jno.
   Askew, J.T.            Berry, Geo.           Daley, Hy.
   Adamson, J.W.          Barnes, John          Davison, T.
                                                   Croix de Guerre
   Adcock, R., M.M.       Ball, Ed.             Dobson, J.
   Addinall, Jas.         Barrett, W.           Dunn, Ed.
   Anderson, Robt.        Boad, R.W.            Dent, A.F.
   Alderson, G.W.         Batey, M.             Dawson, Thos.
   Allison, Geo.          Bryson, Jas.          Daglish, Jos.
   Anderson, John         Baxter, Geo.          Dullard, Jos.
   Anderson, Robt.        Burrows, Jos.         Dodds, Wm.
   Armstrong, Dav.        Bell, W.J.E.          Davis, Geo.
   Armstrong, Robt.       Blakey, Hugh          Dodds, Thos.
   Andrews, J.W.          Best, Jno.            Dodds, Jos.
   Armstrong, E.M.        Bates, W.             Dailey, Wm.
   Atkinson, Thos.        Bacon, Thos.          Dixon, Wm.
   Adamson, Clem.         Brown, Hugh           Davison, E.M.
   Armstrong, J.J.        Brown, M.             Durkin, Matt.
   Archbold, Luke         Border, Geo.          Dixon, Jno.
   Ambler, J.W.           Blenkinsopp, G.       Dunn, J.A.
   Ashcroft, R.D.         Blenkinsopp, M.       Debbage, Robt.
   Allen, Robt.           Brown, W.             Davison, Geo.
   Adamson, Hens.         Bird, J.R.            Dailey, Thos.
   Anderson, Fred.        Butterfield, Wm.      Donnelly, Thos.
   Archbold, J.H.         Brown, J.O.           Ditchburn, Robt.
   Armstrong, Wm.         Beany, Wm.            Daglish, Geo.
   Alder, Rd.             Bryan, T.             Davison, Wm.
   Addinell, R.W.         Clark, Robt., M.M.    Dixon, Alf.
   Adamson, J.W.          Crane, Thos.          Duke, Thos.
   Alexander, Geo.        Cook, Rd.             Dixon, Walker
   Anderson, J.A.         Cain, Austin          Dodds, A.
   Avery, Geo.            Colledge, T., M.M.    Dobie, Jas.
   Abbott, Ed.            Cassidy, M.           Dunn, Geo.
   Armstrong, Hy.         Coyles, J.W.          Dobie, Jas.
   Abbott, Sam.           Curry, Robt.          Dixon, Thos.
   Anderson, Jas.         Cummings, Wm.         Duffy, Thos.
   Atkinson, Geo.         Carmichael, Jas.      Dixon, Is.
   Button, Jas.           Crozier, Robt.        Dunn, Geo.
   Brady, W.              Chisholm, Geo.        Dawson, Theo.
   Bowman, T.             Collins, J.T.         Davison, J.B.
   Butters, J.            Cuthbert, Jas.        Dixon, Thos.
   Broxon, Hy.            Coxon, Thos.          Debbage, Walker
   Bartley, S.            Clark, Jas.           Daglish, Jno.
   Beamson, Wm.           Cummings, T.          Dixon, Wm.
   Baxter, G.W.           Collins, John         Davidson, Don.
   Barrett, C.            Cain, Pat.            Dunn, Sim
   Blakelock, Jas.        Curtis, Tom           Drew, Arthur
   Burnip, Cuth.          Clark, Robt.          Davison, Wilf.
   Burton, Peter          Cowley, Ath.          Davison, Robt.
   Bacon, J. Ed.          Carr, Pat.            Duckworth, Hy.
   Brown, Ed. D.C.M.      Charlton, Dan.        Dawson, Thos.
   Broxson, J. Thos.      Cummings, Jas.        Dobie, J.
   Brewster, J.H.         Charlton, Sam.        Dixon, R.W.
   Bousfield, Wm.         Clish, Jas.           Daglish, Geo.
   Brown, Step.           Connick, Jas.         Davison, Jos.
   Beadmore, T.           Cummings, Alex.       Davison, D.
   Baines, P.             Callaghan, Rd.        Early, Jno. P.
   Brown, W.J.            Cook, Wm.             Ella, Thos. A.
   Bell, Wm.              Cheetham, Jos         Eddes, Sam.
   Brown, Thos.           Canterdale, Jno.      Elliott, Bart.
   Bray, J.W.             Chapman, Jos. S.      Elliott, John J.
   Black, Jas.            Crossley, Jno.        Elwick, And.
   Brewster, Alf.         Calvert, Alf.         Emery, Wm.
   Barrett, T.W.          Curtis, Dan.          Etherington, John
   Bartlett, W.W.         Cleminson, Fred.      Ellison, Robt.
   Brown, Tom             Cooper, Ben.          Evans, Wm.
   Blythe, W.H.           Campbell, Owen        Elliott, Anty.
   Binnie, Jos.           Crumbie, Alb.         Ellery, Wm.
   Brown, T.G.            Cresswell, Jos.       Emery, Wm.
   Bartlett, Hy.          Cook, Is.             Elwick, Jno.
   Beer, J.G.             Cook, John            Elliott, Rd.
   Brown, Robt. L.        Cowley, Mat.          Elwick, Jas.
   Brown, John            Collins, Fred.        Elliott, Wm.
   Brown, A.              Coulson, T.           Edger, Thos. J.
   Burnip. Thos.          Cook, Hy.             Elliss, F.K.
   Bartlett, Chas.        Cain, Tom             Emery, Jont.
   Burdess, Thos.         Crawford, Mat.        Elwick, Jno.
   Barlow, Sam.           Coxon, Jno.           Etherington, J. Hy.
   Blades, T.K.           Carver, A.            Evans, T.
   Binnie, Thos.          Cockerill, Geo.       Elwick, C.
   Banks, J.W.            Curry, J.T.           Elliott, W.H.E.
   Binnie, John M.M.      Coxon, R.J.           Edwards, Wm.
   Barnes, Leigh          Craddock, Jos.        Etherington, Adam
   Brown, Mus.            Chant, W. M.M.        Elliott, T.
   Bartley, Jas.          Cummings, Alex.       Elwick, Vinc.
   Balsam, Ed. M.M.       Chicken, Thos.        Elwick, Thos.
   Brannen, J. Ed.        Childs, E.            Etherington, R.
   Bridges, John          Cummings, Robt.       Elliott, T.K.
   Burdess, Tom           Connock, Jos. E.      Eastaugh, W.L.
   Brown, Matt.           Clasper, Wm.          Elliott, T.
                          Campbell, Jas. D.C.M.
Column 4               Column 5
   Flynn, Geo.            Holland, Wm.
   Fryer, John            Hemphill, Thos.
   Forster, Clem.         Hodgson, Geo. H.
   Farrelly, Geo. M.M.    Hodgson, A.
   Flynn, M.              Hall, Jos.
   Flynn, Denis           Hewitt, Alf.
   Farmer, S. Leon        Holmes, T.H.
   Finn, L.               Hayes, Hy.
   Farrelly, T. M.M.      Hunter, W.E.
   Falcolner, T.          Hunter, H.D.
   Fowler, Robt.          Hough, John
   Forster, N.            Holland, Ed.
   Foley, Jos.            Hughes, J.T.
   Fowle, W.G.            Hill, Thos.
   Forster, Jos.          Hall, Geo.
   Fletcher, W.C.         Hart, Ed.
   Fitch, Jno.            Hall, Thos.
   Farrell, Jas.          Hibbert, Stanley
   Ford, Jno.             Haswell, J.
   Fitch, Fred.           Healor, G.W.
   Farmer, Wilf.          Harris, John
   Flannery, A.           Hogg, John
   Franks, F.             Hunter, G.T.
   Fairbairn, A.          Hopper, Hy.
   Foster, T.             Hall, Chas.
   Foster, Hy.            Hancock, C.
   Foster, Wm.            Hogarth, Jos.
   Foley, Jas.            Hunter, Wm.
   Foggerty, Jas.         Hudson, M.J.
   Gilchrist, Ernest      Hughes, Wm.
   Goodhall, Thos.        Heaton, John
   Gibson, Jas.           Hudson, W.S.
   Gibson, Thos.          Hodgson, Thos.
   Graham, Thos.          Hall, T.H.
   Gowland, Wm.           Hall, M.G.
   Gowland, Rph.          Halliwell, C.
   Geeham, M.             Hastings, Wm.
   Goggins, J.T.          Hall, G.
   Griffiths, J.W.        Hughes, John
   Garrett, J.W.          Hayes, Alex.
   Greenfield, Ed.        Holmes, Wm.
   Gilbraith, Robt.       Hunter, J.W.
   Greenfield, A.         Hanby, Jno.
   Greenwood, R.C.        Harvey, Wm.
   Gallon, Tom            Harding, Hy.
   Gray, Jos.             Hewison, Thos.
   Gowland, Geo.          Hall, Thos.
   Gray, Geo.             Harvey, Sam.
   Graham, Alb.           Honnor, T.
   Graham, Wm.            Haswell, Hy.
   Ganning, Wm.           Hagan, Jas.
   Gray, Hy.              Harding, N.H.
   Gilroy, Jas.           Hough, Wil.
   Gee, Jos.              Hall, Geo.
   Garrod, Bert.          Hutchinson, T.H.S.
   Graham, Jos.           Hall, Wm.
   Gilbraith, J.W.        Holmes, J.H.
   Gray, Ant.             Harris, Wm.
   Greenfield, Gilb.      Hawkins, J.W.
   Gray, J.T.             Hewitson, Thos.
   Gray, Rd.              Humphrys, Robt.
   Green, Thos.           I'anson, Jno.
   Gerrard, Wilf.         Johnson, Robt.
   Gillies, J.E.          Jones, Alf.
   Greenfield, Gilb.      Jobling, Rd.
   Gibson, John           Johnson, Ben.
   Greaves, N.            Jackson, Thos.
   Grieves, G.            Jones, Athr.
   Gray, G.               Johnson, Thos.
   Green, H.H.            Jeffries, Hy.
   Gray, Robt.            Jeffries, Alf.
   Gurkin, Ed.            Johnson, Wm.
   Grogan, Jos.           Johnson, Wm.
   Gray, Wilf.            Jones, Thos.
   Graham, A.             Jenkins, John
   Gilroy, Thos.          Jackson, Thos.
   Hall, Robt.            Jones, E.E.
   Halliday, J.J.         Jackson, Geo.
   Hill, Jas.             Jobling, Jno.
   Hoar, Wm.              Jane, J.W.
   Hoy, J.W.              Johnson, Jno.
   Hudson, Y.             Johnson, Is. H.
   Holmes, Thos.          Jones, John
   Hall, Geo.             Johnson, Fred
   Hill, Jos. M.M.        Jennings, Thos.
   Healor, J.T.           Jackson, Ed.
   Harper, Robt.          Joyce, T.O.
   Hall, Jas. 
       D.C.M.  M.M.       Johnson, J.E.
   Hall. J.W.             Johnson, Geo.
   Heaton, Jno.           Jobson, J.J.
   Hill, Jos.             Jenkins, Geo.
   Hall, T.E.             Jackson, Jno.
   Husband, Robt.         Jane, W.H.
   Hetherington, W.E.     Johnson, Thos.
   Hunter, Jos.           Johnson, B.
   Henderson, John        Kennedy Arthur
   Hodgson, Jno.          Knowles, Hy.
   Hunter, Geo.           Kyle, Geo.
   Hemingway, B.K.        Kyle, Jos.
   Hughes, Robt.          Kent, Alf.
   Hutchinson, C.         Kerry, G.W.
   Hughes, Jas. H.        Knox, T.R.
Right hand side Plaque
   Roll of Honour
   Following members
   With the Colours during
   The Great European War
Column 6               Column 7              Column 8
   King, Jno.             Mosely, Step.         Pringle, Jno.
   Kennedy, Jas.          Myers, Wm.            Painter, Geo.
   Kirton, Jno.           Marshall, H.          Purvis, Rd.
   Kettell, Hy.           Muncaster, Wm.        Penman, A.
   Kirkpatrick, J.J.      Maddison, F.K.        Quinn, A.
   Kendrick, Thos.        McReady, J.P.         Quarmby, A.
   Knox, Jno.             Moreland, A.          Quarmby, W.
   Kirby, T., M.M.        Malloy, Jos.          Readymarcher, Ed.
   Kemp, G.               Marley, Wm.           Robson, Jos
   Kelly, Wm.             Murphey, Jno.         Rushworth, Art.
   Kitchen, Wm.           McNally, Wm.          Richardson, J.E.
   Kennedy, J.G.          Mason, J.             Ridley, Jos.
   Knox, John             Marchant, A.          Raymond, W.J.
   Kitson, Thos.          Marr, Thos.           Richardson, R.R.
   Kirby, A.L.            McGinn, Jos.          Rose, F.W.
   Kirby, R.              Mason, Robt.          Richardson, J.W.
   Knox, Hy.              McArdle, H.           Richardson, T.V.
   Lumb, Arthur., D.C.M.  Morecombe, A.         Robinson, J., D.C.M.
   Lashlie, A.            Martin, Mic.          Ritchie, Jas.
   Lawther, J.            Moore, Arthur         Ritchie, Fred.
   Luke, Robt.            Napier, Robt.         Robson, Y.J.H.
   Longstaff, Ed.         Napier, Thos.         Robinson, Jos.
   Laws, Jas.             Nicholson, J.B. M.M.  Richardson, Jos.
   Lowes, Jas.            Newcombe, Alf.        Rowland, Athr.
   Lindsey, Jos.          Neasham, Wm.          Rayne, Rd.
   Linsley, Hy.           Newton, Jos.          Race, F.K.
   Levill, Peter          Neal, Jas.            Reed, Rd.
   Lee, Jno.              Napier, W.            Robinson, Jno.
   Luke, Geo.             Napier, J.            Rundle, Thos.
   Lowes, W., M.M.        Noble, Thos.          Rowlands, Jas.
   Lashlie, Jno.          Nevilles, Jno.        Robson, Athr.
   Lowes, J.E.            Newbiggin, J.W.       Robson, Thos.
   Lowton, Jos.           Noble, Ath.           Ritchie, Cuth.
   Lowerson, Fred.        Nicholson, Wm.        Robinson, Rd.
   Lewenden, A.           Norman, J.H.          Robson, Thos.
   Laidler, Jno.          Nevins, Jno. G.       Reed, Wm.
   Lowes, W.              Newton, Robt.         Richardson, A.
   Longstaff, R.          Norman, Thos.         Ridley, M.
   Lamb, T.               Napier, Hy.           Rundle, Hy
   Lamyman, F.            Nevins, Thos.         Rose, Wm.
   Laws, Jas.             Owens, Wm.            Robinson, A.
   Lawson, Wm.            Oakley, Geo.          Robinson, Robt.
   Loftus, B.             Owen, Wm.             Rutherford, T.
   Leddington, G.         Ord, Rd.              Rutherford, J.
   Lawson, W.             Ord, Jos.             Richardson, G.
   Lashlie, R.            Ord, Geo.             Richardson, L.
   Launder, Sam           Orwin, R.             Roberts, A.
   McMallen, Gibson Pat.  Oliver, R.            Rowe, J.C.
   Marsden, Jas.          Oram, Chris.          Ramshaw, F.
   McGinty, Rd.           Oloman, Jas. R.       Robson, Rp.
   Martin, Hy.            Oram, Rd.             Richardson, R.
   McArtney, Ath.         Purcell, Mich.        Raymond, C.H.
   McRoy, Robt.           Poynton, Hy.          Rowlands, A.
   McHugh, Chas.          Place, Ed.            Robson, H.
   McEwan, Wm.            Parker, Jas.          Rowlands, Hy.
   Manning, Ed.           Parker, Walker        Rutherford, G.
   McNally, Wm.V.C.& M.M. Parker, Jas.          Reay, Jno.
   Mitchell, Gordon       Parry, Wm.            Robinson, Jos. 
   Mullen, Edwin          Parker, Arth.         Robson, W.
   Miller, Thos.          Potts, Hy.            Ramshaw, R.E.
   Metcalfe, Wm.          Parry, Sydney         Reay, Jos.
   Malpass, Jas.          Parkin, Jas. M.M.     Richardson, T.N.
   McLaren, Thos.         Puncheon, Tom.        Robson, R.M.
   Malpass, Rd.           Parker, Thos.         Reynolds, Jas.
   Maddigan, Jno.         Price, Jos.           Richardson, R.N.
   Matthewson, Per.       Peart, Geo.           Robson, A.
   Maw, G.H.              Parham, Rd.           Rowe, R.W.
   McGhin, Ed.            Prudhoe, Geo.         Simpson, R.
   Mean, J.R., M.M.       Purvis, Thos.         Stephenson, F.
   McEwan, Jas.           Price, W.H.           Surtees, J. 
                                                   Croix de Guerre
   Morgan, J.T.           Price, Ed.            Smith, Jas.
   McArtney, Jas.         Patterson, Jas.       Staff, A.J.
   Manners, Jos.          Pine, Sam.            Shaw, Jno.
   Monarch, Geo.          Pettilla, Jas.        Savage, Wm.
   McNally, Jno.          Potts, Thos.          Steele, J.W.
   Murray, Jas., M.C.     Potts, Wm.            Smith, Matt.
   McRoy, Dav.            Pearson, E.N.         Smith, Rd.
   McPartlan, Tom.        Parkin, Ed.           Short, Jos.
   Metcalfe, Dav.         Parker, W.            Short, Robt.
   Maddigan, A.,          Parkinson, Wm.        Short, Alb.
      D.C.M. & M.M.
   Malloy, Jno.           Pinkney, Athr.        Strong, Jas.
   Meir, Dav.             Pearson, Jos. L.      Salkeld, Wm.
   Martin, T.F.           Price, Tim            Smith, Anty., M.M.
   Murphy, Jos.           Pearson, C.           Stephenson, Jno.
   Morris, Jas.           Pescod, Jas.          Smith, R.
   Marley, T.H.           Pascoe, L.J.          Skinner, L.
   Myers, Thos.           Price, W.D.           Smith, L.
   Morrison, Thos.        Purvis, Wm.           Scott, Jos. A.
   Mullen, Thos.          Pringle, Jas.         Southward, Jas.
   Morcombe, J.T.         Pow, Jno.             Skean, And.
   Mallon, Thos.          Pegman, Thos.         Stokoe, E.
   Maddigan, Dennis       Potts, Thos.          Suggitt, Geo.
   Morgan, F.K.           Patterson, Robt.      Stark, Jno.
   McAllister, Jas.       Pegman, Wm.           Soulsby, N.
   McRoy, Jas.            Purvis, W.            Stephens, Robt.
   Meredith, Robt.        Pickering, W.H.       Swinburne, G.   
   McLean, Dav.           Parkinson, P.         Straughan, Rd.
   McDermott, Jas.        Pownell, R.C.         Smith, Jno.
   Mason, John            Purvis, Ed.           Smith, W.
   Miller, Geo.           Parkinson, Jos.       Sharkey, Wm.
   Milburn, Robt.         Place, T.N.           Smith, J.W.
   McHugh, C.             Penman, F.K.          Surtees, Jno.
   Muncaster, Geo.        Penman, Thos.         Siddle, Jos.
   Miller, And.           Penman, H.            Spanton, M.S.
Columns 9              Column 10
   Steele, Ralph          Welsh, Tom., D.C.M.
   Steele, Robt.          Watkin, M.M.
   Steele, Jas.           Wright, Jno.
   Steele, Rd.            Wellburn, Wm.
   Skinner, Jno.          Wilson, Jno.
   Smith, Jno.            Wallace, J.G.
   Smith, Jas.            White, W.O.
   Smith, Wilf.           Wood, Jas.
   Salt, Jos.             Wilson, Jas.
   Slack, Jas.            Walker, Jas.
   Shaw, Thos.            Wood, Geofrey, 
   Shenton, Alf.          Whitmore, Rd. M.M.
   Smith, Fred.           Wilson, Jas.
   Staff, Wm.             Watkin, Hy.
   Smith, G.K.            Webster, Robt.
   Sharkey, J.T.          Wilson, Geo.
   Short, Wm.             Warin, Tom
   Surtees, Ed.           Whitmore, Sam.
   Sinclair, Ed.          Whitwood, Fred.
   Shield, Sam.           Walker, Jno.
   Shield, Wilf.          Williams, Wm.
   Stokoe, Robt.          Ward, Jas.
   Scorer, T.R.           Wood, Herbert
   Skeene, Robt.          Wood, Wm.
   Stobie, Thos.          Walker, W.D.
   Seymour, R.W.          Watson, Nichol, M.M.
   Slack, Fred.           Walker, Ed.
   Smith, Fred.           Wilson, Geo.
   Shaw, J.               Walton, Thos.
   Sinclair, A.           Wilson, J.W.
   Sugden, Hy.            Wilson, Sam.
   Salkeld, R.            Wallace, P.
   Spry, Alf.             Wilson, Jos. M.M.
   Slack, Jos.            Wood, Jno.
   Sheppard, Jno.         Wood, Ralph
   Story, C.              Williams, Ed.
   Strong, Jos.           White, R.F.
   Short, M.              Wotton, Jno.
   Sainty, J.R.           Wallace, G.
   Stobbie, Jas.          Worth, Jno.
   Skean, Jas.            Wass, Geo.
   Sugden, Ben.           Wood, Robt.
   Sinclair, M.           Ward, Peter
   Short, J.W.            Witherington, F.K.
   Smith, Robt.           Wills, Jno.
   Short, H.              Willis, Thos.
   Strong, Geo.           Wood, A.
   Sinclair, W.           White, Wm.
   Thornhill, Wm.         Wright, Geo.
   Tomlin, J.             Wilson, J.T.
   Thornton, J.E.         Weirs, Chas.
   Traynor, Jas.          Wallace, Jas.
   Terry, F.              Whitmore, Wm.
   Toft, W.E.             Whitmore, Thos.
   Todd, T.W.             Winlow, A.
   Taylor, Jno.           Watson, A.
   Taylor, Rd.            Watson, Wal.
   Taylor, Robt.          Wetherburn, Her.
   Taylor, Thos.          Wetherburn, J.G.
   Thompson, P.W.         Whitmore, Geo.
   Tidyman, Fred.         Wilson, Robt.
   Turner, N.             Wright, T.W.
   Trembirth, M.          Watson, Athr.
   Toy, Thos.             Winlow, Wm.
   Toy, Wm., M.M.         Wilson, W.H.
   Terry, Wm.             Watts, Fred.
   Treweeke, J.T.         Wills, W.
   Taylor, Is.            Williamson, Hy.
   Turnbull, Jno.         Wasling, R.
   Thompson, Jno.         Wood, J.
   Trower, Wm.            Wright, Jos.
   Tweedy, Storey         Wright, A.
   Taylor, Thos.          Watson, F.A.
   Turnbull, R.           Wilson, E.
   Thompson, G.           Williamson, Jno.
   Tweedy, Ernest         Wallace, Jno.
   Trotter, Jno.          Weir, Thos.
   Turnbull, Jos.         Winlow, Adam
   Taylor, J.W.           Walker, Thos.
   Toft, Walker           Wright, Geo.
   Thompson, Jos.         Wood, Alex.
   Taylor, Rd.            Winlow, A.
   Taylor, Is.            Wood, Jno. D.
   Tilley, Jas.           Waddle, A.
   Turnbull, J.F.         Wills, N.J.
   Taylor, J.W.           Wills, J.
   Todd, W.R.             White, S.O.
   Thornton, A.E.         Wallace, Robt.
   Treweeke, W.G.         Waugh, Jno.
   Turnbull, J.E.         Williamson, Rph.
   Taylor, Wm.            Waters, Geo.
   Taylor, Jno.           Williamson, Ed.
   Toft, R.S.             Wiseman, Ed.
   Urwin, W.              Wallace, Robt.
   Usher, J.T.            Wright, W.A.
   Upperton, Hy.          Walton, C.
   Urwin, Jos.            Weir, Roger
   Usher, Jno.            Young, R.W.
   Vardy, John            Young, Robt.
   Venner, Sam            Young, Wm.
   Vest, J.J.             Young, Phil.
   Vest, J.E.R.           Young, W.R.
   Viney, Wm.             Young, R.
   Whitt, J.J.            Young, T.W.

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