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Bible Atkinson 1943 All Saints





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NZ 380392

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All Saints' Church

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Dedicated 30th April 1952

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Lectern Bible


(Dedicated to Flt.Sgt. George A. Atkinson, R.A.F. who was killed in 1943)


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Parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. Atkinson.


1. Flt.Sgt. Atkinson was flying with 214 Squadron in a Stirling Bomber EF445 in an operation on Berlin. The plane took off from Chedburgh and was hit by flak near Hanover. They encountered severe icing and the plane was further damaged by engagement with a Focke-Wulf. They plane was finally ditched in the North Sea. Flt.Sgt. Atkinson and one other crewman died and are commemorated at Runnymede. The rest survived.

Ft. Sgt. Atkinson is remembered at Wheatley Hill on W114.01, W114.05, W114.06 and W114.09 and at Wingate on W121.06

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War. Vol. 4 1943. W.R. Chorley. Midland Publications ISBN 0 904597 90 3

The Employees and Residents of Thornley, Ludworth and Wheatley Hill. Their contribution in the Second World War 1939-1945. Fred Bromilow, Owen Rowland. Tom Tunney Jnr. Wheatley Hill History Club, 2008

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Wheatley Hill History Club; Janet Brown

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Wheatley Hill History Club have researched the name on this memorial. See book details above.

Bible Atkinson 1943 All Saints (W114.07)

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