District Notes

German memorial at Stannersburn

Photo: Tony Harding

In the grounds of the Pheasant Inn at Stannersburn is a plaque mounted on a frame forming a cross. The wording is:

Zum Andanken an unsere Kamaraden
Hauptmann Hans-Joachim Schimpf
und Hauptmann Holger Zacharias
die nicht welt von hier, im Dienste
der Deutschen Luftwaffe ihr Leben liessen
Jagdbombergeschwader 32
October 24, 1985
In memory of our comrades
Hauptmann Hans-Joachim Schimpf
and Hauptmann Holger Zacharias
who, not far from this place,
died in duty for the German Airforce.
Fighter-Bomber-Wing 32

The aircraft was involved in NATO exercise "Mallet Blow". This took place 4 times a year with bombing & aerial combat. The Panavia Tornado IDS 44+45 from fighter bomber wing 32 crashed in the trees just behind Stannersburn Village on the morning of 24/10/85.

The weather was misty & it is believed the pilot misjudged the height of the hill & trees.

Acknowledgments: Peter Reynolds.

Northumberland Aviation Diary: Aviation Incidents from 1790-1999 ; Derek Walton; Norav Publications; 1999; ISBN 0 9536189 0 0