District Notes

Civilian War Dead 1939-45 Hexham UDC
Hexham Urban District Council reported:-

Batey, Robert
44 years; 04/11/1943; Civilian War Dead; Husband of Violet Batey, of Broadgate Cottage, Sinderhope; Injured at Swinhope, Sparty Lea; died same day at Hexham Emergency Hospital.

Greenacre, Frederick
21 years; 07/10/1941; Civilian War Dead; Firewatcher; Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Greenacre, of 93 Heaton Terrace, Balkwell, North Shields; Injured 30 September 1941, at Smith's Docks Co., North Shields; died at Hexham Emergency Hospital.

Hannah, John William
67 years; 12/10/1941; Civilian War Dead; Constable, Police War Reserve; Husband of Mary Hannah, of 23 Trevor Terrace, North Shields; Injured 1 October 1941, at Smith's Dock Gates, North Shields; died at Hexham Emergency Hospital.

Williams, Thomas Henry
57 years; 57; 23/03/1943; Civilian War Dead; of 30 Princess Street, Murton, Co. Durham; Husband of the late Dorothy Ann Williams; Injured 12 December 1942, at 30 Princess Street; died at Hexham Emergency Hospital.

Williams, Dorothy Ann; Civilian War Dead; See EASINGTON, Co. Durham list.

Williams, Olive; Civilian War Dead; see EASINGTON, Co. Durham list.