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Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-18

Great Queen Street London

Great Queen Street London

Great Queen Street London

Roll of Honour

Names of Brethren
who fell in the service of their
King & Country during
the Great War

Freemasonsí Hall London W.C.2

The book is in numerical order of Lodge Number and lists Lodge, Name and Rank(in Lodge), and Service Rank.
The place where the Lodge met in 1914 has been added.
If the brother was an officer within the lodge i.e. rank it follows his name in brackets.
At the end of the book there is an alphabetical list of names with lodge number(s).

Extract of Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland brethren

393 St. Davidís Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall The Parade Berwick on Tweed)
Heslop, Thomas Regt.-Ser.-Major
Miller, Alexander Lorimer Lieutenant
Scott, George Sergeant
Young, George William Able Seaman

431 St. Georgeís Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall North Shields)
Carmichael, W. Merc. Service
Cockburn, G. T. Merc. Service
Cuthbert, A. Merc. Service
Holme, F. Merc. Service
Jackson, E. Merc. Service
Laing, James Merc. Service
Pelton, T.M. Merc. Service
Perry, J.J. Merc. Service
Reay, G.W. Merc. Service
Tait, J.C. Merc. Service
Tillott, A.E.H. Engr. R.N.R.

636 Lodge de Ogle (Masonic Hall Morpeth)

659 Blagdon Lodge (Masonic Hall Beaconsfield Street Blyth)
Anderson, J.F. Piper
Barnes, A.H. E.R.A. R.N.
Bates, W.E.F. Bombardier
Donkin, H. Sergeant
Graham, E. Private
Harvery, R. C.E.R.A. R.N.

991 Tyne Lodge (Masonic Hall Wallsend)

1167 Alnwick Lodge (Masonic Hall Alnwick)
Robertson, George Cockburn 2nd Lieut.
Rutherford, William Taylor Private
Sanderson, Euan Lieutenant

1557 Albert Edward Lodge (Masonic Hall Hexham)

1863 Priory Lodge (Grand Hotel Tynemouth)
Hollis, Basil (Junior Deacon) Lieutenant

1879 Lord Warkworth Lodge (Masonic Hall Amble)
Clarke, Robert Richard 1st Officer
H.M. Trans.

1902 St. Cuthbert Lodge (Masonic Hall Bedlington)

2327 St. Oswin Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall North Shields)
Garson, Jacob Motor Desp. Rider
Sharp, William Bandmaster
Welsh, David Ferguson E.R. Artificer, N.R.

2497 Carville Lodge (Masonic Hall Wallsend)

2703 Wallsend Lodge (Masonic Hall Station Road Wallsend)
Armstrong, Joseph Wm. Private
Broomfield, John E.R. Artificer
Daglish, Gordon (Senior Steward) Lieut. R.N.
Podmore, William Norman (Steward) Private

2762 Lindisfarne Lodge (Masonic Hall North Shields)
Barnsley, Elijah Merc. Marine
Carr, George Sick Berth Attendt.
Fell, James Merc. Marine
Johnson, George R. Private
Knott, George Merc. Marine
Mackenzie, M. Merc. Marine
Matthews, Thomas R. Merc. Marine
Preece, Andrew Merc. Marine
Valient, Thomas Merc. Marine

2821 Whitley Lodge (Masonic Hall Whitley Bay)
Houghton, George 2nd Lieut.

2868 Ashington Lodge (Grand Hotel Ashington)
Park, William 2nd Lieut.

2892 King Edward VII Lodge (Old Ship Hotel Newbiggin by the Sea)

2908 Neptune Lodge (Masonic Hall Station Road Wallsend)

2971 Tynemouth Abbey Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Norfolk Street North Shields)
Cunningham, Andrew Engr. Merc. Marine
Humble, Samuel Charles Samson Private
Nixon, Sydney George W. Rifleman
Purdy, William Private

2997 Astley Lodge (Masonic Hall Seaton Delaval)
Hall, Edward Ernest Private
Morriss, James Allison Private

3074 Lord Armstrong Lodge (Masonic Hall Whitley Bay)
Lauder, Thomas Andrew Private

3188 Burdon Lodge (Masonic Hall Forest Hall and Benton Assembly Rooms)
Forbes, William Capt. Merc. Marine
Attd N. Transport

3310 Croft Lodge (Masonic Hall Beaconsfield Street Blyth)

3390 George Stephenson Lodge (Institute Wylam)
Humble, John Private

3438 Waterloo Lodge (Masonic Hall Blyth)
Sculsby, William D. (Junior Deacon ) 2nd Lieut.
** this should read Soulsby see Lodge Memorial

3460 St. Aidan Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall North Shields)
McLeod, Robert Lieut. R.N.

3586 Lodge Vandeleur (Masonic Hall Seaton Delaval)
Dance, Alfred Gunner
Taylor, William A.B.

3637 Monkseaton Lodge (Masonic Hall Whitley Bay)

3679 Holy Cross Lodge (Masonic Hall Station Road Wallsend)
Middlemiss, Thomas Gunner R.G.A.