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Tyneside Irish (24th Northumberland Fusiliers) 1914-1918 Names N-Y

Illustrated Chronicle Monday 02/11/1914

This list has been compiled over several years by Lynne Irving.

She says: “My information came firstly from family because of a great uncle and his pals who were in the Tyneside Irish. I came across an old photo of a young soldier in my grandparents wardrobe, I asked who was this person then the whole storey began. There was also a huge penny which stood on the hearth which had his name on. From then began an obsession. I have dragged my husband to France and around cemeteries in Durham and Northumberland many many times following the history of Tyneside Irish 24th Battalion.
I am working on a list of officers and will send it on to you in due time."

Nelson, John; Pte.; 24/861; High Felling
Nesbit; John W.; Pte.; 24/1435A; Birtley
Nevins, W.; Pte.; 24/1253B; Seaham; wounded July 1916
Newton, E.; Pte.; 24/1440; Gunshot 1917
Newton, W.; Pte.; 24/1434; discharged 1916; arthritis
Nichol, W.; Pte.; 24/136A; Newcastle
Nicholson, Norm.; Pte.; 24/1006D; Newcastle; died 29th August 1917; named on Thiepval Memorial
Nicholson, Rob.; Pte.; 24/450B; Gateshead; enlisted 1914
Nicholson, Scott; Pte.; 24/1436B; Gateshead; wounded 1916/1917
Nightingale, Andrew; Pte.; 24/1577B; Washington; wounded October 1916; took part in June 1916 trench raids
Nightingale, Mark; Pte.; 24/1576B
Nightingale, Matt.; Pte.; 24/556B; Sunderland; died September 1916; buried Flat Iron Copse Cemetery
Nightingale, Wm.; Pte.; 24/555B; Sunderland; wounded 1917
Nimmons, W.; Pte.; 24/983C; Leadgate; wounded 1916/1918; bomber in 5/6th, 25/26th June 1916
Nixon, R.; Pte.; 24/290B; West Ryton; wounded 1916
Noble, F.; Pte.; 24/741; Gateshead
Noble, John; Pte.; 24/721D; Gateshead
Nolan, James; L.Cpl.; 24/204A; Langley Moor; discharged 1917 Gunshot; Mg section raids 5/6th, 25/26th June 1916
Noon, P.; Sgt.; 24/59; Wallsend; wounded 1916; wounds to leg and chest
Noon, R.; Pte.; 24/546D; wounded 1916
Norman, W.; Pte.; 24/1252D; South Shields; discharged 1916; Sick
Norton, John; Pte.; 24/1153; Poplar, London
Norton, Wm.; Pte.; 24/1124; Ashington; inefficient

O'Brien, P.; Pte.; 24/305; Gateshead
O'Connor, P.; Pte.; 24/152; South Shields; discharged 1917; Sick
O'Connor, Pat.; Pte.; 24/153A; Wrekenton; enlisted 1914
O'Connor, J.; Pte.; 24/1524C; Seaham; discharged 1917; wounded in left leg
O'Donnell, H.; Pte.; 24/1360B; Ashington; wounded 1916
O'Farrell, M.; Pte.; 24/1078D; discharged 1917 myalgia
O'Halloran, Wm Hy.; Sgt.; 24/236; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
O'Hare, Jas.; Sgt.; 24/707; Lemington; died 3rd September 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial; born Liverpool
O'Kane, Pat.; A.Cpl.; 24/474; Newcastle; enlisted 1914
O'Kelly, Jas.; Pte.; 24/234C; Newcastle
O'Mara, M.; Pte.; 24/977C; Jarrow; wounded October 1916
O'Niele, C.F.; Pte.; 24/1557
O'Neill, Alf. E.; Pte.; 24/654D; Newcastle; died 28th April 1917; buried Browns Copse, Rouen
O'Neill, C.; Pte.; 24/1185D
O'Neill, Jos. F.; Pte.; 24/85A; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
O'Neill, Mich.; Pte.; 24/1195C; Newcastle; enlisted 1914
O'Neill, Stephen; Sgt.; 24/251; Gateshead; died 9th April 1917; buried Bailleul Road St. Laurent; Blagny Cemetery; Hospital 8th July 1916
O'Neill, Thos.; Pte.; 24/353
O'Reilly, Thos.; Pte.; 24/745C; Newcastle; died 23rd March 1918; named on Arras Memorial
Oakley, S.; Pte.; 24/1255; discharged 1918; Bronchitis
Ord, J.G.; Pte.; 24/979C; Blyth; wounded October 1916
Ord, W.; Pte.; 24/1018C; Haswell Plough; wounded 1916
Orrick, E.; Pte.; 24/116A
O'Toole, J.; Pte.; 24/870C; Seaton Delaval; discharged 1918; Gunshot
O'Toole, J.L.; Pte.; 24/1564A; Everton; buried Ford RC Liverpool
O'Toole, P.; Wo1; 24/100; discharged old age 60 years
Oughton, Andrew; Pte.; 24/1160D; Durham City
Owens, Thos.; L.Cpl.; 24/1096D; Durham City
Oxley, J.; Pte.; 24/759B; East Stanley; discharged 1919
Oxnard, T.; Pte.; 24/819A; Byker; discharged 1916

Padden, John; Pte.; 24/232A; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Paisley, S.; Pte.; 24/1548B; discharged 1918; Knee injury
Pallan, C.; L.Cpl.; 24/1649C; took part in June 1916 raids.
Palmer, J.; Pte.; 24/586C
Palmer, M.; Pte.; 24/2 D; Swalwell; discharged 1917; sick
Palmer, Wm.; Pte.; 24/1698; Littleport Camb.; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial; Age 19 years
Parkin, Chas. T.; Cpl.; 24/713; Whickham; wounded 1916
Parkin, Thos.; Pte.; 24/1173
Patt, P.; Pte.; 24/1363B
Payton, Pat.; Pte.; 24/949D; Kelloe; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Pears, Jos.; Pte.; 24/1526C; South Moor; discharged 1919
Pearson, C.E.; Pte.; 24/408; Newcastle
Pepper, John; Pte.; 24/190; Usworth; died 30th June 1916; buried Heilly Station Cemetery
Perry, A.; Pte.; 24/1573; Gosforth; wounded 1916
Perry, C.; Pte.; 24/1442D; discharged September 1916
Perry, Henry; Cpl.; 24/91; Newcastle; enlisted 1914
Philbin, William; Pte.; 24/849C; Sunderland; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Philipson, George; Pte.; 24/1039B; Consett; died 2nd July 1916; Meaulte Military Cemetery
Philipson, Thos.; Pte.; 24/955D
Pipkin; Cpl.; 24/
Pitt, B.; Pte.; 24/1699; Newcastle; discharged 1917
Pitts, G.S.; Pte.; 24/1364A; Chopwell; discharged 1918; Sick
Pitts, Tom. L.; Pte.; 24/1622A; All Hallows Cum.; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Porteous, J.; Pte.; 24/447B
Powell, J.T.; Pte.; 24/629C; Gateshead; wounded October 1916
Power, M.; Pte.; 24/76B; Newton Sands; wounded 1916/1917
Powton, J.G.; Pte.; 24/1259B; Crook; wounded Sept/Dec. 1916
Prest, J.T.; Pte.; 24/38A; Newcastle; wounded October 1916
Preston, T.; Pte.; 24/324B; Dunston
Price, Math.; Pte.; 24/873C; Wheatley Hill; wounded 1916
Price, Tom A.; Pte.; 24/1721D; Rotherham; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Prince, G.; Pte.; 24/1146D
Prior, H.; Pte.; 24/1441C; Sunderland; wounded October 1916; left foot
Prudhoe, J.; CQMS.; 24/857; Gateshead
Punshon, R.; Pte.; 24/519D; Ryton; Shellshock December 1916
Purdy, G.; Pte.; 24/1697; Ryton; wounded January 1917
Purdy, Wm.; Pte.; 24/1258B; Gateshead; died 2nd July 1916; Warloy Military Cemetery
Purvis, G.; Pte.; 24/540C; Chopwell; Missing 1916; Not missing 1917
Purvis, Sam.; A.Cpl.; 24/185; Newcastle; enlisted 1914
Pye, Jn. Js.; Pte.; 24/1055D; Gateshead; enlisted 1914
Pyle, Math.; Pte.; 24/1014C; Ashington

Quigg, P.; Pte.; 24/827C
Quigley, Jos.; Pte.; 24/787C; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Quigley, Jos.; Pte.; 24/1126A; Dunston; wounded January 1917
Quinn, D.; Pte.; 24/1262A; North Shields; wounded October 1916
Quinn, D.; Pte.; 24/51A; Sunderland; discharged 1918
Quinn, Isaac; Pte.; 24/1443C; Sunderland; died 27th May 1918; named on Soissons Memorial
Quinn, Jas.; Pte.; 24/1176D; Sheriff Hill; wounded September 1916
Quinn, Pat.; Pte.; 24/506B; Wrekenton; 9th July 1916; buried St. Sever Cemetery Rouen
Quinn, Wm.; Pte.; 24/1261A; Sheriff Hill; Trans. to Labour Corps.

Rafferty, H.; Pte.; 24/995C
Raffle, R.; Pte.; 24/1737; discharged 1919
Railton, Alex.; Pte.; 24/625A; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Rainey, R.; Pte.; 24/643C; Bedlington; wounded October 1916
Rainey, T.; Pte.; 24/1445B
Ramsey, Alex.; Cpl.; 24/1703; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Ramshaw, D.; Pte.; 24/1136A; Jarrow
Reardon, Jack; Cpl.; 24/373; Thornley; wounded July/October 1916
Reardon, P.; Pte.; 24/526A
Rechall, J.; Pte.; 24/187B
Reed, Geo.; Pte.; 24/1175D; New Brancepeth; discharged 1919
Reed, John; Pte.; 24/1105D; New Brancepeth; Brother of George
Reed, W.; Pte.; 24/1551C
Regan, Edwd.; Pte.; 24/607B; Willington; enlisted 1914
Regan, John; Pte.; 24/172A; Langley Moor; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial; Stretcher bearer; took part in trench raids 25/26th June 1916
Reid, D.L.; Pte.; 24/1728; White-le-Head; discharged 1919
Reid, J.; Pte.; 24/1621
Reidy, J.; WO1; 24/62; Newcastle; discharged 1919; sick
Renwick, Jos.; Pte.; 24/360C; Gosforth; died 31st March 1916; buried Bailleul Cemetery
Reynolds, M.; Pte.; 24/889C; Sunderland; discharged 1917; sick
Reynolds, R.; Pte.; 24/816C; Greenside; died 12th January 1918; buried Wancourt
Reynolds, Thos. A.; Pte.; 24/1103D; High Felling; enlisted November 1914
Reynolds, W.; Pte.; 24/929C; Byker
Richards, A.; Pte.; 24/1642A
Richards, C.; Pte.; 24/738C; Usworth; wounded June 1918
Richards, Hen. W.; Pte.; 24/706C; Brancepeth Colliery; died August 1918; buried Ligny-sur-Canche Cemetery
Richards, W.; Cpl.; 24/847A; Durham City; discharged 1917; wounds
Richardson, A.; Pte.; 24/1215A
Richardson, J.; Pte.; 24/1487C; Durham City; wounded 1916
Richardson, J.; Pte.; 24/1722; Choppington; wounded 1916
Richardson, T.; Pte.; 24/157A; Ryton
Richardson, Tom; Pte.; 24/1479C; Sunderland; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Riches, E.; Pte.; 24/108D; Blaydon; discharged 1918; sick
Riches, S.C.; Sgt.; 24/103; Blaydon; wounded October 1916; Still serving 1920
Rickards, Chas.; Pte.; 24/
Ridell, Wm.; Pte.; 24/1004D; Newcastle; died 10th April 1918; named on Ploegsteert Memorial
Ridley, John; Pte.; 24/1225C; Ryton; died 10th April 1918; buried Ryton
Ridley, T.; Pte.; 24/1041B
Rigg, Wm.; Pte.; 24/671; Gateshead; died 9th September 1918; buried in Pieta Military Cemetery Malta
Riley, F.; Pte.; 24/1570; discharged 1916; sick; Did not serve overseas
Riley, T.; Pte.; 24/184A
Riley, W.; Pte.; 24/638D; Chester-le-Street; discharged 1919
Rimington, Tom; Pte.; 24/1681; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Robertson, J.; Pte.; 24/695D; Did not serve overseas
Robinson, B.; Cpl.; 24/1644A; Trans. to West Yorkshire Reg.
Robinson, Chas.; Sgt.; 24/892; Consett; wounded December 1916
Robinson, J.; Pte.; 24/1726; Shotton Colliery; discharged 1919; Colour Sergeant
Robinson, Rob. D.; Pte.; 24/1711A; Dawdon; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Robson, A.W.; Pte.; 24/975C; Coxhoe; wounded 1916/1917; wounds to back and abdomen
Robson, Hen. T.; Pte.; 24/1148; Blaydon; wounded March 1916
Robson, John; Pte.; 24/1267A; Blaydon; wounded July 1916
Robson, Matt.; Pte.; 24/271A; Northumberland; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Robson, S.; Pte.; 24/1710; Howden on Tyne; discharged 1917; wounded; Cycle Coy 34th
Robson, T.; L.Cpl.; 24/1700; Ashington; wounded 1916; Cycle Coy 34th
Robson, Wm.; Pte.; 24/; AWOL 1915
Roche, Peter; Pte.; 24/71; Byker; discharged 1915
Rodgers, Fred. T.; Pte.; 24/321B; Blaydon; discharged September 1916; wounded 1916;
Rodgers, J.; Sgt.; 24/824; Sunderland; discharged 1918; Gunshot wounds
Rodgers, J.; Pte.; 24/1634B
Rodgers, Jos.; Pte.; 24/158A; Newcastle; discharged May 1919
Rogan, J.; Pte.; 24/1265A
Rogan, Martin; Pte.; 24/193A; Felling; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Rogers, John; Pte.; 24/1369A; Newcastle; evac. 5th July 1916; wounded left thigh
Ronan, W.; Pte.; 24/1563A; Willington Quay; wounded October 1916
Rooney, Geo.; Pte.; 24/335B; Burnhopefield; died 19th May 1916; buried Mericourt Cemetery
Rooney, T.; Pte.; 24/356B; Wallsend; wounded 1916/1918/1918
Ross, E.; Pte.; 24/405B; Walker; wounded October 1916
Ross, John; Pte.; 24/140; Dunston; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Rought, Geo.; Pte.; 24/971C; Pelton Fell; died 19th May 1916; Becourt Military Cemetery
Rourke, Jas.; Pte.; 24/577C; Kimblesworth; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Rowell, Frank; Pte.; 24/833C; Gateshead; Stretcher bearer raids June 1916
Rowell, T.; Pte.; 24/742D; Felling Shore; wounded July 1916
Rowell, W.; Sgt.; 24/
Rowell, Wm.; Pte.; 24/942B; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Ruane, F.; Sgt.; 24/1266; Sunderland; wounded left ear
Rose, Reg.; Cpl.; 24/1712; Cambridge; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Rusk, Rob.; Sgt.; 24/880; Darlington; Still serving 1920
Russell, T.H.; Pte.; 24/491B; Dunston; Trans. to Labour Corps.
Rutter, M.; Pte.; 24/1102C; Quebec; wounded 1916; left knee
Rutter, T.; Pte.; 24/733B; Quebec
Ryan, J.W.; Pte.; 24/412C; Newcastle; discharged with wounds
Ryan, John; Pte.; 24/663D; Durham City; enlisted 1914
Ryan, Mich.; Pte.; 24/1368B; Durham City; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Ryan, P.; Pte.; 24/972; Ryhope Colliery
Ryan, Steph.; Pte.; 24/810A; West Benwell; wounded November 1917
Ryan, W.; Pte.; 24/1137A; Gateshead; wounded 1916
Ryder, J.; Pte.; 24/268A; Newcastle; Transfer to Training Reserve

Sampson, J.; Pte.; 24/1045D; Hirst; wounded July 1916
Saunders, Jas.; Pte.; 24/1705; Dundee; died 18th July 1916; buried Boulogne
Savage, H.; Pte.; 24/90A
Saxby, W.G.; Pte.; 24/1719; Wheatley Hill; wounded July 1916; discharged 1919; also listed as Cyclist Division
Scanlon, Mich.; Pte.; 24/149C; Forest Hall; wounded 1916/1918
Scott, J.T.; Pte.; 24/1648B; Whalton, Northumberland
Scott, Jas.; Pte.; 24/1131A; Gateshead; Transfer Inniskillin Fusiliers
Scott, John; Pte.; 24/329B; Medomsley
Scullion, Jas.; Pte.; 24/
Scullion, John; Pte.; 24/
Seagrave, J.; Pte.; 24/675B
Sedgewick, J.; Pte.; 24/1280C; Framwellgate Moor; wounded 1916
Shannon, M.; Pte.; 24/451B
Shea, W.L.; Pte.; 24/699A; Walker; enlisted 1914
Shearer, J.; Pte.; 24/1276
Shern, Edw.; Pte.; 24/1100D; Durham City; discharged 1918; Gassed
Sheffield, A.; L.Cpl.; 24/1447
Shepardson, A.; LSgt.; 24/1625C; Gateshead; wounded October 1916; took part in trench raids 25/26th June 1916
Shepardson, John; Pte.; 24/918C; Gateshead; wounded July 1916
Sheriden, T.; Pte.; 24/1021D; Shieldfield; Labour Coy.
Shield, H.; Pte.; 24/965; discharged 1915
Shields, E.; Pte.; 24/43B; Dunston; wounded October 1916; Labour Coy.
Sheeve, Chas.; Pte.; 24/568D; Blaydon; discharged 1919
Simpson, J.; Pte.; 24/288A; Benwell; wounded July/October 1916
Simpson, T.; Pte.; 24/528; discharged 1915 to 30th BN
Simpson, W.; Pte.; 24/537; Benwell; discharged 1916 to depot
Sinclair, A.; Pte.; 24/133A; Newcastle
Sinclair, John; Pte.; 24
Skelton, J.W.; Pte.; 24/1448C; Newcastle; wounded 1916; trans. to depot; took part in raids 5/6th 25/26th June 1916
Skinnan, Frank; Sgt.; 24/310; Limerick; died October 1917; buried Tyne Cot Cemetery
Slasor, E.; Pte.; 24/1635D
Slater, T.; L.Cpl.; 24/927C; wounded 1917
Slater, Thomas; Pte.; 24/1065C; Rowlands Gill; wounded 1916; discharged 1918; Sick
Sloan, L.; Pte.; 24/1227A; Sunderland; died October 1916; buried Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension
Slowther, J.; Pte.; 24/313B; Blackhall Mill; wounded 1916
Slowther, S.; Pte.; 24/902D; Blackhall Mill; wounded 1916; discharged May 1919
Smith; Pte.; 24/764; took part in trench raids 5/6th June 1916; Bayonet man
Smith, A.; Pte.; 24/1636D; Gateshead; wounded October 1916
Smith, A.T.; Pte.; 24/1373B; Gateshead; wounded November 1916; took part in trench raids 5/6th June 1916; Signaller
Smith, Frank; Pte.; 24/1450B; Blaydon; died February 1916; buried Ration Farm Cem.
Smith, J.; Pte.; 24/167; discharged 1918; Sick
Smith, J.; Pte.; 24/303A
Smith, J.R.; Sgt.; 24/155; Langley Moor; died January 1919; wounded 1916; buried Blaydon
Smith, J.T.; Pte.; 24/1107A; Leadgate; wounded 1917; took part in all June 1916 raids
Smith, John; Pte.; 24/223A; Newcastle; wounded 1916; Trans. Royal Fusiliers
Smith, John G.; Pte.; 24/567D; Blaydon; enlisted 1914
Smith, Pat.; Sgt.; 24/562; Byker; wounded 1915
Smith, T.; Pte.; 24/791C; Dipton; wounded September 1916
Snee, P.A.; Pte.; 24/644B; Newcastle; died 9th September; buried Heilly Station Cemetery; Age 22 years
Snowball, J.T.; Pte.; 24/374C; Willington
Snowball, E.E.; Pte.; 24/692C
Spence, Alex.; Pte.; 24/322; Gateshead
Spencer, Aaron; Pte.; 24/495B; discharged 1919
Spindloe, J.W.; Pte.; 24/944D
Spinks, Edward; Pte.; 24/192A; South Moor; died 21st March 1918; named on Arras Memorial
Spinks, W.; Pte.; 24/320A; Dipton; enlisted 1914
Spoors, Andrew; Pte.; 24/720D; Blaydon; wounded July 1916
Spowart, W.; Pte.; 24/1701
Staff, John; Pte.; 24/676C; Langley Moor; died 21st July 1916; buried Abbeville France
Stanley, Richard; Pte.; 24/1502A; Scotswood; died 1st July 1916; buried Ovillers.
Stapleton, R.; Pte.; 24/1048D
Stephenson, T.; Pte.; 24/1002D; Newcastle; wounded December 1916
Stephenson, T.; COMS.; 24/858; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Stewart, A.; Pte.; 24/299C; Sherburn Hill; wounded July 1916
Stobbart, John; Pte.; 24/1132A; Gateshead; wounded August 1916
Stockhill; L.Cpl.; 24/1683; Grimsby; wounded July 1916
Stoker, T.; Pte.; 24/300B; White-le-Head; wounded July 1916
Stokoe; William; Pte.; 24/1224A; Broompark; wounded July 1916
Straker, A.; Pte.; 24/1274B; Sherburn Hill; wounded July 1916/November 1917
Sullivan, Jas.; Sgt.; 24/280; Langley Park; wounded October 1916
Sullivan, John; A.Sgt.; 24/844; Birtley
Sullivan, Pat.; Pte.; 24/852A; New Seaham
Sullivan, W.; Cpl.; 24/778
Summers, G.; Pte.; 24/304C; Newcastle
Summerville, W.; Pte.; 24/724; Blaydon; died 27th September 1918; buried Gouzeaucourt Cemetery
Sutherland, Geo.; Pte.; 24/1720; Edinburgh; died 9th April 1917; buried Rollincourt Valley
Swales, Thos.; Pte.; 24/950D; Coxhoe
Swan, Jas. F.; Pte.; 24/392A; Consett; discharged 1919; wounds
Sweeny, Jas.; Pte.; 24/252; Gateshead; discharged 1918; Did not serve overseas

Tait, Michael; Pte.; 24/659C; Annitsford; died 9th July 1917; buried Dickebusch Cemetery
Tait, T.; Pte.; 24/1484C
Talbot, John; Pte.; 24/1285A; South Moor; died 5th April 1917; buried Savy British Cemetery; Age 31
Taylor, A.; Pte.; 24/132; discharged 1917; wounds
Taylor, E.; Pte.; 24/1709; Binnington Lincs.; wounded September 1916
Taylor, Ralf; Pte.; 24/1120D; Gateshead; wounded September 1916; bomber, took part in 1916 trench raids
Taylor, W.H.; Pte.; 24/1032D; Gateshead; discharged 1918; shellshock
Telford, N.; Pte.; 24/1556B; Blackhill; wounded 1916
Temple, A.; Pte.; 24/697B; Chopwell; discharged 1917; Injuries
Thew, T.; Sgt.; 24/1652
Thirkeld; Pte.; 24/
Thomas, Sam.; Pte.; 24/1156D; Consett; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Thompson, Bruce; Pte.; 24/245D; Dipton; died 30th September 1916; buried at Bailleul
Thompson, G.; Pte.; 24/31C; Tantobie; wounded August/October1916; Still serving 1920
Thompson, G.H.; Pte.; 24/686; Dunston; wounded July 1916
Thompson, Geo. H.; Pte.; 24/1283A; Durham City; wounded May 1918
Thompson, J.; L.Cpl.; 24/933D; discharged 1918; wounds
Thompson, Pat. J.; Pte.; 24/779C; Gosforth; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial; born Washington
Thompson, T.A.; Pte.; 24/789
Thompson, Thos. I.; Pte.; 24/227A; Frizington; died 20th May 1916; buried Becourt Military Cemetery
Thornton; Jos.; Pte.; 24/580B; Langley Moor; wounded November 1916
Thorpe, F.; Pte.; 24/535D
Thubron, Thos.; Pte.; 24/948D; Coxhoe; wounded 1916
Thurlaway, Edw.; Pte.; 24/1724; Craghead; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Tierny, F.; C.Sgt.; 24/1626; Jarrow
Tierny, Pat.; Pte.; 24/54A; Felling; discharged 1917; wounds
Tighe,; Pte.; 24/162D 30
Tilley, John; Pte.; 24/206A; New Brancepeth; Missing July 1916; not missing November 1916
Timlin, W.; Pte.; 24/868C; Seaton Delaval
Timmins, E.; Pte.; 24/446C
Tindle, R.; Pte.; 24/1286C; Birtley
Todd, Dan.; Pte.; 24/1287B; Usworth Colliery; died 19th August 1917; buried Villers Faucon
Todd, Oliver; Pte.; 24/959C; Byker; Trans. Kings Own Scottish Borderers
Toman, H.; Pte.; 24/416D; discharged 1917; sick
Toner, Geo.; Pte.; 24/458A; Sunderland; died 9th April 1917; buried Roclincourt Valley Cemetery
Toward, Geo.; Pte.; 24/1054D; Gateshead; wounded March 1917
Townsley, Isaac; Pte.; 24/1519
Traynor, Thos.; Pte.; 24/417C; Elswick; took part in trench raids 5/6th June 1916
Trotter, J.; Sgt.; 24/199; Newcastle; discharged 1919; wounded 1916
Trotter, J.T.; Pte.; 24/800C; Newcastle; discharged 1918; wounded 1916
Trueman, Thos.; Pte.; 24/1452; Stanley; took part in trench raids 25/26th June
Tunley, W.; L.Cpl.; 24/543; Blaydon; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Turnbull, J.M.; Sgt.; 24/1713; discharged 1918; wounds
Turnbull, J.S.; Pte.; 24/1282A; Durham City; Gunshot wounds face and hands
Turnbull, W.; Pte.; 24/1547B; Hetton le Hole; wounded 1916/1917
Turnbull, W.J.; Pte.; 24/274A; Wheatley Hill; discharged 1917; wounds
Turnbull, Wm.; Pte.; 24/3; Swalwell; buried Whickham St. Marys
Turnbull, Wm.; Cpl.; 24/1111D; Gateshead; died 15th May 1915
Turner, E.R.; Pte.; 24/989D
Turner, J.; Pte.; 24/523B; Heaton; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Turner, Mathew; Pte.; 24/260A; Gateshead; discharged 1916; sick

Vasey, M.E.; Pte.; 24/1365C; Durham City; discharged 1918; shellshock
Vincent, V.; Pte.; 24/427B
Vinton; Geo.; Pte.; 24/924C; Gateshead; Wound in leg 1916
Vout, S.; Pte.; 24/1289C; Newcastle; Gunshot wounds 1916

Wadham, John; Pte.; 24/1655; Gateshead; discharged 1918 sick; Photo in Irish heroes
Wainwright, Alb.; Pte.; 24/1718; Dudley Northumberland; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Waistle, I.; Pte.; 24/1458B
Wake, Math.; Pte.; 24/435C; Isabella Pit; died 1st July 1916; buried Ovillers Cemetery; born Blyth
Wake, W.; Pte.; 24/1457C; Shildon; wounded October 1916
Wales, Luthr. Pte.; 24/767B; Langley Moor; wounded October 1916
Walker, Fred. Pte.; 24/1481C; Newcastle; wounded July 1916
Walker, G.M. Pte.; 24/1667
Wallace, J. Pte.; 24/64A; Sick 1916
Walsh, J. Pte.; 24/1465
Walton, Arth. Pte.; 24/49A; Gateshead; wounded 1916; Signaller, Trench raid 25/26th June 1916
Walton, R.T. Sgt.; 24/917; Newcastle; wounded 1916
Ward, R. Pte.; 24/1310
Wardle, G. Pte.; 24/123A; Felling; died 2nd December 1918; wounded 1916; buried Heworth, St.Mary's church yard
Warren, John T.; Pte.; 24/479; Dipton; enlisted 1914
Warwick, J.; Pte.; 24/419B; Blyth; wounded July/August 1916
Waters, T.; Pte.; 24/571B; Rowlands Gill; wounded October 1916
Watson, J.H.; Sgt.; 24/169; Dunston
Waugh, R.H.; Pte.; 24/1643A
Webster, A.; Pte.; 24/740D; Backworth; wounded July 1916; thigh wounds and shellshock
Welsh, Jas.; Pte.; 24/375; Chopwell
Welsh, Jas.; Cpl.; 24/834C; Newcastle; discharged 1919; stretcher bearer, raid 5/6th June 1916
Welsh, Mich.; Pte.; 24/177A; Benwell
Welsh, Pat.; Pte.; 24/122A; New Herrington
Welsh, Pat.; Pte.; 24/326B; Walker
Welsh, W.; Pte.; 24/835D; North Shields; Trans. to Military Police
Welsh, Walt.; Pte.; 24/338B; Newcastle
West, J.; Sgt.; 24/1682
Wharton, Edwd.; Pte.; 24/1003C; Gateshead
Wheatley, J.H.; Pte.; 24/1630A; Byker; wounded 1916
White, Geo. W.; Pte.; 24/1141; Sherriff Hill
White, H.; Pte.; 24/1290A; Ryhope; wounded 1916/1917
White, J.; Pte.; 24/1453B; Hebburn; Gunshot October 1916
White, Jothn.; Pte.; 24/383B; Consett; wounded July 1916
Whitefield, J.W.; Pte.; 24/1299B; Usworth Colliery
Whittle, W.; Pte.; 24/784B; Usworth Colliery; wounded November 1916
Widowson, Wm.; Pte.; 24/1295B; Fencehouses; died 26th December 1915; buried West Rainton
Wilkes, C.; Pte.; 24/1455C; Littletown; Transfer to Machine Guns
Wilkes, Geo. H.; Pte.; 24/183A; Forest Hall; wounded October 1916
Wilkinson, C.; Pte.; 24/993C; Newcastle; wounded October 1916
Wilkinson, J.; Pte.; 24/32A; Hartlepool; discharged 1919
Williams, A.; Pte.; 24/644C
Williams, Thos.; Pte.; 24/371; Thornley Colliery; discharged 1915; sick
Williamson, J.; Pte.; 24/1203C
Williamson, T.; Pte.; 24/509D; Newcastle; Transfer to KR para 392
Williamson, Thos.; Pte.; 24/1297B; Gateshead; wounded October 1916
Williamson, Wm.; Sgt.; 24/382; Blackhill; Reserve Company Sergeant Major
Wilson, G.; Pte.; 24/1461B
Wilson, G.; Pte.; 24/821A; Forest Hall; wounded September 1916
Wilson, Geo.; Pte.; 24/1463B; Lemington; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Wilson, H.; Pte.; 24/633B; Newbiggin; wounded 1917
Wilson, J.; Pte.; 24/846; discharged 1918; wounds
Wilson, J.; Pte.; 24/1130A; Transfer to Royal Engineers
Wilson, J.W.; Pte.; 24/1168D; Blackhill; wounded July/December 1916
Wilson, John; P.Mj.; 24/1629D; Backworth; discharged 1919
Wilson, P.A.; Pte.; 24/1492B; discharged 1917; Injuries
Wilson, R.; Pte.; 24/1300B; Seaham Colliery; wounded October 1916
Wilson, W.; Pte.; 24/503C; Dunston; discharged 1917; wounds.
Wilson, Wm.; Pte.; 24/243A; Consett; discharged 1918; Gunshot wounds
Winn, T.; Pte.; 24/1293B; Sherburn Hill
Woods, F.; Sgt.; 24/1725
Woods, J. Pte.; 24/1559A; Liverpool; wounded 1916
Woof, R.; Pte.; 24/1158A; Low Fell; discharged 1917; wounds
Wrangham, Osmond; Pte.; 24/281A; Esh
Wright, Fred.; RQMs.; 24/1571A; Benwell; died 31st May 1917; St. Nicholas Cemetery
Wright, G.; Pte.; 24/601D
Wright, J.; Pte.; 24/1291A
Wright, Wm.; Pte.; 24/
Wylie, Chas.; Pte.; 24/869D; Wheatley Hill; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial

Yallop, Chas. Pte.; 24/538D; Blaydon; died 5th April 1917; buried Savy British Cemetery; wounded left arm
Yallop, Fred.; Pte.; 24/539D; Blaydon; wounded left hand and left leg
Young, Edw.; Pte.; 24/1092D; Durham City; wounded August 1916
Young, Geo.; Pte.; 24/266A; Dipton; wounded April 1916
Young, Geo. Pte.; 24/748B; Annfield Plain; wounded December 1916; Transfer to Royal Defence Corps.
Young, Rob. W.; Pte.; 24/513A; Blackhill
Younger, J.; Pte.; 24/45A; Gateshead; wounded July 1916

District Notes

Newcastle Districts Notes