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Tyneside Irish (24th Northumberland Fusiliers) 1914-1918 Names A-M

Illustrated Chronicle Monday 02/11/1914

This list has been compiled over several years by Lynne Irving.

She says: “My information came firstly from family because of a great uncle and his pals who were in the Tyneside Irish. I came across an old photo of a young soldier in my grandparents wardrobe, I asked who was this person then the whole story began. There was also a huge 'penny' which stood on the hearth which had his name on. From then began an obsession. I have dragged my husband to France and around cemeteries in Durham and Northumberland many many times following the history of Tyneside Irish 24th Battalion.
I am working on a list of officers and will send it on to you in due time."

See also Hughes, C.A., Pte., 1916 which has the story of the 24th Tyneside Irish attached.

Adair, Rob.; Pte.; 24/1660; Sherburn Hill
Adams, E.; Cpl.; 24/1081D; Wallsend
Adams, J.; Pte.; 24/1228; died home
Adamson, F.; Pte.; 24/1166D; Murton
Agnew; J.; Pte.; 24/592A; Consett
Aldons, G.; Pte.; 24/1477B; died home
Allan, John; Pte.; 24/490B; Gateshead; enlisted 12th November1914
Allen, Ed.; Pte.; 24/866D; Wheatley Hill; died 7th August 1916; buried at Cabaret Rouge Cemetery
Allen, Mich.; Pte.; 24/1587A; Gateshead; Transferred to Royal Engineers
Ambrose, S.; Cpl.; 24/1708
Anderson, B.; Pte.; 24/512A; Newcastle
Anderson, G.; Pte.; 24/613D; Newcastle
Anderson, H.; Cpl.; 24/1084; Witton Park; wounded August 1916; wounded right knee; evac. July 1916; age 21
Anderson, Isaac; Pte.; 24/1011; St. Ives Hunts.; died 1st July 1916
Anderson, J.; Pte.; 24/1600C
Anderson, Rich.; Pte.; 24/623C; Gateshead; wounded July 1916
Anderson, Sept.; Pte.; 24/1605D; Wrekenton; died 1st July 1916
Anderson, T.; Pte.; 24/923C
Anderson, Thos.; Pte.; 24/1478B; Newcastle; wounded October 1916
Anderson, Walt.; Pte.; 24/678C; Newcastle; wounded March 1917
Angus, J.E.; Pte.; 24/478E
Angus, John E.; Cpl.; 24/498A; Byker
Angus, T.; Pte.; 24/1485; Morpeth; Gunshot wounds
Appleby, J.; Pte.; 24/999A; Gateshead; wounded September 1916
Arkle, Wm.; Pte.; 24/1231; South Shields; discharged 1915; Heart condition Arkless, Wm.; Pte.; 24/121A; Dunston; died 1st July 1916
Armstrong, G.; Pte.; 24/273C; wounded November 1917
Armstrong, J.E.; Sgt.; 24/916; Newcastle; wounded 1916; Acting CSM
Armstrong, John R.; Pte.; 24/796a; West Moor; discharged 5th December 1918 v Armstrong, Jos. M.; Pte.; 24/129A; Penrith; 30th June 1916
Arnell, H.; L.Cpl.; 24/1723; discharged 6th June 1918
Ashburner; H.; L.Cpl.; 24/1376; Newcastle; wounded from gunshot
Ashman, E.; Pte.; 24/434B
Atherton, John; Pte.; 24/669; Pontop; enlisted 29th October 1914
Atkins, T.; Pte.; 24/1512C
Atkinson, Adam; Pte.; 24/1598B; Hebburn; died 1st July 1916
Atkinson, J.T.; Pte.; 24/224A; Newcastle; discharged 10th April 1918; wounded; evac.3rd July 1916
Atkinson, John; Pte.; 24/449B; Teams Colliery; wounded October 1916
Atkinson, R.; Pte.; 24/1597B
Atkinson, W.; Pte.; 24/196A; Durham City; died 1st July 1916
Attey, Jas.; Pte.; 24/1595A; Old Penshaw; wounded 1918

Baldwin, Rob.; Pte.; 24/527B; Dunston; discharged February 1916
Ball, T.; Pte.; 24/1604A; wounded May 1916
Ballentine, Adam; Pte.; 24/1586B; Leadgate; enlisted 1915
Banks, Thos.; Pte.; 24/622D; Blaydon; died 16th September 1916
Barker, G.D.; Pte.; 24/1302; Transferred to 30th Bn. Depot.
Barker, W.; Pte.; 24/401B
Barnes, Richard; Pte.; 24/792C; Wingate; discharged 31st January 1919
Barnes, Richard; Pte.; 24/1232A; Bradford; died 4th September 1916
Barnes, T.; Pte.; 24/1561C; Liverpool; wounded September 1916
Barr, R.; Pte.; 24/1702; Cycling Coy.
Barrow, John; Pte.; 24/689D; Dipton
Barry, J.; Pte.; 24/1525B; Sunderland
Barton, T.; Pte.; 24/1662
Barton, W.; Pte.; 24/109; died 4th October 1917
Batey, J.W.; Pte.; 24/1134A; High Usworth; Transferred to Scottish Rifles
Batty, Nich.; C.S.M.; 24/257; Sunderland; wounded September 1916
Batty, R.W.; Pte.; 24/1609
Baxter, William; Pte.; 24/144; Birtley; Served in Malta
Bayles, Mich.; Sgt.; 24/811; Felling; discharged 22nd August 1917 Sick
Bayley, C.; Pte.; 24/1154B; wounded right elbow; discharged 1919
Beamson, A.; Pte.; 24/1603D
Beattie, J.; Pte.; 24/342; discharged June 1915 Sick
Beck, Edgar; Pte.; 24/1304A; Willington; died 1st July 1916
Becket, E.; Pte.; 24/23A; wounded March 1916
Bell, A.W.; Pte.; 24/1616A; Willington; wounded August 1916
Bell, G.W.; Pte.; 24/872D; Thornley; wounded September 1916
Bell, Geo.; Pte.; 24/1377B; Seaham; died July 1916
Bell, Geo. W.; Pte.; 24/1514D; Houghton-le-Spring
Bell, Henry; Pte.; 24/270; Tanfield; Gunshot wounds
Bell, Isaac; Pte.; 24/511D; Newcastle
Bell, J.; Pte.; 24/603B; Consett; wounded July 1916
Bell, J.; Pte.; 24/860
Bell, Mark; Pte.; 24/244B; Dipton; wounded September 1916
Bell, T.M.; Pte.; 24/1520C
Bell, T.W.; Pte.; 24/1384C
Bellwood, Alf.; Pte.; 24/
Belton, Mich.; Pte.; 24/876B; Newcastle
Bennett, John L.; Pte.; 24/922
Bentley, T.E.; Pte.; 24/1646A
Beresford, John M.; Pte.; 24/1608B; discharged 31st August 1918
Berry, Alex.; Pte.; 24/358D; Blaydon; discharged 1917; sick
Best, A.; Pte.; 24/1663; Cleethorpes
Beveley, Her.; Pte.; 24/670B; Dipton; wounded September 1916
Bewick, F.; Pte.; 24/1029; Easington
Binnington, H.; Pte.; 24/431B
Birkett, J.; L.Cpl.; 24/832C; Newcastle; discharged 1918; sick
Birkett, J.B.; LSgt.; 24/891A; Byker
Birney, Rod.; Pte.; 24/732B; Gateshead
Bishop, Charles; Pte.; 24/9B; Gateshead
Black; A.; Pte.; 24/1198D
Blackburn; J.; Pte.; 24/1044C; Blyth; wounded October 1916
Blackett, W.; Pte.; 24/1491A; Chester-le-Street
Blackwood; Jas.; Pte.; 24/747B; Dipton; died 16th August 1918;
buried Rathiel French Mill. Cemetery; POW at time of death
Blades, F.; Pte.; 24/1602C; Wingate; wounded June 1916;
bomber, took part in trench raid 5/6 June 1916
Blagdon, Geo.; Pte.; 24/1095D; Durham City; Transferred to Royal Medical Corps
Blaney, H.; Pte.; 24/1381B; South Moor
Blewitt, Frank; Pte.; 24/673B; Dunston
Bonas, A.G.; Pte.; 24/1623D; Gunshot wounds 1918
Bonas, And.; Pte.; 24/1601D; Bellingham; died 1st July 1916
Bonner, Jas.; Pte.; 24/395; born Morpeth; died 1st July 1916
named on Thiepval Memorial.
Booth, Rich.; Pte.; 24/579B; Langley Moor; Gunshot wounds; buried Beaufort War Hospital Bristol
Booth, S.; Pte.; 24/1177; discharged 1915; sick
Borrows, T.; Pte.; 24/365B
Borthwick, Chas.; Pte.; 24/1024C; Gateshead; 16th December
Bowen, G.; Pte.; 24/1083B
Bowes, John; Pte.; 24/219D; Durham City; Munitions Worker
Bowes, John; Pte.; 24/658; Durham City
Bowes, Thomas; Pte.; 24/217D; Durham City; wounded May 1916
Bowman, Ant.; Pte.; 24/991C; Byker; wounded October 1916
Bowman, L.; Cpl.; 24/1664; Washington Station; wounded August 1916; Prisoner of War 1918
Boyd, J.P.; Pte.; 24/253C
Boyd, Jos.; Pte.; 24/1050D; Blyth; discharged 1917; gunshot wounds
Boyle, J.; Pte.; 24/628D; Gateshead
Boyle, Rich.; Cpl.; 24/904C; Usworth; took part in trench raids 25/26th June 1916
Boyle, Thos. W.; Pte.; 24/725C; Byker; died 1st July 1916
Boynes, Jos.; Pte.; 24/120A
Boynes, M.; Pte.; 24/124A; enlisted 1914
Bracken, Jos.; Pte.; 24/114D; Heaton
Bradley, Jas.; Pte.; 24/396B; Felling
Brady, Wm.; Pte.; 24/766C; Gateshead; Transferred to Military Police
Brannen, Dan.; Pte.; 24/424C; Byker; 1917 sick
Brannen, Mitch.; Pte.; 24/1098C; Durham City
Brett, Edward; WO11; 24/
Brierley, Jos.; Pte.; 24/886B; Newcastle; discharged 1918 sick; took part in Trench raids 5/6th June 1916
Bright, T.; Pte.; 24/1123D; Byker
Brodie, Alex.; Cpl.; 24/220; Durham City; took part in Trench raid 5/6th June 1916; discharged 1919
Brooks, F.; Sgt.; 24/1581A
Broughton, W.; Pte.; 24/856
Brown, A.; Pte.; 24/1534B; Swalwell
Brown, Albert; Pte.; 24/1165; Murton
Brown, Andrew; Pte.; 24/931D; Blaydon
Brown, Edward; Pte.; 24/351B; Callerton; died 1st July 1916; buried Serre Road No.2 Cemetery
Brown, J.; Pte.; 24/668; Bedlington; wounded August 1916; Evac. 2nd July 1916
Brown, J.R.; Pte.; 24/1639D; Hebburn Colliery; wounded October 1916
Brown, Oliver; Pte.; 24/349B; Westerhope
Brown, Thos.; Pte.; 24/48B; Usworth; took part in Trench raids 5/6th June 1916
Brown, Thos.; Pte.; 24/194A; Felling; discharged 1917 wounds
Brown, Thos.; Pte.; 24/587B; Blaydon; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Brown, Thos.; Pte.; 24/1019C; Haswell Plough; wounded 1916; /1918
Brown, Thos.; Pte.; 24/1034D
Brown, W.; Pte.; 24/1680; Dalkeith; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Bryden, G.C.; L.Cpl.; 24/1647B; Septic foot
Buckam, Jas.; Pte.; 24/182; Gateshead
Buckly, G.C.; Pte.; 24/1380C; Spennymoor
Buddle, Robert; Pte.; 24/1088D; Consett; wounded August 1916
Bulmer, Rob.; L.Cpl.; 24/1585A; Ryhope; buried Tyne Cot Cemetery
Burdon; Pte.; 24/
Burgess, V.; Pte.; 24/397A; discharged 1919
Burke, Jos.; Pte.; 24/750D; Durham City
Burke, M.; Pte.; 24/547D; Blaydon; Sick 1917
Burke, Thos.; Pte.; 24/520D; Blaydon
Burke, W.; Pte.; 24/1528B; Liverpool
Burke, Wm.; Sgt.; 24/550; wounded May 1917
Burn, J.; Pte.; 24/896D
Burn, Jas.; Pte.; 24/806D; Gateshead; wounded October 1916
Burn, Wm. J.; Pte.; 24/883C; Gateshead
Burton, A.F.; Cpl.; 24/1645A; Benwell; died Rouen Hosp. July 1916
Burton, J.; Pte.; 24/67A; Newcastle
Butler, J.W.; Pte.; 24/389C
Butler, Pat.; Sgt.; 24/348D; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916; buried Ovillers Cemetery; took part in Trench raids 5/6th June 1916
Butterfield, Alex; Pte.; 24/298A; Gateshead; wounded August 1916
Burn, M.; Pte.; 24/1057C; Sunderland; wounded July 1916; discharged 1917; sick
Burn, Mich.; Pte.; 24/1505; Liverpool; buried Heilly Station Cemetery

Cain, D.; Pte.; 24/1189D; Blackhall; wounded July 1916; took part in Trench raids 5/6th June 1916
Cain, Edwin; Pte.; 24/363C; Shieldfield; wounded December 1917
Cairns, Jas.; Pte.; 24/372B; discharged 1917
Cairns, John; Pte.; 24/370B; Sunderland
Cairns, Owen; Pte.; 24/1015C; Marley Hill; took part in Trench raids 5/6th June 1916
Caldwell, Wm.; Sgt.; 24/799C; Gateshead; Evac. Victoria Hosp. Netley 11th July 1916
Callerghan, Thos.; Pte.; 24/1063D; Willington Quay; died 4th May 1917; buried Etaples
Callan, Chas.; Sgt.; 24/464; Kelloe
Callerghan, Mich.; Pte.; 24/482; Dipton
Calvey, W.; Pte.; 24/1007; Gunshot wounds 1916
Camsey, J.; L.Cpl.; 24/1606D
Cannon, Anth.; Sgt.; 24/119; Newcastle
Carlin, Thos.; Pte.; 24/1385; wounded 1916;
Carney, Jos. D.; Coms.; 24/110; Gateshead; wounded 1916
Carr, Geo.; Pte.; 24/1235D; Netherton Colliery; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Carr, J.; Pte.; 24/1147D
Carr, J.; Pte.; 24/1676
Carr, John; Pte.; 24/1115D; Blaydon; wounded July 1916
Carr, M.; Cpl.; 24/1227A; Newcastle; discharged 1917; sick
Carr, Nelson; Pte.; 24/624B; Gateshead; discharged 1919
Carr, Thos.; Pte.; 24/400D; Blaydon
Carr, Thos.; Pte.; 24/970C; Willington
Carr, Thos. R.; Pte.; 24/575C; Rowlands Gill; enlisted 1914
Carrick, J.; Pte.; 24/728C; Dunston; took part in raid 25/26th June 1916
Carroll, John; Pte.; 24/398A; Durham City
Carroll, Matthew; Pte.; 24/143B; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916
Carroll, P.; Pte.; 24/314A; Newcastle
Carroll, Peter; Sgt.; 24/159; Brandon Collier
Carroll, Peter; Pte.; 24/1631A; Durham City; wounded 1917
Carter; John T.; Pte.; 24/617B; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916
Case, Jas.; L.Cpl.; 24/443B; Middle Rainton; died 9th April 1917
Casey, O.F.; Cpl.; 24/1204
Cass, John B.; Cpl.; 24/340; Sunderland; wounded October 1916
Cass, Thomas R.; Pte.; 24/50; Sunderland; buried in India
Cassidy, H.; Pte.; 24/1579C; South Felling; wounded November 1916
Cassidy, Thos.; Pte.; 24/22B; Newcastle; died 18th October 1918
Cassidy, Thos.; Pte.; 24/981C; Hirst; discharged 1917
Cavanagh, T.; Pte.; 24/1490A; Halifax; wounded March 1917
Chapman, Albert; Pte.; 24/18A; Newcastle; died 6th November 1918
Chaplow, H.; Pte.; 24/1674; Hull; wounded October 1916;
Charlton, George; LSgt.; 24/207; New Brancepeth
Charlton, Jacob; Pte.; 24/173A; Dipton; wounded May 1916
Charlton, Jn. T.; Pte.; 24302A; Newcastle
Charlton, Robt.; Pte.; 24/501B; Dunston; discharged 1918
Charlton, Robt.; Pte.; 24/1038C; Blyth
Charters, Peter; L.Cpl.; 24/884C; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; took part in trench raids 5/6th 25/26th June 1916; bomber 9th Batt.
Charters, Rob. J.; Cpl.; 24/882C; Gateshead; wounded 1917
Chatt, J.W.; Pte.; 24/962C; Felling; Transferred to Gun Corps.
Cheeseman, J.H.; Sgt.; 24/1307A; South Shields
Cheeseman, J.S.; Pte.; 24/1308B; South Shields; wounded July 1917
Cheeseman, L.; Pte.; 24/1387A; South Shields; wounded July 1916
Chesser, E.; Pte.; 24/809
Chisolme, G.; Pte.; 24/1114D; Swalwell
Christie, K.; Pte.; 24/296B
Clark; E.; Pte.; 24/1388C
Clark, F.; Pte.; 24/549; Blackhill; enlisted October 1914
Clark, Wm.; Pte.; 24/
Clarke, John; Pte.; 24/388B; Consett; died 17th October 1917; buried Tyne Cot Cemetery
Clarke, Peter; Pte.; 24/1170; Consett
Claughan, Thos.; Pte.; 24/913C; Low Fell; wounded 1916
Clayton, Jas.; Pte.; 24/1543; Everton
Cliff, J.; Pte.; 24/1673; Newcastle; wounded October 1916
Clifford, John; Pte.; 24/379A; Burnhope
Clifford, P.; Pte.; 24/377A; Burnhope; wounded April 1916
Clow, J.; Pte.; 24/21D; Newcastle
Cochrane, J. W.; Pte.; 24/1588B; Sunderland; wounded June 1917
Codia, J.; Pte.; 24/154A; Newcastle; Gunshot wounds 1918; took part in raids 25/26th June 1916
Colby, Michael, Pte.
Coleby, G.; CSM.; 24/987
Coleman, Thos. G.; Pte.; 24/805C; Gateshead; buried Tyne Cot Cemetery
Collins, J.P.; Pte.; 24/7A; Newcastle; discharged 1919
Collins, Mich.; Pte.; 24/; Blackhill
Comerford, Jas.; Pte.; 24/57A; Birtley; enlisted November 1914
Comerford, Mich.; Pte.; 24/40; Dunston; November 1916; sick
Conlin, J.; Pte.; 24/422D; Sunderland; Transferred to Scottish Rifles
Conlon, John; Pte.; 24/241A; Newcastle; died 3rd July 1916
Connelly, Tom; Cpl.; 24/1574C; Dipton; died 1st July 1916
Connolly, Jas.; Pte.; 24/55; Newcastle; enlisted October 1914
Connolly, J.; Pte.; 24/1133D; Lemington; wounded 1916; bomber in raid 5/6th June 1916
Connolly, John; Sgt.; 24/584; Byker; wounded 1916; buried Heaton, Newcastle
Connolly, John; Pte.; 24/1151D; Durham City; enlisted November 1914
Connor, G.; Pte.; 24/973
Connor, Hugh; Sgt.; 24/854; Gateshead
Connor, J.; Pte.; 24/8A; Newcastle; discharged June 1918
Connor, Pat.; Pte.; 24/295B; Hebburn Newtown; died March 1918
Convery, Hugh; Pte.; 24/368B; Walker; wounded July 1916
Conway, Bernard; Pte.; 24/1017C; Consett; wounded August 1916
Conway, H.; Pte.; 24/548B
Conway, W.H.; Pte.; 24/5A
Cook, J.A.; Pte.; 24/1087; Penshaw; discharged 1917; wounded
Cook, Jas.; Pte.; 24/963C; Bebside; died 1st July 1916
Cooney, John; Pte.; 24/29A; Sunderland; wounded June 1918
Cooper, Sam.; Pte.; 24/1077D; Newcastle; wounded 1916/1918
Corrigan, John; Pte.; 24/350B; Westerhope; died 1st July 1916
Corrigan, John; Pte.; 24/1026D; Blackhill; enlisted November 1914
Corrigan, M.; Pte.; 24/332A
Corvel; Cpl.; 24/
Coulson, G.; Pte.; 24/432B; Blyth
Coulson, James; Pte.; 24/1499
Cowel, Edward; Cpl.; 24/614; Wheatley Hill; enlisted November 1914
Cox, S.; Sgt.; 24/1233; Easington; Shell shock
Coyle, John; Sgt.; 24/1214; Houghton-le-Spring; discharged June 1915
Craggs, Jos.; Pte.; 24/1030D; Wheatley Hill; October 1917 sick
Craig, George; Pte.; 24/366; Gateshead
Craigie, A.; Pte.; 24/1666; Salford; wounded August 1916
Craven, John; Pte.; 24/403D; Gateshead
Crawly, John W.; Pte.; 24/423B; Sunderland; enlisted 1914
Creighton, John W.; Pte.; 24/541D; Blaydon; died 1st July 1916; took part in raid 5/6th June 1916
Crompton, Jas.; Pte.; 24/99A; Rowlands Gill; died 1st July 1916; took part in trench raid 5/6th June 1916
Cross; Sgt.; 24/461
Cross; John; Cpl.; 24/608; Willington; died 1st July 1916
Crouden, Jas.; Pte.; 24/897C; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Cullen, Tom; Pte.; 24/1112D; Newcastle
Comeskey, Corma; Sgt.; 24/855; Newcastle; wounded July 1916
Cummings, J.W.; Pte.; 24/1386C; Littletown; died 1st July 1916;
took part in trench raids 5/6th, 25/26th June 1916; buried Ovillers
Cunningham, Alfred; Cpl.; 24/730; Dunston; enlisted October 1914
Cunningham, Peter; Pte.; 24/729A; Dunston; wounded 1917
Curry, F.; Pte.; 24/559D; Newcastle; wounded August 1916
Cuthbert, B.; Pte.; 24/641C; Felling Shore

Daglish, W.; Pte.; 24/1589D; Jarrow; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Davies, Edward; Pte.; 24/1569; Liverpool; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Davison, William; Pte.; 24/666B; Ryhope Colliery; died April 1917; buried at Roclincourt Cemetery; wounds to hip and back
Davison, Mich.; Cpl.; 24/1238B; Bebside; wounded March 1916
Dawson, J.W.; Pte.; 24/1237A; Gunshot wounds 1917
Dawson, Matthew; Pte.; 24/953D; Blaydon; wounded October 1916
Dean, Dan.; Pte.; 24/1549D; Workington; died 1st July 1916
Dean, N.; Pte.; 24/488B; Felling
Deegan, Mich.; Pte.; 24/1128; Hirst
Delaney, Tim.; Pte.; 24/814C; Byker; Shellshock 1917
Dennis, L.; Pte.; 24/1476B; Liverpool; wounded 1916
Derrick, Pat.; L.Cpl.; 24/203; Felling Shore, bomber, took part in raids 5/6th June 1916
Devine, Hugh Pte.; 24/201B; Felling; 1917 sick
Devine, Jas.; Pte.; 24/679D; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Devine, John; Pte.; 24/907D; Bewick; died 1st October 1916
Devlin, F.J.; Pte.; 24/391B; Consett; wounded August 1916
Diamond, Mich.; Pte.; 24/6A; Gateshead; discharged 1918
Diamond, V.; Pte.; 24/478; Bensham; discharged 1918 shell shock
Dibden, F.; Pte.; 24/1389A; Gateshead; wounded July 1916
Dillon, J.; Pte.; 24/1046D; Blyth
Dixon, G.; Pte.; 24/941C; Dipton; discharged 1917 gunshot wounds
Dixon, G.; Pte.; 24/1000D
Dixon, Harry; Pte.; 24/1069D; Spennymoor
Dixon, John; Pte.; 24/47A; Leadgate; enlisted October 1914
Dixon, John W.; Cpl.; 24/621; Blaydon; died April 1917; buried Roclincourt
Dixon, Peter; Pte.; 24/915C; Byker; wounded August/October 1916
Dixon, W.; Pte.; 24/569D; Blaydon; wounded October 1916
Docherty, Charles; Pte.; 24/709C; Tantobie; died 2nd July 1916; wounded 1st July 1916; buried Puchevillers
Docherty, G.; Sgt.; 24/1311A; Usworth; discharged 1919
Docherty, J.; Pte.; 24/939C; Dipton; wounded 1916/1918
Docherty, Hugh; Pte.; 24/636; Newcastle; discharged April 1919
Dodds, J.T.; Pte.; 24/1313; Sherburn Hill; discharged September 1918
Dodds, T.; Pte.; 24/1607B; Gateshead; wounded October 1916
Dodds, T.G.; Coms.; 24/1641A
Dodds, Tom; Pte.; 24/1672; Felling; died 1st July 1916
Dodds, William; Pte.; 24/141D; Blaydon; wounded October 1916
Dodsworth, Henry E.; Pte.; 24/97D; Byker; enlisted October 1914
Donaghy, J.; L.Cpl.; 24/1498C; Newcastle; wounded October 1916
Donnelly, F.; L.Cpl.; 24/436
Donnelly, J.; Pte.; 24/1218
Donnelly, J.E.; Pte.; 24/466A; Tunstall; wounded August 1916
Donnelly, Law. P.; Sgt.; 24/470; Morpeth; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Donnelly, Pat.; Pte.; 24/783A; Felling Shore
Donavan, Corn.; Pte.; 24/588D; Cork; buried St. Joseph's Cork
Dorrian, John; Pte.; 24/912; Shieldfield; buried Malta
Dougherty, Anth.; Pte.; 24/
Dougherty, Jas.; Pte.; 24/176A; Walbottle
Douglas, John J.; Pte.; 24/928C; Gateshead; wounded June/December 1917
Douglas, T.; Pte.; 24/248B; Newcastle
Dourish, Jas.; L.Cpl.; 24/930C; Gateshead; wounded July 1916
Dourish, John W.; Pte.; 24/46A; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Doyle, Henry; Sgt.; 24/101; Newcastle; Commissioned 26th Battalion
Doyle, Thomas; Pte.; 24/652B; Gateshead; buried Abbeville France
Doyle, W.; Pte.; 24/1312; Chopwell
Dryden, Rob.; Pte.; 24/859D; Wallsend; enlisted October 1914
Duffy, Art. A.; Pte.; 24/28A; Newcastle; wounded 1916
Duffy, J.; Pte.; 24/1239D
Duffy, J.W.; Pte.; 24/1545A; South Moor; April 1918 sick
Duffy, Jas.; Pte.; 24/188A; South Moor; died February 1917; named on Thiepval Memorial
Duffy, Jas.; Pte.; 24/771; Esh Winning
Duffy, Jas.; Pte.; 24/1658D
Duffy. John; Pte.; 24/238A; Newcastle; wounded 1918
Duffy, John; Pte.; 24/325D; Blaydon; wounded 1917
Duffy, Math.; Sgt.; 24/558; Stanley; died 1st July 1916; buried Gordon Dump Cemetery
Duffy, Owen; Sgt.; 24/1155; Dawdon
Duffy, Rob.; Pte.; 24/794D; Newcastle
Duffy; Tom; Pte.; 24/701A; Esh Winning; died April 1917; named on Arras Memorial
Duggan, Mich.; Pte.; 24/228A; Felling; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Duighan, Philip; Pte.; 24/945D; Coxhoe; died 1st July 1916;
named on Thiepval Memorial
Duncan, Rob.; Pte.; 24/
Dunn, George; Pte.; 24/672C; Gateshead; wounded October 1916;
Duprey, John A.; Sgt.; 24/35; Newcastle; discharged 1918
Dykes, Thos.; Pte.; 24/125; Blaydon

Eaglesham, Matthew; Pte.; 24/774D; Newcastle; wounded 1st July 1916
Edmonston, R.; Sgt.; 24/1500; discharged 1917 sick
Egan, W.; Pte.; 24/803D; discharged 1918 sick
Egan, W.; Pte.; 24/1150D; Blaydon; wounded October 1916,1918
Elliott, J.; Pte.; 24/749A
Elliott, J.; Pte.; 24/785C
Elliott, J.; Pte.; 24/732A
Ellis, Thomas; Pte.; 24/1620; Blaydon
Embleton, Edward; Pte.; 24/1071D; Spennymoor; wounded July/December 1916
Emmerson, F.W.; Pte.; 24/106A; Byker
English, Alex.; L.Cpl.; 24/764B; Dipton; buried Contalmaison Chateau
English, Michael; Pte.; 24/765B; Dipton; wounded June/July 1916
English, W.; Pte.; 24/1488B; Usworth Colliery; wounded August 1916
Erett, J.; CSM.; 24/618; wounded March 1916
Erkine, Adam; Pte.; 24/1315C; Birtley
Ethrington, Geo.; Pte.; 24/1590B; Coxhoe; discharged 1918 wounded
Eyre, Pat.; L.Cpl.; 24/462A; Ryhope Colliery; died 2nd September 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial

Fairhurst, Matt.; Pte.; 24/1191; Wheatley Hill; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Falcus, Josh.; Pte.; 24/1504A; Gateshead; wounded March 1916;
Falcus, Rob.; Pte.; 24/1507A; Dunston; discharged 1917 sick
Fallon, Edward; Pte.; 24/911C; Newcastle; buried Brewery Orchard Cemetery
Fallon, J.; Pte.; 24/920C; Blackhill
Fallon, Pat.; Pte.; 24/828B; Newcastle; wounded 1916
Falloon, John; Pte.; 24/ Farrell, J.; Pte.; 24/1470B; Gateshead
Farrington; William; Pte.; 24/758; Gateshead
Fennelly, Jos.; Pte.; 24/1518D; Newcastle; died November 1916; buried St. Sever Cemetery Rouen
Fenwick, Arthur; Pte.; 24/1317; Durham City; died 1st July 1916; buried Gordon Dump Cemetery
Finlay, Harry; Pte.; 24/92A; Swalwell; wounded October 1916
Finlay, William; Pte.; 24/472C; Prudhoe; wounded October 1916
Finley, F.; Pte.; 24/63A
Finneran, T.; Sgt.; 24/264; Gosforth; wounded October 1916
Fisher, J.; Pte.; 24/328C; Gateshead; discharged 1919
Fisher, Thos.; Pte.; 24/871D; Wheatley Hill
Fisk, W.; Pte.; 24/769C; West Stanley; wounded 1916; buried South Moor, England
Fitzgerald, G.; Pte.; 24/850D
Fitzgerald, Jas.; Pte.; 24/19; Newcastle; wounded January 1915, buried Heaton, England
Fitzpatrick, Jas.; Pte.; 24/651B; Newcastle; died 1917; buried at Ramscappelle
Flannaghan, Thos.; Pte.; 24/420B; Southwick; wounded 1916/1918
Flatt, Alf.; Cpl.; 1182D; Seaham; died 1916; buried at Divion
Fleming, J.; Pte.; 24/1678; discharged 1918
Fletcher, J.; Pte.; 24/1316B
Flintham, Geo.; Pte.; 24/710C; Darlington; enlisted 1914
Flynn, Jas.; Pte.; 24/576; Durham City; enlisted 1914
Flynn, Jas.; Pte.; 24/702B; Tanfield; Transferred to Medical Corps.
Flynn, T.; Pte.; 24/402B; Houghton-le-Spring; wounded July 1916
Foley, Edward; Pte.; 24/753D; Durham City; died 16th September 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Ford, Edward; Pte.; 24/105A; Newcastle
Ford, Hugh; Pte.; 24/163A
Fordy, John; Pte.; 24/905C; Easington Colliery; discharged 1919
Forster, Hugh; Pte.; 24/532; Gateshead; enlisted November 1914
Forster, Jas.; Pte.; 24/570C; Newcastle; enlisted November 1914
Forster, Jos.; Pte.; 24/239A; Byker; died 18th October 1917; buried Tyne Cot Cemetery
Forster, William; Pte.; 24/777C; Newcastle; wounded April 1916
Foster, Abraham; Pte.; 24/657D; Durham City; Gunshot wounds 1917
Foster, David; Cpl.; 24/1391; Sherburn Station
Foster, E.; Pte.; 24/309A; Dipton
Foster, G.; Pte.; 24/1196A; Langley Park
Foster, Jas.; Pte.; 24/496; Brandon; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Foster, Jas. R.; Pte.; 24/
Fremson, Ed. Pte.; 24/166A; Newcastle; wounded 1st July 1916
Friell, B.; Sgt.; 24/102D; Sick May 1916
Fryer, John; Pte.; 24/444B; Birtley; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial

Gaffney, Rob.; Pte.; 24/218D; Durham City; died 16th August 1917; buried Tyne Cot Cemetery
Gaffney, T.W.; Pte.; 24/135B; South Shields
Gallagher, Dan.; Pte.; 24/616A; Gateshead; wounded June/July 1916
Gallagher, H.; Pte.; 24/414D; South Shields; discharged 1918 sick
Gallagher, J.; Pte.; 24/755D; Durham City; wounded October 1916
Gallagher, John; Cpl.; 24/551; Ashington; Gunshot wounds 1917
Gardener, Aaron; Pte.; 24/910D; Gateshead; died 17th July 1917; buried Achiet le Grand
Gardener, Thos.; Pte.; 24/254A; Gateshead; wounded July 1916
Gardner, Jas.; Pte.; 24/988C; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Gardner, Michael; Pte.; 24/723D; Blaydon; wounded August 1916
Garner, E.; Pte.; 24/1467; Cleator Moor; wounded December 1916
Garrahan, E.; Pte.; 24/1538D; Liverpool; wounded July 1916
Garrett, Benjamin; Pte.; 24/1241C; South Shields; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Garside, J.; Pte.; 24/489C; discharged 1919
Gauld, A.; Pte.; 24/964C; Norton on Tees
Gee, Thos.; L.Cpl.; 24/1654; New Milford Pem.; wounded 1916
Geraghty, Pat.; Pte.; 24/817C; Walker; wounded 1917
Gettings, Charles; Pte.; 24/168A; Dunston; died 23rd October 1917; named on Tyne Cot Memorial
Gettings, John; Pte.; 24/330A; Dunston; wounded 1916
Gibbon, R.; Pte.; 24/307A
Gibbons, P.; Pte.; 24/1327C; Trimdon Colliery; wounded 1916
Giblin, Dan.; Pte.; 24/1618B; Willington; discharged 1918
Gibson, Henry; Pte.; 24/1099D; Durham City; wounded 1916
Gibson, Jas.; Pte.; 24/674C; Langley Moor; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Gibson, Jas.; Sgt.; 24/473; Prudhoe; discharged 1919
Gibson, John; Pte.; 24/209A; West Stanley; wounded 1916/1917
Gibson, William; Pte.; 24/887B; Sunderland; died 20th March 1917; buried at Bailleul
Gildea, T.C.; Pte.; 24/27A; Newcastle; discharged 1918 sick
Gillooney, John; Pte.; 24/982; Newcastle
Gilpatrick, J.; Pte.; 24/1116D; Blaydon
Gilroy, Hugh; Pte.; 24/656D; Durham City; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial; took part in trench raid 5/6th June 1916
Gilroy, Jas.; Pte.; 24/230D; Gateshead; Trans. to Yorkshire L.I.
Goldborough, Ed.; Pte.; 24/1142D; Elswick
Goode, E.; A/Sgt.; 24/1669; Husslingfield; wounded 1916/1918
Gordon, Pat.; Pte.; 24/560C; Blaydon; 1917 Shellshock
Gormley, William; Pte.; 24/216A; Blaydon; wounded 1916
Gough, E.; Pte.; 24/1397C; Ashington
Goundry, Jas.; Pte.; 24/174A; West Stanley; Gunshot wounds. discharged 1918
Gow, J.S.; Pte.; 24/1657A
Graham, Charles; Pte.; 24/1396D; Shiremoor; died 5th July 1916; buried Heilly Station Cemetery
Graham, J.; Pte.; 24/1067; Newcastle; Gunshot wounds 1916
Graham, J.T.; Cpl.; 24/442; discharged 1919; took part in trench raid 5/6th June 1916
Grailey, J.; RSM.; 24/1462; Signaller in raid 5/6th June 1916
Grant, John; Pte.; 24/780; Dipton; buried Leadgate
Grantham, Geo. R.; Pte.; 24/1677; Thorsby Lincolns; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Gray, A.; Sgt.; 24/1325
Gray, J.; L.Cpl.; 24/761; Ryhope Colliery; Scout, took part in raid 5/6th June 1916
Gray, Ralf; Pte.; 24/1079D; Hebburn
Gray, Thomas; Pte.; 24/632C; Gateshead
Gray, William G.; Pte.; 24/1320; Chopwell
Green, H.; Pte.; 24/1157; Stockton; died 1917; buried Durham Road Stockton; served in Durham L.I. during Boer War
Green, J.; Pte.; 24/410C
Green, W.; Pte.; 24/1161D; Dipton; wounded October 1916
Greener, Thos.; Pte.; 24/1179; Pontop; died 1918; buried Addolrata Malta
Grieve, Tom; L.Cpl.; 24/1650; Morpeth; died 9th April 1917; buried Tilloy
Grimes, H.; Pte.; 24/653A

Hagan, D.; Pte.; 24/593B; Houghton-le-Spring; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Hailey, Peter; Pte.; 24/739C; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Halfpenny, H.; Pte.; 24/1400A; Swalwell; discharged 1919
Halfpenny, John; Pte.; 24/318A; Swalwell; died 28th April 1917; named on Arras Memorial
Hall, Isaac; Pte.; 24/307B; Houghton-le-Spring; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Hall, J.W.; Pte.; 24/242A; Grange Villa
Hall; Richard; Pte.; 24/864D; Wheatley Hill; wounded 16th October 1916
Hall, W.; Pte.; 24/895D; Newcastle
Hall, William; Pte.; 24/1684; West Sleekburn; died 1st July 1916; buried Ovillers Cemetery
Hamilton, J.D.; Pte.; 24/1242B; Bebside; wounded 1916
Hamilton, R.; Pte.; 24/468B; Haswell Plough; wounded August 1916
Hanley, Jos.; Pte.; 24/1094D; Durham City; died 5th June 1921; buried Redhills R.C. Durham
Hanley, Mich.; Pte.; 24/661D; Durham City; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Hanley, T.; Pte.; 24/746C; Newcastle
Hann, J.; Pte.; 24/1689; Newbottle; wounded 1916
Hannah, J.B.; Aw02; 24/1670; North Leith; wounded 1916
Hanson, C.; Pte.; 24/1688; Grimsby; died 2nd July 1916; buried Meaulte Cemetery
Hanson, J.; Pte.; 24/572A; Gateshead; wounded July 1916
Hardcastle, R.; Pte.; 24/16B; Forest Hall; enlisted 1914
Hardman, G.; Pte.; 24/1521C; South Moor
Hardy, Henry; Pte.; 24/1401C; Shildon; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Harland, Adam; Pte.; 24/249A; Hetton Lyons; wounded July 1916; L.Cpl.; took part in trench raid 25/26th June 1916
Harmer, K.B.; Pte.; 24/839C; Gateshead; discharged 1917 wounded
Harrald, C.E. Pte.; 24/1522; Seaham Harbour; wounded November 1916
Harris, Robt.; Cpl.; 24/1402; Birtley; wounded July 1916/January 1918
Harrison, W.; Pte.; 24/1593D; Leeholme; buried Dioch Farm Cemetery
Harrold, John; L.Cpl.; 24/1633C; Grange Villa; died 1st July 1916; took part in 25/26th June 1916 raids; named on Thiepval Memorial
Hart, Frank; Sgt.; 24/936; Wheatley Hill; wounded 1917
Hart, Henry; L.Cpl.; 24/1537A; Liverpool; died 20th April 1918; took part in trench raids June 1916
Harvey, E.; Pte.; 24/1671; South Shields; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Harvey, Jos.; Pte.; 24/1406
Harwood, J.; Pte.; 24/845; Blaydon; enlisted 1914
Haslem, J.; Pte.; 24/990; Blaydon; enlisted 1914
Hastings, Sam.; Pte.; 24/862D; Wheatley Hill; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Hastings, W.; LSgt.; 24/132D; Newcastle; Shellshock 1916
Hattle, W.; Pte.; 24/1398B
Healey; Jas.; Sgt.; 24/1201D; Darlington; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Heath, A.; Pte.; 24/1328
Hedley, Edward; Pte.; 24/1005D; Newcastle; died 29th August 1917; buried Roisel Cemetery
Henderson, John E.; Pte.; 24/70A; Rowlands Gill; wounded October 1916
Henderson, Thos.; Pte.; 24/334D; Lanchester; died 11th August 1916; buried Cabaret Rouge
Hennigan, Bernard; Pte.; 24/146A; Wrekenton
Herbert, George; Pte.; 24/996C; Newcastle; wounded August 1916
Herwood, J.; Pte.; 24/56A; South Moor; discharged 1919
Hetherington, Robert; Pte.; 24/D
Higgins, J.; Pte.; 24/1208D; Brandon; wounded July 1916
Higgins, Sam.; Pte.; 24/566D; Blaydon; died 4th September 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Higgins, T.; Pte.; 24/484; Gateshead
Hill, A.R.; Pte.; 24/1686; Grimsby; wounded 1917; discharged
Hindmore, Thos.; Pte.; 24/1578D; Blaydon; died 1st July 1916; buried Cerissy Gailly Cemetery
Hobbs, William; Sgt.; 24/808; Rowlands Gill; discharged from Battalion; Ear inflammation
Hobin, M.; Pte.; 24/438B; Usworth; wounded October 1916
Hodgens, Henry; Pte.; 24/80A; Gateshead
Hodgson; John; Pte.; 24/782D; Gateshead
Hodgson, Matthew; Pte.; 24/117; Newcastle
Hodgson, Ralf; Pte.; 24/737C; Usworth; died 27th August 1918; buried Ecoust Cemetery
Hogan, Alex.; Pte.; 24/1335C; Leadgate; discharged 1917
Hogan, T.; Pte.; 24/1471D
Hogg, E.; Pte.; 24/1330A
Holden, Rich.; Pte.; 24/865D; Wheatley Hill; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Hollington, R.; Pte.; 24/1685; Grimsby; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Holloway, Fenwick; Pte.; 24/1110D; Gateshead; died 28th April 1917; named on Arras Memorial
Holms, Peter; Pte.; 24/881C; Gateshead; 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Hope, Jas.; Pte.; 24/1408
Hopkins, Jas. J.; Pte.; 24/1068D; Spennymoor; enlisted November 1914
Hornsby, J.; Pte.; 24/1404B; Stanley
Hornsby, T.; Pte.; 24/1196D; Blackhill
Horwood, T.; Pte.; 24/1336; inefficient
Howard, S.; Pte.; 24/1550C; Liverpool; Bayonet wound left arm September 1916
Howard, William; Pte.; 24/696B; Leadgate; wounded October 1916
Howarth, John; Pte.; 24/793C; Wheatley Hill; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Howey, Alf.; Pte.; 24/1687; North Shields; died 22nd March 1918; named on Arras Memorial
Howey, J.; Pte.; 24/1632D
Howey, John; Pte.; 24/1180B; Annfield Plain; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Howey, W.; LSgt.; 24/1331A; took part in raids 5/6th June 1916
Hubbard, John G.; Pte.; 24/727C; Dunston; wounded 1916; Fractures
Huddard, J.W.; Pte.; 24/1140A; Gateshead; wounded 1916
Hughes, A.; Pte.; 24/631C; Gateshead; wounded August/October 1916
Hughes, Charles A.; Pte.; 24/611C; Tantobie; died 1st July 1916; Scout, Raids 5/6,25/26 June 1916; reburied in Ovillers Military Cemetery 1920
Hughes, F.; Pte.; 24/378A; Consett
Hughes, Fred.; Pte.; 24/997C; Easington
Hughes, J.; Pte.; 24/679A; Leeds; wounded August 1916
Hughes, John; Pte.; 24/1575A; Dunston; died 4th October 1918; buried Sailly la Bourse Hughes, Jos.; Pte.; 24/1070D; Spennymoor; died 5/6th June 1916; buried Becourt Military Cemetery; killed during trench raid
Hughes, M.; Pte.; 24/554; took part in trench raid 5/6th June 1916
Humphrey, Chas.; Pte.; 24/985; Newcastle
Humphries, Henry; Pte.; 24/1001D; Newcastle; wounded October 1916
Hunt, W.; Sgt.; 24/1207
Hunter; G.H.; Sgt.; 24/287; Wideopen; Mentioned in Battalion war diary 2nd Sept. 1916
Hunter, Isaac; Pte.; 24/1715; Bedlington; wounded 1917; buried Bedlington
Hunter, William; Pte.; 24/594; Bishop Auckland; discharged 1915; buried Wingate
Huntley, E.; Pte.; 24/1399
Hurneyman, Jas.; Pte.; 24/1729; Haswell; wounded 1918
Hurson, Phil.; Pte.; 24/390B; Dunganan; died 15th April 1917; buried Rollincourt Valley
Hurst, Chas. G.; Pte.; 24/795D; Consett; buried Benfieldside Cemetery
Hutchinson, W.; Pte.; 24/1226A; Newcastle; wounded October 1916

Igo, J.; Pte.; 24/557C; Gateshead; wounded December 1916
Iley, John; Pte.; 24/170A; Dunston; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial; took part in trench raid 25/26th June 1916
Irvine, C.; Pte.; 24/1690; Netherton Colliery; discharged 1917 wounded
Isaac, W.F.; CSM.; 24/1523; discharged 1918 sick

Jackson, G.; Pte.; 24/1692; Gorton; wounded 1916
Jackson, J.; Pte.; 24/256A; West Stanley
Jackson, J.E.; Pte.; 24/1414A; Blackhall Mill; discharged April 1919
Jackson; Jas. W.; Pte.; 24/255B; Tantobie; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Jackson, R.; Cpl.; 37635; Shiremoor; died 28/04/1917; named on Arras Memorial.
Jacobs, William; Pte.; 24/1042B; Blyth; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Jamieson, Jos; Sgt.; 24/1205A; West Stanley; died 1st July 1916; buried Gordon Dump Cemetery; took part in trench raid 25/26th June 1916
Jeffery, Chas.; Pte.; 24/1413B; Chester-le-Street; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Jeffery, J.; Pte.; 24/1037C; Newcastle
Jenkins, Ernest; Pte.; 24/1412D; Littletown; discharged 1919
Jobling, R.W.; Pte.; 24/1222A
Johns, Henry; Pte.; 24/1340C; Gateshead; wounded
Johnson, Geo. H.; Pte.; 24/1480A; Dipton; discharged July 1916
Johnson, H.; Pte.; 24/1464D; Newburn
Johnson, J.; Pte.; 24/992B; Newcastle; wounded 1916/1918
Johnson, Jas. W.; Pte.; 24/4 B; Spennymoor; died 1918; buried Merville Cemetery Exeter
Johnson, R.; Pte.; 24/1082D; Gateshead; wounded March 1916
Johnson, Richard; Pte.; 24/369B; Durham City; discharged 1918 Trench foot
Johnson, S.; Pte.; 24/34A; Chopwell
Johnson, T.W.; Pte.; 24/1339B; Durham City
Johnson, Thos.; Sgt.; 24/483; Durham City
Johnson, W.; Pte.; 24/1503; Bayonet man in 25/26th June 1916 raid
Johnson, W.F.; Pte.; 24/1053A; Gateshead; wounded July 1916
Jones, C.; Sgt.; 24/1527; Liverpool; wounded October 1916
Jones, W.; Pte.; 24/480; Dunston
Jones, W.; Pte.; 24/1411C; Newcastle; wounded December 1916; took part in trench raid 5/6th June 1916
Jopling, T.; Pte.; 24/1085B
Jordan, J.J.; Pte.; 24/822; Jarrow; discharged; inefficient
Jordan, Thomas; Pte.; 24/573C; Swalwell
Joyce, John; Pte.; 24/66A; Byker; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Joyce, William; Pte.; 24/333A; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial

Kane, John; Pte.; 24/821A
Kaneney; Peter; Pte.; 24/311D; East Stanley; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Kean, George; Pte.; 24/1541; Liverpool; died 1st November 1916; buried Bailleul Cemetery
Kearsley, Thomas; Pte.; 24/937D; Wheatley Hill; died 8th September 1917; buried Templeux
Keeble, George; Pte.; 24/1342A
Keegan, Corn.; Pte.; 24/1580C; South Moor
Keegan, John; Pte.; 24/1341C; South Moor; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Keenan, B.; Pte.; 24/841B; Silksworth
Keenan, J.; Pte.; 24/1159D; Harton Colliery
Kehoe, Owen; Cpl.; 24/1469D; Wexford Warks.; died 27th April 1917; named on Arras Memorial; bomber; took part in trench raid 5/6th June 1916
Kellet, Sam.; Pte.; 24/250B; Wheatley Hill; wounded by Gunshot
Kelly, J.; Pte.; 24/267A; Newcastle; wounded November 1916
Kelly, J.; Pte.; 24/694B
Kelly, J.; Sgt.; 24/899B; Newcastle; wounded July 1916; came 2nd in quarter mile race on St. Patrick day sports
Kelly, Jas.; Pte.; 24/1051D
Kelly, Jas.; L.Cpl.; 24/1152; Hexham; died 18th April 1917; buried Etaples; Army Cyclist
Kelly, Jos.; Pte.; 24/1343C; enlisted 1914; discharged 1916
Kelly, M.; Pte.; 24/93A
Kelly, Pat.; Pte.; 24/225A; Felling; wounded 1916; Hospital July 1916; discharged 1917
Kelly, Pat.; Pte.; 24/441D; Blaydon; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Kelly, Sam.; Pte.; 24/113; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Kelly, Terry; Pte.; 24/1211; Winlaton; enlisted 1914
Kelly, Thos.; Pte.; 24/693D; Durham City
Kendal, Chas.; Pte.; 24/545D; Blaydon; died 1st March 1916; buried Erquinghem Cemetery
Kennedy, Hugh; Pte.; 24/1025D; Consett; enlisted 1914
Kennedy, William; Pte.; 24/596C; Galway; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Kenworth, Jas.; Pte.; 24/477B; Langley Moor; Gunshot 1916/1917
Kettle, Alf.; Pte.; 24/1035; Blyth; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Key, E.; Pte.; 24/762B; Dipton; Face wounds, France
Key, Edward; Pte.; 24/726B; Dipton
Kiernan, M.; Pte.; 24/278A; Bill Quay; discharged 1917
Killgallon, Edward; L.Cpl.; 24/946D; Coxhoe; wounded 1916
Killgallon, John; Pte.; 24/943D; Coxhoe; wounded 1916/1917
Killgallon, M.; Pte.; 24/1558D
Killian, Michael; Pte.; 24/1568; Durham City; Hospital Rouen July 1916
King, Thos.; Pte.; 24/731B; Gateshead; buried Fabourg Amiens
Kirkup, John; Pte.; 24/698; Shieldfield; discharged 1915 Deafness
Kirton, Jas.; Pte.; 24/; Newcastle
Kitching, J.J.; Pte.; 24/1516
Kneebone, E.; Pte.; 24/867C
Knight, Con.; Pte.; 24/687C; Dipton
Knighton, W.; Pte.; 24/1513; Fencehouses; wounded 1916
Knox, Thos.; Pte.; 24/984C; Byker; wounded 1916
Knox, William; Pte.; 24/221A; Leamside; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial

Lacey, Geo. W.; Pte.; 24/126D; Dawdon; wounded 1916/1917
Laggan, J.J.; Pte.; 24/111B
Lally, A.; Pte.; 24/680D; wounded 1916
Lally, M.; Pte.; 24/969C; Ryhope Colliery; Leg amputated; lay on field for three days
Lally, Michael; Sgt.; 24/33; North Shields
Lamb, E.; Sgt.; 24/1496; Shotton Colliery
Lamb, Lawrence; Pte.; 24/107A; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Lamb, Peter; Pte.; 24/1348A; Usworth; wounded October 1916; bomber, took part in trench raid 25/26th June 1916
Lapping, G.S.; Pte.; 24/1656A
Largue, William; Pte.; 24/677C; Burnhopefield; discharged 1919
Lavelle, F.; Pte.; 24/1020C
Laverick, John; Pte.; 24/563C; Burradon; discharged 1916
Lawler, J.; Cpl.; 24/191; Annfield Plain; wounded July/August 1916; Signaller, took part in trench raid 5/6th June 1916
Lawler, William; Pte.; 24/352C; Wallsend
Lawson, T.; Pte.; 24/423A
Leach, Jas.; Pte.; 24/921B; Newcastle; wounded October 1916
Lee, D.; Pte.; 24/171; Dunston
Leighton, Jas.; LSgt.; 24/630; Gateshead; wounded November 1916; took part in trench raid 5/6th,25/26th June 1916
Lewins, William; Pte.; 24/768C; Tantobie; Attached 34th Headquarters
Lewis, John H.; Pte.; 24/744C; Newburn; wounded August 1916 Liddell, T.; Pte.; 24/1349D
Liddle, Thos.; Pte.; 24/624B; Tantobie; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Lister, Geo.; Pte.; 24/712; Wheatley Hill; Brother in navy
Lockey, Harry; Pte.; 24/461B; Durham City
Lockey, John; Pte.; 24/1145D; Langley Moor; buried All Saints Newcastle
Lockwood, Allan; Pte.; 24/662D; Durham City; discharged 1917; Foot wounds
Lofthouse, W.; Cpl.; 24/1668; Durham City; died 5th July 1916; buried Saint Nicholas, Durham; died on board hospital ship St. George; Age 24
Loftus, J.; Pte.; 24/1347A; Gateshead; wounded 1916
Long, G.; Pte.; 24/1420B
Love, Matthew; Sgt.; 24/1197; Consett; wounded August 1916
Lowden, J.T.; Pte.; 24/1497B; Usworth; wounded October 1916
Lowrie, M.; Pte.; 24/ A; 4th in quarter mile race St. Patrick day race
Luke, W.; Pte.; 24/1013D; Thornley; died 24th February 1916; buried Ration Farm Cemetery
Lumley, T.; Pte.; 24/909
Lydonn, William; Pte.; 24/831D; Byker
Lynch, Hugh; Pte.; 24/1061D; Wallsend; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Lynn, Hugh; Pte.; 24/79A; Newcastle; wounded July/August 1916
Lyons, T.; Pte.; 24/1199A; Wallsend; discharged 1917; Shellshock
Lyons, W.; Pte.; 24/210B; Benwell

Machin, J.; Sgt.; 24/1104; Gateshead; discharged 1917; wounds
Mackie, R.; Cpl.; 24/118C; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; buried Ovillers Cemetery
Machin, J.; Pte.; 24/200B; Felling
Machin, Peter; Pte.; 24/1049; Gateshead; wounded 1917; buried Rollincourt Military Cemetery
Malia, G.; Pte.; 24/222A; Newcastle; wounded 1916
Malia, John; Pte.; 24/130A; Newcastle
Malia, Martin; Pte.; 24/272B; Newcastle; wounded June/July 1916
Malia, Pat.; Pte.; 24/1059D; North Shields; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Malloy, P.; Pte.; 24/1040B; North Shields; discharged 1919
Mally, Martin; Pte.; 24/52A; Felling; wounded December 1916
Malone, John; Pte.; 24/823C; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Maloney, L.; Pte.; 24/95; Byker; discharged 1915; Unfit
Maloney, Pat.; Pte.; 24/226A; Durham City; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Maloney, Pat; . Pte.; 24/263C 30; AWOL 1915
Maloney, R.; Pte.; 24/956C; Sunderland; wounded October 1916
Malpas, J.; LSgt.; 24/754; Durham City; Trans. to Cameron Highlanders
Manning, J.; Pte.; 24/286A; Gateshead; wounded October 1916
Manning, Stephen; Pte.; 24/1027D; Gateshead; wounded October 1916
Mansfield, A.; Pte.; 24/888C; Whickham; wounded August 1916
Markham, W.; Pte.; 24/756D; Durham City
Marlton, W.; Pte.; 24/1421
Marrow, J.T.; Pte.; 24/1426C; Middlesbrough; died 1917; buried Saint Laurent Blagny; Signaller, took part in trench raid 25/26th June 1916
Marshall, Jos.; Pte.; 24/323D; Blaydon
Martin, G.H.; Pte.; 24/599; AWOL 1915
Martin, G.W.; Pte.; 24/1546D; Hetton le Hole; wounded July 1916
Martin, J.; Pte.; 24/890D; Low Teams; discharged 1917; Gunshot wounds
Martin, Thomas; Pte.; 24/600B; Easington Colliery; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Martin, Thomas; Pte.; 24/900C; Easington Colliery; died 2nd September 1916; named on Artois Memorial
Mason, R.; Pte.; 24/788B; Dipton; wounded July 1916
Massiter, W.; CSM.; 24/237; Sunderland
Masters, Sid.; Pte.; 24/1617A; Helmington Row; wounded 1918
Mathews, Jas.; Pte.; 24/127A; Newcastle
Mathewson, W.; Pte.; 24/1694; Blyth; died 1st July 1916; buried Ovillers Cemetery
Maughan, John; LSgt.; 24/517; Blaydon; died April 1917; named on Arras Memorial
Mavin, Harle.; Pte.; 24/205A; Langley Moor; wounded 1916/1917
May, John T.; Pte.; 24/399A; Gateshead; wounded August 1916
May, Martin; Pte.; 24/10D; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
McAdam, J.; Pte.; 24/1540
McAllister, Frank; Pte.; 24/609; Tantobie; died 1st July 1916; buried Bapaume Cemetery
McAllister, Rob.; Pte.; 24/246A; Tantobie; died 25th October 1918; buried Awoingt British Cemetery
McAllister, W.W.; L.Cpl.; 24/1615; Jarrow; Gunshot wounds; Wound to thigh
McAndrew, Owen; Pte.; 24/465; Sligo; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
McArdle, P.; Pte.; 24/381B; Consett; wounded October 1916
McArthur, G.; Pte.; 24/1651C; Newcastle; wounded October 1916
McAvoy, Arth.; Pte.; 24/1430A; Egremont; died 2nd July 1916; buried Heilly Station Cemetery
McCabe, Bernard; Pte.; 24/453; Newcastle; discharged 1917; buried Jesmond
McCabe, P.; Pte.; 24/94
McCabe, Pat.; Pte.; 24/1353B; Seaham Colliery; died 1st July 1916; buried Ovillers + named on Thiepval Memorial
McCabe, Thos.; Pte.; 24/11; discharged 1914; inefficient
McCabe, W.; Pte.; 24/1250B; Hetton le Hole
McCardle, Edward; Pte.; 24/380A; Consett
McCartney, Rob.; Sgt.; 24/112; Newcastle; died 9th April 1917; buried Rollincourt Valley
McCarty, Bernard; Pte.; 24/595B; Birtley; wounded October 1916
McComb, John; Pte.; 24/262B; Gateshead; died 1916; buried Flat Iron Copse Cemetery
McConville, H.; Sgt.; 24/786; Gateshead; Sick; discharged 1917
McCoy, Alex.; Pte.; 24/1149; Hebburn; wounded 1916; discharged 1917
McCoy, Thos.; Pte.; 24/497B; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
McQue, Jas.; Pte.; 24/212A; West Stanley; enlisted 1914
McDonald, F.; Pte.; 24/1431C; Newcastle; wounded 1916/1917
McDonald, T.; Pte.; 24/938D; Wheatley Hill; wounded August 1916; came 1st in three-legged race Alnwick sports 1915
McDonnel, F.; Pte.; 24/1624B
McDonnel, Johnathan; Sgt.; 24/583; Hebburn; wounded August 1916
McDonough, Jas.; Pte.; 24/181B; Newcastle; discharged 1917 Sick
McElphone, M.; Sgt.; 24/813; Newcastle; took part in trench raids 25th/26th June 1916
McGarr, Wm.; Pte.; 24/1097D; Durham City; wounded July/October 1916; took part in trench raid 5/6th June 1916
McGarrity, P.G.; Cpl.; 24/646; Easington
McGearey, W.J.; Pte.; 24/1056; discharged 1917 Sick
McGee, M.; Pte.; /554B
McGee, T.; Pte.; 24/137D; Hirst; wounded August 1916
McGill, James; Pte.; 24/261A; Gateshead; died March 1918; named on Arras Memorial
McGill, John; Pte.; 24/1129A; Gateshead; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
McGinn, F.; Pte.; 24/1135A; Dipton; wounded January 1918
McGinty, P.; Pte.; 24/69A; Gateshead; discharged July 1916
McGinty, Richard; Pte.; 24/284C; Gateshead
McGrath, Michael; Pte.; 24/1118; Ashington; died 15th September 1917; buried Zuydcoote Cemetery
McGrath, Thos.; Pte.; 24/247A; Ballinsloe Co.; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
McGrath, Wm.; Pte.; 24/1106C; Langley Park; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
McGuiness, John; Pte.; 24/240A; Gateshead
McGummers, John; Pte.; 24/
McGurk, J.; Pte.; 24/1089D; Shellshock; discharged 1918
McGurk, Thomas; Pte.; 24/1127D; Scotswood; Hernia discharged 1916
McHugh, Jos.; Pte.; 24/30A; Bedlington; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
McIntyre, Jas.; Pte.; 24/339A; Felling; enlisted 1914
McIntyre, Wm.; Pte.; 24/1508; Gateshead
McKay, Jas.; Pte.; 24/715D; Blaydon; died July 1917; named on Nieuport Memorial
McKay, Peter; Pte.; 24/714D; Blaydon; wounded August 1917
McKeating, John; Pte.; 24/1562B; Workington; died 1st July 1916; buried Gordon Dump Cemetery
McKenna, Chas.; Pte.; 24/367; Felling; enlisted 1914
McKenna, Jas.; Pte.; 24/493B; Hebburn; wounded January 1917
McKeown, J.J.; Pte.; 24/294; Easington
McKeown, John; Pte.; 24/610D; Walker
McKever, Thos.; Pte.; 24/510A; Newcastle; Gunshot wounds December 1916
McKie. G.A.; Pte.; /1622A
McKie, Wm.; Pte.; 24/1122A; Gateshead; died 27th October 1917; named on Tyne Cot Memorial
McKinley, H.; Pte.; 24/1539A
McItterick, Wm.; Pte.; 24/165A; Newcastle; died 9th April 1917; buried Roclincourt
McKivitt, W.; Pte.; 24/842C
McLanaghan, Chas. F.; Pte.; 24/521B; Gateshead; discharged 1918; buried Gateshead; Died of Gas Poisoning
McLane, Jos.; Pte.; 24/456
McLaughlin, Jas.; Pte.; 24/35D; Wallsend; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
McLaughlin, P.; L.Cpl.; 24/718; Blaydon; discharged 1917; Gunshot wounds
McLaughlinn, How.; Sgt.; 24/; Seaham; Nicknamed Punchy
McLaughlin; D.; Pte.; 24/24A; Newcastle; wounded October 1916
McMahon, John; Pte.; 24/198; Shield Row; wounded August 1916
McMands, John; Pte.; 24/1187D
McNally, F.; Pte.; 24/1047D; discharged 1918
McNamara, Thos.; Pte.; 24/584; Mohill, Ireland; died 1st July 1916; buried Gordon Dump Cemetery
McNulty, J.; Sgt.; 24/437; discharged 1915; unfit
McParlin, B.; L.Cpl.; 24/1251C; Tyne Dock; wounded 1917/1918
McQuillan, J.; Pte.; 24/1351D; Usworth; discharged 1917; Debility
McRoy, Geo.; Pte.; 24/581B; Broompark; died 1918; named on Ploegsteert Memorial
McShane, D.; Sgt.; 24/619; Langley Park; died October 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
McSherry, Jas.; Pte.; 24/1428A; Bedlington; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
McSloy, John; Pte.; 24/994C; Blyth; discharged 1919
McTaggart, A.; Pte.; 24/978C; Newcastle; wounded October 1916
McVeigh, Jos.; Pte.; 24/384; Consett; discharged 1917; wounds to chest
McVeigh, Pat.; Pte.; 24/650D; Chester-le-Street; enlisted 1914
Meakin, Stan.; Cpl.; 24/1495A 30; Flint Hill
Mearman, T.; Pte.; 24/514B; Walker
Mee, T.; Pte.; 24/1163D; Blackhill; wounded 1917
Meegan, John T.; Pte.; 24/1169D; Blackhill
Meehan, John; Pte.; 24/640C; Sunderland; wounded November 1916
Meehan, Pat.; Pte.; 24/189A; West Stanley; wounded October 1916
Meek, Henry; Pte.; 24/1016B; Marley Hill; discharged 1919
Mellon, C.; Pte.; 24/925B
Meredith, W.; Pte.; 24/976
Metcalf, W.; Pte.; 24/; AWOL 1915
Middlemass, Wilf.; Pte.; 24/980C; Bebside; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Milburn, Ern.; Pte.; 24/879; Newcastle; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Miles, W.; Pte.; 24/1264D
Miller, Cuthbert; LSgt.; 24/86D; Blaydon; Shellshock 1916
Miller, J.; Sgt.; 24/820; Transferred to 30th Battalion
Miller, J.W.; Pte.; 24/439B; High Felling; Transferred to D.L.I.
Miller, John; Pte.; 24/1101D; Durham City; buried Peronne Cemetery
Miller, John W.; Pte.; 24/1358; Dunston
Miller, William N.; Pte.; 24/1246B; Dawdon; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Millward, G.; Pte.; 24/1074D; Spennymoor; wounded October 1916
Mirley, T.; Pte.; 24/180A; West Moor; died 8th August 1917; buried Ramscapelle Rd. Cemetery; Gunshot wounds right thigh
Mitchell, Jas.; Pte.; 24/39A; Bellingham; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Mitchell, P.J.; Pte.; 24/1012D
Mochree, P.; Pte.; 24/1696; Edinburgh; wounded January 1917
Molloy, John T.; Pte.; 24/776D; Langley Moor; died 1st July 1916; buried Serre Rd. No. 2 Cemetery
Monaghan, Hugh; Pte.; 24/878; Newcastle; wounded October 1916
Monaghan, J.P.; Sgt.; 24/1080; Hebburn Colliery
Montgomery, Rob. T.; Pte.; 24/531A; Newcastle; enlisted 1914
Moody, Wm.; Pte.; 24/213A; Crookhill; wounded October 1916
Mooney, Wm.; Pte.; 24/89A
Moore, J.; Pte.; 24/522D; Blaydon
Moore, Michael; Pte.; 24/283B; Newcastle
Moralee, Andrew; Pte.; 24/393B; Wallsend; wounded October 1916
Moran, John; Pte.; 24/156A; Durham City; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial; took part in trench raid June 1916
Mordy, Geo.; Pte.; 24/665B; Ferryhill; buried Boulogne
Morgan, Geo.; Pte.; 24/476; Walker on Tyne; buried Longbenton
Morgan, H.; Pte.; 24/12B; Harton Colliery; discharged 1916; sick
Morley, W.H.; Pte.; 24/1734
Morrison, J.; Pte.; 24/486; discharged 1914; Dropsy
Mountjoy, W.; Pte.; 24/525D; Newburn; discharged 1918; wounds
Muir, Peter; Pte.; 24/138A; Newcastle
Muldoon, P.; Pte.; 24/705B; Sunderland
Mulkeen, W.; Cpl.; 24/467; Horden Colliery; discharged 1918
Mullarkey, M.; Pte.; 24/463B; Durham City; discharged 1919
Mullen, Edward; Pte.; 24/1190D; Consett; wounded January 1918
Mullen, John W.; Pte.; 24/445B; Gateshead; wounded October 1916
Mullender, J.; Pte.; 24/1245
Mulligan, Dan.; Pte.; 24/518A; Blackhill; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Mulvey, Jas.; Pte.; 24/615C; Whickham; died 1st July 1916; named on Thiepval Memorial
Munroe, Jas.; Pte.; 24/1357D; Blyth
Murdy, G.; Pte.; 24/552B; Newsham; wounded October 1916
Murdy, T.; Pte.; 24/553B; New Delaval
Murphy, A.M.; Pte.; 24/211; Shiremoor; wounded July 1916; Evac. 2nd July 1916
Murphy, Edward; Pte.; 24/17A; South Moor; wounded October 1916
Murphy, F.; Pte.; 24/1530C; Willington Quay; wounded July 1916; Shellshock; evac. 5th July 1916
Murphy, J.E.; Pte.; 24/1425B; Newcastle; wounded 1916/1917
Murphy, Jos. J.; Pte.; 24/460; Ryhope Colliery; wounded July 1916
Murphy, Pat.; Pte.; 24/411B; Newcastle; wounded 1916/1917
Murphy, Peter; Pte.; 24/1529C; Kirkdale Lancs.; died 2nd July 1916; buried Heilly Station Cemetery
Murray, E.; Pte.; 24/807D
Murray, J.; Sgt.; 24/1554
Murray, Mich. Pte.; 24/877C; Ryton; died 23rd November 1918; buried Les Baraques, Sangatte; Stretcher bearer, raid 25/26th June 1916
Murray, O.; Pte.; 24/1553D
Murray, W.F.; Pte.; 24/20A; Swalwell; died 2nd July 1918; buried Warloy
Murthewaite, H.; Pte.; 24/345D; Newcastle; Evacuated 5th July 1916
Myhill, J.; Pte.; 24/1356B; Newburn; wounded 1916

District Notes

Newcastle Districts Notes