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Loyalty of Catholics questioned.
The South Shields Gazette 11/05/1923 reports the following:

“Priest and Dean.

Rev. Dr. Wheatley, of Willington Quay, on Sunday last, when preaching in connection with the unveiling and dedication of a war memorial in St.Charles Catholic Church, Gosforth, replied to a recent statement by Bishop Welldon, questioning the patriotism and good citizenship of members of the Catholic Church. Dr. Wheatley, who took an active part in the all-local patriotic movements during the war, and whose work as a resident in the Mid Tyne district has gained for him personal esteem, was well qualified to answer the wordy Dean of Durham. It may be surprising to Dean Welldon to know that in this district the “good citizenship” of Catholics is not doubted , and in the war, before conscription, they responded so generously to the call for men that, if ever their loyalty had been seriously questioned, it was so no longer.”

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