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Newcastle City Special Constables 1939-45
The following is a list of Newcastle City Police. Their names are on a list of Special Police who earned a Long Service medal. Fifty medals were produced but most were never issued. The North East Police History Society holds them and would be pleased to issue them to the men named or their relatives. Contact Mick Stothard on 0191 371 0276 or email

The list contains the name, a number and his rank.

Allan, James F. (3) SPC
Arnott, James (8) A/Sgt.
Barber, Stanley (11) SPC
Barker, Thomas H. (12) SPC
Belcher, Thomas E. (17) SPC
Brown, Christopher (69) SPC
Calvert, Thomas (1) SPC
Compton, Ian M. (45) SPC
Cook, William L. (46) SPC
Craig, Robert (49) SPC
Cunnel, Ernest T. (52) SPC
Elliott, John (69) SPC
Falconer, Bernard A. (74) SPC
Foreman, Robert S. (81) SPC
Foreman, William G. (80) SPC
Forster, Reginald (82) SPC
Hall, Robert D. (98) SPC
Hardie, Thomas W. (99) SPC
Hardy, Henry T. (101) SPC
Hindmarsh, Joseph W. (109) SPC
Holmes, Stephen M. (113) SPC
Hudson, Robert A.D.C. (116) SPC
Jewitt, Thomas (121) SPC
Johnston, John Y.W. (122) SPC
Kennerley, Derrick L. (125) SPC
Kent, Dudley H. (126) A/Sgt.
Lintern, Oliver V. (131) A/Sgt.
Matthewson, George (138) SPC
Milligan, David (149) SPC
Mitchell, William E. (151) SPC
Moffett, Archibald (153) SPC
Moore, Albert W. (155) SPC
Motion, James E. (160) SPC
Page, George W. (169) SPC
Pape, William R. (170) SPC
Pearson, Norman T. (171) SPC
Pearson, Stephen L. (172) SPC
Phillips, Trevor B. (173) SPC
Plummer, Harold E. (174) SPC
Robinson, Joseph G. (187) SPC
Sloan, Alfred C. (202) SPC
Smith, Frederick C. (206) Sergt.
Toft, William E. (221) SPC
Tyson, James (224) SPC
Urquhart, Albert (225) SPC
Wallace, Douglas (229) SPC
Wallace, William McK. (230) SPC
Williams, Frederick H. (241) SPC
Wills, John R. (242) SPC

The medals for the following men had already been issued the box containing the medal was empty.
Bolam, James (23) SPC
Brown, John S. (30) SPC
Cummins, Gilbert (5) SPC
Keenan, John (123 SPC
King, Josiah P. (127) SPC
Robertson, George C. (185) SPC

In February 1955, it was not possible to deliver to the following because of a change of address.
Childs, James I (3) SPC

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