Parish Notes

Proposed war memorial bridge
1. It would appear that the first proposal was for a footbridge over the Tyne to act as a War Memorial, from the following :

"Major Douglas Brown (Co. Northumberland, Hexham Division) asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Transport in the House of Commons, yesterday, if his attention had been drawn to the proposed War Memorial Bridge between Ovington and Mickley, over the River Tyne; if he were aware that difficulties had arisen with one landowner as regarded the (?site) of one end of the bridge; and if he would intervene in order to secure a settlement of the dispute and to secure for the neighbourhood this improvement. Col. Wilfred Ashley replied "The (?case) of this proposed footbridge has been brought to my notice on a previous occasion, (?but) I have no powers that can be applied in the case of a bridge scheme which is not promoted by the highway authority" (Shields Daily News 05/06/1923)
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