Parish Notes

The Cross of the Four Elevens
Nick Short, who was born and brought up in Tynedale, has placed several enigmatic stones in various places, simply to intrigue those who see them. Among them is a cross on a stone which is marked "11 11 11 11".

The Cross of the Four Elevens has been sited near Pack Horse Bridge on the Lewisburn at Kielder.

The "Four Elevens" stand for the "Eleventh hour of the Eleventh day of the Eleventh month, in the year 2011" which was when it was erected.
The cross was carried to Kielder from Hexham in a rucksack, on foot, on a bike and on a bus.
It was sited on a moss-girt rock just off the track. It was sited with dignity, and then unveiled. A few words were said over it. Then a few tear-like drops of water from the "Spring of the Weeping Shepherdess" were dripped over it.

Nick also wrote a poem which reads:

On a moss-girt rock by a lonely burn,
Where peat-stained waters fell and churn,
A cross now stands that marks the way
Where the shepherd laddie marched away.

Off to war he marched right proud,
And as he went he sang aloud,
Leaving behind collie dog and crook.
To join the colours was the way he took.

Across the sea they moved quite steady,
On to the front as they were ready,
To fight the fight to end all war,
And live in peace for evermore.

Alas he was never to return
To herd the sheep by that lonely burn.
He lies with others in a foreign land
In a grave far away from Northumberland.

The photo shown here was taken at Hexham before the stone was taken to the Pack Horse Bridge.