Parish Notes

Healey Parish Welcome Home 1919
The Newcastle Daily Chronicle 11/09/1919 reports:
Healey Parish Welcome Home.
At a public meeting summoned by the Vicar of Healey Parish (the Rev. J.H. Salisbury) it was unanimously decided to raise a fund to present returning soldiers with gifts and souvenirs as a small but cincere token of appreciation from the parishioners.
(A Committee was elected).
..As a result of entertainments and a gift sale, nearly 180 were realised within ten months. Out of a population, purely agricultural, of 240, 30 men enlisted, of whom four were killed.
In order to present the gifts a fete was held in the park at Minsteracres (the residence of Mr. Cowen). Despite a miserably wet day 200 friends partook of tea in a tent, kindly lent by the Slaley Flower Show Committee, and an excellent musical programme was rendered by the Newbrough Band.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 11/09/1919