Parish Notes

H.M.S. Wolsley

In the Town Hall is a framed photograph of H.M.S. Wolsey. In the top corners are photos of the ship’s badge and a plaque. Then come two black and white photos of H.M. S. Wolsey. There is a coat of arms in the bottom two corners.

The text reads: H.M.S. Wolsey
Thorneycroft “W” Class Destroyer
Commission – 14th May, 1918.

This Destroyer was adopted by the Town of Spennymoor
during Warship Week – December 1941. The Target was
£55,000, the amount raised was £65,888.
During World War Two the Wolsey served at Dunkirk and
with the Rosyth Escort Force (East Coast Convoys).
H.M.S. Wolsey was decommissioned in 1945.

Hung by Coun. A. Smith – Town Mayor
in the presence of Former Crewmembers
who served on H.M.S. Wolsey during
World War 2.
24th February, 1988.