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Durham County Colliery Overmen, Deputies and Shot Firers
In Durham Record Office is a document Reference No. D/EBF32.
This is a Roll of Honour of the Durham County Colliery Overmen, Deputies and Shotfirers.

It is undated. Some names and other details have been pencilled in after the document was printed, and some of these are indecipherable. Those that are readable are indicated as *(Name)

It reads:

Page 1

List of
who have
joined His

Roll Of Honour

Easington Branch

Fred. Moreland
J. Armstrong
S. Gleghorn
W. Taylor
R. Davison *(Discharged)
E. Robinson
T. Wynn
G. Bryson
J. Jones
Wm. Nicholson

New Brancepeth Branch

Robt. Rudd
John Todd
C. Shevels
J. Barron
C. Rixon
F. Herron *(Deceased)
T. Hardy
A. Walker
J. Beaty
Sept. Aberdeen
W. Ridley
J. Oyston
*(T. Fulton)
*(?? Dugan)
*(Jos. Underwood
*(F. Bearley)
*(F. Forster)
*(S. Gibson)
*(T.W. ??)
*(W. Dawson)
*(Dowson, Geo. Syson)

Crookgate Branch

R. Robinson
J. Grey
Jos. Young
George Taylor
Jas. Rogerson
*(x) J. Aimers
R. Hutchinson
John T. Elliott
Thos. Ellison
A.G. Summerson - Killed
N. Petty
Robert Smailes
Jas. Storey
Ed. Hodson
S. Hewison
Page 2

Edmondsley Branch

Robt. J. Gray
Reg. Greenwell
Rich. Miller
Robt. Forster
Herb. Ridley
Wm. Rodgers
J.W. Fowler
John Laidler
Ben Dargue
Jos. Greener
Matt. Lee
Robt. Ridley, Junr.
John Graham

Murton Branch
Wm. Williams
Robt. Ditchburn
Thos Graham - Killed
S. Venner
R. Coulthard
Robert Harper
Thos. Mason - Killed
Thos. Robson
W. Lawson
T. Franks
*(C.R.S. Marchant)

Stanley Branch

Robert Bolam
James Turner
Peter Martin
Thos. Nearey
J. Myers
Wm. Spenseley
Henry Gales
Nichol Wilkinson
N. Dixon
Wm Bailey
Robt. Wrangham
Jno. Hall
Sam. Hendry
John Talbot
Herb. Robinson
Reg. Barret
Herbert Muir
Wm. Haw *(Killed in Action)
Bert. Davison
Robt. Simpson
R. Armstrong
Robert Collins
Jos. Nolloth - Lost on Mine Sweeper
*(Jno. Offord)
*(Dan. Whitfield)
*(W. Hall)
*(Wm. Crossby)

Bishop Auckland Branch

A. Meek
J. Bennett
C. Garraway
W. Dixon
F.G. Cowey - Discharged
M. Dixon
T. Hall
J. Loughan
T. Pratt - Missing
W. Turpin
H. Mudd
S. French
Wm. Bell
J.H. Young
T.W. Robinson
Page 3

Bishop Auckland Branch *(Contd)
R. Lacey
Wm. Burdess
A. Moyle
F. Charlton
T. Robinson
A. Mawson
W. Tyreman
Jos. Clark
W. Stenning
R. Dennison
J.J. Summerson
I. Lonsdale
R. Garraway
John Judge
T. Young
Hy. Dobbins

Woodland Branch

W. Chapman
J.W. Wallace
*(J. Gregory)

Trimdon Branch

John Longley
John Southern
R. Owens
E. Davison - Killed
John Hayes
Thomas Sword
Jos. Grey
Hy. Hutchinson

Hetton Branch

Thos. Nicholson
Herb. Foster
Thomas Adey
M. Lawson - Died from wounds
Jos. Weatherell
Gilbert Harle
George Clarke
A. Clarke
R. Nicholson
Alf. Smithson
Thos. Forester
C. Ferguson
W. Winter
John Byron
W. Watson
J. Rennie, Jnr.
R.W. Storey
Ed. Winter - Killed
W. Shields
A. Pallins
Jas. Cairns
Matt. Kitchen
George Barnes
J. Hodgson
Matt. Hepple
Hy. Slater - Discharged

Brandon Branch

J.T. Luke
John S. Richardson
R. Wood
S.W. Shields
Jos. Jackson
Jos. Johnson
Arthur Todd
Albert Leckenby
Page 4

Newbottle Branch

Ed. Marsden
Peter Briggs
Ralph Smith
J.W. Laverick
Robt. Smith
Robt. Robertson
J. Richardson
Robert Hood
J.W. Haley
Will Moss
Will Gibbons
Jos. Black
J. Bainbridge
Richard Smith
Robert Storey
Jas. Shields
Jos. Todd
John Winders
John Morgan
S.P. Hope
Will. Todd
M. Bolton
Arthur Foster
Thos. Hall
F. Norman
Will. Swinney
J. McWilliams

Hebburn Branch

J. Laidler
G. Wilson
Wm. Smith
B. Pollock
Em. Dunn
R. Davison
T. Nesbit
A. Clarke
F. King
E. Hart
W. Deardon
H. Hellam
J. McCartney
J. Henderson
A. Wight
T. Smith
J. Marley
H. Oughton
J. Dixon
R. Wilkinson
T. Gosling
J. Smith
J. Betts
A. Woodhouse
W. Brown
E. Pritchard
J. Ferguson
W. Wilson
J. Rutter
*(W. Surtees)
*(D. Jane)
*(A. Bland)
*(J. Armstrong)
*(J. Telford)
*(J. Green)
*(M. Smith)
*(M. Dennis)
*(D. Beaton)
*(R. Scott)

Crook Branch

J. Lobban
J. Egglestone
A. W. Gaddas
H. Wiley - Discharged
Alf Handsome
W. Fell
A. Greenbank
J.J. Lonsdale
E. Dryburgh
T. Wigley
G. Browell
H. Gray - Killed
R.H. Robinson - Killed
Jas. Taylor
J.H. Smith
J. Crowe - Missing
R. Winter
Page 5

Thornley Branch

*(Tho. Bosomworth)
Frank Walker
R.T. Carter
Stan. Wright - Killed
George Burlinson
T.W. Johnson
J.W. McMann
Jos. Bradshaw
T.H. Brown
Walter Gradon
Percy Moore
H. Sanderson - Lost on H.M.S. Falmouth
E. Brunwell
J.W. Ford
Thos. Clayton - Killed
Wm. Paul
J.T. Hall - Killed
*(Wm Dixon),
*(Wm. Hodgson),
*(Wm. Hetherington)

Willington Branch

J. Myers
Wm. Davison
H. Dixon
J. Sweeney
T. Laws

Ryhope Branch

Thos. Butler
Wm. Simpson
Wm. Proud
John Coulson - Killed
Ralph Dunn
Thos. Taylor
Ed. Harris
Chas. Thompson
Wm. Kelly
Arthur Onion
James Cox
Jos. Brandon *(Missing)
R. Mitchison
Geo. McLellan
John Foster - Died from wounds
Sam. Wilcock
John Yeaman - Missing
George Brown
Wm. Ritchie - Discharged

Littletown Branch

Thos. Wright
C. Hutchinson
A. Lister
Jos. Curry
*(Syd. Cook)

Washington Branch

G.P. Wilson
Thos. Nattrass
Jos. Trotter - Dead
T. Ayre - *(Discharged)
Via Dixon - Killed
Wm. Hutchinson
M. Dobson - *(Dead)
Pat. Tappetton
Thos. Dodds
M. Marshall
T.M. Nesbit
R. Bell
Ed. Bower, Junr.
Thos. Dobson
W. Yearseley
F. Sterling
Jas. Cassey
Jas. Mitchell
E. Martin
John Siggins
*(Wm. Dee)
*(Jon Nesbeth)
*(H. Frost)
*(J.W. Rosecamp)
Page 6

Spennymoor Branch

Pte. John Blenkin
Sergt. A. Baker
Sergt. W. Wheatman
Pte. Geo. Brown
Pte. A. Dixon
Pte. J. Swinburne
Pte. T. Glendenning - Killed
Pte. Geo. Owens
Pte. A. Taylor
Pte. W. Fenwick
Pte. J.R. Hindmarch

Birtley Branch

Chas. Steele - Severely wounded and discharged
Wm. Lawton
Wm. Davison
J. Parsons
B. Thompson
Jas. Layton
J. Lawson *(Killed in action)
Wm. Hudson
Wm. Pickering
A. Ogle
Herb. Crone - Died of Wounds
J. Clark

Leadgate Branch

W.R. Robinson
Geo. Brown
Jos. Cawthorne
John Dent Died of Wounds
J.H. Parker
Thos. Smith, Junr.
Jos. M. Porter
Fred. Wood
John Bell
Walter Curnow
Wm. Snaith
J.W. Wood
John Boldon
Wm. Lowery
Ernest Parker
J.G. Beckwith
Jos. Richardson
Dixon Brown
R.H. Gladders, Junr.
*(Lance Marley)
*(Thos. Coultor)

Durham City Branch

John McClintock
R. Miller
R. Miller, Junr.
Geo. Pattison
E. Belshaw - Discharged
R. Stead - Killed
John Barnett, Junr.
R. Curry
R. Fowler
R. Jones *(Dead)
T. Wilkinson
Nicholas King
Page 7

Seaham Branch

J.W. Holley
David Brown
John Barker
Tom Lightfoot
Michael Hudson
Mark Greaves
M. McKenna
S. Bambro
J. Paxton
T. Wilson
W. Harley
T. Foots
- Hedley
C. Foster
W. Reed
J. Tizard
J.E. Newton
A. Jackson *(K. in action)
J.W. Renwick
John Shanks
J.C. Kay
W. Proud
Ed. Williamson
T. English
J. Foots

Langley Park Branch

A. Bolam
A. Simpson
Geo. T. Anderson
C. Dick
Jas. Mason

Chopwell Branch

Adam Price
A. Curnow
H. Anderson
J. Graham
Hy. Richardson
Ben. Rudd
T. Hedworth
Geo. Graham
J.W. Waugh

Horden Branch

J.G. Jameson
W. Bell
W. Holloway
C. Burdon
H. Jackson
J. Hartley
E. Payne
T. Dugdale
R.W. Saville
R. Carr - Killed
M. Hooker
J. Blair - Discharged
J. Forsyth
T. Pallister
R. Jameson
T. Thompson
M. Williamson
R. Stonehouse
J. Cook- Killed
S. Rowe- Killed
T. Walton
Wm. Blackburn - Died of wounds
W.J. Turner
C. Pearson
J.H. Almond
R. Denton - Discharged
E. Harlock
C. E. Carter
T. Greener
L. Shield
Page 8

Coxhoe Branch

J.F. Robinson
E. Mitchell
G. Sedgwick
Thos. Robinson
A. Calvart
J. Eltringham
J. Wallace
D. MacFadden
R. Moore
Wm. Hall
A. Crowther

Blaydon Mains Branch

W.R. Greener - Died of wounds
H. Richardson - Killed
James Ridley
J. Slater
W. Hall
*(Thos. Keen Royal Engineers)

Gateshead Branch

Jos. Dixon
D. Smith
George Yeates
Wm. Aitchinson
T. Stephenson - Killed
T.H. Dodds
D. Bainbridge
G. Tedstill
Jas. Lumsden
James Hall
George Laverick
T. Robinson
*(Albert Marr)

Hamsteels Branch

E. Parkinson
P. Ditchburn
Jno. Coxon
J.W. Dodd
*(G.W. Lawson)
*(Jno. Dixon)

Ferryhill Branch

Albt. Tether
Wm Witton
Ed. Harper
Ern. Foster
Jas. Davey - Killed
Sam. Martin
Chas. Stainsby
Thos. Groves
T.B. Thompson
John Ward
Wm. Reed Junr.
Albt. Crowther
Wm. Mason - Discharged
Jas. Watson
Nichol Rain
Wm. McGreggor
R. Newby
Jno. Smailes
Geo. Young
Wm. Richardson
Peter Keenan
Page 9

Cockfield Branch

D.P. Hunter
Simpson Walker*(Discharged)
Thos. Hodgson
C. Warin
S. Walker
Lut. Kerby *(Killed)
H. Hall
Wm. Pounder *(Prisoner of War)
*(C.R. Sewell
*(Jas. Swalwell)

Annfield Plain Branch

R. Foster
R. Smailes
George Clayton
W. Wilson - Died of Wounds
Thos. Cross
N. Maudlin
A. Pigford
H. Maudlin
Thos. Hunt
Jos. Gibbon

Spen Branch

Wm. Johnson
C. Emmerson
Jno. Whitfield
Henry Rolf
Wm. Buchel
*(J.W. Brougham)

Southwick Branch

C. Tyson - Discharged
Jas. Hanson
Ed. Kirtley
George Hunt
R.J. Coloquham
John Baggott – Discharged
John Sewell
Robert Beadle
John Bowey
John Brown
John Harrison - Killed
Wm. Bevens - Discharged
Thos. Chevalier
Wm. Cooper
Robt. Thompson
F. W. Dixon
Thos. Crewe
J.W. Ferguson
Wm. Watson
Wm. Whyte
H. Aldridge
S. Mosley
Robert Trotter

Ryton Branch

Jas. Bannister
Jas. Muir
J.H. Davidson - Killed
I. Armstrong
B. Brocklebank
L. Cossar
E. Shipley
Page 10

West Pelton Branch

H. Robinson
Jos. Taylor
Geo. Weddell Killed
Watson Hall
J. Shelley
R. Gutherson
J.W. Taylor
T. Carr
Geo. Cruddas
F. French
F. Collins
*(A. Keen)

South Moor Branch

B. Parker
Wm. Mitchell
Ed. Ridley

Chester le Street Branch

Ed. Warren, Junr.
Thos. Clasper
John Benson
Wm. T. Anderson
J.W. Armstrong
John E. Dixon
Geo. Collingwood Prisoner of War
585 Members have answered the call of King and Country
These bled and died
in defence of
Home and Liberty

Pte. Thos. Graham, Yorks., Murton
Sergt. Ed. Winter, Military Medallist, Hetton
Pte. H. Gray, 10th Yorks., Crook
Sergt. R.H. Robinson, 8th East Yorks., Crook
Gunner J.E. Crowe, Machine Gun Corps., Crook
Pte. Stanley Wright, Thornley
Stoker H. Sanderson, H.M.S. Falmouth, Thornley
Corp. Jos. Trotter, 3rd Royal Engineers, Washington
Page 11

Pte. T. Glendenning, Spennymoor
A.B. John Dent, Royal Naval Division, Leadgate
Pte. Richard Stead, 22nd Durham L.I., Durham City
Pte. W.R. Greener, 9th Durham L.I., Blaydon Main
Pte. H. Richardson, 9th Durham L.I., Blaydon Main
Pte. T. Stephenson, 18th Northumberland Fus., Gateshead
Rifleman J. Davey, 7th Rifle Brigade, Ferryhill
L.-Corp. J. Harrison, 20th Durham L.I., Southwick
Pte. Geo. Weddell, 8th Durham L.I., West Pelton
A.G. Summerson, Crookgate
Thomas Mason, Murton
Joseph Nolloth, Stanley
T. Pratt, Bishop Auckland
E. Davison, Trimdon
M. Lawson, Hetton
Thomas Clayton, Thornley
J.T. Hall, Thornley
John Coulson, Ryhope
John Foster, Ryhope
John Yeaman, Ryhope
Via. Dixon, Washington
Herbert Crone, Birtley
W. Wilson, Annfield Plain
Pte. J.H. Davidson, Ryton
J. Cook, Horden
S. Rowe, Horden
Wm. Blackburn, Horden
R. Carr, Horden
Geo. Collingwood, Chester-le-Street, Prisoner of War

A Sacrifice Unto God
N.B. – The Secretaries are requested to give one copy
of this report to each Family represented on the
Roll of Honour – W.B.C.

Durham County Colliery Overmen, Deputies and Shot Firers Roll of Honour