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Photo: Barney Rice


Plaque 1914-18 Raby Street Council School




BYKER (N'castle/Byker)

Original Location

Raby Street Council School

Present Location

Byker Community Centre, in the foyer

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 3rd February 1921 by Col. E.P.A. Riddell, dedicated by Rev. D. Morgan, minister of Gordon Road Presbyterian Church.
Rededicated 4/11/2012.

Memorial Description

Plaque 63 inches high x 20˝ inches wide. There is a pediment top in which a wreath has been carved in half relief and gilded.
The main panel is divided into two sunken panels at the top, with arched tops, in which are the dates “1914” and “1918”. Below this is a ribbon painted as a silver ribbon (nacre?) on which are the words “Roll of Honour” in black Roman lettering.
The names are listed in two columns divided by a thick gilt vertical column.
Lettering is gilded using sans serif capitals.
The quotation is on a panel at the bottom, lettering gilded using elongated Roman lower case.
There is a shelf at the bottom.

Materials used

Teak from H.M.S. “Britannia”.


Roll of Honour
“These gave their lives, that you who / live may reap a nobler harvest, ere you fall asleep”


Who commissioned


Present condition


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Hughes, Bolckow of Blyth.


1. Raby Street School was closed in the 1990s but the building still exists and is now a Youth Club.

2. In his address, Col. Riddell says that he has come to pay tribute to “60 of my pals”, but there are only 52 names on the roll.

3. In a booklet presented by Hughes Bolckow to their staff when the firm was taken over in 1961, there is a long piece about the break-up of the "Britannia". The salvaged material went to making up all kinds of things. A sentence reads : "Folding chairs on offer were designed with wounded soldiers in mind ('their high back is very restful, but does not interfere with the hat when seated'); tea trolleys were advertised ('in hospitals and nursing homes they ease the extra work brought by the war'); and there were three patterns of memorial shrine with space for names of up to 150 dead; the names could be added 'in black at a halfpenny a letter, or in gold at a penny a letter.”

4. When part of the old school,was demolished, the memorial was thrown into a skip where it was spotted and rescued. It has been in the cellar of the Byker Community Centre. It apparently is not wanted in the new school. However, it is thought that more people will see it in the Community Centre, in the entrance hall, rededicated on 4th November 2012. The unveiling will be performed by Bill Ness, a former paratrooper and Normandy Veteran. The information comes from Vic Pollitt, also a ex-paratrooper. Both men were former pupils at the Raby School.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Barney Rice

Newcastle Daily Journal 04/02/1921 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 04/02/1921 reports unveiling.

Tyne and Wear Archives School log book 1897-1957 Ref. 53/61

Evening Chronicle 25/10/2012 reports the story of the memorial, its rescue from the tip and the proposed rededication.

Source of quotation:
“These gave their lives . . .” is a shortened version of “Sons of this place let this of you be said. That you who live are worthy of your dead. These gave their lives that you who live may reap. A richer harvest ere you fall asleep”. Not ascertained.

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Research acknowledgements

Barney Rice; Dorothy Hall; Vic Pollitt

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Plaque 1914-18 Raby Street Council School (B95.19)

BYKER      Raby Street School 
   1914            1918
   Roll of Honour
   Robt. Octon.         Jas. Tweddle.
   Matt. Spedding.      Jos. Hindhaugh.
   Jno. Burn.           Wm. G. Innes.
   Chas. Davison.       Stephen Horsley.
   Sam. Wood.           Jno. Whitecross.
   Thos. Darling.       Geo. H. Roche.
   Jas. Broughton.      Robt. B. Hornsby.
   Geo. Wheatley.       Wm. M. Davison.
   Jno. W. Grant.       Amos Marshall.
   Jas. R. Richardson.  Jos. Nixon.
   Jas. R. Fairbairn.   Wm. Grant.
   Sam. T. Taylor       David Anderson.
   Daniel Webb.         Wm. Wood.
   Geo. H. Hemderson.   Ed. Grimmer.
   Hen. Hardy.          Robt. Woods.
   David Hardy.         Jos. Storey.
   Thos. Bartrum.       Jas. R. Smeaton.
   Thos. Smith.         Jno. Dunbar.
   Alex. Ruffells.      Thos. L. Twizell.
   Herbert Cunningham.  David Davison.
   Archibald Bone.      Jno. Guthrie.
   Norman Ayre.         Chas. Clark.
   Jno. Ritchie.        Jno. Ritchie.
   Jno. W. Harrison.    Robt. Ritchie.
   Wm. Atkinson.        Walter Patterson.
   Andrew Campbell.     Cris. Dickinson.
   “These gave their lives, that you who
   live may reap a nobler harvest, ere you fall asleep”

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