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Photo: John Dixon


Plaque Drummond 1918 St. Mary and St. Stephen





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NZ 073373

Original Location

Church of St. Mary and St. Stephen, Church Lane.

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Memorial Description

Plaque of light marble mounted on black marble pattress 24 inches high x 30 inches wide. At centre top is “ XX Omnia Audax” (?“Bold in everything”). Lettering is in a variety of fonts, upper and lower case with the quotation in sans serif italic upper case.

Materials used

Light marble plaque on black marble pattress.


“Omnia Audax”
In Loving Memory of
2nd Lieut. Harry Drummond,
17th Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers,
youngest and dearly beloved son of
Henry & Elizabeth Drummond,
who was killed in action on
his twentieth birthday, Oct. 31st 1918
and was buried near Coutrai, Belgium.

“Faithful unto death”


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Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: John and Mavis Dixon

Source of quotation
“ Faithful unto death” Revelation 2 v 10

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Research acknowledgements

John and Mavis Dixon

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Plaque Drummond 1918 St. Mary and St. Stephen (W128.12)

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