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Plaque 1914-18 Byker and Heaton Union Club




BYKER (N'castle/Byker)

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NZ 272648

Original Location

Byker and Heaton Union Club

Present Location

Byker & Heaton Club (Key Club), Shields Road/Potts Road. On staircase.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 25th November 1920 by Ald. A. Alexander Wilkie, M.P. for Dundee.

Memorial Description

Plaque 70 cm high x 60 cm wide on pattress 81cm high x 76 cm wide.
There is a wide border of a Greek key pattern culminating in roundels in the four corners. At centre top is a badge with motto and the Union flag on each side in colour.
The names of those who fell are in three columns in a box below the dedication. Those who served are listed in three underneath columns divided by a vertical line. Lettering is in black sans serif capitals with some titles in red.

Materials used



Fortiter Defendit Triumphans /
This Tablet is erected / by the members of the / Byker & Heaton Union Club Limtd / to those members who responded to the call of duty in the / Great War 1914-1919


Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding

Illustrated Chronicle 26/11/1920 reports unveiling.

North Mail 26/11/1920 reports unveiling.

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Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque 1914-18 Byker and Heaton Union Club (B95.14)

BYKER      Byker and Heaton Club
   Fortiter Defendit Triumphans
   This tablet is erected
   by the members of the
   Byker & Heaton Union Club Limtd
   to those members who responded to the call of duty in the
   -----------Great War 1914-1919------------
Pte Conner, T.  R.N.D.     Pte Lake, W.J. Royal Scots Fus Pte Stewart, E.   D of W.
E.R.A De Voy    Royal Navy Pte McLane, A. 12 N.F.         Pte Sinclair, J.  I.T.S. N.F.
Pte Foster, J.  N.F.       Pte Rowe, R.   12 N.F.         Pte Straughan, J. N.F.
Pte Humpish, J. N.F.                                      Pte Wood, M.      N.F.
   Spr Adams, W.      10th D.L.I.   Chief E.R.A. Forrest, A. Royal Navy     
   Cpl Anderson, J.   M.A.B.        Pte Fothergill, G.B.   N.F.             
   Pte Anderson, W.   24 N.F.       Pte Franklin, W. Jun                    
   Gunr Armstrong, W. 259 Sge Bat   Furer, C.                               
   Pte Bannon, R.     16 N.F.       Gunr Glendenning, W.G. R.G.A.           
   Barker, S.                       Instr Sgt Grant, T.    N.F.             
   C.Q.M.S. Barnett, J. 1V.B. N.F.  Pte Gray, D.           D.L.I.           
   Pte Bell, J.       N.F.          Pte Guthrie, H.        Scottish Rifles  
   Cpl Bell, W.       R.F.A.        Cpl Hall, W.B.         A.S.C.           
   Pte Bennett, L.    N.F.          Pte Hardy, G.          D.L.I.           
   Cpl Berkley, M.C.  R.E.          Pte Harrington, J.     N.F.             
   Cpl Boag, J.       1 N.F.        Sgt Heaney, J.         N.F.             
   Borrowdale, W.                   P.O. Henderson, A.G.   R.N.             
   E.R.A. Bowran, J.  Royal Navy    Pte Hogarth, T.        K.O.Y.L.I.       
   Pte Bramwell, J.   N.F.          Pte Horner, J.T.       N.F.             
   Pnr Bridger, A.    R.E.          Pte Huntley, R. Jun    R.A.F.           
   Pte Brunton, J.S.  A.S.C.        Pte Hutton, T.         Royal Scots Fus  
   Cpl Bryenton, L.   1 N.F.        Cpl Johnstone, J.      I.T.S. N.F.      
   Pte Candlish, H.   N.F.          Cpl Johnston, W.B.     N.F.             
   Pte Carvlin, T.    K.O.S.B.      Capt Dr Laverick, F.R.H.  Nelson Bat    
   Sgt Cobb, W.H.     R.A.O.C.      Leadsen, J.                             
   Pte Cockburn, J.   R.A.F.        Pte Lillico, J.P. Jun  A.S.C.           
   Sgt Craigs, R.     B.R.C.        Pte McArdle, J.W.      West Yorks       
   Pte Davison, R.    N.F.          Pte McCarron, G.       R.A.M.C.         
   Pte Davidson, A.                 E.R.A. McFarlane, W.   R.N.T.           
   Lieut Dennis, E.   R.F.A.        Pte McLaren, J.        A.O.C.           
   Spr Dickinson, P.  R.E.          Pte Marshall, J.J.     3 West Yorks     
   Pte Elliott, J.    11 Lincolns   Spr Middlemiss, B.     R.E.             
   Lcl Emmerson, T.   35 N.F.       Pte Moore, W.          1 V.B. N.F.      
   Pte Fenwick, G.H.  N.F.          Capt Dr Nevin, R.W.    N.F.A.           
   Sgt Flintoff, T.   24 N.F.       Spr Page, E.W.         R.E.             
   Spr Foster, B.     R.E.          Gunr Peterson, J.W.    R.F.A.           
   Gunr Piercey, G.     R.F.A.
   Pte Piers, J.        9 D.L.I.
   Pte Purdie, J.W.     R.A.F.
   Pte Ramsay, A.       N.F.
   Pte Redpath, J.
   Pte Ridley, R.       1 N.F.
   Sgt Ross, J.         R.E.
   Ldg Sigr Ross, W.    Royal Navy
   Pte Rutherford, T.   Royal Warwicks
   Pte Rutherford, M.   N.F.      
   Drvr Scott, A.       A.S.C.
   Pte Soulsby, G.S.    A.S.C.
   Pte Spoors, J.G.     Gren Guards
   Pte Spoors, A,J.     D.L.I.
   Gunr Sugden, A.      R.G.A.
   Sylvan, H.           R.E.
   Pte Tait, G.         N.F.
   Pte Thompson, S.     Labor Corps R.E.
   E.R.A. Thompson, G.  Royal Navy
   Pte Thompson, J.     A.O.C.
   Pte Thompson, C.     R.A.M.C.
   Lt Engr Thubron, T.J. Royal Navy
   Pte Turnbull, E.     Labor Corps R.E.
   Pte Watson, J.       9 D.L.I.
   Pte Wedgewood, R.H.  Manchr
   Wilson, T.M.
   Cpl Wilson, R.       Northd Huss
   Lieut Wilson, J.     R.G.A.
   Spr Wood, S.         R.E.
   Spr Wood, J.D.       R.E.
   E.R.A. Worrall, H.F. Royal Navy
   Lt Engr Younger, R.R. Royal Navy

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