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Photo showing a black cat with ribbon round his neck, and tied so that he can have his picture taken.


“Peter”, Nthland Hussars
--- Mascot ---




1. Peter the cat was a small bundle of fur when handed to a man from Longhirst as he set out to join the Northumberland Hussars. The cat went through the war. Afterwards, he went to live at Meldon Hall. Here, the servants tried to startle him by dropping tin trays and making other clatter, but Peter was so used to the sounds of battle that he didn’t stir a whisker. He eventually met his end when going through a window when the sash broke. He is buried in the grounds at Meldon Hall.

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Postcard: Mrs. N. Thompson

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Mrs. N. Thompson, Longhirst

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Photo Peter the Cat 1914-18 (L27.03)

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