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Plaque 1914-18 1939-45 St. Peter





Map ref

NZ 822854.

Original Location

In School

Present Location

Church closed c.1989 and is now a private dwelling. See Note 2 below.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 4th July 1920 by Sir Thomas Oliver.

Memorial Description

Plaque approx. 5 feet high x 2 feet wide, with gabled top, and pilasters below dividing the monument into two arched panels.
The dedication is in the gable, painted in gold lettering.
Below the gable, and above the panels, are painted (left) a sailor (right) a soldier and (centre) the badge of the Discharged Sailors and Soldiers - a blue leaf with the initials D.S.& S. painted in white. The top of each panel has the words "Roll of Honour" and the names are listed in a single column in each. The words "The Heroic Dead" are on the frame below this.
An addition panel has been added underneath, beautifully incorporated, on which the list continues, with names listed in two columns. Another section, again made to fit the whole, has been added at the bottom to carry the names from 1939-45 also listed in two columns. All names are hand-written in gold paint, using sans serif capitals throughout.

Materials used

Teak "from an old battleship".


a. The / Great War 1914-1918 / For God, King and Country.
The Heroic Dead.
b. World War 1939-1945


Who commissioned

Stakeford and West Sleekburn Branch of the Disabled Sailors and Soldiers Federation.

How money was raised

Public subscription

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Hughes, Bolckow and Co. Ltd.


1. The material used may well have been from the "Britannia", from which Hughes, Bolckow made many memorials, and which was dismantled at Blyth, but timber from other boats was also used..

2. The memorial was at West Sleekburn Middle School until a suitable home was found. The school has now closed. The plaque has been relocated in the Church Hall.

3. The cost of the additional names for 1939-45 was 25, already raised by public subscription. It was designed by H.L. Honeyman, Architect, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; Morris Robinson; ABRC Copyright

Morpeth Herald 09/07/1920 reports the unveiling ceremony.

Alnwick & County Gazette 10/07/1920 reports on the unveiling on 4th July 1920, and the memorial "commemorates 102 men".

Newcastle Daily Journal 05/07/1920 reports unveiling of plaque commemorating "102 men".

Northern Echo 06/07/1920 reports unveiling.

Diocese of Newcastle Faculty No.1715 dated 16/12/1949 allows for the extension of the memorial to include 1939-45.

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Research acknowledgements

J. Brown; Michael Newrick; John Dobson, Rev.Jeremy Thompson; Morris Robinson; Patrick Eason; Jim Dix (Chapelwarden, St.Paul's, Choppington); Miss Anne McNair, Advisory Board for Redundant Churches; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque 1914-18 1939-45 St. Peter (W34.01)

WEST SLEEKBURN, St. Peter's Church.

   Great War 1914-1918
   For God, King and Country
   Roll                         Roll
   of                           of
   Honour                       Honour
   Andrews S.        N.F.       Millican R.       N.F.
   Allen Geo.        N.F.       Millican T.       N.F.
   Angus Jno.C.      W.Y.       Meins A.          N.F.
   Angus             W.Y.       Moore G.W.        R.F.A.
   Anderson W.G.     A.O.C.     Morris Al.        N.F.
   Burns Al.         L.R.       Nicholson R.      N.F.
   Bolton W.         R.F.       Nicholson J.      N.F.
   Brown J.R.        N.F.       Nicholson R.      N.F.
   Brown M.          N.F.       Nicholson Wm.     N.F.
   Bush C.           N.F.       Neal Y.           Y.L.
   Burkenshire W.H.  R.E.       Osborne A.        N.F.
   Burton G.         N.F.       Pattie T.         N.F.
   Buglass R.        N.F.       Patterson H.      N.F.
   Campbell R.       N.F.       Pattinson D.      N.F.
   Carr Al.          N.F.       Reid R.           R.A.M.C.
   Cottrell H.       N.F.       Reid J.           N.F.
   Clark P.          N.F.       Roberts F.S.      R.A.M.C.
   Clark H.F.        N.F.       Rix R.            N.F.
   Coils T.          N.F.       Robinson T.       N.F.
   Dodds R.          N.F.       Robinson J.       N.F.
   Douglass W.       N.F.       Robinson A.       N.F.
   Dixon W.          N.F.       Ronaldson F.      R.F.
   Dixon R.M.        N.F.       Robson J.         N.F.
   Dunn Wm.          L.S.Y.     Redpath F.        R.N.D.
   Flanigan M.       R.N.D.     Redpath G.        R.N.D.
   Foster F.         N.F.       Shields R.        N.F.
   Gray J.G.         N.F.       Sayburn J.        R.N.
   Gray Thos.        N.F.       Scott G.W.        Q.R.S.
   Godsmark J.       N.F.       Stewart B.        N.F.
   Green J.          N.F.       Straughan G.      N.F.
   Gibson R.         N.F.       Simpson W.        N.F.
   Hall W.           N.F.       Scott J.          N.F.
   Hall J.           W.Y.       Scott W.          N.F.
   Hardie W.         N.F.       Smith W.          N.F.
   Holden E.         N.F.       Spraggon W.       N.F.
   Hope G.           N.F.       Swann W.          Q.H.
   Harvey R.J.       N.F.       Turnbull, J.      N.F.
   Harvey A.         R.F.A.     Thompson W.       N.F.
   Hunter W.         N.F.       Usher W.S.        R.A.M.C.
   Hudspith T.       R.F.       Wood W.           N.F.
   Ince R.           N.F.       Wood W.           R.D.C.
   Jarvis W.         N.F.       Wood Al.          N.F.
   James R.          N.F.       Wright J.T.       N.F.
   Johnson T.        N.F.       Whipps, J.        N.F.
   Johnson A.M.      N.F.       Waite W.          N.F.
   Killoran J.W.     N.F.       Walding, G.       R.M.L.I.
   Laws A.           N.F.       Yeouart J.        N.F.
   Logan T.H.        N.F.       Eastham J.        N.F.
   Lowes G.          N.F.       Joice E.T.        R.N.D.
   Millican M.       N.F.       Dunn J.           N.F.
   The Heroic Dead
   Elsdon R.         N.F.       Turner J.         W.Y.
   Andrews J.E.      N.F.       Welbury, J.       N.F.
   Armstrong R.J.    N.F.       Herron G.         N.F.
   Blaylock J.W.     N.F.       Nicholson, W.     N.Z.C.
   Summers G.        N.F.
   World War 1939.1945.
   Eke J.            R.N.       Laws W.           N.F.
   Fairbairn R.      D.L.I.     Routledge A.      R.N.
   Hamilton J.W.     R.N.       Smith J.G.        R.A.
   Jones J.T.        Q.R.R.     Tait H.S.         K.O.S.B.
   Kennedy R.A.      R.A.M.C.   Tait J.           M.N.
   Lanham H.         R.A.       Turnbull J.       R.A.F.
   Longbottom S.     R.N.       Wilkin T.         R.A.F.
   Logan R.          D.L.I.

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