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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Working Men’s Club





Original Location

Working Men’s Club

Present Location

Totally lost by fire in early 1950s.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 24th July 1920 by Alderman Robert Richardson, M.P., chairman of the Durham Branch of the Club and Institute Union.

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour behind glass. There is a wide border which features (top centre) a picture of the club; (top left) a biplane; (top right) tank; (centre left) a battleship; (centre right) a Zeppelin; (bottom right) another battleship. At bottom left is Britannia. In between are various shield-shapes carrying the flags of various countries.
At centre bottom is a ribbon with the words “For King and Empire” with a soldier to the left and a sailor to the right. At centre of the panel is a frame in which are the names of those killed, with the words “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” on a ribbon at top with a wreath.
Below the dedication and above the names are military distinctions earned by four men showing the ribbons they would wear.
The names of those who served are listed in seven columns using lower case script.

Materials used

Paper behind glass


Willington & District / Working Men’s / Club and Institute. / Roll of Honour / 1914-1919 / Great European War.
For King and Empire.



Total cost, including gold medals, was about £500.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Mr. E.C. Hedley of Bishop Auckland


1. At the same ceremony, gold medals were presented to the relatives of members who had lost their lives. Gold medals were presented the following week to all other members who served.

2. From the club, 291 members served. 34 were killed. Two were awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal, three the Military Medal, and there were other honours

3. Ald. Richardson was presented with a gold mounted walking stick as a memento of the occasion.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Rennison Vayro

Auckland and County Chronicle 22/04/1920 reports progress; 29/07/1920 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 26/07/1920 reports unveiling.

Durham Chronicle 30/07/1920 reports unveiling.

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Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Rennison Vayro; Dorothy Hall

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Working Men’s Club (W120.05)

    Working Men’s Club and Institute Ltd.
    Willington and District  
    Roll of Honour
    1914    Great European War    1919 

    Military Distinctions    
Left hand side  
    Joseph Parkin          Freeman Scurr                  
    Military Medal & Bar   Distinguished Conduct Medal    
Right hand side 
    Jacob Reed                        Thomas Willey 
    Distinguished Conduct Medal       Military Medal
    and Military Medal     
Panel in centre of the memorial
           Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori    
    Adamson, Matthew     Gaffney, Peter        Mitchell, Robert  
    Adamson, Thomas      Galley, Frank         Naisbitt, Thompson  
    Allan, George        Hird, Ralph           Paylor, Joseph  
    Bell, John Henry     Hodgson, David        Plumpton, Harold  
    Booth, George        Hodgson, John         Robinson, Jos. B.  
    Blackett, Cuthbert   Lamb, John            Robinson, Joseph  
    Buckley, Andrew      Laws, Ralph           Robson, Albert J.  
    Cook, Thomas         Lister Alf. Ernest    Sides, Edward  
    Cooper, George       Lowes, Elmo           Smith, John  
    Curl, Frank          Lucas, Edward         Stonehouse, Ed.  
    Ford, Charles        McGrath, Patrick      Taylor, Isaac  
                         Venn, Thomas      
Columns 1 and 2

    Atkinson, John       Chivers, Edwin  
    Askew, John,         Carrick, Henry 
    Atkinson, Wm.        Cryan, Thomas  
    Allan, James         Crawford, Bernard 
    Armory, Wm.          Carter, George 
    Ashman, Geo.         Cleary, Joseph 
    Ashurst, Wm.         Callaghan, Patrick 
    Ashurst, James       Collingwood, Geo. 
    Atkinson, Arthur     Compton, Charles 
    Armory, Geo.         Cottle, Ernest 
    Allchurch, Daniel    Collishaw, John 
    Atkinson, David      Conlon, Bernard 
    Archer, John W.      Coates, William 
    Burdess, George      Coote, Eli 
    Britton, Wm.         Cowens, Joseph 
    Bewley, John W.      Craggs, Joseph H. 
    Booth, Joseph        Cunningham, J.  
    Bell, Emmerson       Casey, Bernard        
    Bell, John R.        Casey, John  
    Bell, Charles        Carlon, Owen  
    Barton, James        Cummings, Gerald 
    Brown, Joseph        Daley, William  
    Burnip, Joseph       Dowson, Henry   
    Brown, Jos. Proud    Dover, George W. 
    Bulman, Stephen      Derbyshire, James 
    Brown, Thomas        Dawson, Thomas  
    Brown, William       Davis, James 
    Brown, Henry         Dobson, Robt.J.  
    Burdess, Robert      Davidson, Thomas 
    Brownlee, Fred       Davison, Henry 
    Bolam, Philip        Dowd, John  
    Bennett, Jacob       Dodds, George 
    Burdess, James       Dowson, Joseph 
    Bolam, Matthew       Elliott, Edward 
    Bond, John           Evans, Fred. 
    Brown, Thomas        Fleming, James 
    Blackburn, John      Fox, Robert 
    Britton, Thomas      Foreman, Thomas 
    Casey, James         Friend, Anthony 
    Casey, James         Fletcher, James 
Columns 3, 4 and 5
    Frame, Thomas        Harper, Frank         Long, James   
    Fox, Thomas          Henderson, James      Laws, Thomas   
    Fleming, Chris       Harper, John          Lobban, James   
    Fryer, Ernest        Hewitson, Michael     Lowes, Elmo   
    Ford, Thos. W.       Higgins, Michael      Longstaff, Rich’d P.  
    Ferens, John H.      Harris, John          Lee, Edward   
    Finlayson, John R.   Hall, Joseph          Morris, Joseph   
    Fletcher, Frank      Hardy, Thomas         Markham, J.W.   
    Galley, James        Heads, Arthur         Marr, James   
    Gowland, Matthew     Harle, Herbert        Murphy, Patrick   
    Gaffney, James       Hickman, Sept.        McGee, Norman   
    Griffen, Walter      Hogg, Robert          Mann, William   
    Ginty, Ralph         Hopper, William       Morson, Farrer W. 
    Gill, Thomas         Hardy, George         Morgan Edward   
    Green, Arthur        Jones, Jack           Murray H.     
    Gray, Thomas         Jackson, Fred         McGee Ernest   
    Golightly, John      Joyner, Richard       Manners Thomas   
    Ginty, Joseph        Joyce, John           Mann A.     
    Green, George        Jopling, Ernest       Marsden M.   
    Gowland, John        Jones, Peter          Maddison J.   
    Gallaghar, Michael   Jackson, Henry        Masters Sydney   
    Hill, Edward         Jackson, Herbert      Minto Edward   
    Holvey, George       Johnson, Fred         Moore Ernest   
    Hall, Thomas         King, Jacob           Martin Robert   
    Holmes, Edward O.    Kirtley, Charles      Maude William   
    Hatton, Jonah        Kell, Henry           Pollard George   
    Hird, Ralph          Law, William          Parkin John H.   
    Hewitson, Thos.      Lamb, John            Phillips David   
    Henderson Jeffrey    Long, Thomas          Parkins George   
    Hardy, Matthew C.    Lamb, Joseph          Pearson John W.
Columns 6 and 7

    Penny, John          Stonehouse, John
    Plews, John E.       Slack, John
    Pinder, Joseph       Shackleton, James
    Prince, J.S.         Steele, William
    Parkins, Walter      Schofield, Ben.
    Patterson, Chas.     Smith, Frank
    Poulton, George      Sewell, John
    Pearse, John         Smurthwaite, H.
    Pounder, Mark        Swords, John
    Prince, James        Stephenson, Chas.
    Patterson, George    Swords, Patrick
    Purvis, John         Selby, George
    Paylor, Mark         Turnbull, Wilfred
    Painter, G.A.        Todd, Charles
    Ryan, Peter          Thomas. Chas. W.
    Robinson, Dixon      Todd, John
    Robinson, Thomas     Traynor, Patrick
    Robinson, Frank      Urwin, William
    Robinson, J.C.       Vayro, Thomas
    Reed, Joseph         Welford, David
    Reynolds, Wm.        Williamson, Fred
    Rayson, Henry        Woodand, James
    Ryan, Hugh           Waldy, George
    Robson, John W.      Welford, Anthony
    Reed, Edgar          Wilkinson, Geo.
    Redhead, James E.    Wood, James
    Rutter, Thomas       Whitfield, John
    Reed, Joseph         Whitfield, John E.
    Raine, Jonathan      Wilson, Henry
    Richardson, H.       Watson, Thomas
    Redhead, William     Watson, Henry A.
    Smith, Frank         Wilkinson Chris
    Scratcher, J.H.      Wearmouth Ed.
    Smailes, Wilk        Walker, Robert
    Stobbs, Henry        Walker, George
    Scorer, Ralph        Wright, J.B.
    Scorer, James        Wragg, Sam.C.
    Scorer, Henry        Waller, Joseph
    Scorer, Anthony      Witton, John
    Spence, Alexander
    For King & Empire
    The Auckland and County Gazette reports that the names of John   
    Parker and Joseph Brown, who are died at Willington from war 
    wounds, were to be added.

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