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Photo: James Pasby


ROH 1939-45 Holy Trinity





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NZ 296585

Original Location

Holy Trinity Church, Peareth Hall Road.

Present Location

Originally on rear wall of the church, but was fire damaged after an arson attack in the 1980s and after restoration was sited in the middle of the North Wall of the Nave.

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Memorial Description

Plaque 58 inches high x 29 inches (1.47m x 736mm) wide. There is a dark border all the way round. The top is extended into a rectangle which bears the dedication. At top and bottom the plaque is painted to resemble fretwork. The dedication is written in white Northumbrian lettering on red panels as is the prayer at the bottom. The names are in two columns, the lettering in grey Roman capitals.

Materials used



To the / memory of / the men / and women / of this parish / who gave / their lives / in the war / 1939-1945
Give rest O Christ to thy / servants with thy saints.


How money was raised

Public subscription.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: James Pasby; W. Barker

Source of quotation
"Give rest O Christ to thy / servants with thy saints." (Not ascertained).

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Research acknowledgements

James Pasby; W. Barker, Gateshead

Research In Progress

Wessington U3A War Memorials Group (in Washington) has fairly extensive details of the WW1 men on Usworth, Washington Village and Harraton memorials. There are files of their information about the Harraton men in libraries at Shiney Row, Washington, Washington Village, Sunderland, Newcastle, Gateshead, Birtley and Durham Record Office and Tyne Wear Archives Blandford Street. The group have lots of photos and are happy to supply to anyone who wants them – they didn’t include photos because of the cost of printing. They are starting to collect about WW2 men as well – harder to research. There are also files of info about life and events in Harraton Parish during WW1 in the same places.


ROH 1939-45 Holy Trinity (U9.05)

USWORTH   Holy Trinity Church
     To the 
     memory of 
     the men 
     and women 
     of this parish 
     who gave 
     their lives 
     in the war 
     Norman Armstrong      Henry Lamb
     Norman Askew          Joseph Madden
     William Ball          John McCartney
     James Brewis          Barras Monaghan
     Joseph Brown          Christopher Mordey
     Frank Burnett         Edna Palmer
     Walter Carr           Robert Palmer
     Reginald Cooke        Jabez Pearson
     Harold Coulson        Robert Pimbley
     James Coyle           John Quinn
     Thomas Cresswell      Alfred Race
     William Cresswell     William Richards
     James Carpenter       Alan Richardson
     Joseph Dixon          Richard Richardson
     Thomas Dixon          Fred Riddle
     John Dodd             Ralph Ridley
     Joseph Dodds          George Ritchie
     Frank Eeles           Albert Ritchings
     Thomas Ellison        Robert Robinson
     Stanley Emmerson      Ethel Robinson
     Thomas Forsyth        John Rogerson
     Stanley Fawcett       Robert Rutter
     Leslie Gray           Thomas Snowball
     Thomas Hancock        Robert Spencer
     Thomas Heslop         Frederick Stanners
     James Hill            Robert Trotter
     Ernest Hindmarch      Lawrence Walsh
     Clifford Holdsworth   John Wardle
     John Holt             Robert Waters
     Henry Johnson         Charles Watson
     Henry Johnson         George Watson
     Joseph Johnson        Edward Wood
     Give rest O Christ to thy 
     servants with thy saints.

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