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Plaque 1914-18 Cricket Club





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Original Location

Borough of Tynemouth Cricket Club, Preston Avenue, North Shields. Left hand side of the main entrance porch.

Present Location

In the old pavilion this was on the east internal wall. The old pavilion has been demolished and replaced.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled May 31st 1922 by the Duke of Northumberland, patron of the club; dedicated by Rev. H.F. Henderson.

Memorial Description

Plaque 20 inches high x 14 inches wide (533mm x 358mm) with semi-circular top. There are classical pillars at each side. At the top is a neatly carved laurel wreath over a crossed sabre and rifle. The names are listed in a single column using Roman capitals.

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B.T.C.C. / To the memory of / the members from / this club who fell / in the Great War / 1914-1918


Who commissioned

Borough of Tynemouth Cricket Club

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1. At the outbreak of War in 1914, all cricket was cancelled. The cricket club supported this; indeed, in the spring of 1915 it opposed the playing of any matches as all, even friendlies. However, to soon became obvious that the military wished to use the ground, both for training and for cricket matches for the troops, and this ruling was relaxed. In 1915 the ground was used by the Volunteer Training League, and the Annual Report for that year records that matches were played against 'the military'. However, from 1916 onwards both the Royal Engineers and the Duke of Wellington's Regiment played matches on the ground. The latter also accepted responsibility for cutting the grass.

2. Sea Cadets from the Wellesley Training Ship moored in the Tyne also used the ground, apparently for drilling purposes.

3. The sub-letting of the ground for tennis and Hockey, continued, while Tynemouth School continued to use the field for football, cricket and its sports day, as did a few local organisations for special events. These were a godsend to the cricket club, as it provided a regular income.

4. Quite a number of the club members joined the forces with Thirteen giving their lives. They were commemorated in an oak memorial unveiled in the pavilion by the Duke of Northumberland in May 1922.

5. In WW2 the ground was within a Coastal Defence Area where all movement was restricted. Special permission was given from the Regional Commissioner for players and officials to play matches at the ground.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: James Pasby

Shields Daily News 01/06/1922 reports unveiling ceremony.

Alnwick & County Gazette 03/06/1922 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 31/05/1922 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 01/06/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 30/05/1922 reports proposed unveiling tomorrow; 01/06/1922 reports unveiling.

Tynemouth Cricket Club 1847-1996 and its place in the history of cricket in Northumberland and in the development of recreation in North Shields. Colin E. Mountford. A copy is in the Tyne and Wear Archives, for notes 2 to 5.

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Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould; J. Brown; the late John Maughan; T. Harding; Dorothy Hall; James Pasby; Valerie and Linda from the Tynemouth WW1 Project

Research In Progress

The members of Tynemouth World War 1 Commemoration Project are researching the names on the Borough of Tynemouth’s Roll of Honour.

Plaque 1914-18 Cricket Club (T36.15)

TYNEMOUTH, Borough of Tynemouth Cricket Club.

   To the memory of 
   the members from 
   this Club who fell 
   in the Great War 
   J.C. Coull
   N.B. Brook
   R. Davidson
   J. Errington
   G. Hail
   R. Hogg
   H. Hutchinson
   J. Jackson
   V. Limerick
   J.S. McCoull
   R. Peirson 
   D. Tullock
   H. Weir
The Illustrated Chronicle has some variations of names:
	G.C. Coull instead of J.C. Coull.  J.C. Coull is in CWGC as buried  in  Tynemouth (Preston Cemetery)
	G. Hall instead of G. Hail
	R. Pierson instead of R. Peirson.  R. Peirson is in Tynemouth Roll  of Honour.

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