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Stained Glass Window Fallen 1914-18 St. Mark





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Original Location

St. Mark’s Church (Demolished)

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated 22nd November 1919 by the Dr. Moule, Bishop of Durham.

Memorial Description

Stained glass window of five lights.
The design “represents a departure from the stereotyped lines of much modern work, both in scheme of colour and arrangement of figures.
“The subject of the design is “Victory and Peace” and shows the Prince of peace enthroned in majesty, whose ceaseless struggle on earth was to give to men salvation and the religion of peace and goodwill. To the right of the Saviour, the design shows an angel liberating the dove of peace, while to the left angles make melody in thankfulness and joy for this glorious liberation. Included in the design are two heavenly messengers, who bring to the mourners the assurance of the heavenly reward and comfort.
In the lower portion of the window are panels representing the arts of peace, and also in this portion of the window are written the names of those of St. Mark’s parish who fell in the war. The tracery contains symbols of the Trinity and of the Holy Communion.”


Present condition

Destroyed by vandals.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

H. Rhodes, A.R.C.A., a former chief assistant of the South Shields Art School.


1. The church was made redundant. The final service was 26th March 1961. The parish was combined with that of St.Jude, and the boundaries of St.Mark, St. Jude and Holy Trinity were adjusted. It was hoped that the money from the sale of the church would go towards the building of a new Church of St.Cuthbert and St. Mark.

2. The parish of St.Mark’s dated from 1868 when the mission was started in an upper room of some cottages in Cambridge Street. In 1870 an iron church was opened but was destroyed by fire. The foundation stone of the permanent church was laid in 1873 and the church was consecrated in May 1875.

3. The church was very badly vandalized and the stained glass windows were smashed.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 29/11/1919 page 10

Illustrated Chronicle 24/11/1919 reports unveiling with photo shown here.

Shields Daily Gazette 24/11/1919 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 24/11/1919 reports dedication.

South Shields Gazette 16/03/1961 reports closure of redundant church and mentions that the window had already been smashed by vandals; 14/11/1961 contains a letter from Gordon R. Berriman, Vicar of South Shields and Rural Dean, describing the situation.

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Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Dorothy Hall; James Pasby; Michael Mulhern

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The names on this memorial are being researched by Peter Hoy. Contact:

Stained Glass Window Fallen 1914-18 St. Mark (S86.047)

SOUTH SHIELDS	 St. Mark’s Church

The layout of this memorial is not known.
The following has been extracted for a newspaper
report and has not been compared with the original
nor with a good photograph.

   Atkinson, Albert, Sgt., R.E.
   Adey, Matt., R.F.A.
   Adey, Wm., R.N.D.
   Allan, Wilton., R. Innis. F.
   Amers, Wm. Royal Scots
   Brown, Albert Edward, E.Lancs
   Bullock, Farry, R.N.
   Carnall, Alfred, Mercantile Marine.
   Chapman, William Charles, N.F.
   Dingle, John, Lieut., N.F.
   Dixon, John, R.N.D.
   Felstead, Oswald, R.G.A.
   Foreman, John, Cam. Highlanders
   Hall, James Wm., W. Yorks.
   Hall, John, Mercantile Marine.
   Jackson, Albert Edward, Mercantile Marine.
   Johnson, John Heron, N.F.
   Knight, Alex., D.L.I.
   Law, George Fred., R.F.
   Lake, George, D.L.I.
   Lambelle, Wm. Henry, Mercantile Marine
   McRae, Joseph W., N.Z. Imperial Force
   Mackie, Robert Gray, R.N.D.
   Mather, Adam, R.N.D.
   Moncrief, John, M.G.C.
   Moore, Henry, Mercantile Marine
   Orton, Alfred Wm., D.L.I.
   Osborne, Henry, D.L.I.
   Palmer, Arthur, Lieut., R.N.D.
   Parker, Wm.M., Border Refit.
   Peel, Thomas, W. Yorks.
   Robson, Henry Young, Australian Imperial Force
   Robson, Wm., R.N.
   Ross, Wm., R.E.
   Rynsaard, Wm., R.G.A.
   Raisbeck, James, D.L.I.
   Richardson, Albion, R.N.D.
   Skelly, James Cuthbert, R.F.A.
   Smith, Wm. Waugh, R.N.
   Smith, Henry, West Yorks.
   Suthern, Robert, W. Yorks.
   Tindle, Kirton, Lieut., D.L.I.
   Turnbull, Joseph, R.E.
   Wylie, Wm. Stanley, Lieut., Yorks & Lancs.
   White, Stewart Alex., Capt., N.F.
   Watson, William, K.O. Royal Lancs.
   Wilson, James, Scottish Rifles
   Wallace, Albert Edward, K.O.Y.L.I.

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