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Photo: Tony Harding


Bells & Plaque 1914-18 St. Margaret





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NZ 198642

Original Location

St. Margaret of Antioch Church, Armstrong Road / Heighley Street

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 25th March 1921 by Canon Oakley, Vicar of Jesmond, in the unavoidable absence of the Bishop of Newcastle.

Memorial Description

Peal of 8 tubular bells. “Seventy changes can be played on them, and they are adapted for hymn tunes”.
The plaque has a wood frame with moulded edge. At centre is a raised fretted design incorporating a gold flower. Below this is an enamelled picture of a ?pilgrim. In the two top corners is a Tudor rose stem in full colour In the bottom border is the gold flower at centre and a Tudor rose in each corner. The centre plaque bears the dedication and the names in three columns. Lettering is in Roman capitals in black with red initials.

Materials used

Brass plaque


The unreturning brave / from the Great War 1914-1918


Present condition

The bells have gone.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Plaque made by Ralph Hedley, 52 St.Mary’s Place, Newcastle
Bells cast by Messrs. Harrington, Holland and Co. of Coventry.
Plaque frame designed by Miss Davies.


1. The church has been restored in recent years, and the bells seem to have disappeared at that time.

2. A “Scotswood Own Soldiers and Sailors Welcome Home Fund” had been organized. A meeting in November 1920 showed that £700 14s 4d had been raised of which £640 18s 10d had been spent leaving £34.15s 6d. 408 men who returned had each received a 10/- note and a silver medallion. Eleven gold watches and alberts had been presented to men who obtained distinctions. 75 had been killed or died from wounds. It was agreed that a memorial plaque be obtained naming all who fell.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos of plaque: Tony Harding

Shields Daily News 26/03/1921 reports dedication of bells; 18/10/1921 reports unveiling of plaque by Major Pybus

Northern Echo 26/03/1921 reports unveiling.

Diocese of Newcastle Faculty No.771, 25/10/1921

Tyne and Wear Archives set of Ralph Hedley photos of plaque DT/RH/20-1-232 Series

Blaydon Courier 06/11/1920 reports Welcome Home Fund; 02/04/1921 reports dedication of bells and reports that the plaque would be unveiled at a later date in memory of 120 men who fell.

Source of quotation
“The unreturning brave” : Childe Harolde by Lord Byron. Full quotation is 'He is buried with those who fought and died with him, the unreturning brave'.

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Research acknowledgements

Sally Bird; the late R.W. Gould; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall; James Pasby

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by St.James Heritage and Environment group. Contact

Bells & Plaque 1914-18 St. Margaret (S84.02)

SCOTSWOOD      St. Margaret of Antioch Church
   The unreturning brave
   from the Great War 1914-1918
   J. Aitchison     J. Fenton        A. Pattison
   T. Amos          N. Fisher        "A. Pattison
   T.R. Anderson    D. Forster       G. Penning
   R. Armstrong     J. Goffin        A. Potts
   W. Arthur        J.H.E. Groom     E. Revell
   M. Atkinson      G. Halliday      W. Richardson
   T.H. Barnett     G.A. Hamill      E. Robson
   W. Beat          G.M. Henderson   J. Spoor
   T. Bell          J.J. Henderson   N. Spoor
   W. Bemore        R. Henderson     W.H. Stanley
   G. Brayson       W. Hetherington  C. Steele
   W. Brayson       R. Holland       T. Steele
   R. Briggs        J.W. Holt        J. Stembridge
   J.R. Brown       E. Howe          W.G. Stephenson
   C. Burn          R. Hughes        G. Surtees
   W. Burn          A.N. Hunt        T. Taylor
   J. Bushby        J. Hunter        J. Thompson
   T.E. Carr        J. Humble        J. Thompson
   E. Cavanagh      J. Hutchinson    J. Thompson
   J. Cavanagh      W. Hutchinson    J.S. Thompson
   J. Clough        C.W. Jarvis      R. Thompson
   J. Clynes        F. Keenleyside   R. Thompson
   H.W. Coats       W. Lee           W.A. Thompson
   T. Cole          G.S. Lewins      R.W. Tinnion   
   R. Connelly      A. Lewis         S.H. Tinnion
   W. Connelly      J.W. Lowther     A. Todd
   J. Craven        D. Massey        G. Tuddenham
   J.G. Cummings    J. McCabe        F.E. Tulip.
   J.W. Cummings    J.A. Miller      R. Turbitt
   W.P. Cuthbert    F. Mitchell      T. Tweedy
   H. Dickinson     J. Moore         J. Urwin
   J. Dickinson     C. Nichol        J.A. Varey
   J. Dougherty     J. Nichol        R. Walpole
   T. Douglas       N. Nicholson     T. Waters
   J. Drinkwater    J.R. Nixon       R. Weatherit
   W. Dunn          S.J. Northey     F. Whittles
   T. Dykes         S. Oliver        J.W. Willis
   T. Ellison       J. O’Neill       W. Wilson
   A. Epstein       +    +    +       R. Young
                                  Edward C. Harris
                                  First Vicar
The Newcastle Daily Chronicle has some slight variations: 
   R. Burdon is listed in the newspaper but not on here.
   H.W. Coats is spelled "Coates".
   "A.W. Hunt" instead of "A.N. Hunt"
   "J. O'Neil" instead of "J. O'Neill"

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