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Plaque 1914-18 St. Cuthbert





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Original Location

St. Cuthbert’s Church, Church Bank, Benfieldside. On wall opposite the south door.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 15th January 1921 by Maj.Gen. Sir Percy Wilkinson, K.C.M.G., dedicated by Dr. Hensley Henson, Bishop of Durham.

Memorial Description

Plaque of white marble 3 feet 10 inches high x 2 feet 8 inches wide with shallow domed top set into a black marble rectangular frame 6 inches wider all round. The dedication is at the top, the quotation at the bottom. Lettering is in gilded Roman capitals for the names and Gothic script for the dedication and quotation.

Materials used

Marble on black marble pattress.


To the glory of God / and in Memory of / the Men of the Parish who laid down their lives / in the Great War 1914 - 1918
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man / lay down his life for his friends.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Messrs. W. Ayton & Sons, Blackhill.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Dorothy Hall; C. Sanders

Illustrated Chronicle 17/01/1921 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 17/01/1921 reports unveiling.

Consett Guardian 21/01/1921 reports unveiling.

Consett and Stanley Chronicle 21/01/1921 reports unveiling.

Stanley News 20/01/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 15/01/1921 reports proposed unveiling; 22/01/1921 reports unveiling

Source of quotation:
“Greater love hath no man . . .” St.John 15 v 13

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Additional Notes

This Memorial File is sponsored by:-
1. Alan and Dorothy Hall in memory of Tom Hall 14/06/1917.

Research acknowledgements

Dorothy Hall; C. Sanders; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale

Research In Progress

The names on local Shotley Bridge War Memorials are being researched by Dave Wright. Contact:

Plaque 1914-18 St. Cuthbert (S27.03)

BENFIELDSIDE  St. Cuthbert’s Church

   To the glory of God 
   and in Memory of 
   the Men of the Parish who laid down their lives 
   in the Great War  1914 - 1918 

   F.  Allen          F.H. Hull
   H.J. Armstrong     W. Jerrison
   W.  Armstrong      C. Johnson
   J.J.  Archer       T.  Liddle
   C.S. Barron        W. Lishman
   F. Bramley         T. Marshman
   H. Beck            J.W. Mitchell
   J. Carson          S.C. Mitchell
   J. Charlton        J.S. Moore
   G.E. Colling       T.S. Moore
   R.W. Coulson       R.S. Nattrass
   W. Dinning         N. Oswell
   G. Errington       J. Reay
   G. Fox             J.T. Routledge
   W. Gibb            I.A. Routledge
   J.W. Gibson        M.W. Siddle
   W.R. Gradon        W. Snowdon
   L.J.J. Hall        O. Sullivan
   T. Hall            J.H. Swinburne
   W.N. Harkness      H. Tait
   C. Harris          R.C. Tait
   G. Henderson       C. Telford
   T. Henderson       M. Thompson
   W.T. Hetherington  H. Thomas
   E.C. Hogarth       W.S. Turnbull
   T. Hogg            W. Turner
   C. Howarth         T.B. Walton
   P.J. Newton

   Greater love hath no man than this, that a man
   lay down his life for his friends.
The names of those who served from Shotley Bridge are listed as follows.  

   H.J. Armstrong  E. Dixon         A. Logan, Senr.  O. Telford
   W. Armstrong    E.C. Dixon       A. Logan, Junr.  W. Telford 
   J. Allan        R.F. Elliot      G. Lamb          J. Telford
   C. Angus        V.H. Elliot      T.W. Lister      N. Telford
   J. Anderson     I. Featherstone  J.W. Lister      J. Teal
   C.S. Barron     J.K. Fisher      E.H. Lister      J.R. Telford
   S.H. Barron     A.J. Fox         R. Lawson        M. Thompson
   N. Blyth        C.J. Fox         T. Manon         P. Toole
   J. Broadly      P. Farrell       E. McElrue       J. Toole
   J. Bell         W. Fairless      C. McElrue       W. Toole    
   J.H. Bell       I. Foster        W. Mode          T.W. Turnbull
   J.W. Bell       J.W. French      R.A. Milburn     W.C. Taylor
   T.W. Bell       J. Gibson        W.S. Moore       E. Taylor
   F. Brown        J. Grant         J.S. Moore       J. Thorpe
   E.J. Barradell  T.W. Glendinning T.S. Moore       W. Urwin
   J. Blair        T. Henderson     S.C. Mitchell    W. Urwin
   R. Bramley      G. Henderson     D. McQueim       R. Walker
   E. Best         J.W. Howarth     P. Newton        T.N. Wigham
   R.W. Coulson    C. Howarth       R. Nixon         W. Weightmon
   J. Carson       C. Hogarth       J.D. Nichol      C. Wilson
   C.E. Collins    W. Hogarth       N. Oswald
   J. Coats        J.H. Hamilton    H. Oswell
   T. Coats        W. Houliston     W.J. Oswell
   S.T. Coxon      J. Houliston     G. Patterson
   D. Coxon        T. Hopper, Senr. J.L. Priestman
   W.V.W. Cranstoy T. Hopper, Junr. H.S. Raisbeck 
   G.R. Clarkson   J. Holyoak       W.J. Robinson
   G.E.Colling     J.T. Jewitt      H. Robertson
   J. Connor       S. Joyce         G. Richardson
   T. Chisholm     T.W.M. Johnson   W. Snowdon
   T. Dixon        H. Johnson       O. Sullivan
   H. Dixon        C. Johnson       F. Sloan
   W. Dinning      W.E. Judson      G. Stubbs
   T.W. Dodd       A. Jones         H.L. Seymour
   J. Dewar        C. Jones         C. Telford

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