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Plaque Marjoribanks 1917 Shepherds Dene





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NZ 003612

Original Location

Shepherds Dene Retreat.

Which war


Memorial Description

Crucifix. A stained ivory figure of Christ 12 inches high x 6 inches wide is mounted on a mahogany stained cross 36 inches high x 18 inches wide. The cross has five small alloy plates imprinted with lettering and the whole memorial is fixed to oak panelling, just inside the main entrance to the house.

Materials used

Wood grave marker, ivory crucifix


Left side:
2/LT M.E.Marjoribanks

Right side:
1st Battn. North’d Fus.


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1. The house was used as a hospital during the war and afterwards the Major, not wanting to return to the house, gave it over to the Newcastle and Durham Diocese who use it as a Retreat.

2. The alloy plates give the impression that the wood cross was the original grave marker before interment in a communal cemetery. This is reinforced by the “IWGC” initials, standing for “Imperial War Graves Commission"

3. The memorial is to the son of Major Marjoribanks, who used to own the house.

4. 2nd Lieut. Marjoribanks is remembered at Riding Mill on R11.02 and R11.03; at Jesmond on J1.06 and in Alnwick on A11.43

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Photo: Errol Broomfield; Ron Carson

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John S. Perry; Errol Broomfield; Ron Carson

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Plaque Marjoribanks 1917 Shepherds Dene (R11.04)

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