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Lychgate 1914-18 1939-45 Later Wars St. Mary Magdalene Churchyard





Map ref

NZ 095630

Original Location

St. Mary Magdalene Church.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45
c. Later wars

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled October 1921 by Duke of Northumberland; dedicated by Canon Boot

Memorial Description

Lych gate.

Over the gateway is the dedication for 1914-1918, incised and painted gold in Old English script. There are two panels, one on each side of the gate, which bear the names listed in two columns on each panel. The lettering is incised and gilded using elaborate script.

In 2018 more panels were placed with names from 1914-18 alongside the former ones. Lettering is in two columns incised and gilded using Roman lower case lettering.

At the further end, two panels have been placed on either side of the doorway, each listing names from 1939-45 in a single column on each, lettering in incised and gilded Roman lower case. Above it, across the lintel, is the dedication in gilded Roman capitals.

There is also a further panel listing names from post-1945 with room to add more if required.

Materials used



Over the entrance :
1914 They gave their lives for England 1918
Over the exit:
1939 In memory of those who gave their lives 1945


Present condition

Restored 2018

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Messrs. Oliver, Knowles and Leeson of Newcastle, architects. Made possibly by Thomas Murray Armstrong.


1. "A new flagpole is to be put up at the Lychgate War Memorial in Prudhoe. The Town Council decided to have the new pole put up at a cost of 395 for the pole and its installation. This figure was lower than an estimate to repair the existing pole". Hexham Courant, 05/10/1990.

2. Oak gates were to be repaired. The whole structure to receive full repairs in 1995. One name board had split. The boards to be repainted and the gold lettering renewed.

3. A newspaper reported in January 1995 that the lychgate had been defaced with spray paint, soldiers' names had been scratched off and knives stuck into the wood.

4. Hexham Courant 29/11/1996 reports "The memorial . . . has already had its gates repaired, after they were vandalised, and is now set to have its roof done, too."

5. The raising of funds for the original project was held up by a coal trade stoppage

6. The dedication was to be carried out by the Bishop of Newcastle.

7 In 2018 new panels were placed which contained further names from 1914-18 and added those from 1939-45, plus Palestine 1946, Malaysia 1965, Falklands 1982, and the Gulf 1991.

8 The builder of the lychgate was Thomas Murray Armstrong, according to a strong family tradition. He was a carpenter and builder, who lived in Prudhoe. He was a strong member of the church. Hexham Courant 22/11/2018

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; P. Thirkell; T. Harding; Kevin Milburn

Diocese of Newcastle Faculty No.769, 13/10/1921

Illustrated Chronicle 01/10/1921 carries progress report; 20/10/1921 reports unveiling with photos.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 22/10/1921 reports unveiling.

Morpeth County Library Frith collection of photographs;

The Journal 24/01/1995; 26/01/1995 reports vandalism.

Hexham Courant 14/10/1994 reports poor state of lych-gate. 18/10/1996 feature 75 years ago reports unveiling; 29/11/1996 reports repair of gates; 26/7/2018 reports addition of new panels and names; 22/11/2018 carries a letter stating that the lychgate had been built by Thomas Murray Armstrong.

Research acknowledgements

Prudhoe Local History Society; Sally Bird; P. Thirkell; George and Janet Brown; C.N. Dallison; Dorothy Hall; Kevin Milburn

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by Len Franchetti . Contact:

Lychgate 1914-18 1939-45 Later Wars St. Mary Magdalene Churchyard (P19.01)

PRUDHOE, St. Mary Magdalene Church Lychgate.
First panel                   
   M. Addy           R. Ellwood      
   P. Allison        R. Ellwood      
   M. Allport        E. Falconer     
   G. Anderson       J. Foster       
   W. Anderson       J. Frazer       
   J. Appleby        J. Frazer       
   O. Appleby        J. Glendinning  
   J. Baird          J. Grieveson    
   S. Bannister      R. Hall         
   G. Barron         A. Hankin       
   R. Bell           C. Harrison     
   Jas. Blackburn    J. Harrison     
   Jno. Blackburn    H. Hubbuck      
   Jos. Blackburn    Jas. Hudson     
   T. Blackburn      Jno. Hudson     
   W. Blackburn      M. Hudson       
   J.B. Buckham      F. Jemison      
   G. Cairns         J. Johnson      
   E. Collins        J. Johnson      
   H. Crystal        R. Johnson      
   W. Dixon          G. Kent         
   E. Dunn           J. Lane         
   J.J. Elliott      M. Lane         
Second panel
   W. Leathard        W.A. Rowe
   W.S. Leathard      C. Rowell
   J. Lee             W. Rowell
   M. Lindsay         J. Shepherd
   T. Lindsay         R.E. Shotton
   W.M. Coombes       W.V. Simpson
   F. McKenna         D. Smith
   R.M. Veigh         W. Spence
   J. Marshall        T. Storey
   W. Martin          J. Suddes
   A. Maughan         T. Surtees
   G. Mullholland     E. Tailford
   G. Nesbitt         C. Thirtle
   S. Nesbitt         J. Thompson
   F. Pattinson       E. Towler
   G. Ridley          G. Towler
   J.S. Ridley        R. Towler
   R.H. Ridley        W. Towler
   W. Ridley          H. Turnbull
   J. Robertson       J. West
   D. Robson          J. Whitfield
   J. Robson          A. Wright
   R.W. Robson        T. Wright
   A. Rosborough
Third panel
   Adams, J.E.       Dickinson, W.    
   Archer, E.        Docherty, P.P.
   Armstrong, J.     Dolan, J.
   Armstrong, M.     Donahue, P.
   Armstrong, J.W.
   Arthur, T.        Ellison, T.
   Arthur, W.
                     Fawcett, J.
   Bainbridge, G.    Findlay, A.
   Ballantine, P.T.  Fletcher, A.
   Batey, R.         Frazer, M.
   Bell, H.H.
   Bell, J.          Gleugh, J.D.
   Bell, R.          Gordon, J.
   Blackburn, R.     Grant, W.C.
   Blackburn, R.E.   Gray, P.
   Blackburn, W.     
   Brown, G.W.       Harris, J.W.
   Burns T.          Harrison, J.D.
                     Harvey, A.
   Charlton, B.      Hawkins, E.
   Clarence, D.      Heslop, E.J.
   Clark, W.         Hill, W.
   Cockbaine, G.     Hunter, C.
   Conkleton, R.M.   Hunter, G.
   Cowey, J.         Hunter, G.
Fourth panel
   Irwin W.          Orr, T.
                     Oswald, H.
   Jackson, W.	      
   Jewitt, G.T.
   Judd, H.W.        Patterson, M.
                     Pebbles, R.
   Keating, R.       Peebles, W.
   Keenan, P.W.      Pender, H.G.G.
                     Pringle, G.
   Laws, A.A.        Purvis, T.
   Lee, T.A.
   Liddell, J.A.
   Liddle, J.W.
   Lindsay, A.A.     Raine, E.
   Longstaff, T.     Rea, R.
   Lowdon, J.E.      Richardson, D.
   Lowes, J.         Roberts, G.
                     Roberts, J.
   Maddison, H.      Robson, J.
   Marshall, J.W.    Robson, J.
   McBride, P.       Rutherford J 
   McCann, T.
   McCauley, W.
   McIntyre, A.
   McVeigh, R.B.
   McVinnie, J.
Fifth Panel
   Scarlet, W.A.H.   Unwin, J.R.
   Scott, J.         
   Scott, Jos.
   Scott, R.         Varty, D.T.
   Short, E.         Varty, W.
   Simpson, C.W.     Venus, J.N.
   Slack, B.
   Smith, E.
   Smith, P.         Waddell, T.
   Stoker, I.        Wade, J.
                     Walton, A.E.
                     Watson, J.
                     Watts, C.
                     Waugh, H.
   Talbot, J.        Waugh, W.
   Taylor, J.W.      Weatherley, W.
   Taylor, R.        White, J.W.
   Telford, W.J.     Whittle, W.
   Thompson, C.      Wilkinson, J.
   Trueman, G.       Wilson, R.W.
   Tulip, J.T.       Winskill, T.B.
   Turner, C.N.   
   Turner, J.F.      Young, T.     
Sixth Panel        Seventh panel
      1939 -            1945
   Anderson, S.R.    McLean, N.
   Ballantyne, J.R.  McCoull, S.T. 
   Bates, S.         Metcalfe, W.J.
   Baxter, F.        Murray, I.
   Bell, P.          Nattrass, J.
   Bestford, G.L.    Newton, A. 
   Bright, J.A.      O'Brien, P.M.
   Brown, Sheila     Parker, J.
   Busby, E.F.       Pickles, C.R.H.
   Caulfield, L.     Porter, E.
   Caulfield, R.     Price, R.
   Chesson, W.       Reed, G.T.
   Connelly, E.J.    Regan, R.
   Cowen, N.         Rippon, J.S.
   Ellison, H.       Robinson, F.
   Grant, R.         Robinson, J.
   Gray, J.S.        Robson, D.
   Gray, J.E.        Robson, T.
   Gray, J.          Rosemurgey, E.
   Greener, G.       Rosemurgey, N.
   Hall, G.          Rutherford J.R.
   Hamilton, A.J.    Scott, S. 
   Harrison, G.      Smart, W.T.
   Henderson, T.     Spirit, J.T.
   Hunter, J.        Stephenson, T.P.
   Jeffery, J.       Stewart, J.
   Johnson, J.       Walker, K.W.
   Johnson, N.       Wanless, W.J.
   Leonard, T.M.     Ward, D.
   Lishman, J.       Whitton, R.
   Lishman, R.       Wilson, J.W.
   Lockhart, H.A.    Yielder, J.R.
   Loft, F.
   Lowdon, A.W. 
Eighth Panel        
   Valentine C.

   Little, W.K.

   Armstrong, D.

   Gulf War
   Leech, K.
Names P19.01         

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