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Memorial Hall 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside





Map ref

NY 885931

Original Location

Otterburn Memorial Hall

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Opened April/May 1923 by the Duke of Northumberland.

Memorial Description

Memorial Hall. Carved sandstone lintel over the door gives the name of the hall and dates in raised sans serif capitals, surrounded by the names of nine men who died in 1914-18 incised in sans serif capitals.
A plaque to the left of the lintel bears the single name from 1939-45, incised in sans serif capitals.
Two carved inscriptions on either side of the door gives the names of those who served in 1914-18, listed in two columns on each stone, using incised sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Sandstone from Blaxter quarry.


Otterburn Memorial Hall / 1914-1919



About 1,200

How money was raised

The land was given by the Morrison-Bell family who owned the Percy Arms Hotel. Vaux Breweries contributed towards the cost and also the Duke of Northumberland, who officially opened it. Funds were raised by public efforts.

Present condition

Good. Still in use.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Builder, Tinlin of Kirkwhelpington.
Designed by C. Franklin Murphy of Morpeth.


1. The Hall was built to replace a former 'rifle range' and wooden hall which served as a reading room, library and billiards room. The sandstone was brought from the Blaxter quarry, 6 miles away. The stone was sold cheaply by the quarry owner and led in ex-army lorries; the drivers, Joseph Forster and Mr. J. Potts of Otterburn and Mr. R. Luke of Elsdon provided their services free. The hall seated 100 people.

2. In order to keep costs down, stone was led by locals from Blaxter Quarry free of charge.

3. Among fund raising efforts was a Wireless Concert and Dance.

4 . At the Opening ceremony, the Duke of Northumberland was given a gold pencil.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; P.Thirkell; old postcard: Tony Harding

In private hands Deeds and photographs are held by Mr I.L. Hedley, Overacres, who, as a small boy, presented an official programme of the opening to "a stern Duke".

Morpeth Herald 30/01/1920 reports on fund raising event; 29/09/1922 reports on tenders and other matters; 12/01/1923 reports Wireless Concert;

Morpeth County Library Postcard collection.

Alnwick & County Gazette 30/09/1922 reports 9 tenders received, and Mr. Tinlin's accepted etc.; 13/01/1923 reports Wireless concert; 05/05/1923 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 04/05/1923 reports unveiling with photos.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 27/06/1919 reports fund raising sports event.

Redewetter No.6 Magazine of the Redesdale Society.

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Research acknowledgements

Redesdale Society; P. Thirkell; Ken and Dorothy Southern; J. Brown; C.N. Dallison; Raymond Ion; Dorothy Hall

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Memorial Hall 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside (O5.09)

OTTERBURN, Memorial Hall.
Over front door:

                 J. Ferguson   OTTERBURN MEMORIAL HALL  J. Rough
   G.S. Waddell  H. Hall       1914 - 1918              W.R. Swanson
   1939-1945     R. McDougal                            G.B. Thompson 
                     J. Murray   C. Pease   J.S. Richardson
Left side:                                 

   Sir C. Morrison Bell  J. Clark            
   Clive     "     Bell  J. Coulson          
   Ernest    "     Bell  G. Curry            
   Eustace   "     Bell  A. Dodds            
   N. Brydon             I. Farrel           
   W. Brydon             J. Ferguson         
   T. Brydon             B. Flatman          
   W. Beattie            G. Foster           
   H. Crowe              J. Gratten         
   G. Crowe              Rev. C.L. Gwilliam  
   W. Crowe              Dr. J.R. Hall       
   Carter Crowe          R. Henderson        
   G. Clark              I. Hutton           
   H. Clark              J. Jennings         
Right side:

   T. Lowes             H. Snaith
   W. McDougal          T. Swanson
   W. Morley            T. Telfer
   J. Murray            R. Telfer
   N. McDonald          J. Telfer
   H. Ord               G. Thompson
   H. Pease             J. Thompson
   W. Potts             W. Towns
   S. Potts             R. Towns
   J. Richardson, Sen.  A. Tait
   G. Richardson        G. Waddell
   W. Richardson        V. Waddell
   R. Rutherford        P. Young                                             
   J. Rutherford        H. Young
   G. Snaith
Names O5.09

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