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Plaque 1914-18 N.E. Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers





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NZ 247639

Original Location

Wood Memorial Library, North of England Institute of Mining & Mechanical Engineers, Neville Hall, Westgate Road / Orchard Street. In the Library.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 11th February 1922 by Mr. C.C. Leech, president of the Institution.

Memorial Description

Plaque 70 cm high x 58 cm wide on a wood pattress 90 cm high x 76cm wide. There is a wide border of Celtic knot design with large knots in the four corners. The name of the Institute is in a slight curve at the top, above and below the crest of the Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers. The names are listed in two columns. All the lettering and pattern is raised on a black enamelled background, the dedication in Roman and the names in sans serif capitals throughout.

Materials used

Brass in oak frame.


The North of England Institute of Mining / and Mechanical Engineers./
In Memoriam /
Members who laid down their lives / for home and liberty in the / Great War 1914-1919.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Edward H. Thew, Engraver, Newcastle.


1. The Journal reports that the plaque would be unveiled in the "Wood Memorial Hall".

2. Of the membership of the Institute, which numbered 1,342 in 1914, 189 joined up.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Capt. D. Armstrong; Reg. Hornsby

The Journal 03/04/1920 reports proposal to erect memorial.

Illustrated Chronicle 13/02/1922 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 13/02/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 10/04/1920 reports proposals with an appeal for names

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Research acknowledgements

The late Capt. D. Armstrong; Janet Brown; Tony Harding; Reg. Hornsby; Alan Vickers; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

These names have been researched by Reg. Hornsby

Plaque 1914-18 N.E. Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers (NUT009)

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE   Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers 

   The North of England Institute of Mining
   and Mechanical Engineers.
   In Memoriam
   Members who laid down their lives
   for Home and Liberty in the
   Great War 1914-1919.
   Charles P. Almond         George Jacobs
   Hugh C. Annett            Allan A.D. Jones
   William E. Avery          George H.S. Kent
   Robert C.R. Blair         Frank P.S. Lacey
   James R. Brass            Thomas J. Muse
   David M. Chambers         George H.H. Scott
   Bernard H. Charlton       Claude F.B. Simpson
   George F.H. Charlton      Thomas A. Thirlwell
   Samuel Coade              Frank Thornton
   Ninian Crichton-Stuart    Hubert Watts
   George Dixon              Francis M. Weeks
   Oscar Earnshaw            Ronald E. White
   Edward M. Gregson         Maurice H. Wilkinson
   James Heslop              Hugh R. Wilson
             Charles Young
The provisional list included in the “Newcastle Daily Journal” 
3/4/1920 is as follows, included here as there are some slight 
   Charles P. Arnold         Ninian Crichton-Stuart
   Henry C. Annett           George Dixon
   William E. Avery          Oscar Earnshaw
   Robert C.R. Blair         Edward M. Gregson
   James R. Brass            James Heslop
   David M. Chambers         George Jacobs
   Bernard H. Charlton       Allan A.D. Jones
   George F.A. Charlton      George H.S. Kent
   Samuel Coade              Frank P.S. Lacey
   Thomas J. Muse            George H.H. Scott
   Claude F.B. Simpson       Thomas A. Thirlwell
   Frank Thornton            Hubert Watts
   Francis M. Weeks          Ronald E. White
   Maurice H. Wilkinson      Hugh R. Wilson
   Charles Young.      

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