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Monument 1914-18 1939-45 Village





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Original Location

In front of village hall on north side of road past Rock terrace to the Brancepeth Estate.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 6th July 1923 by Col. J.R. Ritson, O.B.E., dedicated by Rev. G.S.B. Meek.

Memorial Description

Square monument with round ornamented columns at each corner, 19 feet high. It is surmounted by a draped urn or “Egyptian vase” resting on a ribbed dome. Its base is 1 foot high x 6 feet square, the bottom step is 1 foot 7 inches high x 5 feet square, the top step is 2 feet 4 inches high x 4 feet 2 inches square. The main pedestal is 5 feet 3 inches high x 3 feet 9 inches square. The whole weighs nearly twenty tons.
The dedication for 1914-18 is on the front, names are in a single column on the front, left, right and back in letters incised and gilded using sans serif capitals throughout.
The dedication and names for 1939-45 are on the right side, with the names listed in two columns in black leaded raised sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Red and grey granite.


a. Erected to the memory of those who fell in the / Great War 1914-1918 / belonging to New Brancepeth.
b. Also in memory of those who fell in the / World War 1939-1945.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee.



How money was raised

See Note 1 below.


1. “The monument had cost £1,060, and the financial position was not very favourable, for the reason that soon after it was decided upon, the colliery stopped and contributions stopped at the same time. They had, however, paid off £491.17s and they were obliged to borrow £308.3s., so that a sum of £800 was paid down. They were therefore in debt to the extent of £508.3s. The £491 represented the pennies kept off the men’s wages at the colliery office".

2. Thomas Hindmarsh listed on this War Memorial should be Thomas Hindmarch as per his military and family records.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Eddie Castling; Dorothy Hall

Durham County Advertiser 13/07/1923

Northern Echo 09/07/1923 reports unveiling

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 14/07/1923 reports unveiling.

Durham Chronicle 26/06/1923 reports proposed unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Eddie Castling; John and Mavis Dixon; Dorothy Hall

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Monument 1914-18 1939-45 Village (N62.01)

NEW BRANCEPETH   In front of village hall 
First side                  

   Aberdeen  James             
   Ainscow George             
   Alderson Thomas          
   Atkinson Edward          
   Atkinson Joseph             
   Atkinson Percy             
   Atkinson Peter             
   Barren Robert             
   Bell John             
   Bell John James             
   Bone Melvine Summers          
   Bowes Watson             
   Bowman Henry             
   Bryson Stephen             
   Button Frederick             
   Chestney Robt William          
   Collins James              
   Crombie James             
   Cummings James          
   Dale Robert M.M.          
   Ferguson James             
   Fisher William             
On lower pedestal
   Erected to the memory of those who fell in the   
   Great War 1914-1918           
   belonging to New Brancepeth.   
Second side
   Forrest Wilson
   Fox James
   Gaffney Peter
   Gamble William    
   Garbutt Robert
   Gill Herbert
   Gray Joseph S.
   Hargreaves Thomas
   Hindmarsh Thomas
   Hird William
   Hodgson Philip    
   Holland Edward   
   Holliday George   
   Howe Richard
   Johnson Edward    
   Kemp Matthew  
   Laurence Percy
   Lewis Ernest    
   Liddle George         
   Liddle Reginald   
   Lindsay Thomas                
   Maddox John               
Lower panel

   Also in memory of those who fell in the                  
   World War 1939-1945                  
   Aberdeen John G.        Kitching John
   Bowden Henry            Kidd Charles
   Brown George            Minto Dennis
   Dodds Harry             Peacey Edward
   Dawson Thomas           Ramm Robert    
   Ferguson Sidney         Richardson Joseph
   Gibson Thomas           Ross John
   Hutchinson Cyril        Sinclair David
   Hutchinson Thomas       Sloan Joseph
Third side              Fourth side
   Mahan Edward            Simms William
   Mason Matthew Stanley   Smith James
   Maxwell Thomas          Smith John Henry
   McGeever John           Snaith Cuthbert
   McRoy Charles           Spraggon John  
   McRoy George            Stephenson Robert
   Nelson James            Stewart William    
   Nelson John             Stringer Frank
   Oxley John              Sutch Joseph
   Park John               Teale Edward
   Pearcey James           Teasdale Thomas
   Pedwell George          Tilley William
   Proctor Elias           Timmins George   
   Proctor James M.S.      Todd Albert
   Quinn Michael           Trivett Samuel
   Raine Edward            Turner Alfred
   Redshaw William         Warrant Robert  
   Renton James            Welsh John
   Robinson R.H.           Wharton Frederick
   Russell Bert M.S.       White Joseph
   Sammon Owen             Winter Joseph
   Saxby Charles           Wright Lawrence   
                           Thompson William
                           Turner Thomas Thomson
                           Metcalf William     


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