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Photo: Ralph Gould


Panels Old Boys 1914-18 Municipal High School





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NZ 347689

Original Location

Municipal High School Hawkey's Lane / Queen Alexandra Road, in entrance hall to the right.

Present Location

The building is now the Adult Education Centre, Tyne Metropolitan College.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 17th July 1920 by Rev. Canon Crawhall, first Chairman of Governors.

Memorial Description

Panel 6 feet 5 inches high x 10 feet 6 inches wide. At the centre top is a shield bearing the monogram of the Tynemouth Municipal Grammar School and the date 1904. The panel has a narrow top panel running along its total width which bears the dedication.
The lower part is divided into nine vertical panels which bear the names, each listed under the year in which they presumably joined the school, as the dates range from 1904 to 1914. The names of those who died are identified by a cross to the left of the name. The lettering is all in white, hand painted using Roman capitals throughout. Along the bottom frame, the words "Erected by . . . " are incised in Roman capitals.

Materials used

Dark oak


Old Boys of this School who served / their King and Country in the Great War 1914-1919
Erected in grateful remembrance by the Staff and Pupils 1920


Who commissioned

Staff and pupils

Present condition


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Panelling executed by firm of Ralph Hedley of Newcastle, the names painted by Mr. Robert Thompson of North Shields.
Designed by Ralph Hedley, Newcastle upon Tyne.


1. 401 young men from the school went to war, 81 serving at sea, 320 on land. 96 were killed or wounded. 1 was commissioned, 68 were non-commissioned officers and 5 were air mechanics. Many military distinctions were gained.

2. “With the balance in hand, a memorial cup would be provided for the boys’ and girls’ football and hockey championships”.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Alnwick & County Gazette 24/07/1920 carries brief report of unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Journal 19/07/1920 reports briefly on unveiling.

Northern Echo 19/07/1920 reports on school memorials

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 24/07/1920 reports unveiling.

Whitley Bay Observer 20/02/1920 reports proposals; 23/07/1920 reports unveiling

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 19/07/1920 reports unveiling.

Additional Research documents (click to download)

Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould; J. Brown; Michael Newrick; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

The names on the North Shields memorials are being researched by the Tynemouth WW1 group. Contact

Panels Old Boys 1914-18 Municipal High School (N34.40)

NORTH SHIELDS, Adult Education Centre.     


   Old Boys of this School who served
   their King and Country in the Great War 1914-1919 
Panel 1                Panel 2                

      1904                   1905                   
   Wm. J. Atkinson        Maurice Holmes         
   James W. Balls         Robert Hudson          
   + James E.B. Brook     Thos. M. Horn          
   + Harry A. Buffham     Jas. W. Hutchinson     
   Harry Burton           Donald Hutchinson      
   Jas. Cunningham        Ernest B. Johnson      
   Kirton Carr            + Colin Jamieson       
   + Norman Chambers      Geo. V. Lyons          
   Wm. Cockburn           Wm. T. McQuillen       
   Geo. C. Currie         John W. Moffat         
   Howard Curry           Albert Mason           
   Arthur J. English      John R. Matthews       
   Robert J. Grant        Edward Macintosh       
   H.R. Haselhurst        John L. Newton         
   W.R. Hutchinson        Gren. W.E. Ogden       
   Joseph R. Jull         Herbert F. Park        
   Thos. Kirkham          Harold Poland          
   + Curzon Lithgo        Tom Paulin             
   Chas. P. Nicholson     
   Robert Peirson         
   James Pearson          
   Peter Robertson        
   Alphonsus Reidy        
   Wm. Hy. Sanders        
   + W. Gordon Scurr      
   James Shand            
   Fred. Smith            
   Jas. Surtees           
   J. Hunter Thornton     
   + David S. Wallace     
   + Harold Weir          
   George Allan                                               
   Jas. Allerton                                              
   Jas. P. Brobie                                             
   Chas Wm. Butler                                            
   Oscar Curry                                                
   + Jos. Hy. Duncan                                          
   Geo. Edwards                                               
   Wm. Ellison                                                
   R.F. Flisher                                               
   Robert Graham                   
   Daniel Harrison        
   Geo. E. Hogg           
   Robert Hastie          
   Geo A. Reay
   James Willis
Panel 3                Panel 4                 

      1905                   1907                     

   Norman Stark           Francis T. Basey         
   Geo. W. Slater         Robert J. Blair          
   W. Harry C. Waine      David Brown              
   R.W.M. Wilkens         Sydney Burton            
   Hedley Ward            + Harry E. Cooper        
   Adam S. Wood           Sidney Coward            
                          Wilfred L. Deleeuw       
      1906                + James Y. Dignam        
                          Wm. Edmenson             
   Jos. Garrard           Kenneth Erskine         
   + Randal Agnew         + Thos. Forest           
   Tom Blench             + Henry D. Howe          
   Edwin Beck             + Hugh Hutchinson        
   Bertram Brook          Herbert G. Jamieson      
   James Blain            + Kingswell Kemp         
   Cuth. Beautyman        Hugh Lawson              
   Robert Clark           Munro Mackenzie          
   Frank Carnaby          + Thos. M. Melrose       
   Horatio Clouston       Stanley Moffat           
   Fredk. Cockburn        Wm. P. Nicholson         
   + John Culledge        + Frederick J. Osbon     
   Thos. Davidson         H. Porterfield           
   Norman Galloway        James Scougal            
   Sidney R. Gustard      John Wm. Sharp           
   + Alan Herriott        Andrew J. Smith          
   Ernest E. Hymers       John Thompson            
   Geo. W. Jackson        Albert E. Veitch         
   Geo. W. Joyce          Wm. Whitfield            
   + Alan A. Mackenzie                              
   James Melville                                   
   Thos. A. Miller                                  
   G. Porterfield         Wm. Peirson                         
   Fred Pearson           Harvey Porter                       
   Robert Robertson       + Lancelot Rennison                 
   Robinson Rigby         Clifford Sawyer                     
   Philip Reed            + Thos. Shaw                        
   Wm. S. Swinney         Robert H. Stubbs                    
   David Simpson          Wm. W. Tagg                         
   Jonathan Smith         Wm. T. Temple                       
                          J.C. Weatherburn                  
                          Roland Wilson                      
                          Arnold Walker                    
                          Albert W. Winn                     
Panel 5                Panel 6

      1908                   1909

   Charles Allan          + A.L. Armstrong     
   Alan Armstrong         + Fred. Allerton     
   John T. Brown          Thos. W. Andrews     
   Harold Clegg           W.A. Armstrong       
   Richard V. Coats       T.A. Alexander       
   + John J. Frame        Victor Bryson        
   John D. Forsyth        J. Etters Beck        
   J.R. Hindmarsh         Percival Buglass     
   + Stephen Hull         + T. Finkall Blair   
   + James Henry Hogg     John Brand           
   Norman S. Hoggarth     + J. Campbell        
   Sivert Holmes          + John Errington     
   Geo. Hoy               N. Ferguson          
   Geo. Hurrell           Robert Fortune       
   Arthur F. Killip       John Forrest         
   + Norman Lawson        + Jas. Wm. Grey      
   J.B. Longuille         + Fred. Greenacre    
   R.G. Melrose           Jas. S. Glover       
   Lawrence Moore         Raymond Grix         
   David Martin           Joseph Hibbs         
   J.H. Maxwell           Jas. W. Hunter       
   + J.H. Patterson       Philip Hodgson       
   Wm. A. Paulin          John Hy. Hall        
   Benjamin Peel          R.S. Hutchinson      
   Chas. W. Robson        Henry Lowes          
   + Wm. Geo. Roper       Harold Lyons         
   Wm. M. Reay            Wm. Lilburn          
   Robert F. Scott        Joseph Moss          
   Arthur Steele          Sidney Meadows       
   + J. Watson Todd       + J. Eric H. Miller  
   + David K. Tulloch     Robert Miller        
   Jos. R. Veitch         Louis Milburn        
   Cyril Wears            James Marco          
   Wm. A. Watson          Anthony Meadows      
   Hector N. Weir         Thos. W. Manson      
   Wm. H. Yurston         David Parry          
   Jack Young             Eric Pickles         
                          + Leslie H. Proctor  
                          Robert Pringle       
                          Frederick G. Robb    
                          Geo. Reive           
                          John Wm. Randell     
                          Robt. Ramsey         
Panel 7                Panel 8                  

      1909                   1910                     
   James R. Stephenson    Chas S. Marshall          
   John C. Smith          Thos. McPherson           
   + Arnold Stroud        Wm. K. Melrose            
   Thos. Sadler           George Parsons            
   Robt. Sharp            + Thomas T. Ferris        
   A. Smurthwaite         Thomas Potts              
   Robt. Turner           Harold Potts              
   + Geo. Wm. Taylor      A. Popplewell             
   Arnold Turnbull        Fred. J. Robinson         
                          Edmund J. Rang            
      1910                David M. Spence           
                          John Straughan            
   + John C. Allan        + Cyril Strong            
   George Anderson        Austin Stroud             
   Edwin Armstrong        Robert Trewhitt           
   + George Brown         + Wm. Trayhurn            
   + George F. Ball       Allan Tebb                
   Walter S. Burn         Ronald Thurlbeck          
   Wm. Kirton Bell        Francis Walker            
   Robert Bradbeer        Fred. J.M. Wilkens        
   Wm. Croft Bradbeer     Ralph L. Willis           
   Robert. C. Carter      John S. Wilkie            
   + Alfred A. Crossman   Isaac Walton              
   Colin Campbell         John G. Walton            
   + Harry Carling        Thomas S. Rae             
   Jos. Crosthwaite          1911                      
   + Wm. S. Cowell        George A. Scott           
   Wm. Dickinson          Ernest C. Angus           
   + Geo. Hy. Davison     Geo. A. Bethall           
   Norman Edmenson        Thos. D. Brand            
   John Forsyth           Cuthbert Bullock          
   Jas. C. Garfitt        Chris. M. Brodie          
   + Daniel Graham        J. Edgar Brown            
   Norman R. Gibson       Sidney H. Brooks          
   George R. Hunter       + Edwin P.W. Brown        
   + A.Y. Hutchinson      Douglas Campbell          
   Norman Hewgill         Henry Clark               
   John Jas. Hird         F.H. Caldwell             
   Thos. S. Hunter        B. Crosthwaite            
   John Innes             L. Crosthwaite            
   + John R. Jackson      + Wm. E. Charlton         
   John G. Joice          Frederick W. Dovey        
   Frederick S. Jones     B.P. Davison              
   Arthur W. Jobling      Henry Dunn                
   + John Wm. Lundy       Harold T. Dovey           
   + Victor Limerick      Percy R. Angus            
   + Norman Lake          + Joseph Dehn            
   Joseph F. Foster       Robert Foreman     
Panel 9                Panel 10

      1911                   1912-1914

   Thomas Davison         + James A. Kent                     
   James E. Emery         John F. Koeford
   Joseph H. Fannen       Anders Loland
   John P. Grieves        John Wm. Leck
   + Joseph C. Graham     Wm H. McAllister
   David C. Hibbs         Thos. H. Matthews
   Thomas Hunter          Fred. McQueen
   Stanley Hymers         Jos. B.D. Moffet
   George Hunter          T. Basil Murray
   R.C. Hindmarsh         Herbert E. Motyer
   John Hornby            H.S. Nicholson
   + Chas. H. Mawson      Wm. Potts
   Ernest F. Merrick      Jas. B. Rodgers
   Wm. D. Miller          R. Rischmiller
   Henry G. Martin        Norman Royal
   George P. Martin       + T.C. Irvin Reed
   Robert M. Park         Jos. B. Robson
   Joseph Parker          Geo. L. Reay
   E.W. Plackett          Wm. Robinson
   Wm. Hy Balleny         W.A. Shephard
   Frederick Peirson      Alex. Tweedy
   E. Paul Quenet         Oswald C. Venus
   Walter J. Reddy        Leslie H. Walker
   Percy G. Roper         Albert R. Ward
   H.R. Wilkinson
   Edward H. Sapp         S.A.H. Wilkinson
   Arthur E.R. Willis
   Jas. A. Snowdon        Charles Earl West
   James S. Tully         Ronald Whitefield
   James Veitch           Alfred Dennison
   John Whitehead         Creighton Dick
   Cuthbert Whitehead     Ernest Lishman
   Innes H. Walton        Charles Lundy
   James R. Watson        Peter Ogilvie
   M.N. Wallace           John A. Sutherland
   Thomas Wilson          Fred. D. Best
                          Wm. Baxter
      1912-1914           Alfred Carr     
                          Thos. S. Dover
   + James Fell           W.S. Duncan
   N. Georgeson           + Louis de la Cherois
   Arnold S. George       Leonard Eames
   Thos. R. Hayward       Percy Emmerson
   Reginald P. Hunt
   Philip Hawdon
   Walter N. Hammond
   Robert C. Irving  
   Erected in grateful remembrance by the Staff and Pupils 1920

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