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Stained Glass Window 1914-18 St. Augustin





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NZ 360690

Original Location

St. Augustin's Church, Washington Terrace / Jackson Street.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 11th November 1922 by Rev. Canon Crawhall, former vicar of Tynemouth and chaplain to the forces.

Memorial Description

Stained glass window of three lights with oculus above.
The left window depicts St. George, with St. Augustine.
The right window depicts St. Nicholas of Myra, with St. Oswald.
In the centre is Our Lady in glory.
In the oculus is the risen Christ reigning in glory.

Plaque 2 feet 7 inches high x 2 feet 7 inches wide, set in a very narrow wood frame. There is a fine line border. The dedication at the top is in fancy serif lettering, as are the details at the bottom, and the benediction. The names are listed in four columns, each divided by a vertical line, using sans serif lower case lettering.

Materials used



To the glory of God and in memory of those / who names are set out below who gave up their lives / during the Great War 1914-1918 The stained glass of the east window of this church / forms the memorial of relatives, friends and parishioners /
Requiescant in Pace.



Window: £613/11s/2d; brass plaque: £30.

How money was raised

Public subscription

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Martin Travers; made by Messrs G.J. Baguley and Son, Newcastle.


1. Centre light was unveiled in 1922; outer lights in 1925; the oculus in 1927.

2. The very last name must have been added later.

3. The wording on this plaque seems to have changed. An old photograph shows:
the dates as “1914-1919” while the present plaque reads “1914-1918”.
the wording at the bottom reads “The Centre Light of the East Window of this Church . . .”.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Jeff Cook; R.Gould; old postcard: George Nairn

Shields Daily News 13/11/1922 reports unveiling;

The Studio March 1923 contains an illustrated description of decorative art at the Royal Academy, and among the pictures is one of the centre light of this window;

Shield Daily News07/11/1925 reports proposed unveiling on Sunday week, i.e. 15th November, and an advertisement of 14/11/1925 reports proposed unveiling of "side windows of War memorial by Rev. H.J. Davis on Sunday 15th November 1925".

Church History of St. Augustin's, 1884-1984 by Reavley Gair, in which Neil Moat describes the windows.

Illustrated Chronicle 13/11/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 18/11/1922 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation
“Requiescant in Pace” (May they rest in peace) Latin Mass for the Dead

Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould; Mrs. P. Amis (Caretaker); Rev. M. Golightly; Jeff Cook; Dorothy Hall; George Nairn

Research In Progress

The names on the North Shields memorials are being researched by the Tynemouth WW1 group. Contact

Stained Glass Window 1914-18 St. Augustin (N34.22)

NORTH SHIELDS, St. Augustin's Church.

   To the glory of God and in memory of those
   who names are set out below who gave up their lives
   during the Great War, 1914-1919
   Anderson, A.     Errington, T.W.  Little, T.        Sherrington, W.M.
   Andrews, C.F.    Errington, J.C.  MacPhee, A.       Smails, G.O.
   Atkins, C.H.     Fenwick, A.C.    Miller, R.H.      Spurling, J.H.
   Atkinson, G.     Ferguson, C.G.   Miller, R.        Stenhouse, G.H.
   Beales, T.C.     Forster, J.      Mills, L.P.       Stimpson, E.D.
   Bower, W.        Fyall, T.A.      Morton, E.        Teasdale, F.W.
   Brown, G.        George, J.S.     Muddle, G.O.      Temple, G.R.
   Buglass, T.      Georgeson, J.H.  Newham, R.        Tinwell, H.A.
   Burn, J.H.       Grey, E.J.       Nichols, W.J.     Trayhurn, R.
   Burns, J.D.      Hails, C.        Norvell, G.R.     Tullock, D.K.
   Campbell, C.A.   Hall, W.D.       Osbon, F.J.       Tully, R.
   Cappleman, W.    Handley, T.A.    Parkinson, R.W.G. Turnbull, W.B.
   Carey, A.        Hastie, A.       Porterfield, G.   Venus, F.A.
   Carr, G.W.       Henderson, W.H.  Potts, J.R.       Vyse, G.R.
   Caush, J.W.P.    Horn, A.C.       Purdy, W.         Vyse, T.W.
   Chambers, N.W.   Huitson, J.      Read, C.R.        Wales, A.
   Chambers, H.R.L. Hutchinson, H.M. Reddy, N.L.       Wallace, J.
   Chapman, S.A.G.  Jackson, R.      Reed, M.          Warren, J.B.
   Churnside, A.    Jamson, J.       Richardson, R.    Watson, A.
   Clark, F.W.      Jefferson, R.    Richardson, H.    Watson, E.
   Coats, W.        Johnson, T.L.    Robertson, R.McC. Webster, J.W.
   Craig, H.        Kassell, E.W.    Robson, J.        Webster, B.
   Davison, T.      Kennedy, J.      Roper, W.G.       West, R.
   Davison, G.H.    Knox, J.C.       Rose, A.E.        Williamson, H.
   Donaldson, J.J.  Knox, C.W.       Rutter, J.L.      Wood, J.
   Dougal, J.       Kolm, J.R.       Schubert, E.      Wright, D.
   Edwardson, W.    Lawson, H.B.     Selley. G.        Loader, T.H.
                                                       McIntyre, G.S.
   The Stained Glass of the East Window of this Church
   forms the memorial of Relatives, Friends and Parishioners
   Requiescat in Pace
	The name of G.S. McIntyre seems to have been added at a later date.

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