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Roll of Honour 1939-45 Korea Y.M.C.A.





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Original Location

Y.M.C.A., Church Way / West Percy Street.

Which war

a. 1939-45
b. Korea.

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour in wood frame 82cms high x 63.5cm wide. The Roll is hand painted, showing left a vase with poppies and wheat, standing on a base decorated with a ram's horn and on which the dates 1939-1945 are written. To the right top is a plumed helmet. The Roll itself is presented as an ancient parchment, slightly torn. The words "Roll of Honour" at the top are in black Gothic lettering with the "R" illuminated in red. At the very top are the words "The James Knott Youth centre" painted in brown Roman lettering on a marled brown background. A similar background is given at the bottom to the words "They shall inherit the earth". The names are handwritten in two columns in black ink using sans serif capitals throughout.

Underneath this is a smaller but similar wood frame, in which the symbolism of the painting above is described. This itself has the word "Legend" in elaborate blue lettering edged in black. The names of the symbols are also in blue, and all this lettering is placed on an individual misshapen background of grey edged in black. The rest is handwritten in white on a brown/grey background.

Materials used

Paper in frame of natural oak.


First frame:
Sir James Knott / Youth Centre / Roll of Honour / (names) / 1939-1945 / They shall inherit the earth.
Second frame:
Crest and visor. Based on the design by Albert Durer in 1503, and intended as a tribute to those who gave their lives in battle.
The urn. Based on the Greek traditional urn of mourning.
Poppies. The British emblem of remembrance for those who gave their lives in their Country's defence.
Wheat. Faithfulness. A symbol that their sacrifice has not been in vain.
Ram's head. An ancient symbol of sacrifice.
This memorial was designed and executed by Charles A. Nicholson in honour of fellow Y.M.C.A. members.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Charles A. Nicholson, a member of the Y.M.C.A.


1. The Y.M.C.A. was formerly in Bedford Street.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Ralph Gould; Tony Harding

Source of quotation
“They shall inherit the earth” Presumably St.Matthew 5 v 3” “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth"

Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould; Tony Harding

Research In Progress

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Roll of Honour 1939-45 Korea Y.M.C.A. (N34.10)

Sir James Knott
Youth Centre

Roll of Honour
     Frederick, George,      M.N.       Harmon, Robt.,     S.L.I.
     Scott, L.W.,            R.A.F.     Quinn, Lawrence,   R.A.F.
     Manderville, Peter,     M.N.       Shorey, F.G.,      6th A. Div.
     Bewick, George,         R.A.       Marsden, J.G.,     R.A.F.
     Peart, William, F.,     M.N.       Compton, L.A.,     R.A.F.
     Thompson, Cyril,        M.N.       Ramsay, T.G.,      R.N.
     Blakey, Leonard,        R.A.       Roxby, Raymond,    R.A.F.
     Cruickshanks William A. R.A.F.     Badger, Reg.,      R.A.F.
     Persson, Osten,         M.N.
     Ellis, Robert,          R.A.F.     Killed in Korea
     McCabe, Hugh,           M.N.       Smith, Robt., R. Leics.Reg.
     Marsden, Arthur, E.,    N.H.
     Clark, Robert,          M.N.
     Stewart, Joseph Victor, R.N.
     Nesbit, Thomas,         M.N.            
     Round, John,            M.N.            
     Round, Alfred,          M.N.            
     Goulden, Tom,           R.A.F.          
     Athey, Stanley,         R.A.F.          
     Scott, Ernest,          M.N.            
     Morgan, Percy S.,       R.E.
     Stewart, Roland S.,     R.A.F.
     Williamson, George,     M.N.
     Morris, Alan,           R.A.F.
     Faulkner, Robert,       M.N.       Victims of Enemy Air Attacks
     Hart, Jas. E.,          R.A.
     Foster, Doug.,          R.A.F.     Short, Veda.
     Redshaw, Robt.,         R.A.F.     Liddle, Elsie
     Whitelaw, Eric,         R.A.F.     Hodgson, Violet
     Birkett, A.,            R.A.F.     Burn, Myra.
     Downie, Alan,           R.A.F.     Henderson, Marjorie.
     Emery, Jos.,            R.A.F.
     Ayre, John,             M.N.
     Rutter, Jas.,           M.N.
     Winchester, Jas.,       R.A.F.
     Lishman, Alison,        W.R.N.S.
     Dick, James,            R.I.F.
     Frew, Ernest,           G.P.R.
     Allpress, Arthur,       R.E.
     Peart, Gordon,          K.O.S.B.
     Dryden, Andrew M.,      M.N.
     Clementson, Wm. S.,     R.A.F.
     Nicholson, James N.,    Recce C.
     Cowell, Fred,           R.A.F.

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