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NEWMP Memorial Image
NEWMP Memorial Image


Cenotaph 1914-18 Smith's Dock





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NZ 346676

Original Location

In Recreation Park

Present Location

Minton Lane (west side) in West End Park.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled July 24th 1922 by Maj.Gen. Sir R.A. Kerr Montgomery, KCMG., CB., DSO, and dedicated by Rev. R.E. Holmes, Vicar of Christ Church, North Shields.

Memorial Description

Recreation Park of 25 acres given for the workmen of the Bull Ring and Pontoon Departments.
Cenotaph 13 feet (3.96m) high on a 1 foot (304mm) high mound. Carved wreaths on tall, corniced, tapered cenotaph flanked by tall pilasters, the upper sections curved with reeded necking.
The dates 1914-18 are incised inside the wreath at the top. The dedication is set below the wreath, and the names are incised in two columns on the front and the back.

Materials used

York stone, Portland stone.


On front face :
To the / glory of God / and the honour of / their country / In memoriam
On back face :
Erected by Smith's Dock Company, Limited, in memory of the Employees from all Departments who gave their lives in the Great War.


Who commissioned

Smith's Dock Co. Ltd.


Directors of Smiths Docks Ltd.

How money was raised

South Bank Employees' Relief Fund, begun in August 1914, had raised over £14,000, which was used to provide a recreation park, the cenotaph, and the rest used for widows, orphans, and disabled servicemen.

Present condition

Names rapidly becoming obliterated, extensively vandalised with spray paint. Cleaned in recent years.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Unsworth and Triggs, London; Messrs. Stephen Easton Ltd., Newcastle upon Tyne.


1. "Rumour is that a building firm wishes to build on the Sports field, so perhaps the Memorial will be demolished." (R.W. Gould, June 1991)

2. This memorial is one of three identical monuments raised by the firm in each of their three recreation parks in North Shields, South Shields and Normanby. Each monument carries the names from all three locations

3. From the Company, 1300 men went to fight and 140 were killed.

4. "North Tyneside City Challenge say the memorial has been moved a short distance, into the workmen's compound for the housing development in this district, to protect against vandalism; and it is hoped to establish it in very near its old position, when development work allows" (Dr. R.W. Gould, 24/10/1994)

5. Now incorporated in a housing estate. Although there are houses nearby the memorial is still in a park setting and has a school behind it.

6. At the unveiling of the Cenotaph, Gen. Montgomery said: “His hearers had a fine chance of making their memorial a real live one; they ought not to let the memory of the fallen fade. He suggested that, to keep their memory green, the sports winning team lay a wreath in memory of the men who had gained the crown, and that all who looked on that cenotaph would play the game.”

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Jim Winter; Linda Robinson

"Smith's Dock Monthly" July 1919 shows names and photographs of those who died with details of service and death; March 1922 gives details of the proposals for the monuments; August 1922 gives details of unveiling ceremonies; September 1920 contains brief mention of this memorial, together with that at Harton, in a report of the unveiling of the Company's memorial at South Shields (photocopies on file)

Shields Daily News 25/07/1922 reports unveiling ceremony

Northern Echo 20/07/1922 reports proposed unveiling;

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 29/07/1922 reports unveiling.

South Shields Gazette 25/07/1922 reports unveiling of cenotaph; 29/07/1922 reports additional information

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Research acknowledgements

The late Dr. R.W. Gould; the late R.C. Simpson; the late Jim Winter; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall; Michael Mulhern; Linda Robinson

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Cenotaph 1914-18 Smith's Dock (N34.04)

NORTH SHIELDS, Smith's Park.
On front (north) face                                    

   To the
   glory of God
   and the honour of
   their country
   Agar, W.          Fallon, T. 
   Aitken, T.W.      Fearnley, G. 
   Algie, W.         Fennon, T. 
   Annett, F.        Forster, J.J. 
   Atkinson, A.      Forster, E.T.Y. 
   Badsey, B.        Fox, H. 
   Bennett, E.T.     French, J.H. 
   Boyes, T.         Gallagher, C. 
   Boyle, P.         Gillings, J.W. 
   Boylen, J.        Gonans, F. 
   Brookbanks, W.    Grant, W. 
   Brown, E.         Harbron, W. 
   Burdon, J.E.      Hardwick, R. 
   Burdon, M.        Harrison, J. 
   Burdon, T.        Hart, J. 
   Callender, J.     Haw, R.W. 
   Campbell, G.      Hellam, J.R. 
   Carey, J.         Henderson, R. 
   Case, P.          Hogg, J.H. 
   Chater, F.        Hogg, R.H. 
   Chater, J.        Hogg, T. 
   Clark, A.         Holt, J.S. 
   Clark, J.         Howey, A. 
   Clark, W.         Hutchings, W.H. 
   Clark, W.N.       Hutchinson, H.M. 
   Clint, S.         Huthart, T. 
   Collings, W.      Jamieson, J. 
   Conley, J.        Joyce, E. 
   Connelly, M.      Kerr, T. 
   Connolly, J.      Laing, E. 
   Conway, J.        Landells, J. 
   Cook, A.          Lane, W.R. 
   Darling, A.H.     Lattimer, J. 
   Dennier, J.       Lawrence, W. 
   Dunn, J.          Lenham, J.W. 
   Edwards, L.J.     Little, J.E. 
   Elston, S.G.      Lumsden, R. 
   English, J. 
   Eustace-Smith, R. 
   In memoriam
On back (South) face)     
   Mackin, T.        Stewart, H.
   Mainger, J.       Stoddart, C.
   Manson, A.V.      Svenson, A.T.
   Martin, O.        Swinburne, T.
   Matthews, J.T.    Swinney, W.
   McDougall, C.     Taylor, G.W.
   McElroy, F.       Taylor, J.R.
   Milburn, R.       Teasdale, J.W.
   Miller, J.        Theakston, J.W.
   Milliken, H.      Thirkell, E.
   Mortlock, H.J.    Tinkler, G.A.
   Mortlock, T.      Vaughan, E.
   Mulligan, P.      Wade, A.     
   Myers, T.H.       Wade, D
   Norton, W.        Ward, E.
   O'Halleron, M.    Watson, F.R.
   O'Hara, C.        Watts, G.
   Patterson, J.G.   Waugh, J.
   Potts, J.L.       Welsh, D.F.
   Prentice, E.G.    Wetherell, R.G.
   Quogan E.         Wheatley, J.
   Rackham, R.       Wikstram, C.
   Reed, T.I.C.      Wiles, J.D.
   Richardson, W.    Wilson, A.
   Robson, A.        Wood, S.
   Robson, T.W.      Young, F.
   Ross, D.        
   Rowley, C.           
   Rowse, J.      
   Shannon, E.             
   Smith, A.
   Smith, F.  
   Smith, M.
   South, W.
   Spalding, F.G.
   Spencer, G.   
   Sproul, A.
   Sproul, J.           
   Stevenson, A.

   Erected by Smith Dock Company Ltd in memory of employees
   from All Departments who gave their lives in the Great War
   July 1922

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