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Plaque South Africa 1899-1902 Library





Map ref

NZ 355684

Original Location

North Shields Free Library, Savile Street / Howard Street.

Present Location

Land of Green Ginger Shopping Arcade (in former Tynemouth Congregational Church), Front Street / Tynemouth Road, Tynemouth.

Which war

South Africa 1899-1902

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

1. Unveiled Saturday 24th January 1903 by Col. Cookson, C.B. of the Northumberland Yeomanry. This ceremony was held in the Albion Assembly Rooms, though the plaque would be placed in the Public Library later.
2. Unveiled again in April 1995

Memorial Description

Plaques in oak frame, 66 inches high x 44 inches wide. The top plaque is 60 inches high x 36 inches wide. There is a border pattern of leaves. At the top is an oval frame containing a scene of a soldier carrying a rifle standing beside a cannon, with hills in the background. A ribbon below this shows the date and title. The names of those killed are given in two columns at the top, with details of where they died. The names of those who served are in five columns, some of them having their rank in brackets behind their names in italics. At the bottom centre is the badge with motto of the old Borough of Tynemouth. The lettering is a mixture of Gothic, sans serif and Roman capitals. The list of names is in lower case Roman.
Below this is another smaller plaque 9 inches high x 22 inches wide, of similar design, mounted on the same wooden frame which has been manufactured to echo the smaller shape. This contains seven more names of those who served.

Materials used

Brass on oak pattress.


1899 South African Campaign 1902 / This Tablet / was placed here by Public Subscription / in grateful recognition / of the services rendered by / the volunteers and reservists / who went from the Borough of Tynemouth / to fight the battle of our Country.
"God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble".


Who commissioned

Tynemouth Reservist Committee

How money was raised

Public subscription

Present condition


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Andrew Reid & Co.Ltd., Newcastle upon Tyne.

Ownership and maintenance

The Mayor of Tynemouth accepted responsibility for the plaque at the unveiling ceremony.


1. From the money which was collected, £3,371 was handed to the Northumberland and Tyneside Reservists' Fund, £127 to the Lord Mayor of London's Fund. £2,737 had been paid to dependants. Any balance was to be paid to the Sailors' and Soldiers' Families Association.

2. A letter from the late Dr. R.W. Gould dated 28th April 1995 reads "I am credibly informed that it was first displayed on a downstairs wall at the town's "Free Library" (as the inscription over the door calls it), on Savile Street / Howard Street, S.W. Corner. Before Easter 1988 it had been moved to be displayed facing the head of the stairs, when downstairs became a storeroom closed to the public, upstairs became Local Studies department, and the main library was transferred to the top of Howard Street, on the S.W. corner of Howard Street/Northumberland Square, into its brand-new building. When the old free library was to be drastically restored and internally altered into a commercial centre, this memorial had to be moved. It was leant against a pillar upstairs in the new library, but when the pillar was needed for siting extra bookshelves, the memorial moved yet again, to be stored in a cupboard (?about 1992 or 1993). I know not whether any other efforts were made, about this time, to get it displayed, but I do know that I wrote to two councillors and the librarian. The librarian sent a polite letter which got me no further. Each of the councillors called on me and expressed enthusiastic agreement with my longing to have the memorial re-displayed, but I had no further hint of any progress until this attached press cutting, which has filled my day with surprised joy. Obviously I picked the wrong councillors for my purpose, although they were both charming!! The Land of Green Ginger was the Congregational Church, but it is now a shopping mall; and it is on S.E. corner of Front Street/Tynemouth Road intersection. As you can see, the memorial is on the wall, half way up the stairs". (The press cutting referred to is the North Shields News Guardian 27/04/1995)

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding; Jeff Cook; Ralph Gould; Richard Simpson; Alan Hildrew

Shields Daily News October, November 1902 and January 1903 carry appeals for information for the plaque, plus report of unveiling ceremony.

North Shields News Guardian 27/04/1995 reports unveiling the plaque in its new location in Land of Green Ginger.

Whitley Bay News Guardian 27/04/1995 reports unveiling in new location

Source of quotation
“God is our refuge and strength . . .” Psalm 46 v 1.

Research acknowledgements

The late R.C. Simpson; the late R.W. Gould; E. Hollerton of N. Tyneside Local Studies Centre; Mr. and Mrs. F. Furness; Tony Harding; Jeff Cook; Alan Hildrew

Research In Progress

If you are researching this memorial please contact

Plaque South Africa 1899-1902 Library (N34.03)

   This tablet
   was placed here by public subscription
   in grateful recognition of the services rendered by
   the Volunteers and Reservists
   who went from the Borough of Tynemouth
   to fight the battle of our Country
   H.N. Hill (2nd Lieut.) Killed at Kleinfontein    T. Kindleysides (Sapper) died at Pretoria
   J. Dixon (Trooper) Killed at Rhenosterfontein    G.R. Lilburn (Trooper) Killed at Bloemfontein
   C. Moore (Private) Killed at Reddersburg         John Smith (Trooper) Died at Bloemfontein
   James Tate (Private) Invalided home and died.    Alexander Webster ( Trooper) Killed at Noougedacht
                        David Handley (Trooper) Died at Naauwpoort
   First Column               Second Column         Third Column
   Robert Angus               Thos. Davison         J.R. Kimber (Serg)         
   William Arkley             John Diamond          John Kempster              
   C.H. Atkins                A.P. Duncan           W.J. Kerr                  
   John E. Ashley             Alex. English         Wm. Knowles                
   T.W. Abson                 Jos. Fryer            J.K. Kemp                  
   Wm. Alexander              W.F. Ferguson         W.B.C. Lawton (Serg)       
   J.S. Alexander             W. Ferguson           David Lowe (Corpl)         
   Robert Amor                W. Gallon (Serg)      J.H. Lees                  
   Geo. Bowdan (Serg. Major)  John Gould            James Lowe                 
   C.G. Black                 John Garrity          And. R. Liddell            
   J. Burke                   Jas. Griggs           Leonard Lee                
   Geo. Wm. Brown             E. Galloway           Wm. Liddle                 
   Pat. Burke                 Thos. Godman          W.H. Leybourne             
   Wm. Baker                  John Garman           P. Legg                    
   Lionel Brown               Jas. Gibson           Sam. Lowden                 
   Robert Burns               Henry Gray            Jas. Langley               
   H.B. Bage                  Basil Gunn            J. Lawlor                  
   A. Bedwell                 G.T. Gibbon           Patrick Lee                
   Martin Coyne (Serg. Major) Thos. Hepple (Corpl)  J.A. Lambert               
   Jos. W. Cocking (Serg)     Henry Harper (Corpl)  A. Lowes                   
   H. Cartwright              Jos. Henaughan        Frank Lewins               
   John Corby                 W. Hood               George Lott                
   Anthony Casson             John Hunter           Jos. Mooney (Lance Corp)   
   Edward Cullen              Jas. B.C. Hobbs       Frank McMullin (Signaller) 
   Wm. Curry                  Jas. Hall             John Murray                
   Pat. Corfield              Jos. Haggie           Edward McCabe              
   P. Curran                  John Hill             Jas. Mulrooney             
   John Coyne                 Wm. Jas. Humphrey     Thos. Morgan               
   E.A. Crow                  A.P. Hunter           Henry Miller               
   R.H. Chater                Thos. Hogg            Isaac Miller               
   A. Dunn                    A.E.M. Hall           J.G. Maxwell               
   Henry Dobson               William Hambly        Hy. Maxwell                
   Thomas Duffy               William Henderson     Thos. Maxwell              
   J.T. Delaney               John T. Irvin         Robert Main                
   J.S. Dickson               C. Johnston           John Moran                 
   John R. Davis              Thos. Jefferson       John McLoughlan            
   John Dodds                 P. McGinty Johnson    Patrick Mullen             
   Jas. Daley                 John Johnson          John McMullen              
   John Denton                Wm. Johnson           Patrick McPhilips          
   J.E. Dunn                  W. John               M. Marshall                
   Fourth Column              Fifth Column
   Thos. Muckle               Peter Slater
   Wm. P. Mills               Hugh Stewart
   Henry Mackel               W. Sweet
   J.R. Morley                A. Steinlet
   H. McQueen                 Robert Snowdon
   Thomas McCabe              Edward Scott
   G. Nattine                 W.F. Scott
   John Owen                  R. Storrock
   Edward Pine                T. Samson
   L.S. de Putron             J.W. Shipman
   Edward Patterson           W.L. Scott
   T. Peacock                 John Scott
   Bernard Quinn              J. Thompson
   R. Renner (Sergeant)       J.F. Taws
   Arthur Robertson (Lce.Cpl. George W. Tuohey
   T.P. Robinson              T.H. Thompson
   George Riddle              Arthur Thompson
   David Robinson             William Ternent
   William Robson             Michael Thomas
   John Rankin                Henry Thompson
   Robert Ramsay              J.T. Taylor
   Francis Rendles            J.T. Temple
   Henry Robinson             Richard Taws
   Dan Rennie                 John Usher
   S.O. Robson                James Varley
   J.W. Ruddy                 J. Vaughan
   R. Reaveley                J. Watt
   L. Robson                  Septimus Wood
   Edward Robson              John Robt. Whitman
   E. Smith                   George Weir
   John Southern              William Weller
   John Stephenson            T. Watson
   E. Scurr                   John Wren
   Matthew Subton             John Whalen
   Thomas Steen               J.S. Wherly
   Andrew Spear               R. Walsh
   Patrick Sullivan           E. Wilson
   William Sadler
   James Storey
   John Smith
   "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble"
   Richard Irvin Chairman of Reservist Committee     R. Irvin Jnr., Hon. Secretary
   Geo. Armstrong Vice-Chairman                      W.H. Storey, Hon. Treasurer.
Plaque below
   J.W. Carr                      G.T. Harker (Corporal)
   W. Darling                     Stanley Knott (Captain)
   W.J. Findlay                   T.G. Knott
   J. Francis Haswell, M.D., Capt.1st V.B. Border Regt. late Surg. Capt. T.V.A.

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