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Photo: Kevin Bradley


Gateposts 1914-18 Municipal High School





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NZ 347689

Original Location

Municipal High School, Hawkey's Lane / Queen Alexandra Road

Present Location

The plaques were stolen in July 2010

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date


Memorial Description

Pair of square gate posts surmounted by lamps (broken). On each is a plaque, 2 feet 2 inches high x 1 foot 3 inches wide, with a raised patterned border round each with the letters standing proud. The names are listed in two columns on each plaque, sub-divided into groups by year. Both dedications and names are in elaborate capitals throughout.

Materials used

Sandstone posts with bronze plaques


First plaque:
Old Boys of this school / who gave their lives / for King and Country in / the Great War 1914-1919
Erected in solemn pride / and gratitude by the / Old Students Union 1920 /
Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori


Who commissioned

Tynemouth Municipal High School



How money was raised

Old Students’ Union

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Fraleys, Birmingham.


1. 401 young men from the school went to war, 81 serving at sea, 320 on land. 96 were killed or wounded.

2. 1 was commissioned, 68 were non-commissioned officers and 5 were air mechanics. Many military distinctions were gained.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding; Kevin Bradley; Jim Scott

Illustrated Chronicle 13/02/1920 reports granting of permission

Northern Echo 19/07/1920 reports on the school memorials.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 24/07/1920 reports unveiling.

Whitley Bay Observer 20/02/1920 reports proposals; 23/07/1920 reports unveiling

Source of quotation
“Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” (“It is a sweet and noble thing to die for one’s country) Horace, Odes Book 3, No.2, 1.13

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Research acknowledgements

Kevin Bradley; the late R.W. Gould; the late R.C. Simpson; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall; Jim Scott

Research In Progress

The names on the North Shields memorials are being researched by the Tynemouth WW1 group. Contact

Gateposts 1914-18 Municipal High School (N34.02)

NORTH SHIELDS, Adult Education Centre.
First plaque
   Old boys of this School                                
   who gave their lives                                   
   for King and Country in                                
   The Great War 1914-1919                                
      1914                      1916                         
   David S. Wallace          J. Hylton Patterson          
      1915                   Curzon Lithgoe               
   George A. Brown           James E.B. Brook             
   John Cecil Allen          John Errington               
   David K. Tulloch          William G. Roper             
   James H. Hogg             Edwin P.W. Brown             
   Harry E. Cooper           James Campbell               
   Frederick J. Osbon        Fred Allerton                
   Joseph Dehn               Arnold Stroud                
   James Y. Digman           Norman Chambers              
   Joseph H. Duncan          Norman Lawson                
   Harry Carling             Thomas N. Melrose            
      1916                      1917                         
   J. Eric H. Miller         T. Randall Agnew             
   John Watson Todd          James Fell                   
   Alfred Y. Hutchinson      John R. Jackson              
   Alfred A. Crossman        John Colledge                
   Alan Herriott             Norman Lake                  
Second plaque

   Erected in solemn pride
   and gratitude by the
   Old Students' Union 1920.
   Dulce at Decorum est pro patria mori.

      1917                      1918
   Stephen Hull              Fred. O. Greenacre
   Colin Jamieson            James W. Grey
   George W. Taylor          Harry A. Buffham
   Charles H. Mawson         T.C. Irvin Reed
   W. Richard Trayhurn       J. Cyril Graham
   Harold Weir               Wm. G. Charlton
   Thomas T. Perris          Daniel Graham
   Hugh Hutchison            Henry D. Howe
      1918                   Lancelot Rennison
   Gordon Scurr              John William Lundy
   Louis de la Cherois       George H. Davison
   Robert Peirson            Leslie H. Proctor
   Alan A. MacKenzie         George F. Ball
   Thomas Shaw               James Arthur Kent
   Thomas F. Blair                 1919
   Cyril Strong              Thomas Forrest
   Norman S. Hoggarth        Victor Limerick
   John J. Frame             William S. Cowell

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