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Photo: Dorothy Hall


ROH Served 1914-18 Co-op





Original Location

Newbiggin Co-operative Stores

Present Location

Beamish Museum

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled June 1920 by Rev. J. Reilly, M.C.

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour on printed form in elaborate fame. The frame has leaves at each corner, a carving of items of uniform at the top, a haversack at the bottom, and a furled flag at each side. The Roll itself is pre-printed, with an arch of green leaves round the edge. At centre top is an array of flags with a ribbon bearing the words “For King and Country”. The names are carried in three columns, hand written, with the fallen at the top.

Materials used

Paper behind glass in elaborate frame.


Brave and loyal members of the staff who answered the Country's call 1914-1919


Who commissioned

Newbiggin Co-operative Society

How money was raised

Weekly subscriptions

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Mr. Sidney Brown


1. Some 85 men had gone to serve, almost all the available staff.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Dorothy Hall

Morpeth Herald 18/06/1920 records unveiling ceremony.

North of England Open Air Museum, Beamish Ref: GS 27/09/1993.20

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Research acknowledgements

Janet Brown; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

Newbiggin by the Sea Genealogy Project is studying the impact of WW1 on the town Contact:

ROH Served 1914-18 Co-op (N10.09)

NEWBIGGIN BY THE SEA, Co-operative Society.
   For King and Country
   The Newbiggin and District Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd
   Roll of Honour
   1914    “Brave and loyal members of the staff who answered  1919
            their Country's call”
   Brown, Walter               Curtis, George           Rogers, Edward C.
   Campbell, John              Hughes, John             Scott, Robert A.
                               Wilson, Edward
   Barras, Frank W.            Dunn, Fred.              Mills, Alfred
   Bell, Andrew                Dunn, John               Miller, Joseph
   Bennett, Percy              Fenby, William           Moscrop, Robert (M.M.)
   Carter, John                Geggie, George           Nelson, Archbald
   Clark, Adam                 Gibson, John             Oliver, Andrew
   Clark, John (Seaton Hirst)  Gibson, William          Quickmere, Samuel
   Clark, John                 Hall, Wilfred            Raper, Norman F.
   Clark, Thomas               Harrison, Peter          Reid, John
   Cousin, John                Hindmarch, James         Reavley, Thomas
   Coulson, J.                 Hine, William            Riches, Samuel
   Coulthard, F.               James, William           Robinson, Richard
   Coxon, Andrew               Kemp, Amos               Ruddick, James
   Dickman, Thomas R.          Lackie, James J.         Simpson, James
   Dodds, Thomas               Lilburn, William         Swann, Thomas
   Dobie, John                 Lupton, John             Tillie, Alex.
   Donkin, Dixon (M.M.)        Maddison, Joseph         Turner, John
   Donkin, Dixon               Manley, Thomas           Walton, R
                               Melvin, John             Wilson, Eric
Newspaper articles carry differences in names:
   F. Barrass instead of Barras
   J. Curtis instead of J. Carter
   J. Clark (Seaton Hirst)
   J. Clark (Newbiggin)  
   F. Coulthard instead of R. Coulthard   
   J. Dobbie instead of Dobie               
   D. Duncan, M.M. (Newbiggin)instead of Donkin
   D. Duncan (North Seaton)
   J. Lunton instead of Lupton
   T. Namley instead of Manley
   W. Mills instead of A. Mills
   S. Quickmire instead of Quickmere            
   M. Raper instead of Norman
   A. Tilley instead of Tillie


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