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Photo: J. Brown


Plaque 1914-18 St. James





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NZ 197863

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Church of St. James the Great, Cooper Chare / Wellway. On South wall.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 26th February 1922 by Lt. Col. Irwin Wright, D.S.O., Commanding 7th N.F. Dedicated by Dr. Wild, Bishop of Newcastle.

Memorial Description

Plaque approx. 4 feet high x 5 feet wide, set in a wood frame. There is a wide patterned border of vines and bunches of grapes. The names are listed in six columns using Roman capitals.

Materials used



To the glory of God and in memory of the men of Morpeth / who fell in the Great War 1914-18.
Their Name Liveth For Evermore.


Who commissioned



Estimated £150, or about 14s per name.

How money was raised

Public subscription


1. Colours of 2nd/7th Batt. Northumberland Fusiliers, were laid up April 1923, and returned to the Regiment in 1948.

2. Subscriptions were requested towards the cost, from relatives of those named, but there was no obligation. The cost would be about £150m which worked out at about 14s per name.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; Tony Harding

Morpeth Herald 15/04/1921, 09/09/1921 and 16/09/1921 reports intention of placing the brass tablet and cost; 30/09/1921 clarifies that nobody was obliged to pay the costs of adding a name; 10/02/1922 reports proposed unveiling; 03/03/1922 reports unveiling; 02/04/1948 reports return of colours to N.F.

Illustrated Chronicle 27/02/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 27/02/1922 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation
“Their name liveth for evermore” Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 44

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Research acknowledgements

George and Janet Brown; Julia Wood (Morpeth Antiquarian Society); Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

The names for 1914-18 are being researched by the Morpeth Antiquarian Society. They are concentrating on the Cenotaph, and are working with the pupils at King Edward VI School on their memorial. Contact Angela Teasdale:

Plaque 1914-18 St. James (M17.09)

MORPETH, St. James' Church.
   To the glory of God and in memory of the men of Morpeth
   who fell in the Great War 1914-1918


Column 1           Column 2          Column 3
   Aitken, T.G.       Charlton, H.      Fram, F.        
   Alexander, W.      Clark, Joe.       Froud, D.       
   Allan, P.          Clark, R.B.       Froud, J.F.     
   Allen, T.          Clark, J.G.       Garvie, O.      
   Amlett, A.V.       Cook, W.          Garvie, T.      
   Angus, P.          Cooper, R.R.      Gair, T.N.      
   Armstrong, J.N.    Coutts, J.A.      Gair, J.        
   Armstrong, Edwin   Crake, G.C.       Gibson, W.      
   Armstrong, W.      Corbett, J.E.     Gilboy, G.      
   Arnott, E.         Croyle, J.        Gilboy, J.      
   Appleby, W.P.      Curry, A.         Givens, Peter  
   Ashton, E.         Conway, E.        Glass, W.T.     
   Atkinson, J.W.     Dalton, G.        Goldie, I.L.    
   Aynsley, J.B.      Dalton, M.        Graham, W.A.    
   Bates, G.          Dalton, R.        Green, E.       
   Barnett, W.R.      Daglish, R.A.     Green, M.       
   Bell, M.F.         Davidson, James   Green, G.       
   Black, John.       Davidson, T.      Grey, Geo.      
   Black, R.W.        Day, R.W.         Grey, J.        
   Blackhall, G.A.    Dodds, J.         Grey, J.W.      
   Blackhall, W.H.    Dodds, R.         Grey, R.        
   Blanch, R.W.       Dodds, T.         Haig, S.        
   Bowman, A.         Donnelly, J.P.    Hall, J.        
   Bowman, J.         Douglas, F.       Halliday, M.C.  
   Bowman, T.B.       Douglas, W.       Harrison, J.E.  
   Brady, E.          Douglass, F.      Hedley, R.      
   Brodie F. Gordon   Dryden, R.        Henderson, L.H. 
   Brotherton, G.     Duncan, J.        Henderson, T.   
   Browell, J.L.      Dunn, A.          Hoey, Cyril I.  
   Brown, J.W.        Dunn, Geo.        Hood, T.        
   Brewis, J.         Dunn, Andrew      Hunter, C.      
   Boistin, C.        Diamond, H.       Hudson, J.      
   Bullock, P.J.      Elliott, G.W.     Hudson, J.W.    
   Buckley, J.        Fagan, A.         Jackson William 
   Campbell, T.G.     Fawdon, G.R.      Jackson, W.     
   Case, H.E.         Fisher, B.S.      James W. Leslie 
   Causton, S.        Foster, Bert.     Jamieson, E.    
   Charlton, W.R.     Forster, J.       Johnson, N.R.   
   Blackhall, A.                                       
   Dodds, M.                                           
   Blades, T.
Column 4           Column 5          Column 6

   Kane, J.G.         O'Brien, E.       Stewart, J.
   Kane, A.G.         O'Hare, J.D.      Stobart, G.E.
   Kemp, R.           O'Hare, J.        Straughan, W.P.
   Knight, J.M.       Oliver, R.        Swinney, N.A.
   Langley, W.        Overend, S.A.     Swinney, J.H.C.
   Lamb, J.R.         Patterson, D.R.   Swinney, F.
   Lawson, E.G.       Pringle, J.A.     Shotton, H.
   Lawson, J.         Pringle, J.A.     Taylor, E.
   Lee, H.            Purvis, H.L.      Taylor, E.J.
   Lothian, T.J.      Reay, J.L.        Telford, T.
   Lothian, J.        Reay, W.          Thompson, J.C.
   Lothian, T.        Richardson, J.G.  Trenent, W.M.
   Loughran, J.C.     Richardson, J.    Turner, A.H.
   Lowes, R.T.        Riddell, N.G.     Tweedy, T.H.
   Lyons, F.          Riddley, Pte.     Walker, R.
   Lyons, John        Robinson, S.      Waggott, J.A.
   Luke, E.           Robson, R.        Wastle, R.R.
   Mackay, A.         Rogers, R.        Waterston, B.
   Mackay, J.R.       Routledge, W.     Waterston, N.G.R.
   Marshall, L.       Sanderson, W.     Waters, J.
   Marshall, T.       Sample, A.        Watson, G.
   Matheson, Edward   Sample, Alex.     Watson, J.
   Matthewson, D.G.   Shaftoe, J.       Watson, T.
   May, A.L.          Shannon, T.       Watson, M.
   McCarthy, J.M.     Sharp, R.         Watson, F.S.
   McCarthy, W.       Shepherd, L.A.    Whittle, J.
   McGillian, C.      Shepherd, J.      White, A.
   Miller, J.         Slaughter, J.W.   Wight, Henry A.
   Monaghan, O.       Smith, J.         Wilkinson, I.
   Muckle, W.         Smith, T.         Williams, R.
   Murphy G. Franklin Smith, T.         Wynn, W.W.
   Murphy, J.         Soulsby, W.R.     Wright, S.A.
   Mounsey, W.        Sproat, R.        Youll, J.
   Nesbit, J.         Sproat, W.        Young, T.S.
   Nichol, Athol      Sproul, R.        Young, R.
   Nichol, John       Stafford, T.      Young, P.
   Nichol, M.         Stevenson, G.     Young, T.
   Nichol, T.         Stewart, John     Yule, A.
                                        Potter, J.
                                        Walker, J.R.


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