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Plaque 1914-18 St. George





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NZ 255668

Original Location

St. George's Church, Osborne Road.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 12th December 1920 by Major Charles Mitchell, D.S.O., 2nd Grenadier Guards; dedicated by the Bishop of Newcastle, Dr. Wild.

Memorial Description

Plaque with domed top, 72 inches high x 47 inches wide, set inside a marble frame on which the dome is elaborated and topped with a pinnacle. The frame has a pilaster at each side, and along the bottom, the words "God is not unrighteous that he should forget" are carved in half relief using Gothic script. On the brass plate itself, there is a narrow patterned border, elaborated in the dome with leaves and flowers. In the centre of the dome is a cross. The dedication is in elaborate capitals, the names are listed in two columns, in serif capitals, with the regiments in lower case serif lettering.

Materials used

Brass and pink marble.


To the / glory of God / and in ever grateful memory / of those whose names are set out / hereunder who fell in the Great War / 1914-1919.
"God is not unrighteous that he should forget"



Tony Harding has supplied the following:

It would seem that the memorial makers made a number of errors, which might be worth recording:

Edward, Harold J. is given on CWGC as Edwards, H.J. but Soldiers Died has him as Edward, Harold John

Eaton, Reginald, Pte. NF is given on CWGC as Eaton, Reginald Samuel, Cpl, 4th East Yorks Regt. Soldiers Died says that he was formerly NF.

Gross, George E. is given only as George.
Hetherington, J., Pte. R.E. is given as Hetherington, John Thomas, Spr. R.E.

Monkhouse, Ernest A. is given as Monkhouse, Alfred Ernest

Mather, Noel, Lt, NF is given as Mather, Edward Noel, 2nd Lt.

Nicholson, J.W., Sig. Seaforths is given as Nicholson, J.W., Pte.

Richardson, Basil, 2nd Lt., 8th NF is given as Richardson Basil Hutton, 2nd Lt 8th DLI

Trenbath, Eric is given as Trenbath, Frederick Taylor, and finally
Welford, T.W. is given as Welford, Albert William.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown

Diocese of Newcastle Faculty No.674, 31/05/1920

Illustrated Chronicle 13/12/1920 reports unveiling.

North Mail 13/12/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 18/12/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 13/12/1920 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation
“God is not unrighteous that he should forget”. Possibly adapted from Hebrews 6 v 10 “God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love . . .”

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Sally Bird; T. Hyslop; the late D. McGuire, (Friends of Jesmond Dene); Tony Harding

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Plaque 1914-18 St. George (J1.06)

JESMOND, St. George's Church.
   To the
   Glory of God
   and in ever grateful memory
   of those whose names are set out
   hereunder who fell in the Great War
   Atkinson, Gilbert, Lt., D.L.I.                  Mather, Noel, Lt., N.F.
   Bolton, Henry A., Capt., N.F.                   Mundle, Ernest R., Pte. Can. Guides
   Crerar, Robt., Pte., Can. Rifles                Marjoribanks, M.E., Lt., 1st Bn. N.F.
   Charlton, I.L., 2nd Lt., M.G.C.                 Nicholson, I.W., Signaller, Seaforth Hlndrs.
   Chaston, H. (MSM) Corpl. 16th Bn., N.F.         Noble, Marc Andrew P., 2nd Lt., R.F.A. 
   Dunn, F.O., Lt., N.F.                           Pearson, James, Lt., M.G.C.
   Deuchar, A.G., Capt., R.F.C.                    Raimes, Leslie R., Lt., N.F.
   Embleton, R.W. (MM), Pte, 16th Bn. N.F.         Richardson, Basil H., 2nd Lt. 8th Bn., N.F.
   Edward, Harold J.,Pte., 3rd Bn., Worc.Regt.     Rose, Hugh P., 2nd Lt., 2nd Bn Seafor. Hlndrs.
   Errington, Albert, Pte., Cheshire Regt.         Ramsay, D. Lt., R.N.A.S.
   Eaton, Reginald, Pte., N.F.                     Rushforth, J.W., Driver, R.E.
   Edgar, Edward G., Sgt., M.G.C.                  Robb, Alexander K., Major,, D.L.I.
   Fletcher, L.M., 2nd Lt., R.F.C.                 Shackleton, W.L.C., Lt., 26th Bn., N.F.
   Glazebrook, H., Pte., East Yorks Regt.          Smith, Andrew, Lt., N.F.
   Gross, George E., Gunner, R.G.A.                Truttman, Adolf V., L.Corp., 9th BN., N.F.
   Gover, S. Leslie, Pte., H.A.C.                  Tanner, Arthur E., 2nd Lt., N.F. 
   Harrison, Edward, Lt., R.E. Attd R.A.F.         Trenbath, Eric, Pte., Artists Rifles.
   Hetherington, J., Pte., R.E.                    Towns, E.W., Engineer Trans Service.
   Kynoch, Colin S., 2nd Lt., 6th Bn. D.L.I.       Welford, T.W., Pte., N.F.
   Forbes, Wm., Capt. Mer.Mar.                     Wilson, W.H., 2nd Lt., D.L.I. 
   Lennox, Matthew, Apprentice, Mer.Mar.           Woodall, G.P., Pte., R.A.M.C.
   Monkhouse, Ernest A., 2nd Lt. 11th Bn, Bdr.Regt.
   God is not unrighteous that he should forget

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