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Photo: George Ogle


Shield 1914-18 Heaton Harriers





Original Location

Heaton Harriers' Club.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Presented to the club 1919 by the Secretary, A.W. Turner.

Memorial Description

Shield. At centre top is an embossed oval plate in silver bearing the names of those who died. Below this, enclosed in a laurel wreath, is a scene of runners leaping over a fence. There are two very elongated shield shaped plates on either side, and a further small one at the bottom.

Materials used

Oak with silver plates added.



1. This trophy was to be awarded to the first Heaton member to finish the Memorial Race, and first awarded in 1920

2. The race is still run on Remembrance Sunday. Originally it was run on the main streets. In recent years it has been forced through safety regulations to be run in less crowded places and does not have the same impact

3. The Club does not have premises

4. The Royal Corps of Signals takes part in the annual race

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: George Ogle

Newcastle Daily Journal 22/11/1920 reports presentation; see also 06/12/1920.

Research acknowledgements

Michael Newrick; John Moore (Heaton Harriers); George Ogle

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Shield 1914-18 Heaton Harriers (H91.34)

HEATON Heaton Harriers' Club.

The layout of this memorial is not known.
   P. Braidford   W. Blair              S.G. Richardson
   G. Bagnall     A. Hudspeth Hon.Sec.  J. Moir            
   L. Hunter      G. Hogg               T. Oliver
   J. Sharpe      J. Simpson            R. Thornton

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