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Smiths Dock Cenotaph before Unveiling


Park and Cenotaph 1914-18 Smith's Dock Co.





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NZ 361652

Original Location

Harton Recreation Park (Smith’s Dock Park)

Present Location

Not known -This massive memorial has vanished without trace.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 29th July 1922 by Admiral W.F. Slayter, C.B., dedicated by Rev. Albert R. Steggall of Holy Trinity Church, South Shields.

Memorial Description

Recreation Park of 11 acres designed for the workmen at High Dock.
Cenotaph, 13 feet (3.96m) high. At the top is a wreath carved in half relief, with the dates 1914-1918 in its centre. The inscription is on the front of the monument, below the wreath.
The names are incised in two columns on both the front and the back. On the back are also the details of the donation of the monument by the Company.

Materials used

Portland stone


1914-1918 / To the / glory of God / and in honour of / their country. / In memoriam. / Erected by Smith Dock Company Ltd in memory of employees / from All Departments who gave their lives in the Great War / July 1922


Who commissioned

Smith's Dock Co. Ltd.

English Heritage Listing

Listing requested


1. This Cenotaph is identical to the ones also erected by the company at North Shields and Middleborough.

2. The Recreation Ground was sold for development, and it is possible that part of it has become part of Harton Cemetery. The ground was sold in 1925 to the Y.M.C.A. after the Smith's Dock Co. had removed their works to North Shields.

3. Rumour has it that the blocks were cut up and discarded.

4. The Recreation Park was one of several established for the welfare of the employees of Smith’s Dock. This Park was officially opened by Mr. Launcelot E. Smith, Company Chairman, on the same day as, before the unveiling of the war memorial. The park was laid out in 1921. It included two bowling greens, two hard and two turf tennis courts; two full sized football pitches; quoit alley; Silloth turf cricket pitch, running track, tea gardens and a commodious up-to-date pavilion. The transfer of the major portion of Smith’s Dock operations to North Shields meant that the park was no longer necessary for the employees. In 1925 the park was bought by the Y.M.C.A.

5. The name given as “Gonans F.” should be “Gowans, F.”

6. The firm also bought the institute and church buildings at Mill Dam recently vacated by the Seaman’s Mission which had moved into new premises. The buildings were being adapted into billiard room, gymnasium library and lecture hall, concert hall etc.

7. The Rear-Admiral in his unveiling speech said "They were gathered there, to honour the memory of those brave men who went out from Smith's Dock Company during the war, and laid down their lives for their King and country, and all they held dear. We were apt to fail in realising how great the sacrifice those whose names appeared on our memorials had been. They were young men, men in the prime of life, and the fact that they had been accepted for service proved that they were healthy, strong and vigorous. For that very reason Life would be all the dearer to them. They had parents, wives, sweethearts and friends who were dear to them, and they had high hopes and ambitions. But they sacrificed all at the call of their country. Some had found graves in foreign soil, but others had come back home maimed and crippled for life, and it was a question one could not help raising as to whether it would not have been better if these latter had also fallen into the quiet sleep.

"People were often heard to say that it would be better to devote the money that was involved in the erection of war memorials to meeting the needs of those who had come back. We must, of course, look after those who returned, but they must remember memorials such as they were unveiling that day would have an influence generations hence. The memorials would tell the children of the future the fine story of the nobility and sacrifice of their forefathers, and help them to carry on the torch, so that should Britain again have to call upon her sons for their lives-which God forbid should happen, for we all prayed that the hideousness of war should be for ever blotted out-but should that need arise, then looking at these memorials the young men of the future would be raising their eyes to a shining example"

8. The Dedicatory Service was conducted by the Reverand A. R. Steggall, Vicar of Holy Trinity, South Shields. The Male Voice Choir led the singing of the Hymns, and the Sea Scouts sounded the "Last Post" and then "Reveille".

9. While the Band played, wreaths were placed upon the base of the Cenotaph. These included wreaths from the Board of Directors and the various departments of the office and work, as well as private wreaths.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Smith's Dock Monthly March 1922 carries plan of proposed memorial; August 1922 reports unveiling; September 1922, when this memorial is mentioned together with that at North Shields, included in a full report of the memorial just unveiled at South Shields.

Shields Daily News 31/07/1922 reports unveiling; 07/03/1925 reports sale of playing field to Y.M.C.A.

Illustrated Chronicle 31/07/1922 reports unveiling with photos.

Northern Echo 20/07/1922 reports proposed unveiling.

South Shields Gazette 29/07/1922 reports unveiling

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Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; James Pasby

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by Peter Hoy. Contact:

Park and Cenotaph 1914-18 Smith's Dock Co. (H104.01)

HARTON   Harton Recreation Park (Smith’s Dock Park)
On front

   To the 
   glory of God 
   and in honour of 
   their country.  
   In memoriam.  
   Agar, W.           Elston S.G.
   Aitken, T.W.       English, J.
   Algie, W.          Eustace Smith, R.
   Annett F.          Fallon, T.
   Atkinson, A.       Fearnley, G.      
   Badsey, B.         Fennon, T.
   Bennett, E.T.      Forster, J.J.
   Boyes, T.          Foster, E.T.Y.
   Boyle, P.          Fox, H.   
   Boylen, J.         French, J.H.   
   Brookbanks, W.     Gallagher, C.      
   Brown, E.          Gillings, J.W.
   Burdon, J.E.       Gonans, F.      
   Burdon, M.         Grant, W.   
   Burdon, T.         Harbron, W.
   Callender, J.      Hardwick, R.
   Campbell, G.       Harrison, J.
   Carey, J.          Hart, J.
   Case, P.           Haw, R.W.
   Chater, F.         Hellam, J.R.
   Chater, J.         Henderson, R.
   Clark, A.          Hogg. J.H.
   Clark, J.          Hogg, R.H.
   Clark, W.          Hogg, T.
   Clark, W.N.        Holt, J.S.
   Clint, S.          Howey, A.
   Collings, W.       Hutchings, W.H.
   Conley. J.         Hutchinson, H.M.
   Connelly, M.       Huthart, T.
   Connolly, J.       Jamieson, J.
   Conway, J.         Joyce, E.
   Cook, A.           Kerr, T.
   Darling, A.H.      Laing, E.
   Dennier, J.        Landells, J.
   Dunn, J.           Lane, W.R.
   Edwards, L.J.      Lattimer, J.
On rear
   Lawrence, W.       Shannon, E.
   Lenham, J.W.       Smith, A.
   Little, J.E.       Smith, F.
   Lumsden, R.        Smith, M.
   Mackin, T.         South, W.
   Mainger, J.        Spalding, F.G.
   Manson, A.V.       Spencer, G.
   Martin, O.         Sproul, A.
   Matthews, J.T.     Sproul, J.
   McDougall, C.      Stevenson, A.
   McElroy, F.        Stewart, H.
   Milburn, R.        Stoddart, C.
   Miller, J.         Svensen, A.T.
   Milliken, H.       Swinburne, T.
   Mortlock, H.J.     Swinney, W.
   Mortlock, T        Taylor, G.W.
   Mulligan, P.       Taylor, G.B.
   Myers, T.H.        Teasdale, J.W.
   Norton, W.H.       Theakston, J.W.
   O’Halleron, M.     Thirkell, E.
   O’Hara, C.         Tinkler, G.A.
   Patterson, J.G.    Vaughan, E.
   Potts, J.L.        Wade, A.
   Prentice, E.G.     Wall, D.
   Quogan, V.         Ward, E.
   Rackham, R.        Watson, F.R.
   Reed, T.I.C.       Watts, G.
   Richardson, W.     Waugh, J.
   Robson, A.         Welsh, D.F.
   Robson, T.W.       Wetherell, R.G.
   Ross, D.           Wheatley, J.
   Rowley, C.         Wikstram, C.
   Rowse, J.          Wiles, J.D.
                      Wilson, A.
                      Wood, S.
                      Young, F.
   Erected by Smith Dock Company Ltd in memory of employees
   from All Departments who gave their lives in the Great War
   July 1922
   In the Smith’s Dock Monthly, the following appeared.  
   There is a note which says: 
   “It is intended that only names, in alphabetical order, shall be     
   inscribed on the three memorials.  The details in this list are 
   given to assist in identification:”

   Name                Occupation        Department   Regiment or ship 
   Agar, W.             Fitter,           South Bank,  R.N.R., H.M.S. Comet
   Atkin, T.W.          Painter           Bull Ring    14th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Annett, F.           Painter           “     “      3rd Northumberland Fusiliers
   Badsey, B.           Clerk             “     “      9th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Bennett, E.T.        Painter           “     “      4th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Boyes, T.            Labourer          South Bank   12th Yorkshire Regiment
   Brown, E.            Boilersmith       Pontoons     H.M.S. Ghurka
   Burdon, M.           Boilersmith       “     “      R.N.D. Hawke Battalion
   Burdon, T.           Painter           “     “      22nd Northumberland Fusiliers
   Callender, C.        Labourer          Bull Ring    West Riding Regiment
   Case, P.             Tank cleaner      Pontoons     21st Northumberland Fusiliers 
   Campbell, G.         Painter           “     “      12th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Chater, F.           Tank cleaner      “     “      West Yorkshire Regiment
   Clark, A.                              “     “      8th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Clark, W.            Labourer          “     “      8th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Clark W.             Labourer          “     “      Minesweeper
   Conway, J.           Labourer          South Bank   Royal Engineers
   Craig, J.            Painter           Pontoons     1st Northumberland Fusiliers
   Darling, Alan H.     Under Manager     Bull Ring    9th Northumberland Fusiliers                      
   English, E.          Labourer          South Bank   Royal Engineers
   Fearnley, G.         Labourer          “     “      8th Yorkshire Regiment
   Forster, E.T.Y.      Clerk             High Docks   Royal Artillery
   Fox, H.              Joiner            South Bank   Royal Engineers
   French, J.H.         Driller           “     “      6th Yorkshire Regiment
   Gowans, F.           Helper            “     “      5th Yorkshire Regiment
   Grant, W.            Joiner            Bull Ring    20th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Halleron, M.         Cementer          Pontoons     5th Durham Light Infantry
   Hardwick, R.         App. Riveter      “     “      13th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Hart J.              Driller           Bull Ring    Naval Brigade
   Haw, R.              Rigger            “     “      21st Northumberland Fusiliers
   Henderson, R.        Cementer          Pontoons     21st Nrthld. Fus. (Tyneside Scttsh)
   Hogg, J.H.           Clerk             Bull Ring    6th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Hogg, R.H.           Painter           Pontoons     15th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Hogg, Thos.          Painter           Bull Ring    20th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Howey, A.            Clerk             Pontoons     22nd Nrthld. Fus. (Tyneside Scttsh)
   Hutchins, W.H.       Clerk             South Bank   2/4th East Lancashire Regiment  
   Hutchinson, H.       Clerk             Bull Ring    Northumberland Fusiliers  
                                                       2nd Lieutenant
   Huthart, T.          Painter           Pontoons     19th West Yorkshire Regiment
   Jamieson, J.         Helper            Pontoons     39th Training Reserve Battalion
   Joyce, E.            App. Fitter       “     “      9th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Laing, E.            Tank Cleaner      “     “      13th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Landells, J.         Fitter            South Bank   H.M.S. Hawke
   Lumsden, R.          Tank Cleaner      Pontoons     10th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Mainger, J.          Tank Cleaner      Pontoons     11th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Martin, O.           Helper            Bull Ring    20th Northumberland Fusiliers
   McDougall, C.        App.Riveter       High Docks   Royal Field Artillery
   Milburn, R.          Joiner            South Bank   4th East Yorkshire Regiment
   Mortlock, T.         Labourer          “     “      Northumberland Hussars
   Myers, T.H.          App.Carpenter     Pontoons     H.M.S. Raglan
   Norton, W.H.         Draughtsman       High Docks   16th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Prentice, E.G.       App.Plater        South Bank   10th Yorkshire Regiment
   Quogan, V.           Labourer          High Docks   H.M.S. Hawke
   Rackham, R.          Heater            Pontoons     2nd Northumberland Fusiliers
   Reid, T.I.C.         Clerk             Bull Ring    London Regiment
   Robson, A.           Boilermaker       Pontoons               
                                                       (Died at Home from Gas poisoning)  
   Robson, T.W.         Labourer          “     “      2nd Northumberland Fusiliers
   Ross, Donald         Draughtsman       High Docks   6th Cameron Highlanders
   Rowley, C.           Painter           Pontoons     3rd Highland Light Infantry
   Rowse, J.            Labourer          South Bank   4th Yorkshire Regiment
   Smith, Alan          Clerk             High Docks   Northumberland Cyclist Corps
   Smith, F.            Joiner            South Bank   Royal Engineers
   Smith, Ralph Eustace Director                       Northd. Hussars Att. R.F.C.  
   Spalding, F.J.       Clerk             Bull Ring    6th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Spencer, G.          Helper            South Bank   2nd Durham Light Infantry
   Sroul, A.            App.Plater        “     “      18th Highland Light Infantry
   Sproul, J.           Labourer          “     “      4th Yorkshire Regiment
   Stevenson, A.        Painter           Pontoons     13th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Stewart, H.          App.Boilermaker   South Bank   4th Yorkshire Regiment
   Stoddart, C.         Blacksmith        Pontoons     5th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Svensen, A.T.        App.Boilersmith   “     “      R.N.D. Collingwood Battalion
   Swinburne, T.        Labourer          Bull Ring    Border Regiment
   Swinney, W.          Fitter’s Labourer “     “      10th Hussars
   Taylor, Geo.W.       App.Fitter        Pontoons     6th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Theakston, J.W.      App. Boilersmith  South Bank   Highland Light Infantry
   Thirkell, E.         Plater            “     “      4th Yorkshire Regiment
   Vaughan, E.          App.Riveter       “     “      6th Yorkshire Regiment
   Wall, D.                               “     “      Yorks. & Lancs. Regiment
   Walsh, D.F.          Fitter            Bull Ring    E.R.A., R.N.R.
   Watts, Geo.          Labourer          Pontoons     Northumberland Fusiliers
   Waugh J.             Labourer          South Bank   Royal Field Artillery
   Wetherell, R.G.      Plumber           Bull Ring    Royal Field Artillery
   Wheatley, J.         Painter           “     “      9th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Wood, Sep.           Helper            “     “      2nd Border Regiment
   Young, F.            Storekeeper       Pontoons     Northumberland Fusiliers

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