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Photo: Kevin Richardson


Plaque 1914-18 Comrades Club





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Original Location

Comrades Club (Demolished)

Present Location

St. Paul’s Church. In the nave.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled November 1921 by J. Lowson, an ex-soldier.

Memorial Description

Plaque 2 feet 3 inches high 2 feet wide, shaped like a shield resting on an oak pattress 2 feet 6 inches high x 2 feet 2 inches wide which echoes the shape. There is a raised pattern around the edge.
The names are listed in three columns. Lettering is raised, the dedication in Roman capitals, the rest in sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Bronze plaque on oak pattress.


Comrades of the Great War/ In Memoriam


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

H.B. Sale Ltd., B/ham.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Simon Raine; Kevin Richardson

Auckland and County Chronicle 17/11/1921

Darlington & Stockton Times 19/11/1921 briefly reports unveiling.

The Monumental Brasses of County Durham William Lack, H. Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore 2002 ISBN 095 4327101

The People’s History – Gaunless Valley, Tom Hutchinson contains photos of the church after burning in 1907 and re-opened in 1909.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; John and Mavis Dixon; Kevin Richardson; Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance

Research In Progress

The names on the Evenwood WW 1 memorial have been researched by Kevin Richardson in his book Evenwood Remembers. The names on the Evenwood WW 2 memorial have been researched by Kevin Richardson in his book Evenwood Remembers Once Again Contact:

Plaque 1914-18 Comrades Club (E69.02)

EVENWOOD    In St. Paul’s Church

Comrades of the Great War

In memoriam

   2/Lieut. T.W. Applegarth       Pvte.    J. Ellerker      Pvte.    J. Skelhorn
                 D.L.I.                        D.L.I.                    D.L.I.
   L.Cpl.   J.W. Arkless          Gnr.     W. Gray          Pvte.    W. Snowball
                 Lincs.Regt.                   R.F.A.                    D.L.I.
   Spr.     A.K. Atkinson (M.M.)  Pvte.    J. Heseltine     Sgt.     T.W. Spence
                 R.E.                          Y&L                       D.L.I.
   Pvte.    D. Baister            Pvte.    R. Heaviside     L/Cpl.   W. Storey
                 D.L.I.                        D.L.I.                    Y&L
   A.B.     W. Carrick            Pvte.    J. Hewitt        Sgt.     E. Towers
                 H.M.S. Ardent                 D.L.I.                    D.L.I.
   Cpl.     C.T. Cox              Pvte.    W. Howlett       Pvte.    J. Walling
                 D.L.I.                        N.F.                      D.L.I.
   Pvte.    T. Davis              Pvte.    J. Hutchinson    L/Cpl.   J.W. Walton
                 H.N.F.                        Manr.Regt.                York.
   Cpl.     H. Dixon              A.B.     A. Lynas         Pvte.    R. Wardle
                 Border Regt.                  H.M.S. Ardent             D.L.I.
   Pvte.    C. Dowson             Pvte.    J. Maughan       Pvte.    R. Wilson
                 R.Inn.Fus.                    D.L.I.                    6th Yorks
   Pvte.    T.H. Dunn             Pvte.    J. Maughan       A.B.     J.W. Wren
                 D.L.I.                        D.L.I.                H.M.S.  Black Prince
                                  Pvte.    M.C. Middlemass
                                  Pvte.    J. Million
                                  Sgt.     G. Palmley
                                  Gnr.     F. Purvis
                                  Pvte.    J.H. Raine
                                  Pnr.     S.R. Rutter
                                  Sgt.     T.W. Simpson

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