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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Obelisk 1914-18 1939-45 Cemetery





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Original Location

Cemetery, just inside gates on left hand side.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 20th June 1921 by Col. T. Dowling, O.B.E.; dedicated by Rev. R.E. Ragg, vicar.

Memorial Description

Obelisk on square pedestal resting on three steps, total height 16 feet, and 4 feet 6 inches square at the base. A laurel wreath is placed on the tapering shaft of the obelisk. The dedication is on the front face. The names are incised in two columns on each of three faces, carrying down onto the riser of the top step. Lettering is incised. The dedication includes some Gothic lettering but most lettering is in sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Dunhouse freestone


a. To the Glory of God / and in / thankful remembrance / of the men of / Evenwood, Ramshaw and Lands / who made the supreme sacrifice / during the Great War / 1914 - 1918
b. 1939-1945




Present condition

Restored 1999 by Parish Council

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Allison & Son, Bishop Auckland.


1. In 2011 the Parish Council proposed spending up to 25,000 on a new memorial in the centre of the village which would easier for elderly residents. A 600-name petition requested that the money be spent instead on a rundown sports ground.

2. Evenwood Heyday describes various events involving local serving men:
Richard Heavisides reported dangerously ill;
Harry Anderson was wounded in the arm;
George Hull received gunshot wounds;
Albert Nicholson was wounded in the hand;
George Dowson was reported missing;
Mark Middlemas was killed;
J.J. Bolton was awarded the D.C.M.;
Arthur Kenneth Atkinson, was reported killed;
Dr. Angus Campbell was awarded the M.C.;
Fred Purvis died in hospital;
Thomas Kirkup was killed;
Lawrance Maughan served with MGC.;
William Young served with Canadian Red Cross;
Thomas Braddick, Adam Cree, George Handley, Jack Burney and A. Bainbridge were all wounded twice;
John William Walton was wounded three times and was awarded the M.C.;
Joseph Hunter suffered from shell shock;
Capt. Alfred Layton lost a foot;
Eric Haddock was awarded the M.C.;
J.J. Bolton received the D.C.M.

3. One proposal suggested for a memorial was to adopt the Lighting Act, which presumably meant putting in street lighting into the village.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Simon Raine; Kevin Richardson; Dorothy Hall

Auckland and County Chronicle 29/05/1919 reports proposal for street lighting; 24/02/1921; 23/06/1921 reports unveiling of obelisk

Northern Echo 21/06/1921 has brief report on unveiling.

Evenwood Remembers, Kevin Richardson; Evenwood Publishing; 2010; ISBN 978 0 9565428 0 9

Evenwood Remembers Once Again, Kevin Richardson; 2011; Pastimes Publishing Ltd; ISBN 978-0-9565428-1-6

BBC Ceefax 23/08/2011 reports proposals in Note 1 above.

Evenwood's Heyday: A colliery village, 1896 - 1918. Department of Adult and Continuing Education, University of Durham reports on the above notes in more detail.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Kevin Richardson; Dorothy Hall; Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance

Research In Progress

The names on the Evenwood WW 1 memorial have been researched by Kevin Richardson in his book Evenwood Remembers. The names on the Evenwood WW 2 memorial have been researched by Kevin Richardson in his book Evenwood Remembers Once Again Contact:

Obelisk 1914-18 1939-45 Cemetery (E69.01)

EVENWOOD    Cemetery
Front face
To the Glory of God 
and in 
Thankful Remembrance 
of the men of  
Evenwood, Ramshaw and Lands
who made the Supreme Sacrifice 
during the Great War 
1914 - 1918  
Right face 
J. Million      J. Walling             
R. Wardle       S.R. Rutter           
J. Heseltine    J.J. Walton           
J.H. Raine      W. Carrick            
A. Lynas        T.H. Dunn             
J.W. Arkless    T.W. Applegarth       
W. Howlett      W. Gray               
E. Towers       M.G. Middlemass        
G. Dowson       H. Dixon               
F. Purvis       G. Parmley            
J. Maughan      R. Wilson             
Lower right face
O. Rushford        W. Moses  
J.W. Wren           J. Maughan                
J. Hutchinson       G.T. Cox            
T. Davis            T.W. Simpson         
R. Heaviside        J. Ellerker          
W.R. Storey         W. Snowball          
D. Baister          J. Skelhorn          
J. Hewitt           H. Wardle            
J.W. Spence         J.J. Richardson      
A.K. Atkinson       W.E. Earl            
J.C. Graves         M.T. Raine           
R.W. Conlin         W. Morley            
M. Simpson          G. Bryant    
Right face
1939 - 1945  
R. Brown            M. Hudson
J.R. Bell           J. Lowson
T. Heaviside        H. Race
J. Sanderson        T. Watson
J. Stephenson       N. Young
T. Stephenson       W. Watson
M. Collinson        G. Maughan
M. Peddelty         J. Prudhoe
M. Wilkinson        T. Stokoe
T. Snowdon        
J.G. Brownless

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