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Organ and Plaques 1914-18 St. Margaret of Antioch





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NZ 271423

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St. Margaret of Antioch Church, Crossgate DH1 4PR.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

The organ was dedicated on 31st January 1917.
Plaques were dedicated 22nd October 1920 by Ven. H.W. Watkins, Archdeacon of Durham. “They were there to complete the dedication left unfinished four years ago”.

Memorial Description

There is brass plaque on each side of the chancel arch, the one to the left commemorates parishioners who fell, the one on the right commemorates former scholars from Durham School.

Materials used

Brass plaques


First plaque:
The organ in this church is dedicated to the glory of God and to the memory of the men of the church and congregation who laid down their lives in the Great War 1914-1919.
Second plaque:
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam et in paim memoriam scholae Dunelmensis alumnorum qui bello omnium maxime memorabili pro patria sua mortem occubuerunt haec musicorum organa sunt dedicata. Anno S MCMXIX.
(Translation To the greater glory of God and in memory of the former Durham scholars who gave their lives in the Great War this musical organ has been dedicated. In the year 1919).



1. The second plaque was placed here because Durham School, being in the parish, worshipped here until it built its own chapel as a war memorial (See D47.20).

2. This organ is registered on the NPOR as No. N04170. It was installed in 1916 by Harrison and Harrison, whose books show it as a two manual organ. They actually built a three-manual organ, the Choir organ being the gift of the Harrison brothers.

3. At the time of the dedication, £100 was still outstanding. A series of concerts by high ranking organists was planned which, it was hoped, would provide the balance.

4. The list of names includes Pte. George Allan William Hulley, assistant organist of the church. (Church Guide)

5. The centenary of the dedication of the organ was held on Sunday 29th January 2017, which also included the 25th anniversary of Allan Coombes as organist.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Dorothy Hall; James Pasby

Durham County Advertiser 22/10/1920

Durham Chronicle 26/1/1917 reports proposed dedication of organ; 22/10/1922 reports unveiling of plaques.

The Monumental Brasses of County Durham William Lack, H. Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore 2002 ISBN 095 4327101

The Parish Church of St.Margaret of Antioch: An Illustrated Guide; Bertram Colgrave, M.A., D.Litt., F.S.A.; with additions by Roger Norris; photos by John Pounder; reissued 2008.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Dorothy Hall; Alan Vickers

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Organ and Plaques 1914-18 St. Margaret of Antioch (D47.043)

DURHAM St. Margaret of Antioch Church, Crossgate.   
Left Plaque (Parish)
   The Organ in this church is dedicated to 
   the Glory of God and to the memory of 
   the men of the Parish and Congregation 
   who laid down their lives in the Great War 1914-1919
Left plaque left column
      Royal Navy                                 
   Mid. Ernest Geoffrey Cadle 
   Engineer Artificer Ernest William Coxon
   Master-at-Arms Frederick George Parry
      VII Hussars
   Trooper Arthur Potter
      Royal Artillery
   2nd Lieut. J.S.M. Tombs
   Cpl. Robert Henry Bryson
   Gunner William Ernest Phillips
   Driver Arthur Tait
   Gunner Robert Todd
      Royal Engineers
   L.Cpl. Charles Clement Heron
   Sapper James Arnold Robson
   Sapper Thomas Telford
      Grenadier Guards
   Pte. A.E. Spence
      Coldstream Guards
   Pte. John Scarth
      Royal Scots
   Pte. Henry Heron
      East Kent Regiment
   Pte. John Henry Smith
      Northumberland Fusiliers
   2nd Lieut. Thomas J. Waller
   Serg. Major Ernest Miller Watts
   Cpl. James Pennington
   Pte. George William Appleton
   Pte. T.R. Atkinson
   Pte. Thomas Breeze
   Pte. Isaac Waugh Golightly
   Pte. Thomas King
   Pte. Thomas Summerbell
      Somerset Light Infantry
   Cpl. James Edward Bond
      West Yorkshire Regiment
   Cpl. Joseph Walton
   Pte. Seymour Nelson
   Pte. T.H. Shepherd
      East Yorkshire Regiment
   Serg. James Oliver Crombie
   Serg. A.G. Noble
   Pte. Thomas Peverall
   Pte. Arthur Vest
      Yorkshire Regiment
   Cpl. William Frederick Chicken
   Cpl. George Strong
   L/Cpl. James Billingham Stewart
   Pte. John Robert Barron
   Pte. John Brown
   Pte. John Valentine de Lacy Brown
   Pte. Ezra Dews
   Pte. Thomas Hart
   Pte. Thomas Pratt
      Scottish Borderers
   L/Cpl. Charles Henry Broome
   Pte. George Bell
      Scottish Rifles
   Pte. Alfred Smith
      Border Regiment
   Pte. John Churnside
   Stoker James Cochrane, R.N.
Left hand plaque right hand column
      Yorkshire Light Infantry
   Pte. George Allan William Hulley, 
   assistant organist of this church.
      Middlesex Regiment
   Serg. William Blakey
      Yorks & Lancaster Regiment.
   Pte. Thomas Dixon Cranmer
   Pte. Matthew Duffy
   Pte. James Reay
      Durham Light Infantry
   2nd Lieut. Frederick David Summerscales
   Serg. Major Thomas Chrisp
   Serg. Walter Moffat Carrick
   Serg. Charles Thomas Cross
   Serg. George W. Hauxwell
   Serg. Henry Harold Wills
   Serg. Robert Yule
   Cpl. Edward Ridley Wilson
   L/Cpl. F.G. Anderson
   L/Cpl. Thomas Hogg
   L/Cpl. Joseph Pedwell
   L/Cpl. Joseph Arthur Smith
   Pte. Melvin Summers Bone
   Pte. William Henry Butterworth
   Pte. James Rawson Coatham
   Pte. Arthur Davey
   Pte. Ernest Elliott
   Pte. Marmaduke Featherstonhaugh
   Pte. William Samuel Featherstonhaugh
   Pte. George Foster
   Pte. William Jackson
   Pte. E.W. Keeble
   Pte. Joseph David Mobbs
   Pte. William Pedwell
   Pte. Joseph Pratt
   Bandsman G.W. Preece
   Pte. James Bennett Sewell
   Pte. James Smith
   Pte. William Smith
   Pte. James Strong
   Pte. Joseph T. Tait
   Pte. Norman Walton
   Pte. Alfred Weelands
   Pte. Fred E. Wills
      Cameron Highlanders
   Pte. Benjamen Minto
      Rifle Brigade
   2nd Lieut. J.G. Stobart
   L/Cpl. Christopher Brown
   Pte. William R. Cherry
   Pte. James Raine
      Tank Corps
   Lieut. Richard Christopher
   Pte. Samuel Storey Collins
   Pte. Thomas Edwin Davey
      Oversea Forces
   Capt. Lawrence Miles Cadle  A.I.F.
   Serg. Cuthbert Owen Carr    N.Z.F.
   L/Cpl. Henry George Aves    A.I.F.
   Pte. Charles E. Carr        A.I.F.
   Pte. Thomas Grieveson       D.L.I.
Right hand plaque (School)
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam et in paim memoriam
scholae Dunelmensis alumnorum qui bello omnium maxime 
memorabili pro patria sua mortem occubuerunt haec
musicorum organa sunt dedicata. Anno S MCMXIX. 
Right hand plaque left hand column
   Fl.PM Bertram Howard Wodeman, R.N., H.M.S. ‘Benbow’
   Rev. William Hall, R.N., C.F., N.I.
   Mid. Newton Wynne Apperley, R.N.R.
   Lieut. Alfred Frederick Maynard, R.N.R.
   Surgn. Prob. Hugh John Dingle, R.N.V.R., H.M.S. ‘Petard’
      III Dragoon Guards
   Capt. Gerard Gloag Sadler
      Royal Artillery
   Major Henry Harley Fownes
   Capt. Victor Francis Carr
   Lieut. Cyril Gordon Hosking, (and R.F.C.)
   2nd Lieut. Alfred William Maughan
   Serg. Frank Paterson
      Royal Engineers
   Capt. Gerald Montague Hedley
   Lieut. Horace Frost Marris, M.C.
      Royal Air Force
   Lieut. Max Greville Jones, M.C.
   Lieut. Idris Knox Patton
   2nd Lieut. Arthur Morgan
      Royal Scots
   Capt. Arthur Duncombe Shafto, D.S.O.
      East Kent Regiment
   George Sydney Robinson
      Northumberland Fusiliers
   Capt. Charles Young Adamson
   Capt. Walter Melbourne Dodds
   Capt. Herbert Reginald Gledstone
   Capt. Frederic Henry Lawson
   Capt. Hilton Roberts Telford
   Capt. John George Todd
   Lieut. Alan George Brown
   Lieut. Ronald Lidderdale Guy
   Lieut. Harold Kenyon Temperley
   2nd Lieut. Cave Bradburne Dodds
   2nd Lieut. Ryde Guild Rayner
      Royal Fusiliers
   Capt. Spencer Thomson, M.C.
   Cpl. Nathaniel Clark Neilson
   John Edgar Hirst Hurst
   Thomas Oxendale Robson
   John Pattinson Walker
      Norfolk Regiment
   Lieut. George Kenneth Hampton
      Devonshire Regiment
   Lieut. William Noel Hodgson, M.C.
   2nd Lieut. John Gibson
      Suffolk Regiment
   Lieut. Peter Gedge
      West Yorkshire Regiment
   Capt. Alexander Buchannan
      East Yorkshire Regiment
   Capt. Arthur James Dingle
   Lieut. Gwynne Jacob, D.C.M., M.M.
      Royal Irish Regiment
   2nd Lieut. Rev. Ernest John Robinson Briggs Gooderham
      Yorkshire Regiment
   Lieut. Thomas Tweddell
      Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
   Lieut. Frank Clagget Caird
      East Lancashire Regiment
   2nd Lieut. William Charlton
Right hand plaque right hand Column
     Border Regiment
   Lieut. Nowell Oxland
   Lieut. James Douglas Tombs
   2nd Lieut. Francis Douglas Adamson
   L/Cpl. Herbert Golightly Constantine
      Notts & Derby Regiment
   2nd Lieut. Ronald William Craig Gunn
      Royal Berkshire Regiment
   Capt. Wynne Austin Guest-Williams
      Yorkshire Light Infantry
   George Alan William Hulley
      Shropshire Light Infantry
   Major Clement Arthur Wilkinson
   Lieut. Charles Patrick Caesar
      North Staffordshire Regiment
   2nd Lieut. Joseph William Smith Hird
      The Yorks & Lancashire Regiment
   Lieut. Col. Bertram Lionel Maddison
   Brig. Major Ernest William Longden
   2nd Lieut. Norman Gawan-Taylor
   2nd Lieut. Mowbray Procter
      Durham Light Infantry
   Capt. Reginald Claude Moline Gee, M.C.
   Capt. George Kirkhouse
   Capt. Ralph Hawksworth Legard
   Capt. Frederick Cecil Longden
   Capt. William Marley
   Capt. William Miles Morant
   Capt. William Noel Jobson Moscrop, M.C.
   Capt. Frederick Lisle Newstead
   Lieut. William Boyd
   Lieut. Thomas William Callinan
   Lieut. Herbert Stewart
   Capt. Alick Todd, M.C.
   Lieut. Francis Edward Steavenson Townsend
   2nd Lieut. Robert William Adamson
   2nd Lieut. Cuthbert Fosbrooke
   2nd Lieut. Basil Hulton Richardson
   2nd Lieut. Kirton Tindle
      Cameron Highlanders
   2nd Lieut. Humphrey Blaikie Goudie, M.C.
      Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
   Lieut. Col. Ronald Dundas Falconar-Stewart, D.S.O.
      Rifle Brigade
   Capt. Arthur Stuart Churchyard
   Capt. Ian Alister Leeson
   Lieut. Bernard St. George Hamilton
      Tank Corps.
   Capt. Noel Forbes Humphreys, M.C.
   2nd Lieut. Hubert Graham Hamilton Marshall
   Capt. Bertram Langhorne Robinson
   Lieut. Martin James Richardson
      Chaplains to the Forces
   Rev. Ernest Wilberforce Trevor
   Rev. George Edward Craven
   Fassett Arborius Burnett
      Monmouthshire Regiment
   Lieut. Col. Charles Lawson Robinson
   2nd Lieut. Henry William Ternent Reed
      Indian Army
   Capt. Herbert Edward Hosking
   2md Lieut. John Theodore Gordon Humphreys
      Overseas Forces
   Harold Forbes Clarke Winch   A.I.F.
   Thomas Muir                  C.E.F.
   Capt. George Newby           S.A.I.F.

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