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Photo: Ron Carson


Plaque 1914-18 Excelsior Club





Original Location

Excelsior Club

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled May 1920 by Major W. Waring, M.P. for Blaydon Division.

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour 7 feet high x 9 feet wide by in a glass fronted frame, handpainted in watercolours. The left and right hand margins represent "War" and "Peace" thus: in the left margin, at the top, is "Mars", a Roman soldier in the middle and the date "1914" at the bottom. In the right hand wide margin, is "Pax" (Peace), in the middle is a lady and cornucopia and four children, and the date "1919" at the bottom.
In the main part, centre top is a laurel wreath inside which is St. George and the Dragon. Below this is a representation of "Hypnos" (sleep), and the central column, 4 feet square, is taken up with the names of the dead with photograph of head and shoulders. The names of those who served are in six columns, three on either side of the central column. At top left and right are head and shoulder photographs of those who died.
The names are all in copperplate handwriting. Surrounding the whole painting is a border of leaves.

Materials used

Oak with gilding


Roll of Honour Our glorious dead.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

James Dobson, Market Lane, Dunston.


1. This was housed for a while in St. John Ambulance Hut, Renforth Street, but has now been returned to the Excelsior Club.

2. The man who created the memorial was a member of the club.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Ron Carson

Newcastle Daily Journal 03/05/1920 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 03/05/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 08/05/1920 reports unveiling.

North Mail 03/05/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 03/05/1920 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

Mrs. N. Smith (Ryton); Ron Carson; Mrs. Yvonne Camsell, SSStJ.; P. Calvert; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque 1914-18 Excelsior Club (D38.04)

DUNSTON on Tyne. Excelsior Club

This has not been compared with the original nor with a good photograph.
Photos on top left hand side:

    O. Jensen; W. Blenkey
    T. Hodgson; L.S. Scorer; R. Bell; Laws; J.W. Kay;

    A. Proudfoot; R. Teasdale; A. Blenkey; G. Moorson; R. Flint; T. Dodds;

    M. Wright; A. Thompson; W. Belgian; G. Batty; E. Yarrow; W. Stark; W. Lichfield 
Photos on top right hand side:

    J. McGuickian; J. Luke;

    W. Collier; J.W. Crawley; T. Smith; R. Lowery; W. Husband;

    J. Armstrong; J.G. Burness; J. Rollo; J. Russell; W. Robson; W. Lowery;
    D. Thompson; G. Noon; J. Longstaff; J.G. Latty; S. Steel; I. Moore.
Centre column:


   Armstrong, J., Gun., R.A.
   Belgian, W., Sgt., D.L.I.
   Blenkley, A., Sgt., D.L.I.
   Burness, J.G., Pte., D.L.I.
   Bell, R., L/Cpl., N.F.
   Bell, A., L/Cpl., N.F.
   Batty, G.
   Crawley, J.W., Pte., R.A.M.C.
   Collier, W., Pte., D.L.I.
   Dodds, T., Pte., D.L.I.
   Flint, R., Pte., D.L.I.
   Hewson, J., Pte., Bl.W.
   Hodgson, T., Pte., D.L.I.
   Husband, W., A.B., R.N.
   Kay, J.W., Pte., D.L.I.
   Lowery, R., Pte., R.A.M.C.
   Lowery, W., Pte., 4 Yorks.
   Latty, J.G., 4 D.L.I.
   Longstaff, J., Pte., D.L.I.
   Lichfield, W., Sgt., C.S.R.
   Luke, J., Pte., D.L.I.
   McGuickian, J., Pte., D.L.I.
   Moorson, G., Gun., R.G.A.
   Moore, I., Cpl., R.I.R.
   Noon, G., 2nd Lieut., R.A.F.
   Proudfoot, A., Pte., N.F.
   Robson, W., Pte., 22 D.L.I.
   Rollo, J., Sgt., R.A.M.C.
   Russell, J., Pte., I Essex.
   Steel, S., Pte., W. Regt.
   Stark, W., Pte., 19 D.L.I.
   Taylor, H., Sgt., N.F.
   Thompson, D., AB., R.N.D.
   Thompson, A., L/Cpl., D.L.I.
   Thompson, J., Pte., N.F.
   Teasdale, R., S.Africans.
   Unsworth, J.R., Pte., D.L.I.
   Wright, M., Stoker, R.N.
   Yarrow, E., Pte., 1st Tank B.
Column 1 on left hand side

   Allan, J., Stoker, R.N.R. 
   Aspery, F., Pte. D.L.I. 
   Allison, D., Pte., 2nd N.F. 549 
   Anderson, J.A., Gun, R.G.A. 265792 
   Allison, J., Pte., D.L.I. 36177 
   Allan, J.P., Pte., N.F. 
   Allison, T., L/Cpl., 5 N.F. 
   Armstrong, J.W., A.B., R.N.D. 
   Aspery, V., Pte., N.F. 889 
   Adams, H.M., Pte., AustraliaNs 
   Barker, A., Pte., D.L.I., 4072 
   Barwick, H., Sgt., M.G.C. 13097 
   Bolam, G., Pte., D.L.I. 042402 
   Bonner, J., Pte., D.L.I. 
   Black, J.H., Pte., 17 N.F. 607 
   Briggs, D., Lieut., R.F.A. 
   Boston, J., R.N. 
   Burns, J., Sgt., 6 N.F. 2377 
   Beaney, W., R.N.D. 
   Buckham, R., D.L.I. 
   Burton, R., Pte., R.A.S.C. 213920 
   Bainbridge, R., 1st Stoker R.N.R. 
   Boston, J., Pte., Y&L 36591 
   Blakeman, J., Pte., Y&L 20915 
   Bainbridge, S., Pte., 9 D.L.I. 1291 
   Bradford, J.H., L/Cpl., D.L.I. 19429 
   Bolam, W., Pte., Lincs. 31258 
   Blackburn, H., M.T., A.S.C. 
   Blake, F. 
   Bullock, E., Dri., R.F.A. 251263 
   Blaylock, D.R., Gun., R.G.A. 2605 
   Cairns, A., Sgt., 9 D.L.I. 1485 
   Carrick, R., Pte., D.L.I. 32576 
   Carrick, Robt., Pte.,7 K.O.S.B. 17707 
   Craig, S., Sgt., K.R.R. 4853 
   Cole, H., R.N.R. 
   Connelly, A., Sap., R.E. 459320 
   Cunningham, J., Pte., 2 N.St 48371 
   Curry, T.D., E.R.Artificer M 17922 
   Carruthers, R., Pte., 12 N.S. 
   Charlton, Jos., Pte., D.L.I. 37651 
   Charlton, Jos., Pte., 19 N.F. 732 
   Cusack, J., Pte., R.E. 115833 
   Curry, R., L/Cpl., R.E. 129123 
   Clark, A.E., Pte., E.Yks. 37029 
   Cuthbertson, G., Eng., R.N.R. 
   Common, T., Pte., 9 D.L.I. 
   Cope, J., Pte., N.F. 731 
   Collier, I., Pte., 2 D.L.I. 
   Whyte, A.R., L/Cpl., R.E. 
   Wallace, Captain 
Column 2 on left hand side

   Coleby, J.J., Pte., R.Ins.Fus. 
   Dryden, J., L/Cpl., 17 N.F. 987 
   Davison, G., N.F. 
   Davison, W., AB., R.N.D. 72924 
   Devoy, H. 
   Dodds, E., AB., K.R.R. 
   Dalimore, T., N.F. 
   Dickinson, T., Gun., R.F.A. 
   Dodds, E., A.B., R.N.R. 
   Donnelly, W., L/Cpl., RF 279454 
   Davison, J., Pte., Lincs. 41777 
   Dawson, T.E., Capt., N.F. 
   Dowson, T.W., Gun., R.G.A. 166165 
   Davison, G., Cpl., N.F. 15368 
   Dixon, W., Gun., R.F.A. 
   Dawson, J., Pte., D.L.I. 
   Donnelly, A., L/Cpl., R.E. 
   Egle, C., Pte., 16 Y&L 37682 
   Flarty, W., R.N.D. 
   Forrest, J., 9 D.L.I. 
   Fairless, W., Pte., 17 N.F. 642 
   Fairless, R., L/Cpl., R.A.M.C., DCM & Bar
   Foster, B., Pte., S.W.B. 48243 
   Fox, C.B., Major, Scots Gds. 
   Furness, H.E., Sap., R.E. 457951 
   Falcus, R., Pte., N.F. 1507 
   Fittes, Alex 
   Fisher. H.H., A.B., R.N.D. 
   Fisher, J., R.N. 
   Gill, T., Pte., N.F. 296 
   Guthrie, R., Stoker, R.N. K26603 
   Greener, R., Pte., D.L.I. 21856 
   Gibson, F.R., Gun., R.F.A. 753 
   Greener, G., A.B., R.N.D. T.H.537 
   Graham, J.W., A.B., R.N.D. T.Z.392 
   Guy, A., T.H. L/Cpl., Lancs. 46253 
   Grant, E., Paymaster 
   Gates, E., Pte., D.L.I. 
   Gibbons, T., Pte., N.F. 5722 
   Gillender, G., Gun., R.G.A. 84302 
   Hebburn, H., 2 N.F. 
   Handy, M., Sgt., K.O.S.B. 7709 
   Hogg, J., 9 D.L.I. 
   Hepplewhite, D.L.I. 
   Hall, R., Pte., R.A.M.C. 75214 
   Hannon, T., Pte., Pub.Sc. B7140 
   Weldon, J.A., 2nd Lieut., W.Yks. 
   Wakeford, A.J., Gun, R.F.A. 
Column 3 on left hand side

   Hindmarch, W., Dri., R.E. 11295 
   Herries, J., Pte., D.L.I. 4247
   Hogg, D. 
   Hay, D.G.A., S.Maj., 5 N.F. 
   Hamilton, J., Pte., Yorks. 
   Head, T., AB, R.N.D. 1767 
   Howe, W., S.Maj., N.F. 1373 
   Hay, E.W., R.N. (R/T.)311650 
   Hopper, A.G., Pte., N.F. 760 
   Hardy, T., AB., R.N.D. T. 1512
   Hodgson, B., Pte., A.S.C. 5219 
   Hepplewhite, I/II London 
   Hewison, W.R., Pte., Yorks 34538
   Hewison, P., Sap., R.E. 
   Hopper, J., Pte., D.L.I. 325238 
   Hills, W., Dk. Hd., 14170 
   Hall, F.W., Major, R.G.A. 
   Hays, W., C.P.O., R.N.D. TZ/808
   Hamilton, W., Pte., R.O.S.G. 
   Hogg, G.W., A.B., 63 R.N.D. TZ/892
   Honeybell, J.W. 
   Hannon, T., Pte., R.F. 7140 
   Hewitson, J.W. 
   Hogg, G. 
   Harrison, E.R.A., R.N. 33045 
   Hebron, H., Pte., 23 R.E. 
   Harbottle, W.J., G.Gds. 
   Hay, D.G.A., R.Q.M. 1 N.F. 
   Hay, M.D., Pte., D.L.I. 33128 
   Harvey, C., Pte., K.O.R.L. 25751
   Hardy, J., Pte., R.E. 
   Heads, T., Pte., N.F. 
   Johnson, Jos., Pte., D.L.I. 18175 
   Johnson, Jas., Pte., N.F. 580 
   Johnson, R., Sap., R.E. 
   Johnson, T., Pte., N.F. 
   Jordan, J. 
   Jordan, W., M.M., DCM & Bar, R.A.M.C.
   Jarron, H., Pte., R.A.M.C. 114193 
   Jones, A.J., Sap., R.E. 457727 
   Jenson, O., A.B., R.N. 
   Jackson, H. 
   Johnson, J.
   Jenson, O., A.B., R.N.
   Kennedy, W., Pte., D.L.I. 326971
   Kane, G., Pte., H.L.I. 18400
   Kearton, J., Sgt., W.Y.R. 235607
   Wells, T., Dri., R.A.S.C.
   Wilkinson, T., Sap., R.E.
Column 4 on right hand side
   Keen, J., Sap., R.E. 1394 
   Kelly, C., Pte., N.F. 686 
   Kay, E., D.C.M., Sgt., T.C. 7596 
   Kettle, J., Pte., D.L.I. 
   Kerr, W., Pte., E.Yks. Regt. 
   Lynch, W., Stoker, R.N. 
   Lawrence, B., S.M., W.Yks. 
   Lennox, G., N.F. 
   Leadbitter, J., Pte., N.F. 
   Lawson, D., Col. S/S, R.F.A. 35909 
   Lee, D., Pte., N.F. 171 
   Liddell, T., Pte., N.F. 1349 
   Lisle, W., Pte., R.A.M.C. 388492 
   Luke, R., Pte., N.F. 
   Lee, A., Pte., N.F. 
   Labross, C., Pte., C.Gds 2656 
   Mallett, J., Pte., D.L.I. 876 
   Mallett, T., Pte., N.F. 1082 
   Marsh, P. 
   Mallett, A., Pte., A.S.C. 068486 
   Mason, A. 
   Mason, T., 2nd Lieut., D.L.I. 
   McKenna, Sgt., D.L.I. 
   Maudlin, J., Sgt., D.L.I. 1490 
   Morton, W. 
   Moran, M., N.F. 
   McRae, C.H., L/Cpl., D.L.I. 325008 
   Moore, E., Pte., R.E. 
   Moore, S., R.E. 
   McKenry, S., Pte., D.L.I. 3498 
   Morris, J., Lieut. 
   Morrell, P., Pte., Yks. 57183 
   MacKereth, Pte., M.G.C. 3491364 
   Meek, G.E., M.M., Sgt., D.L.I. 
   Mathewson, W.P., Sgt., 5 N.F. 
   Maloney, M. S.D. 3116 
   Moran, J., Pte., R.G.A. 
   Mallen, T., Pte., D.L.I. 
   Maughan, J., Pte., K.O.Y.L.I. 24259 
   Miller, J., Pte. 
   McGuickian, R., Pte., M.G.C. 35041 
   Maudlin, J. 
   McKenry, W., Pte., D.L.I. 47239 
   Moran, J. 
   Wilson, J.W., Sap., R.E. 
   O'Brien, T., Pte., N.F. 135327 
Column 5 on right hand side

   Naisbitt, A., C.Q.M.S., R.F.A. 
   Noble, G., R.N.D. 
   Noble, B., K.L.R. 87716 
   Proudfoot, And., Cpl., R.I.R. 28841 
   Porthouse, J., D.L.I. 
   Phillip, J.R., L/Cpl., D.L.I. 223X9 
   Potter, A., Sap., R.E. 195219 
   Poppitt, J., L/Cpl., Yks. 45842 
   Pennay, E.O., Pte., Essex 41912 
   Pyle, R., Pte., D.L.I. 16693 
   Pooley, W., Dri., R.F.A. 
   Ridley, T., Pte., N.F. 1041 
   Ross, P., Pte., N.F. 573 
   Routledge, D., Pte. 
   Richardson, W., Pte., N.F. 
   Rutter, J. 
   Russell, J., Pte., N.F. 491 
   Ritchie, G., Pte., N.F. 154 
   Raine, J.E., 2nd Lieut., R.N.R. 
   Ross, R., Gun., R.H.A. 108285 
   Robson, F., A.B., R.N.R. 
   Rousburger, P., Pte., Midd. Regt. 
   Richardson, J., Pte., N.F. 3249 
   Reid, J., Pte., D.L.I. 
   Speight, W., Sgt., R.F.A. 33684 
   Shiel, T., Pte., O. & B.L.I. 5733 
   Swaddle, G., Pte., D.L.I. 
   Speight, I., Sap., R.E. 459403 
   Stoker, W., Stoker, R.N. 
   Steel. W., A.B., R.N.D. T21171 
   Steel, G., Pte., N.F. 
   Strour, E., Pte., R.A.M.C. 8088 
   Soulsby, G., Pte., N.F. 
   Scorer, W., R.N.D. 
   Simm, J., M.M., D.L.I. 
   Summerbell, J. Trop. Hus. 
   Soulsby, J. 
   Soulsby, T., D.L.I. 32931 
   Smith, T., 
   Soulsby, E., Pte., R.F. 101079 
   Storey, J.T., Gun., R.G.A. 188092 
   Swaddle, E., Cpl., R.A.M.C. 
   Smith, J., R.F.A. 32665 
   Soulsby, E., Pte., N.F. 731 
   Secker, W.J., Pte., N.F. 85 
   O'Keefe, W., Stoker, RN 35489
   Onley, J.W., Pte., RME 3666 
Column 6 on right hand side

   Stapleton, A., Cpl.
   Steel, E., Pte., D.L.I. 10054
   Smith, J., A.B., R.N. 77677
   Saul, G.H., Sap., R.E. 457630
   Shute, W.H., Cpl., R.A.F.
   Stephenson, W., L/Cpl., N.F.
   Thompson, J., Pte., N.F.
   Thompson, Rob., R.A.M.C.
   Thompson, R., R.N.
   Thompson, T.
   Thompson, J.P.
   Thompson, G.H., Cpl., N.F. 686
   Thompson, G., Pte., D.L.I. 9686
   Tulip, F., Sap., R.E. 470237
   Taylor, J.C., C.Q.M.S., 2248
   Tatten, C.D., Pte., N.F. 102
   Tatten, J., Pte., R.A.M.C.
   Taylor, J., Stoker, R.N.R.
   Teasedale, G., Trop.18 Hussars
   Thompson, J., Pte., D.L.I.
   Thompson, J.J., Pte., N.F.
   Taylor, A., Trop., S. Greys
   Taylor, S., Pte., SF 71548
   Taylor, H.S., Pte., 3 L.C.S. 41031
   Tarley, T.S., L/Cpl., R.A.M.C.
   Thompson, T.A., Pte., K.O.S.B.
   Thompson, F., N.F. 44739
   Varty, Jos., Gun., R.F.A.
   Varty, J., C.Gds.
   Ventriss, A., Pte., K.O.Y.L.I.
   Watson, J.H., Sgt., N.F. 169
   Woodhead, H., Sgt., N.F. 40356
   Woodhead, T., D.L.I.
   Wilkinson, J., Sgt., D.L.I.
   Wright, M., Pte., N.F. 743
   Wallace, J., D.L.I.
   Wood, J., Pte.
   Weston, J., D.L.I.
   Weston, Art., H.M.S. Lysander
   Wilbert, G., Pte., R.A.M.C.
   Whitehead, J.J., Pte.
   Wilson, W., Pte., N.F. 8950
   Walton, J., Gun., R.G.A.
   Wishart, R., Cpl., N.F.
   Wilkinson, W., Gun., R.F.A.
   Wright, R.E., Pte., N.F. 1266
   Orans, W., A.B., R.N.D. (Drake)

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