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Plaques 1914-18 1939-45 Emma Colliery





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Original Location

Emma Colliery. Workmen's Memorial Hall, in the gable end

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 22nd March 1924 by Col. F.R. Simpson; dedicated by the Rev. C.B.R. Hunter, Rector of Ryton.

Memorial Description

Plaque in a sunken panel for 1914-18, on which the names are listed in three columns. On either side is depicted an angel raised in half relief, looking towards the centre. The left hand angel carries a miner's lamp and the word "In memory of" behind her head; on the right the angel has a miner's pick with "Their sacrifice" behind her head.
On either side of the sunken panel two smaller bronze plaques bearing the names from 1939-45, listed in a single column on each plaque.
All plaques have plain raised moulded edges. Lettering is in raised Roman capitals.

Materials used



On outside plaque :
a. A tribute of affection to / the men of Emma Colliery / who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1918
Their Name Liveth for Evermore / Memory Lingers Here
b. 1939-1945



1. One of the names on this Memorial has been incorrectly spelt, A. Dawson is in fact Adam Weatherson Dowson, see his Every Name A Story entry.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Nan Smith; Ron Carson; Karen Armstrong

Illustrated Chronicle 24/3/1924 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 29/3/1924 reports unveiling.

Blaydon Courier 29/3/1924 reports opening of hall and unveiling of plaque.

Sources of quotations
“Their name liveth for evermore” Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 44;
“Memory lingers here” Poem on a tombstone for Elder L. A. Black in Providence Cemetery Petersburg, Vancouver.

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Research acknowledgements

Nan Smith; Ron Carson; Errol Broomfield; Dorothy Hall; Karen Armstrong

Research In Progress

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Plaques 1914-18 1939-45 Emma Colliery (C97.05)

Centre Plaque:

   A tribute of affection to
   the men of Emma Colliery
   who gave their lives in the
   Great War 1914-1918

   Armstrong, W.     Hardy, T.H.       Ramsey, F.
   Armstrong, J.     Harris, J.W.      Richardson, T.
   Armstrong, W.     Hogg, W.          Richardson, T.H.
   Armstrong, J.     Hogg, R.          Robson, E.
   Boyle, P.         Holden, P.        Reader, W.
   Brady, J.         Hunter, G.        Rochester, F.
   Brinksby, J.      Johnson, J.W.     Scandle, A.
   Charlton, W.J.    Johnson, E.       Simpson, E.
   Charlton, J.W.    Lawrence, S.      Teasdale, W.
   Clark, W.         Lowrey, A.        Thompson, C.
   Coulthard, P.     Mackey, A.        Thompson, E.W.
   Dobson, G.        March, J.W.       Thompson, H.O.
   Dawson, A.        March, J.D.       Tremble, A.
   Elliott, J.       Marshall, J.W.    Turner, T.
   Fairbrother, S.   Megee, T.         Walker, W.
   Greener, E.       Mitchinson, F.    Watson, R.
   Guy, J.           Nichol, J.        Waugh, W.
   Graham, J.J.      Phillipson, T.    Wilkinson, J.
   Handy, Geo.       Quinn, P.         Winskill, T.B.
                     Ramshaw, W.

   Their name liveth for evermore
   Memory lingers here
Left plaque       Right plaque

   1939-1945         1939-1945

   Ballantyne, N.    Patterson, J.
   Green, J.         Pattinson, W.W.
   Foster, J.N.      Robson, J.J.
   Forster, R.       Rushton, A.
   Graham, R.        Shield, J.
   Gray, J.          Sacco, B.
   Hall, G.          Thompson, R.
   Hall, E.          Thompson, S.G.
   Irwin, R.         Todd, T.W.
   Kerr, C.          Tunstall, M.N.
   Lish, J.          Wheatley, J.
   Moore, J.E.   
   Clayton, J.  
The Blaydon Courier 29/3/1924 has variations on the names for 1914-18.  Their full list is:  
   John Armstrong	 G. Hunter
   William Armstrong George Hardy      E. Robson
   Joseph Brady      E. Johnson        Wm. Reader
   J. Brinskey       S. Lawrence       F. Rochester
   J.W. Charlton     Harvey Mackey     A. Scandle  
   W.J. Charlton     John W. March     Edward Simpson
   W. Clark          Jos. D. March     Wilfred Teasdale
   George Dobson     T. McGee          J. Thompson
   S. Fairbrother    Fred Mitchinson   E.W. Thompson
   James Greener     Jos. Nichol       H.O. Thompson
   William E. Guy    Thos. Phillipson  A. Tremble
   Jos. W. Harris    P. Quinn          T. Turner
   T.H. Hardy        W. Ramshaw        W. Walker
   William Hogg      Fred Ramsey       R. Watson
   R. Hogg           Jas. Armstrong    W. Waugh
   J.W. Marshall     William Armstrong J. Wilkinson
   P. Coulthard      J.J. Graham       P. Boyle
   A. Dowson         J.W. Johnson      A. Lowery
   Jas. Elliott      T. Richardson
   P. Holden         T.H. Richardson

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